If you read my previous entry on flymas.mobi, you will know that it is MAS’s mobile services that enable convenience in booking, boarding, &  flying! You get to check in, book your ticket or check the latest MAS promo all on your mobile!

If you missed their blogging contest, this is another chance for you to win free tickets for your holiday!!!

All of you want my Holiyear™ no? Everybody was like I WANT TO GO TOKYO TOO, no?

Now here’s your chance!!!

You just need to come up with a video that best depicts scenarios that highlight the theme “flyMAS.mobi, as easy as _______________”.

Be as creative as you want in describing how easy it is with flyMAS.mobi (as you have already read in my previous flymas.mobi entry).

The most creative video wins:


2X return tickets to Istanbul
2X return tickets to Tokyo/Seoul
2X return tickets to any ASEAN destinations

Just to give you an example, i did my own flymas.mobi contest video: (that has Cheddie. Woohoo bonus for me!!! Everybody loves Cheddie!)

Title: Flymas.mobi, as easy as High 5!

Just post your video entry on yourown blog or Youtube account and email the link to flymas.mobi@nuffnang.com.

Contest runs from 11 Jan – 5 Feb 2010. So be fast!