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Back from Australia!

Since most of the people i see there are blonde, i’m gonna do a very Asian look today. And the reference subject would be Taiwanese pop idol Rainie Yang. ^^


Point: dark hair, natural brows and most importantly, mesmerizing Asian eyes.

And i discovered her secret:


Contact lens that give you brighter, bolder eyes that looks really natural!

For the past year i have experimented with all kinds of color lens. Blue, purple, green, brown pink and even super daring anime lens. However when you wear those lens, you will need to be really careful with your make up and sometimes need to spend plenty of time on elaborated make up to complete the look, cuz our Asian look is not suited to carry those light azure irises.

And this time, to try something different (and go back to basic), i have chosen Freshlook Illuminate.

It is super natural. It is slightly rimmed at the edge to give you that extra bright, beaming eyes.

And the best thing is, it is a daily disposable contact lens.


These are the Freshlook lenses i brought with me to Australia. I love daily disposable! I will tell you why.

I had a lot of tragic experiences with my lenses. I always forgot to bring, or ran out of  contact lens solution and i had to wear them without washing thoroughly. There are many other times i was just too lazy to wash and store them i end up throwing them away cuz it’s too unhygienic.

Until daily disposable lens came along.

I don’t even carry lens solution with me anymore. Life is so much simpler. Wear it for a day, dispose it and you have another fresh, clean pair waiting for you the next morning!


Anyway, result:



Left: without

Right: With FreshLook Illuminate

Such a huge difference!


Complete with the spring/summer look.






It is actually even comfortable to be worn on a plane. Took this with my laptop webcam during my one-hour flight to Tasmania from Melbourne.

Good news?

You can  have a 3-day free trial of their lenses too!

Just log on to www.freshlookilluminate.com and just register to sign-up (as for the trial lenses, they will deliver them to your doorstep!)

What’s more, everyone who sign-up will :

(1) Receive a 30% discount voucher off their second box purchase and,

(2) Stand a chance to win RM500 plus a 30-day supply of FreshLook Illuminate.

Promo period lasts until 16th June 2010, don’t miss it! 🙂