Make Beautiful Happen

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Have you ever dreamt of a life where you can become more and more beautiful by just staying home and enjoying things that you like?

I have not dreamt about that, because i’m living that life lolol.

Ok la it’s a little buay paiseh to say like that, but the truth is, as a full time mom, i spend most of my time at home and i enjoy it. One would think that for the amount of time i spend in the comfort of my own house, i can’t even be bothered with my make up and dressing up unless i need to go somewhere.

That, is actually true XD. But i do think that how awesome it would be if i would be able to get a massage, a facial spa, prettier and shinier hair and a firmer body all during whatever small intervals of free time i have at home, without stepping out of the house?

And that is the aims of Panasonic Beauty.

My first experience with Panasonic Beauty at one of their roadshows held at Betjeman & Barton, One Utama Shopping Mall.

The theme is pink, girly, confidently bold, everything that spells pampering and beautiful.

Hi-tea delicacies were served too to complete the theme of the day.

Yes Panasonic is a household name, and i myself have several well-loved products sitting in my own home including the aircon, TV and camera.

But today i was introduced to a whole new different world of Panasonic Beauty. It’s not about just the essentials anymore. Panasonic Beauty wants to help Malaysian women look good with their knowledge and innovations. And i love that.

We were introduced to many products that day, but the highlight of the day for me was Hair Care.

Yves from Number76 Starhill Gallery branch was doing a demo on the Panasonic Beauty Hair Dryer and hair Straightener.

Both the products comes with nanoe technology. Yes we all have heard of negative ions. But nanoe, it produces nano-sized electrostatic atomised water particles, which hold around 1,000 more water than negative ions.

And the result of such technology is silky smooth and health hair all the time. However heavy a user you are when it comes to blow-drying and styling your hair. Oh and the straightener? You can use it  to curl your hair too! Ask Yves for tips!


Next up, we get to play with lots of other beauty tools too provided on everyone’s table.

There’s the facial steamer: It produces nano-ionic steam that penetrates into the skin for deep moisture retention. Did you know that it could also be used to remove your make up?? After i heard that i stopped using it on the spot hahhaa i don’t want to end up suppin (without make up) at the end of the beauty session XD. I’ll be sure to try it at home!

Then there’s the Facial Cool Putter. Oh how i love this. This may just be my favorite among all.

After steaming, your pores are open and this Cool Putter helps close and tighten your pores, and it feels soooooo good on your skin especially on a hot day. I was instantly sold lol.

Next product i tried on was the Eye Warming Massager. It helps to relax eyes after a long day and improves the blood circulation around the eyes area. I would want to do this everyday before i sleep. (I got one for myself after that and that’s exactly what i do now every night.)

The bloggers who were also there that day:


Chanwon who recently is a convert of Japanism (i guiltily played a part in this lol).

Povvy and Chenelle

I hope all these beauty tools will help us become more and more beautiful! <3


Here’s the price list for the products (there are more than i featured!):

Hair Dryer, EH-NA65 (RM423) and EH-NA45P (RM286)

Hair Straightener, EH-HS95 (RM412)

Scalp Massager, EH-HE94 (RM349)

Facial Steamer, EH-SA31VP (RM529)

Thermal Esthetic Roller, EH-SP32 (RM469)

Facial Cool Putter, EH-SQ10 (RM319)

Eye Warming Massager, EHSW50 (RM589)


You can read more about them at:

And where to buy:


Also, i am collaborating with Panasonic Beauty on their FB page, and i will be reviewing some of my favorite Panasonic Beauty products, do follow Panasonic Beauty Malaysia for tips! ^^



The Meaning of Mottainai

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This post is an extension to the previous post on the meaning of itadakimasu.

You now know that when one says Itadakimasu, one is humbly expressing his gratitude to mother nature, and everything that brought the meal on his plate. And when you feel thankful for your food, naturally you will want to savor the very last bit and not waste any of it.

And that is the concept of Mottainai, which closest translation in English is “wasteful”.

But just like itadakimasu, there is a much deeper meaning to that. Mottainai expresses the feeling of awe and appreciation for the gifts of nature or the sincere conduct of other people, and to show one’s gratitude, you will use/consume something in its entirety.

Let me give a few scenarios that i experienced in Japan.

1. Don’t Waste Your Food

So to continue from itadakimasu, you express your gratitude sincerely by finishing your food, down to the last grain. Literally. The danna used to peek into my rice bowl and tell me that i am not a “clean eater”. You know sometimes a few tiny grains of rice are stuck to the bowl which you failed to pick them up with the chopsticks? That is not acceptable.

As i have mentioned before in this post, some restaurants in Japan will fine their customers for not finishing their rice.

This is a fish restaurant in Shibuya, one of my favorite. There’s a notice that says that you will be fined 500 yen if you leave rice uneaten in your bowl.

It’s not that the restaurant is an opportunist trying to make more money out of wasteful customers. They provide free rice and soup refill for big eaters. The danna always order 2 or 3 bowls lolol. But they wanted to remind their customer of the Mottainai virtue.

Rice has a special place in Japanese culture, and wasting it is several levels worse than wasting any other kind of food. If you are a small eater, please let the staff know that you want less rice when you order. No wastage is tolerated.


2. Use all you can

Japanese people try not to waste any food to quite an exaggerated manner. I go on endless food adventures in Japan, trying things i’ve never tried before, sometimes to the dismay and disbelief of some people who are not familiar with Japanese culture.

I have eaten animal internal organs including liver, heart, pancreas, esophogas, uterus (yes, uterus), and other assorted intenstines and stomachs. Eeew? Maybe. Yummy? Yes.

Many people think that Japanese people are disgusting for eating all these stuff only the wild carnivores will devour in their fiercest beastliness. Remember the crying raw squid eye i was forced to eat? Yeap. But it all comes from the concept of mottainai.

Since the living has sacrificed itself for our well-being, we will try not to waste any part of it that is edible. I’m not sure if in ancient time someone was assigned to do the eating trials and erros (“Well, i’d say we take the gizzards and bones, and nope, the feather and beak didn’t really go so well with daikon”), but i must say that they made things that i could not even imagine eating taste so. damn. amazing. In the end, it is all about effort. You say colons taste like shit? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. LET ME TURN IT INTO A MICHELIN GOURMET.

Speaking about that, have you tried Horumonyaki? It’s like Yakiniku (Japanese beef BBQ), except it’s all about the insides. Well, isn’t that what they taught us about beauty?

Did you know? Horumon, which i thought was a translation for “hormone”, is actually “horu mono”, a Kansai dialect that means “parts that are thrown away”.

(At one of my favorite Horumonyaki specialist in Tokyo: Meimon)

But guess what? Even the parts that are supposed to be disposed made it onto the table. Proudly. I freaking love Horumonyaki.



3. Have it at its best

Mottainai can also be used to describe things that are too precious to be used in an imperfect way. I always buy my beloved Mentaiko from ISETAN, take the sacs out and separate them individually with cling wraps, and store it in the freezer so that i can use only what i need.

Sometimes i will ask if the danna wants to eat Mentaiko pasta, but he will tell me “Mottainai”, because he wants to savor the full flavors of it by having a small cut, just on its own, on top of a bowl of hot rice. Rather than it being dissected and tossed into shoyu, mayo and hot butter which makes it lose its most original essence.

Same goes to sashimi, i believe. If the fish is so fresh it can be eaten raw, don’t cook it. XD


4. Recycle and Reuse

It owes to the caring culture of the Japanese to endeavor to find new homes for possessions they no longer need. That explains why vintage and used clothing fashion is such a big thing in Japan.

I only recently learnt to appreciate the whole Furugi(used clothing) culture. I used to think wearing used clothes is for the underprivileged and hated all the hand-me-downs. How arrogant. But now i really admire people who wear furugi. These Harajuku girls are rocking it like superstars.

Not only do you get to find some really great pieces in mint condition if you look carefully, it’s also a great saver for your wallet. It’s almost like treasure hunt.

Other than clothes, of course the Japanese are known to recycle almost everything recyclable.

If you dispose something that doesn’t deserve to be thrown away, maybe the garbage trunk will save it.

My favorite garbage truck. Ever.



5. Conserve, conserve.

The Mottainai spirit is translated in many daily habits of Japanese people. Saving water, saving electricity.

When the Tohoku earthquake happened, there was a national movement in Japan to encourage the Japanese public to conserve electricity. No aircon during summer months and no toilet seat warmer in the winter. T_____T. Residents take initiative to conserve electricity in their own homes too.

Some of the Japanese innovations are made based on Mottainai concept too. Look at this:

The water flows from the top of the sink, so you can wash your hands after toilet, and the water will be used to flush the next visit. Geniusssss.



4. The fourth R

I’m sure you are familiar with the recycling 3 R’s:  – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. In Japan they take it one step further by adding the fourth R: Respect.

Just like Itadakimasu, the value stems from the Shinto belief that objects have souls and should be respected. And you respect something by utilize everything to its fullest potential, and by not wasting anything.

And that’s what i believe is the true essence of the word Mottainai. I also believe that this value sparks a lot of creative innovations in Japan, because it is an inspiration and a reminder to everyone that our earth’s resources are limited, so one should always be searching for new and creative ways to recycle and reuse to respect the mother nature.





Taste of Tohoku

So i talked about how rice is one of the most important and respected foods in Japan earlier.

Inawashiro Tennotsubu, is a new type of rice developed through fifteen years of trials, with distinctive characteristics which makes it ideal for the famous sushi rice.

Inawashiro is a beautiful area in Fukushima prefecture, where the rice is growing at 500 meters above sea level.

Tennotsubu, the name of the rice, literally means “Grains from Heaven”.

If you know kanji, the word rice “米”, is made of the characters “八十八”, meaning eighty eight. The Japanese say that the farmers have to go through 88 processes to produce these precious grains, and they also believe that there are 88 gods living in one grain of rice.

Of course the gods in rice is more like a folktale. However, it isn’t so much as a superstition, but a way of life. It teaches gratitude and tells us to respect the things which allow us to live. That explains why rice is so respected in Japan and no one should waste even a single grain.

So now you know! Itadakimasu. And clean up your bowl!

For more tips on Tohoku gourmet and delicacies, you can visit Taste of Tohoku!


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To the beach with Junya!

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A photo post on Japan in June 2015!

It was summer in Japan and it was time to hit the beach!

The danna had surfing itch for a long long time since the last time he surfed was in Bali. Most of the NALU staff (beach boys!!!) are surfers too so the they rented a van and we headed to one of the surfing spots in Ibaraki prefecture.

We began our journey 3:30AM and sunrise was at 4AM!


JunJun with Dejima san and his surfboard!

When i grow up i want to be beach boy.

Gomi san and i and JunJun were the non-surfers so we just guard our turf lol.

Went to the nearest combini and bought lots of snacks!


Bought crabstick since we are at the beach i was totally in the mood for some seafood XD


JunJun’s lunch time!



Oh mama. I need some space!

Stop kissing me every second ahhhhhhh

Eye swag

JunJun’s crawl buffet time! (He still couldn’t walk steadily yet)

Playing in the sand

Found some gems stones!

My little turtle XD

Stroll by the beach with mama


Strutting JunJun lol with papa after he was back from riding the waves.

And then papa and JunJun had a nap in the car

While Gomi san and i went to a park!

And the rest of the beach boys!

That’s all for today!





[Beauty Shoutout]

Eversoft Skinz UV-White

Thinking of having fair and clear skin back after all the summer activities?

Today i’ll introduce a series of skin care that focuses on helping you achieve that porcelain white radiant skin tone.

Eversoft Skinz is formulated in Japan and it combines advanced Japanese technology with the miraculous benefits of Sakura Extract, Uji Tea and Lipo-Vit.C into one powerful synergistic skin whitening action.


Step 1: Cleanse

One of the cleansing products is the Purifying Facial Foam that deeply cleanses your skin to reveal clearer translucency. Give your face a gentle massage to unwind after a long day!


Step 2: Tone

Enhance with Aloe Vera and Licorice, the Clarifying Toner soothe and calm your skin, preparing it for optimum absorption of skin whitening therapy. I’ll pour it onto a cotton pad and tear it into 3 pieces to make a quick moisturizing mask.


Step 3: Whiten

The Intense Whitening Serum helps reduce pigmentation and dark sports effectively, revealing a brighter and more radiant skin tone. At the same time, drink lots of lots of good quality milk since they say drinking more milk can help achieve fairer skin!


Step 4: Moisturise

The water-based Whitening Day Moisturiser with SPF20PA++ quickly and effectively absorbs to whiten, protect and hydrate your skin during the day, while the Intensive Night Moisturiser penetrates deeper to boosts skin’s whitening process as you sleep.


Step 5: Protect

This Perfect White BB Cream with SPF30PA++ gives you a light coverage that makes you look good enough for a quick grocery shopping trip! 

The range of Eversoft Skinz UV-White is now available at all leading pharmacies, supermarket and beauty stores priced between RM14.90 to RM42.90. Super affordable!!!

Get the value set at only RM 49.80 at all outlets.






I have not shopped in KL in a long time! For fashion, usually i buy one whole season worth of clothes when i travel to Japan XD

Room8008 invited me over to their shop for a shopping spree, and who would say no to shopping! I have seen them around on the internet as it’s one of many blogger’s favorites, but i didn’t know that they actually have a physical boutique too! It’s located at Berjaya Times Square, KL.

The moment i stepped inside, i was pleasantly surprised. This isn’t one of the million online blog shops i thought it typically would be! At first glance you might think you have walked into a random store in Harajuku.

Lots of Kawaii elements, sweet pastels in all their girliness, carefully decorated corners set a really lovely ambience for shoppers. I instantly also spotted things that couldn’t be found outside Japan. And i thought to myself, the owner must be a Japan lover, just like me.

True enough then, i met the mastermind behind it all, Kiki, after she came back from a meeting.

Instead of talking about work, we ended up spending most of our time talking about how much we love Japan lolol. It’s always nice to meet people who can appreciate what you do admire, too. 😀

Back to Room8008, it was actually established way back in 2008. As their business grows, they are now switching to the usual online FB shops to mostly self-manufacturing their own items. And they have started to actively brand themselves since last year.

Just like Kiki and the lovely interior of the shop, Room8008’s provide a variety of fashion apparels including clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories, including the very unMalaysian hats, berets and socks. I totally love that they added these into completing an outfit.

So i would say that their styles are casual, girly, quite Japanese but totally wearable and practical for Malaysian shoppers.

I also absolutely adore how they are thoughtful enough to set up a pantry area for their shoppers who need a break and have a hot/cold drinks or two while chatting with their friends. Look how pretty it is!

Time for shopping!

I tried on a few outfits, and this is one of my favorite (totally in a summer vacation mood 😛 ). White sun hat, crystal necklace (which is supposed to be a head accessory), botanical romper and platform shoes are all from Room8008.

And of course i also brought home lots of new clothes for the summer!!

Here are some of my Room8008 coordinates:


Coordinate 1

White bandage top and black bandage skirt with gold embellishment from Room8008.


Coordinate 2

A same bandage top in a different color and white tutu skirt from Room8008, their best seller and most popular items. I saw lots of tutu and tulle skirts in a variation of colors in the shop!


Coordinate 3

Knit border top and black tutu skirt from Room8008. I love how versatile the tutus are especially in black, very feminine, yet not over the top.


Coordinate 4

White tube top and canvas bag from Room8008. Perfect for a happy beach day!


Go shop at Room8008 now!

There will be an exclusive 20% off for all Cheeserland’s readers! Just quote *cheeseroom*  and they will pick one lucky reader to win a self-manufacture tutu skirt from their collection!

Shop Address: Level 7 No 52 West Wing, Berjaya Times Square, 1Jln Imbi, 55100, KL.

Operation Hour: 12pm-9pm Open daily including Public Holidays.

Facebook: Room8008

Instagram: @Room8008



Autumn in Tohoku

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As summer is coming to an end soon, and if you are traveling to Japan in the next few months, these are some of the places you may want to consider going if you are into romantic autumn leaf viewing this fall.

The Tohoku region has some of the best known spots for Momiji (autumn leaf)viewing. I have done some looking around, and there are simply too many of them!! I have picked up my top 3 favorite, and these are the images i found on the internet, and i could hardly believe that they are real. I would like to witness it first hand one of these days.


1. Cascade Akiu Otaki 秋保大滝

Akiu Otaki is in Sendai area in Miyagi prefecture. It is 55 meters high and is one of the 100 most scenic and spectacular waterfalls in Japan!

What else is worth noting in Akiu? Other than all the amazing hot springs, if you a fan of Whisky, there’s the famous Nikka Distillery nearby.


2. Tsutanuma Pond

I was trying to find a nice image for this, but apparently Tsutanuma Pond is so poster-worthy that half the results in Google are stock photos you have to pay for. So here’s one that doesn’t have a mark on it.

Can you even? @.@

Tsutanuma is in Aomori. How can all the trees be so cooperative as to light themselves in burning red flames all together, in such unison?

In summer it is just equally breathtaking, although it gives a completely different feel.

Which one do you prefer?



3. Mt Zao 蔵王

Zao is on the border of Yamagata and Miyagi Prefectures. Zao in Yamagata prefecture is famous for skiing and snowboarding, but during autumn season you will also get to enjoy one of the most beautiful multi-colored fall sceneries.

On the other side, the Zao in Miyagi Prefecture is also pretty popular. Have you heard of the fox village?

Yes. It is real.

And they will all come up to you like this.


Yesssss. Hug meeee.


That’s just part of Tohoku for you. Continue to discover the wonders of Tohoku. Head over to Taste of Tohoku for more information. It is available in both English and Italian.








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Okayama Fruit Fair

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Japanese fruits need no introduction. How can one not be attracted to those perfectly shaped strawberries that are absolutely flawless and so luxurious in size and mesmerizing in colors?

Other than their internationally-famous ichigo, do you know that Japan also produces world class peaches and grapes?


And Okayama, a prefecture in Chugoku, Japan, also dubbed the “Kingdom of Fruits”, is the birth place of some of the finest fruits in Japan including White Peach, since Okayama is already well known as the home town of Momotaro, the Japanese folktale that many of you have heard of.

And now Okayama is having a fruits fair in KL!

I was invited to sample Okayama’s dessert fair at Kurata Japanese Fine Dining restaurant at ParkRoyal Hotel. I am forever thankful to always be included in all these made-in-Japan awesomeness T____T.

KY and fiance (who requested me to Moon her) were on the same table!


And here’s the dessert menu:

Will come to that later. Get ready your handkerchief to wipe drools hahaha.

Before desserts were served, we had a glorious Japanese course dinner.

And then… the Okayama fruits were introduced. Save the best for last!!

Shine Muscat are seedless grapes that you can eat without peeling. It has a high sugar content of level 20 and a low acidity which gives the impression of a very sweet grape.

Other fruits available are the white peach and New Pione.

The white peaches are grown with extra care, each fruit is covered with a small bag to protect the delicate soft white skin to ripen it to perfection. How much love do all these farmers shower into their fruit babies? T__T

This is the assorted fruit plate which includes all 3 kinds of fruits.

Shine Muscat, White Peach and New Pione, upclose.

New Pione, also called the black pearl, is the dark-colored grape that is so so aromatic and rich in flavor that you feel like you are eating solid wine lol. That was my favorite among all.

Pione used to contain seeds, but the Okayama fruit producers have discovered the seedless technique and now the Pione are mostly seedless, and they call it the New Pione.

Peach and Tofu Parfait. Very mild and delicate in taste. If you are one of those who doesn’t like your dessert too sweet, this would be quite ideal.

White peach roll cake in vanilla sauce. So soft, soooo fluffy , with a mellow real fresh peach filling that spells luxury. T___T

Sesame shortbread with assorted fruit topping. I would love these as snacks while typing this blog post XD

Finally, macarons with real fruit fillings!

Look at the colors T___T. It’s my favorite soft pink and mint green combination!!!


More about Okayama fruits, you can visit this website for all the information on Okayama fruits.

If you are interested to try out some of the finest fruits in Japan, head to Kurata Japanese Restaurant in the month of August to enjoy the special Okayama fruit dessert menu, or if you prefer to savor it at the convenience of your own home, head over to ISETAN KLCC to choose your favorite Okayama sweet delicacy!