Ok la since so many people want to know i think i’ll do a short entry on it. Today let’s do my eye make-up first.

(Mom’s prolly not gonna like this post because this post is full of artificial beauty and self-hurt [in her definition]but then again a lot of people wanna know how i do my make up ma. You can choose not to read it geh.)

makeup1 by you.

Start with a clean face.

Actually there’s no secret what turf. I will just share what i experiment with on my face. And they may not even be pro but these are what i know that work on me. Just very simple stuff. If you expect a full make up tutorial i suggest you bury your head in like, ViVi or Popteen or something.

Color lens

To me is the most important for a dramatic, dolly look because you look instantly good even without make up. Seriously. So i wear them before my make-up. The one i’m wearing is hazel brown, bought from Shanghai. But i forgot what brand already! Love brown the most because it matches my hair color. And i cannot not wear them anymore because my hair is brown, my brows are brown and i’ve got really dark (almost black) eyeball color.


I will skip the eyebrow because i think i am a major fail at brows. (Yes i dyed them and sorry mom i know i sure kena from you one) I need the right shade of eyebrow pencil, couldn’t find it in KL because most of them are too dark! I don’t know how those Japanese girls do their eyebrow so damn pretty one. And matches their hair color perfectly.


As for eyes, today i am doing a sunkissed gold hue.

1. Base.

I don’t use a certain brand of eyeshadow, as long as the colors are nice i don’t really care what brand they are.

2. light yellow/gold

3. shimmery gold

makeup5 by you.

4. darker bronze at the corner of the eye. and line below the eyes too. Notice how the color lens make your eyes look 100000% more charming.

5. Eyeliner. I always use liquid for the top lid and kohl pencil for the bottom. Liquid’s the best. Don’t ask me how to use liquid to draw because everyone knows you should draw as close to the lash line as possi blah blah blah but how to do it nice leh? HA! That’s the million dollar question (if they ask the dude in Slumpdog about this, he prolly wouldn’t have won it). The secret is, you just have to practice practice and practice and you will become a pro.

Line the bottom with kohl pencil. In my self made-up make-up bible, it is okay to line the entire eye—some make up expert advice you not to do it because it will make your eyes smaller but i don’t care, because the lens are gonna make your eye like 100000% bigger anyway.

Then apply mascara. I suck at this so i’m not gonna give any advice.

Then blusher and finishing powder and all, you all know the drill!


Some party pix with Vene @ Chivalry, Euphoria.

chivalry1 by you.


Little leopard print hat: Japan
Printed cropped jacket: Shanghai
Brown camisole: GUESS
Leopard print mini: Bali
Shoes: You can’t really see from this pic but it’s from Nose. Super gorgeous but hurt like hell.
Necklace: Ok can’t really see also but it’s a unique piece i received from Joyce who bought it from Bangkok!

I am not being very helpful with my fashion advice am i? >_<

Most of the things i bought are cheap stuff from overseas. I hate shopping in KL. Everything overpriced. Seriously. When you have shopped in places like Shanghai, you will never shop in KL again. For like a good while. Okay… fine, 1 week. Then you run to some bazaar then curse at their seemingly reasonable but actually really overpriced stuff (but you still buy them cuz bo bian. They are prolly still cheaper than a ticket to Shanghai). Just have to get tuned back to Malaysian price. That’s the side effect of shopping in Shanghai.

But then again i remember the day i got back from Japan i got an uncontrollable shopping rush, which is ironic because Japan was supposed to be the shopping heaven. Which is not true. Unless you are like, Jolin Tsai. Or like, Rebecca Bloomwood. Shops in Japan make Malaysia a less horrible place to live in, a more pleasant shopping paradise.

Then i went to Shanghai. The image i have of a shopping paradise changed drastically, and suddenly Malaysia is hell.

I’m not sure if how to switch between these exteme emotions smoothly without going nuts.

chivalry4 by you.


makeup8 by you.


chivalry3 by you.


chivalry2 by you.

#5 Ok here you can see my necklace and shoes.

chivalry5 by you.



By the way i watched Confessions of a Shopaholic already! Very the yes offence but I think the girl who plays Beckie is really ugly. But her roomie Suz is super cute, i like. It’s quite different from the book so it got me confused most of the time but a good one nontheless!

Go watch!

PS: Thinking of blogging bout my hair/hair extension. Any suggestions? Your call. I’m feeling generous.