Epachi – The Mama & Baby bag

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If you are a mother who is always on the go (and like to stay a little fashionable), this post might be useful for you!

So! We all mothers know the outing with kids drill. Big bags, small bags. Separate bags. Diaper bags. Plastic bags. Water proof bags. Insulated bags. Kid’s backpack that ends up on your back. A hundred of things to pack, a huge bag that’s like a black hole that eats all your belongings. When you are digging for your keys, all you find is months-old cookie crumbs and used wet wipes. Yeap. That’s my life. Or ours. Depending if you are laughing at me or nodding in empathy now.

So today I am introducing Epachi, an elegant series of bags from Taiwan designed specially for parents and children.

I recommend the two most popular designs, the all-versatile backpack and the all-in tote bag:

I picked the chic camouflage black for the backpack for a casual look and classic quilted black for tote bag when I need to dress up more formally.

Both the bags are made of water-resistant fabric so you don’t need to worry about spilled milk/juice/pasta sauce… and I know it happens way too often. Also, the camouflage motif is weaved into the fabric instead of being printed on, so you don’t have to worry about it fading or getting patchy.

Epachi Tote

Super light and can fit everything in! It also comes with a shoulder strap so you just need to snap it on to wear it as a sling bag.

Epachi Backpack

This one is gonna be many’s favorite.

Oh? Something is missing… or hiding?

Yeap, I was carrying Sakura and completely hidden lol.

This is probably the best feature of the backpack – a detachable front pocket, which is super useful when you go traveling!

Simply unfasten the zipper and you have a separate pouch that you can bring for a quick trip down the combini or just a quick supper, without having to lug the entire bag out.

Tada! My new clutch!!

But ok la just pretend chic only. Realistically, which mother can carry clutch right? Unless someone watches your kids while you go dating with your husband.

(Speaking of which I never liked clutches to begin with, I will feel like omg so mafan because we as mothers already wish we have more arms like octopus, and a clutch takes away one of your arms?! And like, why do I have to carry you all the time? Who do you think you are? My babies?! Lu xiong kong lu dua liap ah?)

Buuut. Epachi is very practical. 不愧是 mama and baby de bag.

It comes with a shoulder strap for the pouch, so you just need to snap it on and you have a mini sling bag!

Other cool features include pockets on the back so you can put your valuables in there. I always get super paranoid when I travel to cities where pickpocketing is likely to happen, and this would solve the problem!

Also, a special insulated pocket to keep lunch for your little one warm!

Even the bottom has a separate compartment where you can store flat stuff like diapers/spare clothes!

It comes with lots of room with inner organizer to store all your stuff and your babies’ items.

Oh and did I mention months-old cookie crumbs at the bottom of the bag? Perhaps even stubborn pasta sauce stains?

No worries! You can easily take off the inner lining for cleaning!! @.@ How genius is that?

And as if that’s not enough, you can purchase optional extra inner lining to exchange @.@

Which has even more compartments…

No more black hole anymore.


By the way, for the tote bag, it comes with optional extra linings too!

You can interchange them as you like! ^^


Yeap. So that’s your awesome mama & baby bag for every day use.

Check out Epachi’s official website to purchase the bags:


And also their FB page for more info:



Oral care for baby and kids!

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So when Junya’s first teeth sprouted out, I was so excited like I just uncovered gems in a forgotten treasure box. But the danna was like, “buy baby toothpaste, now.”

And he was dead serious about it.

He had tooth decay at young age and had lots of his teeth replaced, so he doesn’t want his children grow up to have this regret to not have protected their precious teeth at all cost. Well of course, the responsibility is falls on me. I am the evil witch holding a toothbrush chasing after them.

A lot of people think that baby’s milk teeth eventually fall off anyway, why the need to take care of them?

The truth is that baby’s milk teeth are less densely mineralized than the enamel of permanent teeth, and the damage can go deep into the tooth and cause cavities.

Therefore it is very important to start oral hygiene as soon as baby’s first tooth emerges, and introduce your baby to a lifelong habit that will ensure great smiles for decades to come.

SensiTeeth is a range of toothpastes with different levels of fluoride and calcium to suit different ages.

It is EU tested for superior safety, and also free from Gluten–Parabens-Aromatics.

I had a hard time traning Junya to brush his teeth. I tried everything. Sing songs, play games, get him to watch teeth-brushing cartoons… the only thing I haven’t done was to bait him with candies. Well… for obvious reasons haha.

Anyway, 2 years after his first teeth emerges, he is now very cooperative with teeth-brushing, as long as I let him watch his favorite Nontan videos, and as long as the toothpaste is yummy lol.

Junya is very excited to try his new toothpaste while Sakura is… brushing her gums with her fingers XD.

SensiTeeth First Tooth Paste (First teething 6+months)

Sakura is 6 months old now, meaning that her first tooth can surprise us anytime now.

It is essential to protect the baby teeth as they play an extremely important role in the growth & development of every child. They also hold spaces for the growth of permanent teeth and impact on speech and mental development such as confidence and self-esteem. I know that because I had done braces twice in my life, just to achieve that dream perfect smile.

Since baby eats everything they put into their mouth, SensiTeeth First Tooth Paste is safe to swallow! Well… the paste of course, not the packaging, Sakura.

SensiTeeth Kids Tooth Paste (Fluoride 500 ppm and Calcium 3+years old)

Junya: This one! This is for me!!

By about three years old, a child should be able to spit out the toothpaste after brushing. It’s the time to introduce them the toothpaste with calcium-fluoride formulation, as fluoride helps to prevent and control tooth decay while calcium can help to grow stronger teeth!

Junya is using edible toothpaste now but soon he will be using the 500ppm for kids at 3 years old. It is specially designed for the youngest mouths to get them used to the taste of toothpaste. Comes in a pleasant raspberry flavor too!


Watch me, bae Sakua.


Yeap. Taste approved.

This is how you brush teeth, meimei. Soon you’re gonna have to learn!


There are toothpaste for older kids at 6+ of age too:

The SensiTeeth Kids Tooth Paste for 6+ and SensiTeeth Epismalto Tooth Paste comes with higher fluoride that is designed for children around the age of 6 as they will experience tooth transition period, therefore it is extra important to maintain a good habit brushing teeth diligently!

You only get one chance to have good and healthy permanent teeth, so toothpaste with higher fluoride can be used to prevent tooth decay as children around this age start to develop likings for sugary drinks and snacks!

There’s also the SensiTeeth Kids Mouthwash to provide an extra dose of cavity protection. Gargling with mouthwash reduces germs and plaque left behind after brushing.


SensiTeeth is now available exclusively in Guardian and selected independent pharmacies!

You can fill in a simple survey form in order to obtain FREE sampling from SensiTeeth !

Don’t forget to follow Sensiteeth on FB: www.facebook.com/SensiteethMY

Fuji Safari Park

Have you ever wished you can drive in the comfort of your own car and say hello to free-roaming wild animals in close proximity?

Fuji Safari Park lets you do just that.

I love the zoos and Junya even more so, so I try to bring him to see all the animals. Having been to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, it is quite hard to top them, but Fuji Safari exceeded my expectatation of a safari. As usual I thought we have to line up for the tickets, then go on a caged jeep and drive by to spot animals from far away.

But no. All we did was purchase the tickets (no queue), and drove our car right into the safari, from the beginning till the end. You can have your own rave party in the car if you want.

We had such a great, great time.

It is day time so all the animals are as close and real as they get. Sometimes we even have to stop our car to give way to animals crossing the road.

You still can choose to sit in the safari jeep, and the benefit of that is that you get to feed the wild animals (lions?!) so they come right next to you. The downside is that you will be covered in a cage. So now you are the zoo animal lol.

When my Pokemons were still alive. The virtual and the real… is confusing this world. What power will Nidoran use?

Tiger thinks he found a fatty yummy prey.

Come sit on my shoulder.

Ok enough of Pokemon liao. Later you all laugh at me. This was a couple of months ago when I was still trying to catch em all XD.



is this a…?

Oh deer. I goat it wrong again.


This is getting irrelephant.

And rhino you are getting bored of this.

But just bear with me for this last one, and I’ll paws right here.

Al-doe it’s still very tempting…

Cuz I am really fawn of all these cheesy puns.

Ok no more.

Anyway I love the the environment. It was like suddenly I was in the middle of a savannah. Then a fairy-tale like forrest…

There’s also a petting zoo!

Baby JunJun in a pocket.

The bunny house.

Where you get to feed, touch bunnies of your choice. There’s also a feline and canine house. All with a separate entrance fee.

You guys smell good. Wallaby my friend?

We all want different things in life.

A family portrait. Three babies, one stoic bear.

For lunch/dinner we drove to a nearby sushi shop Numazu Uogashi, it is under the same group as the one I raved about earlier in Gotemba.

And it is just as good, if not better. Minus the crowd!!

With Eve and family.

Uni was on everyone’s list.

Hamaguri was to fix my craving.

Specialty of the day.


Eve’s crab miso soup.

Inverted tamago sushi.

Maguro 3 types.

Ika, Takowasabi and tako.

Aburi Engawa, our favorite of all time.

I usually don’t like the non-aburi Engawa because if its chewy texture, but this one was so surprisingly good!!! It is rubbery but the more you chew the more it melts in your mouth and gives a buttery aroma… so goood!

Ok that’s all!! It’s 00:51 so the ending will be a crappy one.

Happy that we had a new adventure. Super worth it, recommend it for everyone who loves animals!

Nagasaki 2016

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Photo post on Nagasaki, October 2016.

This is Sakura’s first time going to Nagasaki to visit jiji! Junya’s first time is here.

Breakfast at Haneda airport, at a curry shop called Cuud. Mine was tomato curry, very yummy!


Arrived at Nagasaki and we went straight for lunch!

A super popular Chinese restaurant, where Champon was born, apparently. Champon the noodle, not the Shiba. The Shiba was born in Tokyo 😛

Authentic Champon!!

My mini Champon and gyoza.

Sweet and sour pork, the Japanese version of Ku Lou Yok.

We then drove to Jiji’s place in the city.

The Malaya is still around! The only Malaysian restaurant in Nagasaki, opened by a Malaysian! It must be quite yummy to survive this long! Haha.

Arrived at Jiji’s house. This is where the danna grew up from, and a view he saw every day. Elementary school he went to. Before he found out that his senpai becomes national superstar named Fukuyama Masaharu.

Sakura and Junya’s only cousin Ryoke!

This was just last year!!! Both have grown up so much!!!

Sakura was gonna cry and everyone panicked lol.

Jiji with his first and only grand daughter <3

Went to danna’s favorite place for dinner at night! It’s called Kaniya. Brings back so many memories. I remember we came here for dinner on the first night after we got married. It was Christmas eve. After dinner we went to a bakery nearby and bought Xmas cake.

Gyu suji (beef tendon).

Hitokuchi gyoza (bite-size dumpling).

Yaki Mentaikoooooooo

Seared on the outside and creamy on the inside

Simple onigiri. Shiosaba is the yummiest!!!


The ryokan we stayed in is called Nagasaki Baishokaku. It was rather pricey but that was the only hotel we could find, the entire Nagasaki was fully booked coincidentally due to the Silver Week, and where the biggest festival took place. It was also the place we stayed in the night before our actual wedding.

I still remember feeling quite nervous that night!

Now there are four of us!! <3



The view <3

Sunset view <3


Papa goes to ofuro with son.

And mama with baby. A baby cot at the bathhouse!! How thoughtful is that!! <3

Probably the only selfie I’ve taken the entire trip haha.

Most of the time I snap photos like these 😛

Some like these…

Good morning!

yeap yeap somebody’s awaken!

Snack 😛

So! October 8-10, the 3 days we were there were also the Nagasaki Kunchi Festival.

Interestingly, the most famous performance at Kunchi festival is the dragon dance, which all of you would be familiar with, if you are Chinese! Yes, it’s the dong dong chiang dragon dance during CNY!

Kunchi miniature display!

Guess these are the trading ships from China in ancient time?

We were really lucky to catch a glimpse of the annual matsuri!

Parade of people in… traditional Chinese costumes.

With any matsuri (festival), there are also the demise. Demise as in de-mi-se, not the… erm departure from life. Demise are temporary pop-up stalls on the streets, usually selling snacks, lucky draws, traditional games, etc!

First thing we bought was the umegae mochi! A specialty from Dazaifu, Fukuoka prefecture.

With a napping JunJun.

After that went for chirinchirin (ice cream)!

Junya sharing melty ice cream with papa.

Strolling along the de-mi-se.

Ball-fishing game!

Junya only fished one ball but the kind ojisan gave him a whole bag anyway.

Shateki with papa.

Night time we had family dinner. With Jiji, uncle, Ryoke, papa.

Shabu shabu!!!!!

And… good night. Of course mama is always the last one awake taking stealth picture like this. 😛

Fairer skin under the sun with Nivea Extra White SPF30

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I vehemently dislike doing anything that needs me to be under the hot sun for a long time since I was a little girl. Firstly because I don’t fancy the sticky wet feeling of sweat trapped in your clothes, secondly I am naturally quite tanned and I don’t want any further sun damage to my skin.

Buuuuut after having kids, I realized that I did have to change my rather indoor lifestyle, because after all I would like them to be in touch with nature, and have some fun in the sun. In fact I want them to grow up to love sports and be more active outdoors. I can’t be so selfish that just because I don’t enjoy it I deprive my family of the joy.

Plus the danna loves surfing to bits so… I have been going out a lot these days! ^^

To the zoos and insectariums, which requires you to walk a looooong time under the sun.


To the parks so Junya can fly kites and run in wide, open space to his heart’s content.

And of course, lots and lots of shopping and walking when we travel to Japan.


Next year Junya would be going to school, and we have plans to move to a place near his school so I can walk to send him to school every day. It’s quite a walk so I have accepted the fact that I will have to face the sun every single day from now on.

Parasols and hats are now my best friends! 😀 But somehow I still managed to get tanned even hiding under the umbrellas, and I don’t like the sticky feeling of using a sunscreen.

It’s really important to protect my skin daily from exposure to harmful UV rays, and product that really helps is NIVEA Extra White SPF30 Body Lotion.

Ideally I would cover myself  in long sleeves and long pants, but that would make me look really silly under Malaysia and Singapore’s hot weather.

So for body parts that are exposed to the sun, give them abundant care for even skin tone!

This NIVEA Lotion comes with the highest SPF protection (SPF30) for protection, and is the highest SPF whitening lotion in the market.

Body lotion that has high SPF usually would have quite a heavy texture and leaves a sticky feel on your skin, and I thought… protection comes with a cost!

But when I pour NIVEA Extra White SPF30 on my palm, I could feel the texture resembling a nourishing body serum. It has a very refreshing scent that reminds me of a dewy morning in the garden!

Applying on the skin… It is so light and totally non-sticky.

You can massage it gently with circular motions all over your body before an outing. The spread is really well too, just a few light motions and your skin is all covered!

And the good thing is that it leaves none of those greyish white chalky tone to your skin (that makes you look like a zombie haha). Skin remains protected and moisturized!


Now I feel protected under the sun with NIVEA Extra White SPF30. It also comes with 50X Vitamin C to repair dull and uneven skin tone.

So if you are looking for an effective body whitening product with SPF for daily use just like me, this might be just right for you!

The retail price for the 100ml bottle is only RM10.80! 200ml is selling at RM18.90 and 350ml at RM25.30.

If you want to nourish and protect skin from harsh environment for fairer, radiant and brighter-looking skin, you can try another new lotion from NIVEA, the Nutri White Body Lotion that provides skin nutrients with its Nutri-White 10 Formula.

Find out more from NIVEA’s Facebook page:



29 Months VS 6 Months

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Junya turns 2 years 5 month old today, and Sakura is 6 months old now.

Here’s the regular monthly update!

For Junya

(Still like a baby XD)

(Also read Junya’s  1st month , 2nd month , 3rd month , 4th month , 5th month , 6th month , 7th month 8th month, 9th month , 10th month , 11th month , 12th month , 13th month , 14th month 15th month , 16th month , 17th month , 18th months , 19th month , 20th month ,21st month , 22nd month , 23rd month 24th month , 25th month , 26th month , 27th month and 28th month here.)


Bae Sakua Cry

Well for those having kids of very small age-gap, here’s the good news:

The jelaousy will eventually come to an end. Or at least pause. Until they are able to fight with each other lolol.

Whenever Sakura cries now, instead of “mama cannot hug bae Sakua“, he is now “Bae Sakua cry!!” and will sprint into the room to beat me to be the first to go pat on her back.

Can sleep together.

Read together.


Mad Scientist

In the making.

He peels garlic cloves to put in a bottle, pours out Sakura’s baby dashi powder on his toy kitchen, makes explosives with vinegar…

So… that’s how you make milk shake right?

(Blender milk, that’s what he calls it.)


Puzzle Geek

I have never thought of giving him puzzles to solve simply because… I wasn’t a fan. I was the Polly Pocket, Little Pet Shop, Sylvanian Families girl. So I bought my son Tomica, play-pretend kitchen set, Sylvanian Families that I couldn’t have as a little girl.

But on his 2nd birthday he received his first puzzle (literally “My First Puzzle”) as a present from my friend Eve, which is a box set consists of puzzles from 2-piece to 8-piece. We didn’t even try to play until 2 months ago.

The first time he finished an 8-piece all by himself I thought it was a goddamn feat. So I started looking for similar easy puzzles for him to solve but I couldn’t manage to find anything like that in Malaysia/Singapore. When we went to Japan, I got him 20 piece puzzles of Anpanman and vehicles, those were the easiest available. At first he struggled but after every first success, it’s like somehow he unlocks a mystery and he could do it with ease.

The highest so far he has done is 75-pieces of Thomas & Friends. See that pile of laundry? That’s how I buy time to do some housework XD.

World map only ma. 


Because. Why?

So lately he has learnt the word because.

“I want to cut hair because long.”

“Mama help (tear this sticker) because sticky!”

“Mama hug because slippery!!!” (the bathroom floor)

And the whys have started. In a very mild way. For now.

“Why cannot open?”

“Why don’t have sound?”


JunJun says

Other things he says:

Mama: You want udon, beehoon or rice?
Junya: Or Yakult.

“Un.” (With a nod, the Japanese way of saying “yes/okay”)

“Ha~~~~~~~i.” (The Japanese way of saying “Understood/Alright.”)


For Sakura

Sakura turns 6 months old! In Japan they celebrate it as the “half birthday”!!

Read Sakura’s 1st month, 2nd month , 3rd month , 4th month and 5th month here.

Hair loss



She already has quite little hair and at 5 months she was dropping hair like crazy. The bed was fully of her tiny little strands of hair. Luckily it sort of stopped about a 2 week ago.

Roll Over

Junya could flip from back to tummy by the end of 3 months, but Sakura really took it easy, and only learnt how to do it at 5 and a half months. XD


All Smiles

She is all smiles now! T____T. Haha teary emoji because I was so worried for a long time. Was she unhappy? Did she not understand joy? Why does she have so little expressions? Was there something wrong with her?

But she makes me very very happy now. Every day. ^^

Finally can wefie…

A lot haha.


All Sweat

Seriously, why is my baby WHY ARE MY BABIES SO SWEATY!?

Both Junya and Sakura are massive sweaters. Huh sorry I just realized that sounds wrong. But yea, in full-blast aircon room, she still sweats like I just put her in a sauna next to a fire place.

Sometimes I find a big wet patch on the bed and many times it was a not sure if diaper leak or sweat situation. It’s so crazy.


This month I wasn’t as busy so I thought it is a good time to start her on solids. (Junya only started when he was almost 7 months old).

First human food that isn’t boob haha.

Yes yes yes keep it comin!


First Date

Sakura’s first date, with Shungo kun. ^^


For Mama

Hair loss


I was at the salon a few months ago and I was boasting how I never lost any hair post-pregnancy. Then karma BOOM last month I was dropping hair like crazy until I have to magiclean the floor allll the time.

I wonder if I’m like hormonally connected to Sakura?! Why are the both of us dropping hair at the same time?! Why is 做女人 so hard ?!?


Weight loss

Hair is not the only thing I lost.

Is really not I want to haolian but… do you know any mother who wishes she would put on weight post-pregnancy?!

I am eating, if you don’t believe. I’m not on a weird diet or anything like that. My diet is called “motherhood” lol. But it is so crazy that I am starting to worry if I am sick or something.



First family trip… outside Malaysia. And Singapore. And Japan.

Those don’t count because those are all homes. Haha. I very greedy hor?

So we had a day-trip to Bangkok. Junya’s second time and Sakura’s first time.

Went to Erawan to pray because I did go there when I was pregnant with Sakura and I wished for a smooth delivery. We were back to give thanks.

Thank you all the gods for this baby, this family. <3


Piggyback Baby

So I learn this from my Japanese mama friend.

I have 3 baby carriers and I know that there are many styles you could carry a baby (sling/side/front/back…) I just never bothered because I love to have my baby close to me.

But carrying your baby on the front also means that you can’t really cook/mop floor/air laundry/eat piping hot ramen. The most heartbreaking thing is when your elder child asks for a hug you will have to say “sorry not now.” T_____T

But now you can do everything.

*plays Pokemom level up animation*

Erm when you still cannot do everything you can always put your babies on Nontan on guided access XD. God bless this iPhone function.


Zombie Sandwich

I don’t even remember how many times I mentioned sleeping like a Chinese zombie ever since I had Junya.

Now I am a sandwiched zombie.

Every. single. morning.



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