About Cheesie

Hi my name is Cheesie and I created this blog in 2004. (Yes this blog is older than some of you here!)

I started this blog as an online diary (and out of the love for cheese, hence the blog name). I only had one reader back then – me.

After that for some strange reason this blog started becoming too popular for my humble mind to comprehend, and when I set foot in Japan in 2008 for the first time, my life was changed my life, and somewhere along the way I sort of became a “miracle fashion blogger” who appeared in Japanese national TV.

So that’s the summary of this blog. The whole story is in my book.

Now I am a mother blogging about my mundane parenting life with my two @cheesiepetit and occasionally about how you have been buying the wrong cling wrap your whole life. (You are welcome.)

In 2017 I also accidentally won the Top Parenting Influencer Award. How this happened is a story that will go into the second book I haven’t started writing.

And above all, I blog about my inextinguishable fiery love for Japan – my religion now – and is faithfully converting every passerby of this blog (yes, you.) to join my cult. You have been warned.


If you have a question to ask (cling-wrap related or not), you may email me: cheeserland@gmail.com