Eat Tokyo Autumn 2016

Food post come liao!

Here are some of the food we ate during our previous trip!

So on the first day the TV was showing a buffet special feature and I saw this…

Super luxurious hotel buffet, unlimited foie gras and caviar with wagyu steak and many other delicacies for 6000 yen… (about $80). T__T.

After watching this I got a little 心理不平衡 (emotionally unbalanced) because we couldn’t go to eat and was in the mood for luxury right in the comfort of our own home.

So… Hokkaido fair it is.

Hokkaido fair at Tobu Ikebukuro, lux until cannot! Wagyu steak, abalone, Ikura, uni… But the price was also quite lux XD.

Mountains of karashi mentaiko.

A castle made of Ikura…


Our lunch bento!! In Japan you can eat hotel-grade food in your pajamas. On your own bed if you like haha.

3 different kinds of giant ebi with scallop, uni, ikura, plus extra abalone topping. Can you think of a more luxurious seafood bento?

The danna’s roast wagyu bento with giant scallop.

When Josh and Carolyn visited Japan, I brought them to the fair for more bento!!

This time the beef bento comes with Wagyu hamburg also.

Seafood bowl was kani and uni!!



And and and!!! I want to talk about this Snow Milk thing. Have you guys tried before??

Junya loves milk so the danna saw this and bought a bottle for him. He had one sip and there were sparkles in his eye lol. He said “meccha oishii” (super yummy). And I got a shock because he rarely has any big reaction to even some of the yummiest food. He just eats them with a straight face. So I had a sip too (to Junya’s protest) and omg you guys are gonna think I’m totally overreacting again but I really thought it was the most delicious milk I’ve ever tried.

And to think that I thought Meiji Hokkaido Milk was the most delicious. I guess tastebuds do get spoilt, and mine are of quite high CP now HAHHAHA.

However though, this is not pure milk, but milk infused with amazake, a sweet rice wine (non-alcoholic). I have tried amazake before and didn’t particularly like it. I just didn’t expect this surprising combi could result in such explosive wonder.

Curious and want to try?

Meidiya in Liang Court totally sells it. I was like OMGOMGOMG when I saw this lol. It’s just that it is selling at a whooping $7.40 (even in Japan it is already crazy expensive at 400 yen) for a tiny bottle that confirm leaves you craving for more.

And if you look carefully it is actually a different brand too! And is frozen. I bought 7 bottles (wanted to give a few to Qiu but she told me Josh got for her from Japan and she didn’t like it omg I lost faith in this girl lol) and had one. Hmmm, I’m not sure if it is the brand or if freezing it lowered the quality, somehow it seems like there were some sediment in the bottle and made it less smooth to consume.

Anyway, now you know about Snow Milk.

Back to bento!! Some other bento we ate during the trip:

Cod fish bento. I loooove the ume furikake here.

Unagi bento. This was soooo good!

Tofu with minced meat and a shishitou. Didn’t like the sweet gravvy. Making a mental note that all ankake-type (thick, starchy sauce) are probably sweetish.



I blogged about this before but I just want to remind you guys again to not miss this out in combini. Half boiled egg onigiri (there are a few versions, some with whole egg wrapped inside the rice ball, some has half an egg visible from outside. This one is with minced chicken rice).

Just check out the egg omg.



Supper is Donbei Kitsune Udon with sakura kamaboko <3



Head over to BAKE cheese tart. Maximum need to queue 5 minutes only. I hear SG still need to line up for about an hour?

It’s totally worth the queue. Anyway, 5 minutes only ma HAHA.



We were hosting a few groups of people this trip so Ichiran was a mandatory stop. This is the Harajuku branch, 90% tourists haha. Also Junya’s first Ichiran visit.

And Sakura’s.

Japanese probably won’t wait this long to get into an Ichiran because there are many better places and they think it is too touristy nowadays. But I do think that it is one of my favorites still!

This is Kaijin (海神, literally God of Sea) Ramen, a clear fish-based seafood ramen. It is pork-free so it is many Muslim customer’s choice of ramen. In Japan it’s super popular among ladies (the guys tend to go for heavier soup base), it has a very yasashii aji (subtle and mild healthy taste) and I absolutely love how magnificent their hamaguri clams are. Slurp.


Do you know Abura Soba (oil noodle)? It’s weird because Abura Soba is actually not soba but Ramen, and is soupless. It’s like the Japanese equivalent of 干捞面 (kolo mee), you eat it with a special sauce and a small bowl of clear soup on the side.



Carolyn’s first time to 76CAFE! (sorry Junjun I picked this picture)

Scrumptious lunch!

Classic Karaage Rice.

Shogayaki and Hoikoro (回鍋肉) set lunch. Love the simple home-cooked taste!! Gonna try to steal the recipe and duplicate at home 😛

Special Halloween dessert plate!!



The usual for our family.

Mentaiko dashimaki.



Both Motsunabe and Mizutaki is a Hakata specialty (from Fukuoka). This chicken soup is so love <333



The only yakiniku we had this trip. Somehow I didn’t really feel like so much yakiniku recently. Omg what happened to me T__T.



Guys, take note of this place if you don’t want to break your wallet for Michelin’s or queue up 1 hour at Tsukiji.

The name is “Uogashi Nippon Ichi”, not “Standing Sushi Bar” ok haha. Anyway it’s sort of like a cheap sushi bar with prices ranging from 80 yen to 300 yen and adapted sushi versions (like mayo topping/aburi…) that make real sushi masters cringe but the quality is nowhere near inferior. We love it because you can just pop in anytime and order whatever you want from the bar, eat pay and leave, all super casual. It’s so casual it’s almost like a drive-through snack.

Junya’s first time at standing sushi bar.

Not tall enough to reach that’s why have to use a stool lolol. So thoughtful of the shop!!!

Avocado mayo. So much mayo but I’m not complaining. <3

Kimo – some fish gut thing, tasted like jelly!

Koboreru Negi toro– Overflowing fatty tuna with spring onion.

This thing looks… weird?! How does this exist in a sushi shop?!

The danna ordered this “Nakaochi Yaki” for Junya because it is a rice dish and easy to eat with spoon. It is minced tuna with tons of mayo and sweet soy sauce – torched.

Usually I am no a fan of anything sweet in my savory food but this one was so good that I ordered one extra for myself.

Our favorite Engawa – aburi and non-aburi version.

No need to go to Gotemba liao. The Aburi Engawa here is equally mind blowing.



I am so so happy that we are flying out from Changi instead of KLIA this year because

1. Changi is awesome. Nobody can disagree on that.

2.  We get to choose JAL flights that land at Haneda instead of Narita (which is a pain to travel to and fro).

3. You get to eat all these at Haneda right before you fly home, near your departure gate. Your last chance to feast before you return to Japan again:

Wagyu steak.

Sushi (from the same Uogashi Nippon Ichi sushi bar, except you pay a little extra cuz it’s airport ma).

Famous Tsukemen!

Yaki soba and Oden omg this was so so good!!! It’s 00:38 now and I WANT TO EAT THIS RIGHT NOW T___T.

The danna made Ebi Fry from chopstick wrapper to entertain his son again haha.


Ok that’s all. Cannot take it I need a might night snack. Update again soon!!



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Sometimes I do think that being a parent is the toughest job in the world because in other professions, you at least know the exact thing you should or should not do, and focus on the end results based on statistics.

But nobody tells a parent what to do. Or worse, everybody is telling you what to do and what not to do in all sort of conflicting ways. And you can never be sure what you do is the best and there will never be an end result… because parenting is a never-ending job. You always wonder… am I doing it wrong?

But I like how Ruth Liew, a leading child development expert said, you are always doing it right. But it is exactly because parenting is never-ending, you always improve, and the one thing you can help your child with is to let them learn.

The #LetThemLearn Campaign by Wyeth Nutrition aims to educate parents the joy and beauty of letting children learn by themselves in becoming better-rounded, responsible and independent individuals. And you help your children in three areas of Multiple Intelligence – Body Smart, Brain Smart and People Smart.

I agree with the concept of giving my children the freedom to explore, make mistake and learn on their own. But sometimes it is also tough because I am sometimes not sure just how much I should let go and how much space I allow for Junya to make mistakes, and when and where should I draw the line?

For example he absolutely love to complete everyday tasks all on his own, from cutting his own nails (“dowan mama help!”) to frying his own sunny-side-up (I allow him to crack the eggs but he cannot touch the fry pan)…


Body Smart

Even though it took agesssssss and maybe like 5 tries for him to get the sides right, if I was not in an absolute rush I would let him put on his own shoes although it’s reeeeally tempting to just help him get it over and done with.

The hard patience paid off because, Junya now can wear his own shoes at ease (although only two familiar pairs), so less work for me when I have to sling a baby and preparing a million other things for an outing.

Although… now that wearing shoes sort of becomes his hobby, things like this happens:

Oh well. ^^

To boost Body Smart, wholesome nutrition is important to support physical growth in order to enhance toddler’s motor skills. Two glasses of S-26 Gold Progress/Promise daily would be a good source of calcium and protein!

Brain Smart

When you spend a good part of your salary buying a fancy toy-set for your child only to find out that he is more interested in the house broom… haha. Or when your child does not play the toys according to the instruction on the packaging… it’s tempting to tell your child the stickers are for the sticker book not the window haha. But I usually let Junya play the way he wants as long as I don’t have to replace the wall or buy a new house XD.

Recently he is into puzzles!!! Sometimes he’d get frustrated and go like “mama help, mama help!!!” but his happy smile after successfully solving a puzzle on his own is priceless. ^^

Other than fun games and activities which stimulate a child’s thinking and to help them learn more effectively, good support nutritionally is equally important for brain development. Be sure to include DHA, Choline and Lutein in your child’s diet!

People Smart

Junya is socially awkward just like me. He freezes up when there’s a big crowd of children especially when it comes to the playground and will end up hugging my leg and just watch afar.

I am still trying to ease him with younger children who doesn’t know their strength and watch out for other children who play rough.

Starting with one to one play date and just let him interact without forcing them be super good buddies.

Not only with other older kids, but with animals too! ^^

And also letting him assume the real role of a brother by getting him to show his little sister how to do stuff, and help his sister with little chores like fetching her a wet wipe or pulling the musical toy for her when the melody stops.

Letting a child to socialize early is important, but be sure to boost their immunity and get good nutritional support from foods & milk containing vitamins, pre & probiotics such as Oligofructose and Nucleotides which will help maintain good overall health!

And the #LetThemLearn journey continues.

If you too are a parent who believes in giving children the wings of independence while sowing the seeds of responsibility will catalyse growth, follow the #LetThemLearn parenting tips by Wyeth Nutrition on and their Facebook page !




Tokyo Omiyage Autumn 2016

Quick blog post while Sakura is napping and Junya is doing his puzzles! Just got back to Singapore last night and half-unpacked our luggages and snapped these pictures to share ^^

1.Konnyaku Jelly

My favorite because they are so yummy! Love the refreshing fruity taste <3 The one in red is cereal though haha.

2. Snacks

Cheeza has specialty versions like Avocadoza, Ebeeza, this time they have Gomaaza!! One pack of Gomaaza is made of 3000 black sesame. Just how much exactly is 3000 pieces of sesame? The Glico website has an interesting post on this.

Then there’s the autumn special edition of Meiji’s Kinoko no Yama (Chocolate Mushroom) in Chestnut flavor. And Meiji Takenoko No Sato (Chocolate Bamboo Shoot)’s Cacao edition. These are my favorite chocolate snacks!!

And then there’s the Glico’s Shall We? Butter Short Bread, haven’t tried this before but looks good!

Danna’s low calorie non-fried chips, it actually tasted really great!

3. Local Omiyage

Got these from our trip to Fuji Safari at a rest area. Katsuo Fish Chips in different flavor!

Ma Hua Er, a Chinese traditional snack we got from Nagasaki. If you are from Malaysia/SG and is old enough (like me lol) you probably has tasted this before! Twisted fried dough originated from China is super nostalgic!! The only thing about the Japanese version is that it has zero oily feel and is less sweet. I guess everything goes to Japan will become healthier haha.

Ago is a flying fish famous in Nagasaki (and now very popular all over Japan), usually made into dashi. Got my Ago Furikake and Agodashi soup stock <3


4. Juices

Mixed Ichijiku (fig) juice using figs from Aichi prefecture. For some reason it taste like peach and I loved it so much that I bought a whole carton back to Singapore lol.

Other juices! As cold season is approaching they even recommend to heat up the juice to warm up your morning! Bought the Shimajiro collabo for Junya ^^

5. Dried foods

Udon, Cha-Soba, sliced garlic (great for lazy moms and people who travel too much to keep fresh produce), Aji-nori and some instant noodles and soup.

6. Baby and Toddler

Anpanman Cup Noodle for kids with no artificial colorings etc and lighter soup.

Sakura just turned 5 months old and planning to start her on solid next month! Thew Kewpie canned baby food is sooooo convenient and cheap omg. It’s only 89 yen each!

Pretty colors <3

Solid food essentials. Hokkaido Scallop and Baby Wafu Dashi. Starting the dashi culture from 0 years old ^^

Might want to start Sakura on formula in the next few months too! Also useful plastic bags for diaper disposal.

7. Cooking

Bought for a friend who super love bitter gourd to make Goya Champuru.

Cabbage salad peeler and cling wrap color pens!

8. Supplements

Love this Fancl supplement sets! They have different sets for different gender and age group. Each pack contains different supplements you need in a day, sooo convenient for traveling! No longer have to buy medicine boxes or packing whole lots of cans and bottles.


9. Puzzles

Puzzles are my best friends now because Junya can just spend hours solving puzzles on his own, it buys me so much time to do stuff… such as writing this post lol. (Also I resisted making puzzling puns on this topic. lolol)

This is Hiragana and Japan map puzzle.

And then I found a Hello Kitty Japan map, can’t help but bought it! Time for me to memorize all the prefectures!

Papa bought world map puzzle.

And a Pikachu 3D puzzle for 7 years old and above. He thinks his son is genius? lol

10. Mask

Bought it from random drugstore but find this super good! It’s soft and fits nicely, I wore it to sleep the whole night without any discomfort!

That’s all for this trip! Shop again soon haha.

28 Months VS 5 Months

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Junya turns 2 years 4 month old today, and Sakura is 5 months old now.

Here’s the regular monthly update!

For Junya

(Also read Junya’s  1st month , 2nd month , 3rd month , 4th month , 5th month , 6th month , 7th month 8th month, 9th month , 10th month , 11th month , 12th month , 13th month , 14th month 15th month , 16th month , 17th month , 18th months , 19th month , 20th month ,21st month , 22nd month , 23rd month 24th month , 25th month , 26th month and 27th month here.)



I totally forgot about this. I thought it was all over until I noticed that he started to eat his fingers like a baby -_-.

Then I found a fully sprouted molar while brushing his teeth. 3 more to go!



(I have no idea how to translate it in English. In Cantonese it is 肉緊 haha. Basically it is a strong urge you feel that makes you wanna grind your teeth and clench your fist. Or when you see a fatty baby cheek which you can’t bite lol.)

Junya is geram ALLLLLLL THE TIME. He even knows it. When he is geram he says “grummmm!” XD. This is how he looks when he feels geram.

The classic naughty boy look.

One more of his geram face while going beserk:

Luckily he strangled the pillow instead of other humans.

I’m not sure if it is related to his teething, but he has so much pent up energy to release it makes him a bit like a cute fluffy puppy gone rabid. Thinks Stitch on full destroy mode.



But when he is not geram, especially when relaxed and sleepy, he would lie on the bed, grab my arm and say, “koko, koko (here, here.)” and pull my arm around him and turn over (so I am hugging him from the back). I wonder how long this manja-ness will last T___T.

Junya manja-ing his godmom Kehlin.


Fine Motor Skills

He has been having fun learning how to do the peace-sign. But one day he simply got frustrated (when he is tired and sleepy whatever he does seem to be all against him lol) and cried “I CANNOT. I CANNOT DO IT.”

No victory today XD.


Also. His favorite hobby now is peeling boiled eggs.

Every day he requests to go to the combini to buy eggs so he can peel them all.


New Shoes

We got him a pair of new Asics and he now can wear it all by himself like a pro. Save us all so much time for an outing!

Best investment ever.


Anata Da-re?

I have made a deal with the danna. Previous at home we were both speaking mixed languages and it confuses Junya to the max. He said stuff like “I want to taberu kore” (I want to eat this).

But now we promised each other to speak only one language each (him Japanese and me English, although sometimes we still couldn’t help but mix up a little). And the improvement was beyond impressive.

Junya no longer speak mixed language anymore. He now understand Japanese and English are different languages and he can speak both in full sentences. Although sometimes he still say

Koko wa egg arimasu ne.” (there’s a tamago here). lolol.

The daily 15 minutes of Shimajiro and Nontan (Japanese educational anime for young kids) on Youtube during teeth-brushing time also helped tremendously in expanding his vocabs. Every day he says new things that amazes me! Few days ago he asked “Anata da-re?” (Who are you?) and “Nani kashira?!” (what was that?), which are phrases we have never used in the house before.

The power of Youtube.


I Want To Catch Some Pokemon

He says that when bored.

Admittedly guilty, I have been playing too much to the point that he recognizes most of the Pokemon by the sounds they make.

He is totally a better trainer than I am.


Sleeping alone

For the first time he sleeps alone in a different room away from papa and mama.

Our apartment, again has a small bed that can fit max 2 adults and one infant (even so I still feel like a Chinese zombie). So we had to move Junya out to the living room sofa. He is okay with it.

I think it’s time he gets his own bedroom. Decorated with Tomica and lots of JAL mini airplane models. ^^



So, one day I was nursing Sakura to sleep in the bedroom after some crying (Sakura, not me lol). Just when she was about to drift away to dreamland, Junya darted into the room and shouted, BURIM, BURIM, BURIM!!!!

And then Sakura woke up crying again -____-. I got frustrated and sort of whisper-yelled (got such thing? Haha but you get what I mean! To tell someone off sternly in a small voice because you don’t want to embarrass yourself in public or wake the baby up) at him and dragged him out of the bedroom, which might have been a little too harsh and anger-driven on hindsight T__T.

He got a shock and sobbed. And then I lectured him again (don’t be so loud, Sakura is sleeping) and he said sorry, and then he pointed at the window in the living room and said, “Mama mite, (mama look), BURIM.

I was like huh. I turned around and looked over at what he was pointing at.


It was a blimp (apparently?). Good god I didn’t even know this thing exists, but I vaguely remember seeing it in one of his air vehicle books and read it out to him.

My son was trying to show me a new vehicle he discovered in all excitement. What did I do? I got angry at him.

I did it again. No matter how many times I reminded myself, sometimes negative emotions still got the better of me.

I hugged him and apologized. And then we watched the blimp disappear into faint white clouds together. Today I learnt (again) about listening to my child without exploding first. And also a new air transport. And that my son knows better than me.

(Interestingly, he thinks that there are two blimps. One from the bedroom window and another one in the living room window lol.)


JunJun says

Other things he says

“Don’t waste the pokeballs.”
“I want hand sanitizer before you eat.” (he is still trying to grasp the concept of “you” and “me” lol)

Last month I talked about how he learnt to control his emotions and calms himself down during a tantrum. So few days ago he was crying about whatever and I was telling him, “stop crying, I don’t understand anything you say if you cry.”

His cries then turned into smallish sobs. I said again, “stop first, Junya.”

“I already stop.”

On another day before bed time:

Mama: I love you.
Junya: Yabai ne.


For Sakura

Sakura turns 5 months old!

Read Sakura’s 1st month, 2nd month , 3rd month and 4th month here.



Ok so it happens again. The teething baby starts biting. When she feeds. (Sometimes she bites down and pulls away like a German Shepherd tearing a steak apart omg) Urggghh.



Up till last month, she was still too quiet. Now she is shouting. XD

I now can hold a decent conversation with her.  It goes:

Baby: Ahhhh.
Mama: Ah.
Baby: Ahhh ahhhh.
Mama: Oh?
Baby: Ahhhhhhh.
Mama: Really?
Baby: AhhhhahhhAHHHH.
Mama: Miao.
Baby: Ahhhh.

Ice Cream

I can eat Ice Cream now.


Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I just read Junya’s 5-month blog post, and I realized it was this time he reacts to the baby in the mirror!

Sakura too, looooves the mirror. Every time she sees the mirror she’s damn happy haha.


She also smiles a lot now. No full on laughter yet though, it’s quite hard to make her giggle, only by very spot-on tickles or bouncing her near the mirror making weird noises lol.

Usually she is the one who wakes up earliest. She just stays in bed quietly. And when I wake and kiss her good morning she gives big, big smiles, and then both of us go back to sleep again haha.


For Mama

Sometimes I wonder how long more I have to do this 24/7 having a baby stuck to me thing. Nobody else in this world can settle her when she cries, and nobody else can have the same boobs as me haha. (And she didn’t want the bottle the last time I tried.)

But in many ways I am also very glad that I am her sole caretaker. The bad part is that I have to decline most jobs that require me to be away from her even just for an hour. (The last time I went downstairs to combini to buy myself some dinner, and just when I was out the elevator the danna texted me to come back cuz she was crying.)

But the good part is that I know her so 100% well that I am even confident to bring her to travel alone. The danna said “why don’t you travel around Japan with Sakura” since I have been rejecting so many tourism jobs. #ChallengeAccepted yolol. (Yeap that’s YOLO + LOL.) Time to level up again ma. #pokeMom


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Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

Quick post!

Since we are staying nearby and I’m still all #pokeMOMgo crazy, we visited the Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro Sunshine City. This post is for all Pokemon (or PokemonGo) fans!

I remember going there when Junya was 6 months old. The danna asked, “is Pokemon popular in Malaysia?” (He probably thought it would be a good topic for me to introduce to my readers) I shrugged and said probably not. But I’m glad there are maybe more people will find this post useful now! 😀

Located on the second floor at Ikebukuro Sunshine City.

Have you caught em all?

Pikachu X Charizard

Start shopping!!

A quick glance around the shop you will find a great variety of Pokemon plushies of different sizes and designs.

Pikachu in disguise.

Seasonal Pikachu

Halloween Pikachu.

This is the best souvenir you can buy for your Pokemon-crazy friends back home!! Pikachu cup noodle with Pikachu kamaboko, only 130 yen!!!

Furikake for your kid’s lunchbox.

Pokemon miso soup with Pokemon kamaboko.

I looooove this!! It’s a balancing toy where you try to stack Pikachu all over a sleeping Snorlax on a hammock.

Chopstick training toy with Pikachu beans.

Lots of fashion items too!

Pikachu phone case.

iPhone charm.

I love how they even manage to create traditional Japanese print out of something so cute and kiddy!! This is my favorite series!!

Soooooo cute T_T

Pokeball wind bell <3

Pikachu is usually loud and colorful but if you prefer something pastel this corner would be perfect for you!

Sweet and girly, almost Sanrio-like.

Pikachu in Pokeball cup

If you have extra coins to spare, there are also Gatcha gatcha machines outside!

And Pokemon arcade games.

Was busy catching this little monster lol.

And of courseeeeee

There’s a pokestop AND a Gym right at the center!!


Also, in the same shopping mall on the basement floor there’s a cosmetic shop called It’s Demo, they are selling a Pikachu collaboration series that is super kawaii!

Pokemon LOVE It’sDemo

Eevee and friends

Body tattoo

Phone case

Lip cream

Bought Junya the big fluffy plushie too!

More info on Pokemon Official Store!



Family Safety App

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Our family always travel together because it makes us feel secured and close together. However with all the recent crime cases happening in KL, every time we return home I feel slightly paranoid about the safety of our family. When the danna is not around, I avoided going out with cheesiepetits on my own and even when the danna comes back late without notice, I felt worried for him although most of the time it was just his meeting stretched on too long.

It would be nice to know where exactly your family members are even when you have to be apart, wouldn’t it?

Digi has answered this question with their latest app: Family Safety App.

What is Family Safety App?

This app is specially designed for families to always stay connected and keep their kids safe.

It allows a customer to create a family account up to seven family members and protect everyone with several key features.

Family Location is of course the most important feature. It is used to locate your family on your smartphone or the web in real time. I have registered myself while traveling in Japan, and yes the app works even when you are out of the country!

That’s me, in Tokyo. This is after I zoomed out much further. When you click on a family member, it will show you exactly where the person is.

It shows that we are in our apartment in Tokyo. The GPS is insanely accurate.

I am 24/7 together with Junya and Sakura since they are still very young, but imagine if you have older kids who go to school or teenagers who love hanging out with friends and always too conveniently forget to inform their parents (I used to be one! haha), this would be extremely useful to protect your kids and give yourself a the peace of mind.


Other features are Geo-fencing to create safety zones for family members and Notifications to give alert when family members arrive or leave the designated areas.


There are also Check-ins to regularly inform others where you are, Panic Alert to send an emergency alert with your location to all family phones,

This is useful during emergencies and when you are unable to make a call/text.

The other features also include Parental Controls to restrict phone usage to family phone numbers and control when certain apps can be used and Phone Security which allows you to find, ring, lock and wipe any family phone if lost or stolen.

I like how GPS capabilities are making our lives better. I am still addicted to PokemonGo and now data connections can be also used as a tool to protect our family.

A lot of people argue whether to give young kids a smart phone. I think it is essential especially in Malaysia that smartphones should be used for the purpose of protecting our kids. Whether you allow gaming and other entertainment is your own prerogative.

So! There are two types of accounts:

Family Safety Basic (FOC) allows a user to:

  • Connect up to 2 family members
  • Check your family’s location whenever you need
  • Check-in on a specific location (e.g. know when your kids get to school)
  • Create up to 2 Safety Areas to get automatic geofencing alerts
  • See how was the day by glancing your Family Activity
  • Immediately alert all family members by sending a Panic Alert


Family Safety Premium (RM5/month):

  • Connect up to 7 phones, tablets or wearables and add all your family members
  • Create more areas
  • Connect your kids to your family map with Digi’s friendly and affordable wearable locators (coming soon)
  • Restrict calls to your family phone numbers and control when apps can be used
  • Find, ring, lock and wipe any family phone if lost or stolen

Now you can always stay close, safe and connected with everyone in your family.

The Digi Family Safety app is currently downloadable Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Currently, the premium plan is free for the first 30 days for Digi customers.

For more info you can log on to!