In mid September, I went over to FairPrice Xtra at JEM for MamyPoko’s Love is in the Air Fit event, where 1000 lucky winners from MamyPoko’s giveaway get to redeem their Love Gift Packages.Wow that’s a really generous giveaway!

The redemption starts 1pm, but by 12:30 there were already winners queuing up at the MamyPoko booth!!😲 Haha look at my Boss Baby lol.

Singaporeans are really gung-ho when it comes to gift redemption!! 😁

Most of them came with their young children, which I really respect because I don’t think I wanna be in such a long line for anything at all if I have cheesiepetits with me haha. They must be really excited to receive the Love Package!!

I finally made it to the photo wall with Sakura (who was falling asleep), when the crowd was mellowing down. Very happy to support a brand that I genuinely love and also am currently using!

Check out that life-size diaper! Please remember this packaging ok! This is the one you will look out for next time at the shopping mall aisle!

By the way, MamyPoko Air Fit pants type has two variants, pink one for girls and blue one for boys. I guess toddlers start to develop a preference for colors and MamyPoko is thoughtful enough to cater to that. So now they all get to wear their favorite colors! Hehe.

Anyway, the MamyPoko video crew were there to film the event, and they had to do an impromptu interview with a few mommies about the concerns they have regarding diapers.

I think maybe some mothers were too shy to go on the camera, so I volunteered to approach the ladies as a fellow mommy, and surprisingly every mother that I asked agreed to be interviewed!! Wa you Singapore mommies very very sporting!!👍🏻

I guess they realized that a mother who has a baby strapped to her chest just like them can hardly cause any harm, haha.

I found out that a lot of mothers on that day were new to MamyPoko Air Fit, so I was asking them what made them want to try this new brand and if they had any concerns regarding diapers and the previous brand they use.

Most mommies that I have interviewed told me that their biggest concern is nappy rash, which is understood due to hot and humid weather in Singapore. Sakura had it worse because on top of the climate, she also has very sensitive skin that makes her extra prone to rashes. Of course now she is nappy-rash-free! 😀

Other mommies told me that leakage is definitely a major pet-peeve, which I could strongly relate to. One mother with a newborn child who is using MamyPoko Air Fit now told me that the previous diapers she received from hospital for her newborn wouldn’t stop exploding!!!! I had the exact same problem with the hospital diapers, and I was cursing so much during the first few days after Junya was born. I practically feared for my life. Like, this is the s**t (literally?!) that I have to deal with every day for the next few years?!? But alas, I was too giam to waste any diaper that time as a first time mama. If only I knew about how life-saving and worthwhile it is to invest in a reliable brand!

Another mommy with leakage problem. It’s ok, you are not alone. But you no longer will have to face this problem, now that you just brought home your MamyPoko Air Fit. Hehe.

I have even encountered a few mommies who told me that they were using MamyPoko Air Fit since the baby was born!! (lucky them T__T) And they never considered switching because they are just very happy with it (their babies have grown into toddlers now!). That’s some true loyalty that deserves an applause!

You could watch the full video here:

I realized I said “exactly” so many times hahaha paiseh… but it was really because I could so relate to all your mommy woes about diapers!! Seriously, how miserable our mommy lives would be, if we have to live without the support and empathy from other fellow mothers? 🙂

Thank you again, all you friendly mama who accepted the casual interview 🙂

As for myself, of course I am loving my MamyPoko Air Fit all the time!

Whether at home when Sakura is just happily playing as usual…

Or when she goes to school while MamyPoko Air Fit gives the teachers zero leakage trouble. (I’d be sooo embarrassed and sorry if it does!)

Or to keep her dry throughout the whole flight and even a whole day out…

And still remains nappy-rash-free under the super hot and humid weather!


By the way, check out MamyPoko Air Fit’s Move Free contest to win attractive prizes!

One of the prizes is this limited edition Pokochan trolley:

It’s super adorable! I love the peach color version with cute Japanese elements in it – Tokyo Tower, Mt Fuji… ^^

Junya loves it so much he was playing with it for a whole day.

Looks like it’s his artwork storage now!

Find out more about this contest from MamyPoko’s Facebook page!


#LoveisintheAirFit, for mothers who got interested in MamyPoko Air Fit and want to see other mommies’ reviews, you can check out this page! Do give it your support too if you love it, with the hashtag #LoveisintheAir Fit!