Haven’t updated in a while!!

There were guests staying with us in Japan this time so our family has been doing some touristy stuff these couple of weeks, and few days ago we went to Solamachi (the mall where Sky Tree is!) with our guest Carolyn, who finally came to Japan for the first time as a result of our brainwashing. I hope she is a convert now 😀

First family photo at Sky Tree! The line was about 90 minutes long so we didn’t go up to the viewing deck, but Solamachi is a great place for shopping too!

With Carolyn! This is the best pose when you take pictures from this angle lolol.

Solamachi could be very, very crowded, and look what they have!

An exclusive “Priority Elevator”. Customers with no special needs are requested to use the escalator. Sometimes i’m really glad i have a toddler because Junya is sort of like my ticket to all the special privileges in Japan XD


Gudetama Cafe

Did you know? There’s a Gudetama Cafe at Solamachi!!

It’s more like a smallself-service snack bar and the menu wasn’t that impressive, but still we were so excited!!!

Quite simple food and looks a little pricey. We weren’t that hungry since we just had lunch some small snacks were perfect!

JunJun said he wanted the hot cocoa lol.

I had the Gude Nikuman (Chinese Bao)

Carolyn ordered the Oden. The Gudetama looks really sad and almosy dying but hey, i don’t blame them. That’s what Gudetama is lol.

When i posted it on Instagram a lot of people were asking if it was a pop-up store. I’m not too sure because when i did some reading up, it was supposed to end in June but they decided to extend it until end of July. But… it’s October now lolol. So i guess it would be there for a while more? 😀





Taste of Tohoku

If you love Japanese goods, Solamachi is a must-visit because the 4th floor is dedicated to an amazing array of Japanese souvenirs including snacks, kawaii trinkets and a whole Sanrio stores, while the 5th floor features a lot of traditional Japanese products.

Yes there will be special edition Tokyo Banana exclusively available in Solamachi.

Heart-shaped Tokyo Banana!!!


And… even if you only manage to travel in Tokyo, you still could contribute a little support to Tohoku.

Tohoku Standard Market is located on the 4th floor of Solamachi, and all its products are originated from the 6 Tohoku prefectures.

“Akabeko” from Fukushima. It’s a symbolic icon for Fukushima, and the red cow toys were created as early as the 16th century. The Japanese believe that Akabeko brings good luck and can ward off illness.


Iburigakko from Akita prefecture – a kind of Japanese radish pickle, which is an Akita specialty. Goes very well with sake and rice!


And then there’s the “French Senbei” from Ootsuchichou, Iwate Prefecture, a region which was affected by the Tohoku Earthquake. Even though it says Senbei, it tasted more like a delicious cookie!


And then there’s the Gobo (Burdock) Tea from Aomori. I looooove Gobo i think making it into tea is a waste, i’ll probably just eat it like snacks! XD


Houzuki (a kind of Winter Cherry in Japan that looks like a lantern!) juice and tea from Iwate Prefecture. I wonder how it tastes like!!!


Symbolic mini food samples from different region. I spotted Gyutan Set Meal from Sendai, and Ichigo Ni (a kind of soup with sea urchin and abalone in it, super love!!!) from Aomori.


And Kokeshi, a traditional Japanese doll originated from Tohoku. With love. Maybe you guys have one of these in your home? I have one! Kokeshi was originally made in the Edo period and sold to people who visit hot springs in the Tohoku Region.

There are many other fabulous products from the Tohoku Region, traditional and modern, so don’t forget to give your support if you visit Solamachi!

For more tips on Tohoku culture and food, you can visit Taste of Tohoku!