Ok. I want to talk about popular bitches today. You all like gossips right?

if there’s any bitch who is more popular than me on this blog, it is Cheddie.

And the reason why i’m bringing this up is because…

I will have to bribe you again.


i have ads lined up as far as the 22nd. And there are already people, (or a person pretending to be people, can’t be bothered to find out) scolding me for writing too many adverts.

He/she/shim it says that i do not know what is moderation. And that reading my blog is like reading a commercial billboard. I do feel a bit bad when i see things like that. I just want to say, it is not fair to judge me like that.

I don’t really want to say like, you know, this is my blog fuck off if you don’t like etc etc, because it sounds so boring and cliched and unintelligent. But i say it is not fair, because advertising has a season. To be honest i still have 4 ads in my draft waiting for approval and some of which i have written months ago.

You see, none come no come, one come all come. When i’m on an advert flood they scold me Cheat One (don’t even give me the ) la, money making bitch la whatever. But when i am on an advert drought  and eating  grass outside my balcony but still dragging my dried ass to blog, nobody say WA Cheesie is smart/beautiful/brilliant because she has got no ads on blog!

Of course, there’s always the option of rejecting an ad. But there’re only two reasons why i would want to do that. One being when i really don’t feel comfortable writing about the product. Second is when i think i will die of lethargy/ad poison/god’s condemnation/my own conscience if i write just one more ad.

But I am not dying. It’s like, if you are not sick or dying or have an accident and lose a leg and two kidneys or whatever you can simply just not go to work and not get screwed by your boss anot? Cannot ma. Why would i want to reject a job if i think i can handle it?

I dowan to argue la. I can walk straight stand straight and say that i’m fairly hardworking when it comes to my profession (if i might call it one). Of course i can be some lazy ass blogger, go and rip some funny videos off youtube, post it on my blog multiple times a day and say Look i’ve got interesting content! and then call it a day.

But that’s not what i like to do.

Anyway. If i really lose readership or whatever because i am a giant commercial billboard like they say, that’s really because i don’t have the ability to keep my readers coming back, and if that happens, and i have to return to my balcony and eat grass, it’s really my own fault and i have no one to blame but that’s not your concern or is it?

So, to whoever say whatever, i heed your advice, and i will try to not let that happen, so long and thank you very much (for all the fish. Wtf Couldn’t help pulling a H2G2), and that’s all i want to say.

Now it’s bribe time.

I even go so far as to create another game:





Yawn because look too long at giant commercial billboard



Omg i love this pic so much i think i wanna make  it to the header. Blushberry! Help!

As if that’s not enough kopi-O money, i have other three (3, tiga, san) more cups for you.


Jojo’s pugs!!!

They are soooo super cute ok. I used to dislike pugs but Jojo’s pugs are sooooo adorable! Like she says, they are three warm water bottles that snooze constantly on your lap.


Wtf see i very sincere in bribing one ok.

That’s all. Come back for your commercial billboard tomorrow. Kthxbai.