If i have RM8,888, this is what i will do:

1. Enroll in Sakura @Nagoya Homestay by Titanplanet this coming April.

Since i have been to japan in summer and winter (and have seen a bit of fallen leaves so will leave autumn for next round), i want to go during spring and be showered with falling Cherry Blossoms!!! And the best thing is, it is during my birthday so i can celebrate my 2?-year-old birthday under a sea of pink sakura trees and camwhore non-stop!!!

So romantic can!

Ok so the homestay costs around RM5,500. So i have RM3,388 to play with. And since i don’t have to pay for accommodation (and my host parents will pay for most of my food), i can go CRAZY SHOPPING AGAIN!

I realized i can’t live without Japan T___T. Every 3 months (that’s every single season change) i will be itching to go and shop in Japan. Ok first of all i will go to 100 Yen shop and buy 100 items HAHA that’s 10,000Yen which is about RM400.

So nao i have RM2,988 left.

I want to ride Shinkansen yet!!! I have been to Japan 3 times and i haven’t gone on the bullet train! Maybe i can go to Osaka to visit TK wtf. Ok or go to Kyoto again i love Kyoto! I just checked the price. It is about ¥6380 one way to Kansai. So in total it would be about, say RM500 la.

So left RM2,088.

(Wtf i’m kind of running out of ideas. because there is no Shibuya 109 in Nagoya T_____T).


I wanna buy a Furisode!!! (the most formal style of kimono worn by unmarried women during their Seijinshiki when they turn 20. Even though it’s really really late but i don’t care T___T)

Soooo nice! Popteen Feb issue Omg i just checked the price from Joyful-Eli they are so totally unafforable some cost like RM10,000 FML.

The cheapest one i saw on Popteen is ¥20,790 (the pink one) which is RM784 WA CHEAP!!!

Ok wait a minute.

RM784 is just rental only. T____________T

Nao i have RM1,304. I will just go to the nearest Liz Lisa and spend everything on it.



See! I plan so well! I better win this RM8,888 sponsored by Tiger Beer, who is the official beer for the Year of the Tiger.

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