This is not a blog post. This is just a compilation of stuff that i’ve already said. I just kinda make it longer here to sound as if i have a lot of things to say and my life is very interesting.

This is just me plagiarizing myself. (source: Instagram and Twitter.)

What did i say about iPhone killing blogging forever?

Wanted to blog about something that makes me sounds smart and wise (not old, wise), but wtf i’m having pre-travel jitters. Again. So there’s nothing smart or wise about this post. But you’re welcome to pretend that i said something smart and wise.

Packing is about 98% done, but now i’m freaking out about the unknown 2%. There’s always this 2% that is a mystery until you need it in a strange land and you’ll be like I KNEW IT! But did you? Really?

Used more than RM2000 for these 5 pieces of paper T___T

Did our visa too.  You guys see Aud’s MEGUSTA face? HAHAHAHAHAH

How was your new year eve?

Mine was chilling with a bunch of awesome people at Genting.

And drunken light saber fight wtf. This Star Wars thing has ruined me forever. I have a very bad feeling about this.

The last meal of 2011 had been great.

I mean. Sausage stuffed with cheese. Wrapped in bacon.


Happy New Year!

Imma resume to freaking out about my 2% unpacked luggage and off to Kansai tomorrow!