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June 13, 2006 in 3 Cheesed

(edited 28, Jan, 2012)

If you are new here, here are maybe some useful Guide to Reading Cheeserland that may help.

1. Since when did you start blogging?

Since 2004.

2. Is blogging your full time job? How does that work?

Yes, that’s probably the only thing i do besides not blogging.  I have written a total of 1,490 blog posts as of today (28 Jan 2012), and more than 300 paid advertorials, including reviews for cameras, fashion brands, radio stationMcDonalds, Coco Chanel, milk,  foot masks, cars, myself (pro bono), and a device that is supposed to be good for your vagina. #truestory.

I also went on sponsored trip to various destinations including Disney Hongkong, Hokkaido, Seoul, NSW, Tasmania, Perth, etc.

3. Wow that’s amazing i’m really envious of you.

I know right. I’d want to be me too.

4. What do you blog about?

Pretty much all sort of crap. Mostly beauty/fashion and travel. And useless.

5. So why exactly are you kind of popular/famous? What is your secret?

Honestly i have no idea. How did you end up here?  But i have been told by my readers that they keep coming back because they love my lame puns and weak attempts at jokes.

6. Why Cheeserland?

Man you don’t want to start this.

7. What exactly is your name? It is a little confusing.

You don’t want to start that either. But since you need a name to refer me to, here’s the story.

RINGO: I called myself that because i thought it was cool. But it stuck and lasted about 15 years than the 5 minutes i thought it was cool. BTW it has nothing to do with Ringo Starr. Just Ringo. I am the Star.

RING: Much to my horror, my name started disappearing over years, i guess it’s kinda the same as losing hair when you age. Read about the day I dropped the O in my name.

RIN: It just keeps disappearing. The real reason why i keep changing my name is here.

CHEESIE: Is what you should call me now.

9. You seem to really love Japan and what’s with this annoying obsession? Why are you worshipping the ground they walk on?

If you allow me to quote myself, i don’t only worship the ground they walk on, i wish I WAS the asphalt that fills up the cracks of their shattered ground.

By the way all my entries about Japan can be found here.

10.  What are my other achievements through blogging?

(I was worried that no one will ask me that so i shamelessly asked myself first).

Apart from being considered as one of the most awesome blogs ever existed by at least one or two people including myself and my mom, i was also featured in NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV as Malaysia’s charisma blogger in 2011, twice.

I managed to travel to 11 different countries in 2011. Even though that’s not directly related to blogging itself, but you know, just saying.

11. I love your blog and i still can’t get enough of you!!

You are welcome. There’s also my Twitter, Youtube and my Facebook and Instagram. In case you are the lazier ones.