This is Keju surfing.


This is Chriso surfing.


This is IcyQueenGoddess surfing. She has very very pretty pictures but she refuses to give face. So i give her no face.

Haha. You know i know we all know you’re gorgeous! 🙂

This is Cheesie surfing.

What? I really cannot swim. I mean, i could, but i actually forgot how to swim.

By the way i’m now surfing next to a private pool at this awesomest villa i’ve ever stayed in.

This is Icy and me surfing at the lounge.

Looks like some kind of magnificent club right!

A private. Freaking. Pool. Alright. 😀 😀

Our room overlooks the night sky. Bali’s night sky is starry everyday.

Bali is so far so amazing. Someone is going to regret not missing his flight!!!

Flying back tomorrow night. See ya!