Since i have talked about what TK would like for Valentine’s, how bout what i might like! 😀 (*hint hint hint hint*)

Most of the things i want won’t be available locally though but that’s not an excuse! One can always buy them online from USA, UK and Japanese websites using vPOST., have it delivered to his home address and surprise the girl friend when they are having their romantic Valentine’s candle-lit dinner. Hehe.


I would want to have one of these (i’m not greedy one!).

that’s a lie. i want all of them.


Nintendo DSi

207320-1 by you.

You can buy Nintendo DSi on Amazon!

BUT THEY DON’T HAVE PINK!!! Do you believe it? NO PINK!!!

Atrocious. Just atrocious.


2. A really, reaaally nice winter coat.

V259149_CROP1 by you.

Maybe something like this. From Victoria Secret.

Btw omg i found this too on VS. Some shiny stretch boots.

leatherboots by you.

From Victoria’s Secret too. Can it be bought with the coat and counted as one item? 😀


OMG i really really really want them! If you were to buy them for me, please use vPOST.

ScreenShot009 by you.

vPOST is this international shipping provider that is at least 20% cheaper than the rest! 

(Note how i’m being so kind and sensitive towrds your wallet.)I really love those stuff sold in international online boutiques lo budden the shipping so ex! So i always didn’t buy them la cuz not worth it. Sometimes the shipping alone is even more ex than the item itself.

But with vPOST, that’s no longer stopping me! Some items with vPOST shipping included are even cheaper than those found in our local malls! So i think vPOST really makes online shopping from US websites a lot more affordable!

So now you can buy online items from USA that are yet to be released in Malaysia, online items from USA websites that DO NOT ship to Malaysia or items that are found relatively cheaper in USA than Malaysia retail outlets. 


Eh I’m not done with my shopping yet.


3. World Peace

(Just to sound more bimbo. And note how it comes after a pair of shiny boots.)

4. New Costumes

(Note the plural.)

playboycupid-pb by you.

Cupid costume!! Damn cute! i wan.

lovesicknurse-l by you.

Nurse!! i wan.

ginurse-r by you.

Army Nurse waaa so wild. I osowan!


lovebite-l by you.

Ok this is for the coming Halloween!

flashysanta-jv by you.

Okay this is for next Christmas

(Note how girls cannot think straight when it comes to shopping, from Vday her mind jumps straight to Christmas.)

Actually I bought one from before one (wtf so many ones!!!111oneoneone) and shipping was so freaking ex! I think if not mistaken it was almost USD55.

comparepirate by you.

This costume i bought. I’m pirated. (Note the pun!)


Hmm… now that I have stumbled upon vPOST service, I can shop and ship through them for all future occasions! Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, National Day (just another excuse to shop), friends’ birthdays, Cheddie’s birthday (of course her mom deserves something nice too)…

OMG guess what i found!!

JUICY CRITTOURE by Juicy Couture

pawfume by you.

I wanna buy these for Cheddie! 

juicy_dog by you.

Check out the names. Doggy Pawfume and Shampooch!!! So punny!


And Omg i found Dollcena on!! 

ScreenShot005 by you.

ScreenShot004 by you.

I will force my friends to collect these cute little thingies so i will buy one for their birthdays muahahha.


I have 5 of them now in my collection. Please bookmark this page, in case you don’t know what to buy for my birthday in the future.

What you can do if you wanna shop online and ship through vPOST! 

1. Sign up FREE as a vPOST Member today and get your free US address and more!
2. 3 easy steps to shop on vPOST

3steps by you.

Step 1: Shop from any USA online stores that accept international credit cards. At merchant checkout, use your personalised vPOST USA shipping address.

Note: Always remember to key in your personal vPOST account number e.g VP M123456 (all new member sign up will receive one unique vPOST VP account number) immediately behind your name.

Upon signing up, you will also get 10% off total vPOST shipping bill promo code (Unlimited Usage from now till 31st March 09)! 

As for payment method, vPOST Malaysia is currently accepting HSBC Credit cards and PayPal for the payment.

vpost by you.

Step 2: When your merchant has shipped out your item (s), send vPOST your order invoice to and wait for vPOST to match your orders!

Step 3: Once your package has been processed at vPOST USA shipping centre, you will receive a Shipping Payment Alert via email. Just log in to vPOST, pay for your shipping charges (remember to enter promo code to enjoy the shipping discount) from USA to your Malaysia address and wait for a couple of days for your items to reach at your doorstep!

vPost is so convenient and reliable, and it’s available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and India. If you have friends, colleagues, ex-classmates, relatives working or studying in these countries, they can use the service too.


Good News: 

vPost is launching Europe and Japan shipping service to Malaysia locals very soon!!!


204-0402_11 by you.

Meaning i can buy my MaryMagdelene cheaper!!


And i wonder, can they ship a person back? 😀