To think about it it’s funny how my mom wanted me to be an author/journalist when i was little. I guess i have outdone her expectation since i have more than two readers now and i don’t have to go to war in Iraq.

She somehow really believes in that the pen is mightier than the sword, and that words can change people’s lives (i assumed she was also very into politics at that time).

And she bought me lots of story books, RM10 for 3 novels, and i sort of had this idea that story tellers are Gods. So i started to tell story about myself when i was 10.

These are diaries i kept since i was 10 until…. internet happens.

I just spent half a day flipping through the memory different stages of my life, disbelieving how majestically lame i was as a teenager. Even the titles of those diaries are lame lol. (友谊珍惜-___-)

Almost two decades ago. The first entry of my first proper diary.

It even has a book-like title for each entry and sketches on each page. I’m a bit embarrassed but it is so hilarious, the 11-year old me.

And ladies and gentlemen, i had been doing #UFOD (Useless Fashion Of the Day”) for 15 years now, so please. *flips hair*

(except that time my cool accessories was a walk-man, nail sticker and i wore chokers.) (BTW CHOKERS ARE BACK I TELL YA!!)


And of course i have many more stories to share (I can probably write a whole book about the hilarity of my diaries. If you pardon the irony of it.) , but that’s another entry.

So my entire childhood and teenage years as the only child i spent with my only best friends: fancy diaries, and a good pen.

And as an aspiring diary-writer, just like now aspiring super star blogger need to invest in a magic mouse and an ergonomically awesome keyboard, I had kick-ass pens. And they were PENTELs.

(My love for Japan started before i even knew it lol)

And now i am going to introduce to you the mightier sword.


The always faithful, PENTEL 0.5mm Automatic Pencils P205.

Comes in 5 different colors! And just like how it always has been and i always like, it’s nice to hold, easy to write. You can buy a couple of cheap pens with the price but with PENTEL you know it will grow up and old with you.



Retro, like a good old reliable friend.



Let the creative juice flow! Pen down all your thoughts and feelings.



Blue is usually for boys and not my style, but it’s a refreshing change? An intelligent sword in your hand 😛



And then there’s the classic white. Cannot go wrong with this.


Finally, and my favorite…


Girly, romantic ♡

And those are your 5 different moods and fashion in a pen, new colors to the best selling item for over 40 years.

Retailing at SGD5.30, go get it at your nearest stationary shop and make your mark (on notebooks also can) now!!






Go to PENTEL FB PAGE to find out (*hint* it’s my drawing :P) and LIKE the page! ^^