Warning: the color of this post may hurt your eye. Green overdose.

Hmm wait a minute. green is supposed to be good for eyes. Ok good.

So, i have finally kaotim my room makeover!!! GUESS HOW IT LOOKS LIKE GUESS GUESS GUESS!!!

Ok i just realized i have told you. It’s pacman and green. -_-


My spare room. It was a dull beige and empty.


So a few days ago, my Nippon Paint arrived! All in different gorgeous shades!


Started the paint job with my green apple colour – Nippon Satin Glo Green Grape463.^^


I painted the whole room i’m such a super painter!!!


No la. It’s Cheat One™. I got two nice gentlemen from Nippon Paint to help me out with the heavy chore. (Of course the most crucial yet artistic part is for me super artist to handle!)

They painted one coat, it seemed so effortlessly simple! Then rest for 30mins, and added another coat of Green Grape463.

And now i can has Green Grape Room!!!






It’s really amazing how fast it dries off. Just half an hour and you could actually touch it!!! ^^ And totally odorless. And the best thing is if you kena the paint on your body you can just wash it off like soap!

Omg why paints nowadays so canggih one! I remember the last time i painted something was like, 15 years ago or something.

WA the paint during those time damn omfg smelly and we were always forgetful so have to put a sign that says “WET PAINT” then when really kena your hand you wash with the thinner brush brush brush until skin wanna come off!!!


Painters are lucky now!


These are my muse. For a brilliant wall.


So i started tracing the outline of the drawing.


Then paint. Sky Blue 446 from Nippon Satin Glo ^^


PINK!– Zinnia Ruffles 7125T!


Process. Other Colours: Sunnyside Lane 7014T, Drama Red 271A, Spring Vigor 1053D and Black 144.

Ok btw  Pac-Man trivia. Do you know that every ghost has a name? The pink one is called Pinky and it’s an ambusher wahahha!

Cyan one is called Aosuke and apparently it’s shy and fickle wtf.





I can has Pac-Man nomnomnomnomnom

Last but not cheese…

(ok wait a minute, there’s cheese involved)


I may wanna combined two of my masterpieces lol.

But thanks to the workshop i learnt some really useful tips and now i can has a gorgeous Green Apple Pac-Man Nom Nom room!

Check out Nippon Paint’s website HERE.

Maybe you should think about how you can give your room/furniture a make-over now.