Pun of the day:
Movie with popcorn is soooooo corny.


Because the movie theater was so dark i couldn’t see it? Cheez, why can’t they ask “Why is the cheese moved?” then i will have a helluva to cheese about!


Anyway, speaking of dark cinema, i always have this question:

Is it just me or do other people too, while eating popcorn in the pitch-dark cinema, subconsciously pick the better-tasting corn?

There’re two kinds of popcorns hor (i wish they had more, like, cheddar-pop and passion-fruit-pop, like this, dong, why our popcorn makers are so unimaginative), the lightly salted one and caramelized one. ALL, and i mean all my friends go for the extra yellowish caramel popcorn. Who in the cheese eats bland, salted popcorn? Some anorexic freak maybe.

But still, not all caramel popcorns are, well, well-caramalized. By “better-tasting”, i mean those deliciously caramalized to a crispy perfection kinda popcorns.

Not the marshmallowy white, fluffy yet soggy and get-stuck-in-between-your-teeth kind of popcorns.


Don’t you feel tulan when half of the corns in the bag is the soggy type?!?

I’m a CHEESNIUS! I know how to pick the right corn by instinct!!!! IN THE DARK!!

Not exactly my cheese sense but there’re tips. By eliminating the uncaramelicious ones, i guarantee you a very happy movie-watching time.

See hor, you can only do this when you’re sharing the poppies with your beloved ones, because the in the selection progress, you might gross the person sitting next to you out by fumbling around in the popcorn box, and maybe exchanging some germs during the selection. Wash your hands!

Several clues:
1. The tasty poppies feels a little sticky, because of the caramel coating.
2. It feels slightly heavier, and harder on the outside.
3. When you come across a chunky one, lucky you, for sure it’s the tasty one because the caramel sticks small poppies together.

Liddis! 😀

Sure-caramel way! Trust me, practise it the next time you see a movie, and pick the tasty ones and feed them to your dearies, they will be surprised you suddenly turned so cheesingly clever. WAHAHA.

Ok. Rubbish entry. By the way who can tell me which cinema sells the most delicious popcorn?