I love massages! (then again, almost everyone does.)

So does the kareshi! We go for reflexology once a week, sometimes he bugs me to go almost every single day but by the time he finishes work most of the nearby massage shops are closed T____T

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone can come to your house to help relax your tired calves every single day? T__T


Actually, that might not be such a faraway fantasy. Unless you are super rich and your house has a massage parlour. Or unless you marry a masseuse . Then you probably don’t need to read this blog post.

The closest solution is this!!

No Joey Yeung is not coming to my house every day. I wish, but no.

I have never really liked massagers, unless i walked one whole day in 4-inches and the nearest seat i could see is a drop-coin massage chairs. I find them too… machinery.


Me trying out uPhoria, world’s first Tui-Na leg massager. Instead of the normal massaging methods it provides a quite human-like Tui-Na effect that targets vital meridian points on the legs to promote positive energy flow.

It looks like this!!

It is basically foot reflexology without a human! (except the human whose legs are in it.)

How it works:


I have also tried out uSoffa, the first fashion massager in Malaysia that doesn’t only look good, but works perfectly as a massager.


Actually it does look quite cute and is super comfortable! It is available in 3 colours to help complete & fit-in to your living room/ bedroom.

And all these are available at your nearest OSIM outlet!



And so…




I have brought uPhoria home 😛


This picture is taken right after H&M grand opening the other day.

It was a fun night but it was also a night i wore 4.5 inches heels and walked up and down for hours shopping!!!

And when i got home, the first thing i did after taking of my shoes was run to my uPhoria and just soak my tired legs in machinery happiness lol.

I love how it has 4 essential functions:

Reflexology, Relaxing, Sleep and Toning

Each function gives a different purpose by focusing on different points on your legs using different technique.

When my legs are super sore i would switch to Relax mode. Then followed by Reflexology mode. In the beginning i was quite surprised to feel an intense ache and soreness through the kneading! But you know it is the awesome kind of ache when you keep asking your massage therapist to go harder! harder!! lol.

Also, uPhoria can be adjusted depending on your chair height, hence can be used anywhere! I sometimes move it into the bedroom!!


I was also worried cuz my feet are mega tiny and not very long! But apparently leg length will not matter because the massager will be able to detect accordingly! Why so smart!

Sometimes when i am having a chill out day at home, i’d switch on aircon in room and then heater on uPhoria to increase blood circulation, and then go for Sleep and Toning mode for awesome shapely slim legs 😀

In fact, i would feel so nuah in it sometimes i’d go through the entire 4 processes, and my face will be like…

uPhoria gives you different sensation, at first it’s like tingling vibration that tickles and then it becomes an intense ache but after that it’s a painful kind of shiokness and in the end it’s deep relaxation again lol.


I think the highest record was like 15 times a day during a home-alone book-reading day lol.




I really love this home leg massager thing!

uPhoria is now having a promo price at RM 1,988 (Normal Price RM 2,188! You can purchase it online or any Osim outlet at major shopping malls.


Go to OSIM website and OSIM Facebook for latest updates and promotion! ^^