❤︎I love Japan❤︎

So yes, other than my own stories, this is pretty much the theme of this blog.

I am sure that many of you discovered this blog because of the same reason. From Japanese culture, stylish street fashion to alllll the yummy food and everything kawaii, not forgetting the #onlyinJapan omotenashi spirits, I am hoping to share all the things about Japan that inspire me, and hopefully I can spread and grow this love with more people sharing and understanding what I have felt and experienced.

Why do I love Japan?

I was in love even before I visited Japan. But having finally set foot in the country changed my life forever. Here are some of the posts that will give you a peek into what I feel:

May 2012 – Japan and I

Jan 2013 – My New Religion

July 2015 – The Meaning of Itadakimasu

August 2015 – The Meaning of Mottainai

Nov 2016 – 10 Awesome Japanese Packaging

June 2017 – Japan is not expensive

How much do I love Japan?

I love Japan so much that by just looking at the word Japan, my heart flutters and I feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I love Japan so much that my heart is probably a white square with a red circle in it.

I love Japan so much that I had to give my blog a Japanese address.

I love Japan so much that I refrain from farting in Japan because I don’t want to pollute its beautiful air.

I love Japan so much that when I die, I want die in Japan so that my soul could return to where it was from and my body can nourish the soil and grow delicious daikon.

I love Japan so much that I want to live 100 lives in Japan so that I can spend each life living a different existence in different places in Japan. As a farmer, as a fisherman, as a sushi master, as a popular comedian, as a ninja, as a Shiba Inu…

And for this life, my life mission is to visit all 47 prefectures in Japan.

So far I have done 42 (as of Dec, 2018):

8. Fukushima✓
9. Gifu✓
10. Gunma✓
11. Hiroshima✓
12. Hokkaido✓
13. Hyogo✓
14. Ibaraki✓
15. Ishikawa✓
16. Iwate✓
17. Kagawa
18. Kagoshima✓
19. Kanagawa✓
20. Kumamoto✓
21. Kyoto✓
22. Kochi
23. Mie✓
24. Miyagi✓
25. Miyazaki✓
26. Nagano✓
27. Nagasaki✓
28. Nara✓
29. Niigata✓
30. Okayama✓
31. Okinawa✓
32. Oita✓
33. Osaka✓
34. Saga✓
35. Saitama✓
36. Shiga✓
37. Shimane✓
38. Shizuoka✓
39. Tochigi✓
40. Tokushima
41. Tottori✓
42. Toyama✓
43. Tokyo✓
44. Wakayama
45. Yamagata✓
46. Yamaguchi
47 Yamanashi✓

Update on 13 March 2020: All 47 prefectures are conquered as of today!!!


Japan Tourism Projects

Many people have asked me this question before: What would you do if you are no longer blogging?

I think I have an answer now. Other than being a good, responsible mother and wife, I think I would like to be doing tourism related work for Japan, so that even if I no long have my personal influence as a blogger, I can still continue to share the amazing beauty of Japan to the rest of the world.