If you want to, you can, because i’m telling you exactly where and when and how you are gonna go.^^

Because i will be going, in the most voted outfit!

On the 24-25th of September, 2009, the whole world will be celebrating for this one person named Arthur.


The global toast will kick off in Dublin, and at exactly 17:59, everyone raise a glass to the life and legacy of Arthur Guinness, founder of the globally renowned Guinness brewery business.

And then, over 150 countries worldwide will join in, and at 25th 17:50PM, the grand finale will be happening right here in at Sunway Lagoon, Kuala Lumpur!!!

Black Eyed Peas is gonna perform live on that day along with top Asian and Malaysian acts including MC HotDog from Taiwan as well as Reshmonu, Danny One  and Man Hand, which are sure to put Malaysia on the map as a remarkable venue for world-class entertainment.

black-eyed-peas-1preview by you.

The ticket is RM100 each, if you want to purchase, find out more at www.arthursday.com.my.

But i always have GOOD NEWS!

I’m giving out 5 pairs of Arthur’s Day ticket! As long as you are non-Muslims aged 18 years and above, you are entitled to win my little giveaway!

How to win the tickets?

Well, since the day is all about Arthur, i want you to tell me a story of your favorite Arthur. Anyone whose name is Arthur (if you name is Arthur then you are lucky!). It could be a friend, a relative, someone famous, or a character from novel/movie.

I always think the name Arthur is very kingly, very macho and full of caliber.

The one Arthur i know is Arthur Chen. I knew him before i even started blogging and he is a great friend and takes great photographs.

Photos taken by Arthur since 2004

Arthur is a very accomplished yet humble person, and he always seem to make everything sound so easy, so it’s really great to be around him because there’s this positive vibes about him . He is also born on Merdeka Day. Very heroic.

He has always been so helpful and i don’t think he has ever said no to me once whenever i needed his help. Very honest person too. Everytime i meet up with him, he will tell me how in some major or little ways i have changed from the girl he used to know some 6 years ago, whether it is good or bad. And that gives me very good insight of myself that i’ve never known before. (Sometimes he will tell me bluntly i look fat on camera so i know it’s time to diet what turf).

arthurchen2 by you.

That’s my favorite Arthur.

So, leave a comment and tell me about your favorite Arthur to win 2 tickets to Arthur’s Day! Make sure you fill in the correct email address so i could contact you if you win it!