Well if you follow my Instagram (@Cheeserland) this is basically just a compilation of it. :X

Coordinate 1

Two-piece dress from GYDA!



Coordinate 2

Dress from rienda, shoes from Esperanza Shibuya109, most comfortable wedges in the whole world


Coordinate 3

Momoko inspired outfit!


Coordinate 4


Another one!! MURUA girl ^^


Coordinate 5

Casual day out!


Coordinate 6

Monotone ^^


Anyway this July i started experimenting with some Autumn/Winter coordinates!


Coordinate 7

Beige trench coat from Azorias!

Side-hair bow is super easy. Already did tutorial on my Youtube channel!! ^^


Coordinate 8

Whole outfit from EMODA including matching iPhone case!

I really think it’s super amazing that both Momoko and Ena have such incredibly unique styles that when you follow their coordinate you will start to look like them!!!

One day i also wish someone would dress up and their friends tell them OMG you look like Cheesie! (in a good way la)


Coordinate 9

Silver silver silver!!!


Coordinate 10

This one is apparently Nishino Kana style (according to my reader).

Haha i didn’t even know about that. Anyway when Xiaxue saw this picture on my Instagram she was like OMG YAY as long as no more black shit! 回头是岸!!!

And i was like, But i 回头是暗


Anyway, here’s an announcement! Aud and I are thinking of having a simple webstore soon selling apparels that we love! So basically you get to buy things that we wear!

Cool or not!! The entire outfit above (except bag and shoes) will be available for sale soon! 😀 😀 😀

When we have more details we will announce again ^^




Also, on an entirely unrelated note, yesterday i signed up with a gym WTF.

I already spent a lot this month not to mention having to prepare to go to Japan again T___T ok wait i mean 😀 😀 :D. Anyway to get a cheaper rate save money i also have to sign up for one whole year so means it’s another lum sum T__T. But it is for health sake so i can justify the spending!!! *bangs desk

Luckily i can pay it with Citibank Ready Credit omg thank you! So after i have made payment, i realized in horror that there’s absolutely nothing appropriate i could wear for gymmimg T___T. Really one! Ok la i have t-shirts but for bottoms i only have denim and slutty shorts wtf. I don’t even have a pair of sports shoes GODDAMMIT so i went to a sports shop and spent another few hundred just for this whole gym thing.

And for your entertainment, here’s the most grotesque Useless Fashion Of the Day picture:  

I know right. All those lies about looking beautiful/fashionable when you work out. LIES.

Reading this post is like having a really steamy yummy hot pot dinner and then at the end you discover a dead baby rat at the bottom of the pot wtf.

In conclusion, make-up and fashion is life-saving and exercise sucks. T_T