So so so!! It is Junya’s Disneyland debut! Unless you count the time he visited Disneysea when he was still in my tummy. Then this is second time hahaha.

A day before Junya’s birthday, i decided to join Number76 Malaysian team’s Tokyo Disney visit! The team was split into the Disneyland group and Disneysea group. I really wanted to get a Duffy for JunJun so i followed Amy who was the Disneysea team leader haha.

Disney #ootd

Bought a steering wheel for Junya’s stroller to get him occupied in case he wonders why he can’t sit on those Disney rides. At least he has his own ride lol.


I love love love the spring theme! All the Disney Easter Eggs!!!

Waiting for the Disney train. Very exciting hor, to see such happy and vibrant colors.


JunJun was sleepy so he wasn’t as excited as his mama haha.


I got him a birthday batch even though it was one day earlier so that he could get all the special treatments (have everyone in the park saying Otanjoubi Omedetou!!! in a super cheery voice to you), but i realized the special treatments are not so special anymore after all, because almost every toddler in the park had the same batch T____T.

Apparently it’s a popular thing in Japan to visit Disneyland for celebration on a child’s birthday. T____T. Which means the park will be full of kids with the same birthdays lolol.

The Disneysea Team actually is further divided into smaller teams. Our team is the “Tak Tahan Lasak Aunty Team” LOLOL which consisted of me, Junya, Amy and Jeraldine. We just wanted to chill and do shopping while the others went to hardcore queue up for adrenaline–crazy rides.

At the store, JunJun kept doing this. Mom. That one. I want that one. 

Fine. -_-

This doting Aunty Amy bought him a Duffy as present and he is already physically abusing it lol.

Beautiful easter spring theme!

We did line up for one attraction, which is the Meet & Greet with Duffy!

The line was about 30 minutes, and you get to meet Duffy in real life to take a picture.


JunJun cried the moment Giant Duffy said hi to him lolol.

The Disney people was super professional though. They already encountered scenario like this probably thousands of times on a daily basis, so they quickly distracted the crying baby with a rattle and that’s how we got this picture haha.

Slept straight after that.

Arabian Streets.

The adult did their shoppings, and soon somebody was awake again!


Lunch time.

Then adult lunch time.

This is a new event in Disneysea i’ve never been before! Apparently at one of the restaurants you get to enjoy watching a Duffy & Friends’ show while having lunch!! Quite awesome wor!! Such a great idea!

The show is about the story of how Mickey and Minnie met Duffy.


We walked a lot more and went for a couple of other attractions, and decided to sit down for a break, while i went and washed Junya’s milk bottles and changed his diaper.

Did you know?? Disneysea Tokyo has the mostest awesome nursery T___T.

In the nurseries there are 4 different areas. And each of the area has a staff-in-charged who is ever so ready to help you!!! One is children’s playground whose lots kids go stay there while waiting for their frantic parents haha. One is a nursing room, another one is changing space where a staff lays a fresh changing sheet and spray disinfectant as soon as someone finishes changing her baby!!!!

I was so touched T__T. Japanese quality. T___T.

So i went to make formula for Junya at the kitchen/dining area. The utensils were brand new and the pantry was spotless!!!

Just like other awesome nurseries, they have hot water dispenser and a microwave.

And if the water is too hot, you can even cool it down with this:


Why so thoughtful one T___T. And won’t the ice melt very fast?? Means they had to keep changing it ah!!

Junya wanted to tear the kitchen down so i immobilized him for a short while haha.

Then mama went to toilet and Junya was like. Mama… so that’s how you open the door… let me help you!!

NOOOOOOOOO JunJun Noooooooo. Hahhaha.



And and and!!!!

If you are worried about your baby’s meals, don’t!!!


Disney edition baby meals T_____T.

I bought so many XD

Just tooo cute!

Real cow’s milk time.


Anyway right, did you know? Disneysea has a new limited edition character!!

Since everyone is bored with Duffy and it’s no longer a novelty, they decided to, what else but create yet another character that you can ever only see/buy/find in Disneysea Tokyo.

And the moment Junya saw it he face was instantly lit-up. He didn’t even bother with Duffy anymore. What can i do.

*gullible parent*

His name is Gelatoni.

Junya loooooooves.

He rarely even touches any plush toys but somehow Gelatoni was like his new Champon.

Even until today he still hugs Gelatoni to sleep. <3


After that we sat down and waited for the sea show to start. Isn’t this amazing? All the visitors were told to take off their giant headgears that may block the people behind and not to raise their hands above head level to snap photos. None of them did. So. much. respect. #onlyinJapan

JunJun and Amy.

It was a very very happy day!

A crowded train ride home.


Thank you Disney Tokyo, for surprising me again and again.

I have been to Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea so many times i have lost count, but this time around, i enjoyed it in a very different way.

This is the first time i went there with a child, and it was actually much more enjoyable, because i realized that a baby is like a ticket to receiving awesome perks and lots of kindness! Hahaha. All the staff were suddenly extra polite and helpful (even more than they already are), we got the priority to go into a show because we had a stroller, and alllll the Disney characters come towards us and say hello to Junya (FYI this has never EVER happened before : a mascot coming to say hi to me or other adults lol).

Ahhhhh i love having babies lololol.


Here’s a movie i compiled during our Disney trip. It is shot in Lumix GH4 in 4K quality, capturing precious moments and best viewed on a Panasonic Viera 4K TV!!

You can go to Panasonic Viera’s website to watch more of my travelogue videos!

Update again soon!