Cheesie, your DreamgirlThanks to Candy who came out with this beautiful banner! πŸ™‚

Important! According to Misha, Cheesie and 11 other Dreamgirl finalists will appear in 1Utama New Wing between 1pm to 8pm this Sunday, and she wants you guys to go on her behalf! (since she’s stuck in Hong Kong :P)
*update: facebook event here!
*update2: Episode 4 is out, go to the Malaysian Dreamgirl website to watch!

Ooooooooooommggggggggg!!!! Say, do we know her, guys?!

Hot, sexy Cheesie!
Sizzling. Damn. Bleeding thru my nose @_@

Here’s an excerpt I extracted from Shaolin Tiger’s blog:

Malaysian Dreamgirl will also be going public for the first time this weekend at 1 Utama!
The event will be on Sunday (16th of March).
There will be 2 sets of fashion shows and lots of other stage games and performances. Lots of prizes to be given out as well.

It starts at 1pm all the way till 8pm and the fashion shows will be 3pm and 8pm. So be there (good photo op too for photographers).

Go watch it now if you haven’t!

So what are you waiting for? Clear your calendar this Sunday and support support support! Oh and by the way sir wtf, one more silly comment from you flaming any of Cheesie’s friends and supporters and you’ll be officially banned from here πŸ™‚ Don’t say I didn’t warn you πŸ˜‰

And now, on with another of Cheesie’s drafts, yet another London memorabilia to behold…



This is how they make a wax figure!


Waaa damn eerie wei!

Eye balls! Can even see blood vessels.

This is Madame Tussaud herself. πŸ™‚

More updates on the museum soon. Stay cheesed! πŸ™‚

Written 29/02/08 18:51
Oh by the way, I just want to mention special thanks to Grace for standing up for Cheesie (or me? :P) even at the expense of getting her blog spammed… Thanks a lot girl, you rock!
And of course, not to mention the rest of you out there for your continuous support!