Cheddie here. i know i went missing for so long. Mommy has gone to this dreamy house and since then i only know how to sleep, sreep, eat, sleep again. so boring.

That’s why when granmama told me she was gonna takes me to shopping, i jumped into the car faster than you can say fast!

Cheddie waiting in car

You see, granny is boring. Cheddie sees her everyday and everynight. and granny always complain how boring a dog’s life can be.

But Cheddie is not a dog! Mommy say Cheddie is a Maltis Princess! That is why i sit behind like a princess.

Cheddie looks out the window

Granny tries so hard to entertain me since mommy isn’t around. Actuawy hor, i am the one who feel sad for granny so i go walk walk with her lo.

Cheddie likes shopping anyway! ๐Ÿ˜€

Granny walk

So you see, Cheddie’s life is not boring lo. Granny’s life is the boring one. See i even have to walk like lion to make her lauhg one.

Lion Walk

Or even roar like a rion. neh, the king of the jungle ok. i see from the jungle book one. mommy say i look like one hor ๐Ÿ˜€

Cheddie the lion

Sometimes when i walk with granny, some poeple will stop and stare then say to granny “auntie very pretty la” or “adoi auntie very cute oh…” or something liddat, so weird.

granny so old, where got pretty wo… i really dun understand lo. i think hor they all actuawy looking at me one!!

Cheddie's fan

You see? Looking at me ok. but granny happy la, so i let her be happy lo. mommy would want that ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheddie eats outside

so now you know Cheddie luuurves going out ๐Ÿ˜€

Cheddie Tongue

oh btw, one thing good about granny is that she treats Cheddie like a princess okay. i think mommy order her one hoho.

Posh Cheddie

i is such a diva. no wonder boboie rikes me so much la. and jojo also i think.

Cheddie Glamour

but at the end of the day, Cheddie is only royal to mommy. when mommy say sit i sit. when she said jump i jump. no, not like titanic becos my mommy can’t swim one!

Sit Cheddie

aih but since mommy not around, i play with granny lo. i sked she cry and think she cannot make me be happy and lauhg.

Cheddie tugs

i really really really miss mommy. i want her to come back so much but i know she is doing her best in the dreamy house. i hope she dreams of me everyday and everynight… cos i dream abt her liddat also, and dogsmaltis princesses dun rie ok.

I miss mommy...

Mommy if you reading this, Cheddie wants you to know i ruff you ok. granny told me everyone is helping u, so cheddie wants to help also. i wil vote kao kao for u ok so pls be happy my gorgeos mommy!!


Yours fluffily,