2014 Hanami Date #4

Today’s hanami date is with the danna!

He took a few days off to celebrate my birthday (although it isn’t the day yet), so we had a pre-birthday hanami date. (on my birthday itself we had another proper birthday hanami date HAHAHA talk about hanami overdose :P).



Another sakura viewing spot for you to jot down:

Chidorigafuchi (千鳥ヶ淵)

Chidorigafuchi is near the Imperial Palace. It is a little further from Shibuya, but it is actually at teh center of Tokyo and easily accessible by train. I saw on Sakura Forecast app that it was full bloom, and i always always wanted to be there, so we headed over and got down at the National Theatre as there was a sakura exhibition going on!

The park.

And many different types of sakura. This is one of the pinkest ones.

Pale pink ones.

This is my favorite because it has the cutest pink color and a little green peeking out here and there ^^

And… lots of selfies.


Later on we just walked along the street to Chidorigafuchi river side.

Sakura everywhere!!!


All sakura alongside the river!! It is the longest sakura pathway i’ve ever walked. There was just endless sakura everywhere.

You can also take the boat but the queue for it was probably something like 2 hours XD

Yasukuni Shrine was nearby so we visited it as well, since there are more pretty sakura trees and a matsuri going on.

(Last year i was scolded by many Chinese followers when they saw my post on Instagram because they recognize the kanji 靖国神社. They cursed me in the most vulgar Chinese words ever created wtf. This time i very carefully to type in hiragana only (やすくにじんじゃ)and nobody scolded me lol. Peace for all. 😀

Cotton Candy sold in the matsuri!

Had a mini picnic.

That’s all for the hanami date. My belly was getting heavy so we always go back home early to rest.

But night time i had a dinner date!

With Ena and Licoco.

That’s all for pre-bday hanami date.






[shout out]


In April, i was traveling to Japan two weeks earlier than the danna, so i had to be all alone. Worried that i won’t be able to handle all those luggages, i got myself a sturdy and huge enough but very light luggage case.

From Rimowa of course! The danna has always been a fan and i trust his taste 😛

Now our whole family is using Rimowa hehehehe. Papa’s Topas, Mama’s Salsa and a small one for baby although we would have to carry on his behalf now 😛

One day i’m gonna get this!

So yes i traveled with just my Rimowa Salsa to Japan (almost empty) and came back with it full (and many extra boxes).

Big luggage in a small apartment in Tokyo.


You can get your Rimowa in Malaysia at Pavilion Level 2, Fashion Avenue and in Gardens Mall South Court, G floor. Happy traveling! <3