It’s been awhile since i wrote any food review!

Ever since i had Koyuki, i dine in pet-friendly restaurant 50% of the time. And my stomach is getting so sick of the same food. My #Porkgang (and the submembers #Doggang) have been looking for pet-friendly restaurant since forever, and this time we have added Yakiniku Restaurant to our #Doggang Nom Nom list.

Baby K on the way to their new favorite restaurant.

This is apparently very irrelevant but apparently this is my attempted casual spring look wtf.

Hairband, top and bangle all from BACI.



Anyway, i love Yakiniku!

I invited all my #Porkgang members for my pre-birthday dinner!!!!

Yakiniku Restaurant—Pandan Indah.

I must say that it was really worth the drive all the way from PJ.

Will show you nom noms soon!!!

Love all the cute drink cans! Reminded me of that oldschool arcade place in Odaiba. ^^

Haha now you know when i had my Cheras Yakiniku for the first time.

Very Japanese Deco!

I love it that on every table there’s a huge kitchen hood to suck out all the smoke. It makes the interior clean and you don’t end up smelling like BBQ sauce when you get home. 😀

The arguable founder of #Porkgang KYspeaks and my awesome designer Haze. Please don’t bug her for blog design. She is mine.

Kwailou and Kim! (I was trying to lend some hair to him)

Me and the rest of my #Porkgang member.

Well i don’t have a chen ga fook picture because erm, when i tried to take pictures everyone just ignored me and continue chewing viciously on gizzard or slurping soup or having other unglam nom expressions.

So this picture is about the most decent pic i could have of my #Porkgang. Minus me.

The rest of the Porkers, God, Sotong, and Eric and Moaki in the pic too.

Baby K and Fatty have already decided on their favorite spot.

Kim and #EmoCharlie.

*sniff sniff where’s my bacon nom mommy?

Unlike typical Korean Style Japanese restaurant which have only tea and beer, they have some fancy beverages. This is Cookie and Cream!

They also have lotsa fruity ice-blended and snow shake.


One thing special about Yakiniku Restaurant is that they use the oldschool charcoal pot to grill the meat instead of the gas stove you see everywhere else.

That plate of fatty nom you see is pork bacon (ZOMG did i mention that Yakiniku is NON HALAL. #PORKGANG ENDORSES NOTHING BUT NON-HALAL FOOD!!!!!!!!!)






When i saw the price my eyeball almost fell out of their sockets. So many pieces wor. Sure anot?

Apparently this is the Cheras price lolol. The owner said since the opening of the restaurant 6 years ago,they have not once increased the price of the freaking yummy bacon.

Now you know why i said it’s all worth the drive.

New Zealand mussels for RM12.90.

Grill with enoki and and more porkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. All the meats are marinated with somespecialty sauce from Yakiniku that make them really awesomesauce!

Korean Kimchi fried rice + miso soup for only RM7.90.

I really really love this because it’s damn flavorful. Slightly more sour than the rest of the Kimchi fried rice i have tried but that’s exactly the reason why i love it max.

If you like, pair it with Kimchi soup for maximum sour effect. It’s really addictive i must say! Love this too!

Japanese Chasu Don, which, apparently, is only one of the many items that failed to reach my hand let alone tummy because #Porkgang is known to be ganas + cruel + no give face when it comes to food.

So yea, they said it is very nice, which explains why i didn’t get to eat it.

Corn and butter! RM2.50

Grilling squid (RM6.90) and Chicken Gizzard (RM3.90)

(Wtf i’m starting to feel that the price is a bit ridiculously cheap, aren’t all Korean BBQ meat like, RM48 or something? At least that’s what i remember lo! Why all of you who stay in Cheras so lucky one?)

(Please, Yakiniku owner, don’t increase price after reading this ok!)

After dinner is Baby K’s Ai Wuw Wiuu time lolol.





Yakiniku restaurant 烧烤馆

Restaurant Yakiniku
20G, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/8, Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 4295 4833

Open from Mon to Sun (12pm to 11pm)

How to go? According to Kim the Cheras girl,

To go to Yakiniku, just drive as though you’re going to Steven’s Corner. Once Steven’s on your left, go straight and turn left at the traffic lights. Then turn right when you see Hong Leong bank. Yakiniku is right opposite the bank.

PS: If you dine in Yakiniku Restaurant and mention Cheesie/Cheeserland, you will get a 10% discount off the already crazy cheap bill!