Pun of the day:
Have you heard of Boh? Boh tia ke ah? It’s Cameron Highlands’ specialtea!

The last time i went to Cameron Highlands was probably some 15 years ago.

Ryo is prolly the biggest eater i ever know. He ordered a tosai, a a roti cheese, and a plate of nasi goreng kampung.

The food sucked ok. The roti cheese was freaking sweet and it tasted odd. What’s more, it came with a piece of Cheesedale plastic wrap. -_-

And i thought mamak food is always yummy wherever you go. -_-

Ryo was so surprised to see me spit it out and continue eating. He said that if it had happened in Japan, the manager would have come out to bow and apologize for 15 minutes. And you’d prolly get free food for a year in that restaurant.

Great. Now I know what to do when i’m broke in Japan next time. *captures some flies for future use*

In another chinese kopitiam, I ordered Hakka Mee.


Wilson had some mee soup thingie. And his mee was the same as mine.

Ok i get it. No matter what you order, be it Hakka Mee, Hokkien Mee, Cantonese Mee, Teochew Mee, or Do Re Mee, ALL THE MEE WOULD BE THE SAME!

Haih. Is it not possible for us to enjoy nice scenery and good food at the same time?

So, you can’t have your scenery and eat it too. 🙁

At least the flora didn’t disappoint us.

So huge the hibiscus!

One thing made me wonder… Why do people like to leave their mark on the cacti?

1996! Still visible wei, after 10 years!

I think hor, cacti are the worst sufferers of heartbreak. Their wounds never heal. Even over time. Their scars remain forever. Poor things.

Got Gong Xi Fa Cai summore. -_-

Tea plantation!

This picture just looks so nice-blended. I wonder how they seem to blend so well with the scenery. Is it because of their clothes? Or maybe it’s because they are blonde?

*This is the part where you can skip and scroll fast fast*

Tak jadi self-timer pic. lol.


*Here ends the part where you can skip and scroll fast fast*

Ei, end oredi wor. 0_o