Ninshin means “pregnant” in Japanese hahaha so this is a compilation of my pregnancy coordinates so far, but super Cheat One™ because it’s no different from the normal outfits lolol. I apologize in advance. This is a real Useless fashion post.

For first pregnancy, check out:

Preggo Coordinate 1
Preggo Coordinate 2
Preggo Coordinate 3


In chronological order:

Coordinate 0 (pregnant but haven’t found out yet haha)

Coordinate 1 (6w)

Just found out about my pregnancy and was having a wardrobe panic attack XD. Wear ALLLL the midriff baring and mini skirts before you have to freeze stock it for the next year XD.

Coordinate 2 (6w)

Yukata for an Isetan event. I wasn’t showing yet but the bloatedness was so bad i really did look pregnant -_-.


 Coordinate 3 (7w)


Coordinate 4 (7w)

Nausea began and i was rapidly losing weight T__T


Coordinate 5 (7w)

A casual piece!

 Coordinate 6 (11w)

Danna shirts are the best!!! Re-arranged my wardrobe to separate those i will not have a chance to wear any and those staple preggo essentials… (loose pants/overalls/dresses).


Coordinate 7 (12w)

Dresses like this one started to look damn awkward cuz it just looks like i had a gross beer belly XD

Coordinate 8 (12w)

A rare guest for my ootds XD


Coordinate 9 (12w)

This pant’s waistline is probably 40″ or something lolol. Bought it without thinking it may be useful for time like these ^^


Coordinate 10 (13w)


Coordinate 11 (14w)


Coordinate 12 (14w)


Coordinate 13 (14w2d)

The last ever time to wear the skinny pants XD


Coordinate 14 (14w3d)


Coordinate 15 (14w5d)


Coordinate 16 (14w6d)


Coordinate 17 (15w2d)

Short overall like this is perfect too!!


Coordinate 18 (15w3d)

Peplum can hide too ^^


Coordinate 19 (16w0d)

And stocking up on loose tops


Coordinate 20 (16w3d)

And overalls!


Coordinate 21 (17w0d)

A rare girly occasion!


Coordinate 22 (17w3d)

Tutu is another good camouflage XD

Coordinate 23 (18w0d)

This one can wear until the day of delivery lolol.


That’s all for now!!

Lastly bump update as of now: 18 weeks!


See you again!