I have just confirmed going for my April Sakura Homestay @Nagoya!!!

😀 😀 😀

Anyway, i am cutting down traveling a bit this year, because i wanna spend more time with my dogs. And also my friends here. So far i have got Japan in April,  Bali in May, Hongkong in July. That’s all for now. But the one country i would really love to go back again and explore more is Australia!!!

I have only been to Perth, and i miss the apple strudel, and Italian food, and mussels, and SHOPPING and the people there!!!

Australia is soooo huge and i don’t even know where to begin for my travel. Since almost everyone has been to places like Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast before, (and i have seen like a zillion photos on a zillion blogs already), i think i’d love to opt for the less-traveled and the extraordinary.

Think Western Australia!

There are many, many interesting places in WA, and i have heard of NONE, except Perth.

After some research, these are some of the highlights in WA, which i would really really love to visit.

Tree Top Walk, Walpole

Have you walked on top of trees before? The height of these forests inspired a world first. A sky-high walkway is the first walk trail of its kind was created to allow people to experience the majesty of these incredible trees.

Cable Beach, Broome

I didn’t know that Australia has camels! O.o

Here you can sit on a train and enjoy the most amazing ocean sunset in the world. There aren’t too many places on the planet where you can watch the sun setting over the ocean whilst catching a ride on a camel train.


I wanna go back again!!!! My Perth entries are here.

Antony Gormley Statues, Lake Ballard

It’s the largest outdoor gallery on earth. Well, on salt lake, to be precise. On the flat salt lake of Lake Ballard, one of the world’s most famous sculptors, Antony Gormley, has created his vision of an Australian community. Over an area of 10 square kilometres, 51 statues modeled on real locals from nearby Menzies, stand majestically for all to see.

South West Region

Do you want to go to the Top 10 places on the planet? Each year Lonely Planet chooses 10 regions they believe to be the world’s most incredible to visit. And this year, they’ve selected Western Australia’s South West.


I wanna go NOW.

Staircase to the Moon, Broome

Have you ever dreamt of climbing up to the moon? From March until October, an extremely low tide on the ocean’s mudflats, creates the perfect opportunity for a unique optical illusion. As the full moon rises, it creates a staircase effect that makes for a truly original scene. So romantic!

Monkey Mia

I ♥ dolphins! I heard that for 40 years now, wild dolphins have been swimming into the shoreline at Monkey Mia (why is it not called Dolphin Mia i don’tnow) every day. If you are a dolphin lover, this is the place for you. I miss swimming together with them!

Bungle Bungle Range, The Kimberley

One of the world’s best kept secrets is around 350 million years old. It is a wonderful range of multi-coloured cone shaped sandstone rocks that was given World Heritage status.

Whale Sharks, Ningaloo Reef

This is one of only a few places on the planet where you can swim with the world’s biggest fish. And i didn’t know they have spots all over. So noob T_T.

Horizontal Waterfalls, The Kimberley

Do you know that here are two waterfalls on earth which fall sideways. These are both of them. Rather than i explaining it (i haven’t even figured out how that works), it’s better that you see it for yourself! And the truly incredible thing is, you can travel over the waterfall by boat to observe this marvel up close.

Lucky Bay, Esperance

The sand on this beach is Australia’s whitest. Lolol so beautiful a beach even kangaroos love to chill on it.

The Pinnacles

So after you have “climbed”  the staircase to the moon, would you like to walk on it too? For some, the experience of walking among the Pinnacles is like taking steps on the surface of the moon. I have no idea how it feels like!

And i wanna go to each and every place! There are more than i can finish mentioning in this post.

All these amazing places!

If you are already tempted, now it is the chance for you to ACTUALLY travel to these places, IN A TAXI!

Tourism Western Australia is looking for passengers to embark on an extraordinary 4 to 8 days taxi ride on a record-breaking journey of a lifetime in WA.

You get to enjoy this truly epic journey without paying a cent!

You and your companion will be personally driven by Western Australia’s most talented taxi driver around Western Australia, travelling through some extraordinary places, taking in some of the most extraordinary sights and experiences on earth!

Now. How to become a PASSENGER?

  1. You are funny or interesting.
  2. You enjoy adventure, road trips, experiencing nature at its finest and playing up for the camera.
  3. You can rough it one minute or be pampered the next, all the while experiencing the extraordinary sites of Western Australia.
  4. you write and speak English well.
  5. You are available for travel for a period of 4 to 8 days between 9 April to early June 2010.
  6. You are available for a personal audition with your traveling companion on 11 March 2010 .
  7. you possess a valid international passport and are in good health, fit for travel.
  8. Claim to fame: You are willing to be on video and camera, have your conversations on the journey recorded and are expect to be trained for media interviews.
  9. you and your companion will grant Tourism Western Australia exclusive exclusive rights to use your pictures, videos, taped conversations, blog contents and other materials arising from the journey for our publicity, advertising & other promotional activities.

Log on to  www.bethepassenger.com for more info.

I can’t wait to be a PASSENGER!