Do you sometimes buy a beauty product because it promises big claims, and then stop using after just a few months because you don’t see the result fast enough?

Olay has been really loud with their promises too, they even had a money-back guarantee earlier, and this new Olay Regenerist challenges you to try it because it promises to “Reduce lines and wrinkles before you finish one jar”.

So does this new Olay Regenerist deliver results as they claim?

Watch the “Beauty Myth Buster” video below to find out.


So to understand more about the product, i went to Olay’s Beauty Myth Buster Workshop with Sisters magazine!  


This was the only picture of me haha because i forgot to take picture during the workshop! It was very interesting and the whole time i was concentrating on just the presentations by Olay!




That’s Yvonne, Olay’s brand manager, who gives her entire talk in super fluent Mandarin (and she speaks perfect English too T__T) The key point of the talk was about skin cell energy. Basically when the cell energy is low (happens when you start aging -_-), the effectiveness of a product significantly reduces too! So Olay Regenerist actually helps level up your skin cell energy with 3 innovative ingredients: Olivem, Niacinamide, Pal – KTTKS, and it also has an increased level of existing anti- aging ingredients by up to 20%.

More importantly it also increases penetration of those anti-aging ingredients into skin’s surface layers, and there are live demos done during the workshop!
One of the demo was the one i did earlier in this blog post
One of the myth to be busted in this workshop is:
The more expensive the skin care, the better it is and more easily dispersed by water.

It shows that the new Olay Regenerist gets dissolved into water much quicker than moisturizers from other brands. So it’s proven that the myth is not true. Myth busted!”.


Myth no 2.:

Expensive creams can penetrate and get absorbed quicker.

Another demo also about fast penetration of Olay Regenerist.   There was also a special guest on that day! Amber Chia was also there to share with us her skin care tips. She told us that she really enjoys being vain, and therefore she never slacks in her skin care regime. She does the proper 1938828 steps of skin care hahahha. And then does masks every alternate day!! D: So it’s really important to put in effort and not get lazy when it comes to taking care of your skin! If you an extra minute or two to spare, do a simple massage when you apply your moisturizer. And this is how! Very very simple, but it helps the cream to be fully absorbed, and at the same time get a more defined face contour!

For more information, visit Olay Malaysia FB Pageand get a bottle of new Olay Regenerist to try it out for yourself!