Ok topic of the hour is: Can technology be fashionable?

Just give any gorgeous/cool/handsome blogger a computer/laptop/BB, and it epitomizes the phrase fashionable technology. Plus point if the blogger is always fashionably late.


You can give your camera/handphone a bling bling makeover, or change their outfit every so often to suite your own outfit! For example my BB is wearing pink graffitti PVC coat. Hehe.

Plus using a BB (i oredi have!) and carrying a cool netbook around has become a fashion statement. Now i want one netbook cuz it’s soooo petite like me and i can slip in my bag everhwhere i go.

And nowdays they come readily in different outfit!


Lime green.


And colorful patterns!!!!

In a while we’re gonna have the task of the day. Will update again!!! The next one will be a fashion post again.

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