If i can has one wish each of the 12 Days of Christmas, these are what i will be asking for.

1. A 3D LCD TV! Ok i dunno why this popped up first on the list, but i was seriously thinking of getting one because it’s so cool! I will watch Sammy’s adventure over and over again.
2. Another Holiyear™. I wanna go to Venice Lyon and Zurich! Then i wanna go to Dublin! I wanna experience the coldest weather and a pint of Guinness and the warmest hospitality at the same time *poetic
3. Eternal youth wtf. (actually i will rearrange the list and move this to the top so i get extra 2 days of eternal youth wtf)
4. More time to hang out with my friends! I lost some friends this year but it also brought me more good friends than ever. You lose some and gain some. So true! You all know who you are and i heart you all max!
5. Less work but more money! Ok paradox but that’s Santa’s problem to figure out not mine wtf.
6. A allergy-free pinky so i can enjoy all the good champagne good wine good Guinness stout good spirit and all! T_T
7. Very, very. very nice hair.
8. More sponsored trip(sssssss) please! Please bring Fourfeetnine and Xiaxue too! Girly shoppaholic reunion!
9. A bottomless tummy so i can eat everything delicious that’s left to be eaten in this world. Oh and the condition is not gain any weight.
10. Less horrible people in this world.
11. World Peace. (I originally asked for a nice, caring, rich, handsome AND loyal boy friend. But Santa told me i’d do him a great favor if i ask for world peace instead. So yea.)
12. A really nice Christmas dinner party with my favorite people in the world!

By Christmas party i don’t mean like expensive steak in whatever House followed by sweaty armpits in Zouk followed by unconsciousness and an explosive headache the next morning. I want like a proper Xmas dinner! I’ve never tried that before!

Neh the one with like, you know, turkey…


And Christmas pudding


And candy sticks


And a whole Xmas tree of Macarons wtf


And a lot of nice deco and dessert!!

I never had that kind of dinner!!

Well i sort of did at this Merry Guinness party, but it wasn’t Christmas yet so it’s not counted.

Have you? If you have not, well i have a CHEESY IDEA™. Let’s have a pre-Christmas dinner party together! (You, me. YES. YOU & ME! *virtual finger point).


It would be a party where good friends meet good food meet good music meet… wait for it… lotsa Guinness! 😀

It’s happening on the 15th December (Wednesday) at Jarrods & Rawlin! Mark your calender wtf.

Leave a comment here, and tell me what you want for your Merry Guinness this year!

I will pick 4 favorite comments and the 4 of you will get to go for a Merry Guinness dinner with me! Not only with me, but ON ME!

😀 😀 😀

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So tell me. What do you want for your Merry Guinness this year?