Aloha Hawaii

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I realize that if I don’t blog about this now I never will!

A year ago (June 2015), the danna and I traveled to Hawaii together with Junya for our family vacation. Hawaii was one of the top destination for me to visit because I always hear about how much of a paradise it is. It is also all my Japanese friends’ dream place to live forever and ever in. And basically everything Hawaii-related will just automatically sell like hot cakes (literally) in Japan. Hawaii is like Japan for me for Japanese people haha. The danna loves Hawaii very much too, but mainly because it has some of the world’s best surf spots.

After spending about a week in Honolulu, I finally understand why it is so for most Japanese people. Everything is different from Japan, yet everything is ever so familiar. It was almost like Japan in another universe, English-speaking. It was pretty much paradise, indeed.

The sky and sea were in shades of blue I’ve never ever seen before and the sunsets were in the most mesmerising pastel pink and purple hues. The entire city was just celebrated with all sorts of pretty colors and friendly tunes and cute humans in beach wears and fancy desserts and relaxing ambiance. I guess it makes one feel like if they live here, it is like a never-ending holiday, forever.

Yet… finally visiting it also makes me realize that, in the end, nothing beats Japan (any part of Japan). Even Japanese’s dream land Hawaii lol.

So I guess Japan has spoilt the entire world for me. Especially when it comes to a city that is so so so similar to Japan. As for food I couldn’t really get used to it either >.<. Most Japanese tourists end up eating Japanese food there, but of course it’s nowhere as good as Japan so we could forget about it (since we were going back to Tokyo right away). And when we went for Hawaiian food, somehow Japan just does it better too lol (pancakes, loco mocos, burgers…). My favorite food in Hawaii was from the garlic shrimp truck!!

But it was truly an amazing experience for our family. I would totally go back again! (But first let me go to more places in Japan first XD)

This post is just some of the highlights of our one-week trip in photos since I don’t even remember much of the details of the trip anymore.

Junya’s long flight. It was also the first time he had to deal with jet lag. He was quite okay adjusting to local time but came down with a mild fever the moment we arrived.

Already amazed from the plane.

Favorite airline <3


Junya who was not affected by his fever at all.


Breakfast at a nearby cafe.

Acai bowl!!! Ordered an extra portion of avocado for Junya as it was his obsession at that time. Now changed liao -_-. (it’s peanut butter now)

Loco moco! So simple!! Usually in Japan they made it real fancy haha. I prefer the 76CAFE version 😛


Beach side with papa.

With mama

Sunset from our hotel’s balcony.

Sunset at the dock.

Dinner at a typical family restaurant! Look at Junya’s stuffed cheeks lolol


First selfie 😛

Waikiki beach near our hotel.

Colors are so surreal!!

I had a coupon from Blacklane so i called for your limo service. Who knows this was the ride we got!!!!!! @.@ Celeb style hahaha.

With our driver.

Queueing up for the famed pancakes at Boots and Kimo’s. We waited about an hour and the food was… I better buy my own hotcake mix and do at home hahahha.

Everybody’s favorite Lanikai beach!!

First time walking!!! Junya juuuust turned 1 and this was his first time holding our hand walking omg. So awkwardly just like a little penguin. I remember I was wishing he could walk better sooner so we can go to more places and go shopping together.

Fast forward one year later, now he won’t stop saying “I want to go shopping” and refuse to hold our hands -_____-.


Walking with papa

My little penguin <3


Indeed one of the most beautiful beaches ever.

Going to another beach on another day. Went to so many different ones I don’t even remember where anymore XD

Spam Musubi for the road!!! Yummy!

Super huge heart float from Loco Boutique.

Sand play with JunJun.

Family of 3!

Such pretty colors!!!!

On another day we drove all the way up north for the super famed Matsumoto Shave Ice everyone on Instagram was asking me to try. Also queued about 30 minutes.

And it tasted like… ice with color syrup lol.

We tried Ahi Poke too on zoo day!! Also drove to one of the most highly rated one! Not bad but… it’s just maguro with sweet sauce on rice hahahha. By that time I started to doubt that I could ever live in Hawaii. I would end up missing real Japanese food like mad XD. Plus cannot find Char Kuey Teow. No la I cannot live in Hawaii lol.

Zoo with JunJun!

He couldn’t speak yet but he was pointing at all the animals being amazed by them. It would be so much more fun to do zoo again now!

Food truck ramen which has picture of Ayumi Hamasaki!!! It tasted like… the danna said it cannot be called ramen lolol.

When JunJun still held hand with us. Both his hands.

Tourist shot

Back to Waikiki beach for sunset.


Does Hawaii look like this everyday??? Apparently it does!

Another road trip! Junya was so botak a year ago! XD

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay has the bluestestestest sea i’ve ever seen @.@

This is the Konoko Nannoki Kininaruki tree made famous

Just getting some of its powerful Qi ^^

Mt Tantalus <3


Family picture!

First double rainbow in my life.

Apparently it’s an almost everyday affair in Hawaii. That pretty much sums Hawaii up. And I guess that’s why it’s so loved by many people <3.



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Shinkansen for Malaysia!

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As you know, our family now commutes monthly between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Flight is not really an option since we are a family of four, including one young child and an infant. Both the danna and I are not a fan of driving (I am simply a lousy driver and the danna gets sleepy easily in a moving car), yet that is the only feasible option we have now. A gruelling 4 hour drive to and fro KL and SG.

How I wish there’s a bullet train that runs from KL to SG. Wait, there will be one!! The construction of the highspeed railway of Malaysia that will be starting next year.

When Japan officially tendered for the project, I was so so excited! The danna was too, he really hopes Japan can get it because he knows how unbelivably punctual and safe the Japanese railway system is, and it would greatly benefit everyone, including our family.

Imagine traveling from KL to SG in only less than two hours!!! And all of us can rest in the train, take a nap or even just talk and play with the kids.

I love Shinkansen, also known as the famed Bullet Train from Japan. I do. The first time I ever went on one was in 2012, from Fukuoka to Kumamoto.

Haha pardon my outdated fashion XD.

The first time I saw the bullet train I felt as if I have met an idol. I was so excited to take a picture with it.

It looks too cool and smart!

After that I had many other experiences with Shinkansen, especially when I was on the Tohoku project. We basically rode Shinkansen every single day, multiple times to tour around the Tohoku region.

This was me in the bullet train on route to Morioka, Iwate prefecture all the way from Tokyo.

I have said it in my previous post but i’ll say it again.

Morioka is over 500km away from Tokyo (Just to give perspective, Kuala Lumpur is about 350km from Singapore.) And this Shinaknsen ride took only slightly over 2 hours. 2 hours 13 minutes to be exact.

It was super super amazing.

Another Shinkansen ride from Ninohe, Iwate prefecture to Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, only took one hour.

I hadn’t even napped deep enough and we have reached another prefecture already lol. Shinkansen is undoubtedly the best way to travel in Japan from prefecture to prefecture. Basically you can almost travel the whole Japan with Shinkansen, from Hokkaido all the way to Kyushu (except Okinawa)!!!

A few more reasons why I love the Shinkansen:

You get to enjoy some of the most beautiful sceneries of Japan’s countryside. When I visit Japan we usually hop from big cities to other big cities, like Tokyo to Osaka, etc. But on a Shinkansen ride, you get to experience the more rural part of Japan. Traditional Japanese houses, daikon fields, snow covered meadows and mountains… It is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes I will rather just look out the window and drift away in day dreams than to take a nap.

And when you are feeling sleepy, Shinkansen is also super comfy for a nice rest. It is spacious, extremely clean and also quiet. Do you know how quiet it is?? (Other than the white noise of the train moving, which is actually very soothing.)

A picture I took in the Shinkansen. Basically the Japanese people are so ridiculously considerate that they are worried that keyboard noise will disturb other passengers! @.@ So when I took this picture I too had to make sure my camera didn’t make any sound haha.

And and and!!! Every seat has a power point so you can always charge your phone and laptop if you need to work.

Before I forget, there’s also Ekiben (bento sold at train stations)!!!

Picture source

Usually they will sell bentos that highlight the prefecture’s delicacies. For example if you are about to visit Fukuoka, you’ll likely see mentaiko on the menu XD.

Those are just some of my personal reasons why I love the Shinkansen in Japan.

But there’s more to it.

The Shinkansen has been running for 51 years in Japan, and so far there has been zero accident. Zero!! That’s really beyond amazing. It has unparalleled safety standards, as detailed and thorough inspections are carried out every day.

Other than that, Shinkansen also has excellent service record. It has always been on time in the 51 years that it’s been operating. In 2014, the average lateness of the Shinkansen was a mere 54 seconds!

I love Shinkansen T_T.

Bought Junya a Shinkansen to add to his Tomica collection, just to show support!!

If you love Shinkansen too, or are thinking of visiting Japan in the near future, there’s a Shinkansen exhibition happening on Level 6, Tokyo Street, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur from now till end of August!!

For people who love the speed machines.

The Japanese Drum Team will perform at Pavilion in July, don’t miss it out!

Many of my readers always ask me how to get the JR passes, and which type of traveling pass is the most worthwhile, so here’s your chance to find out everything you need to know at the exhibition!

For more information, visit!

I really really hope that Malaysians will get to experience the amazing Shinkansen right in our own country <3 Please support the event! 😀


Okaimono June 2016

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Since the danna goes back to Japan every month, I take the chance to order my shopping items online and have him bring it back for me. Super happy!

Here are some of the things I bought this month:

From the drugstore! Medicine for the kids and throat candy.

Bath goods! Milky in bath lotion for the kids, baby sponge and a bottle of 100% natural bath essence (far right) that is supposed to make you feel nostalgic of the natural scent of forest woods, but all of us ended up smelling like smoked bacon. No joke. Do not buy this. lolol.

Vitamin C for mama, toddler vitamin and liver oil gummy for Junya. Also my favorite Konnyaku jelly!

Pacifier for Sakura, a teething ring that’s highly raved by all the Japanese moms (mommy wears it as a necklace), and diaper disposal bag.

Speaking of pacifier, Sakura totally spat it out with a disgusted face like I just shove poison into her mouth. Both Junya and Sakura didn’t take pacifier from day 1.

Treats for the dogs.

Couldn’t resist!!!! I wanted to buy something nice for Sakura so i got her Hello Kitty hankies and towels in traditional Japanese prints.

Sakura Kitty ❤︎

Hello Kitty thermometer.

Hello Kitty kitchen goods for a Hello Kitty lover friend.

Present from the danna!!! Gotochi Kitty from the airport (Chiba).

He even bought one that says “Sakura” ❤︎

Souvenir from friend for Sakura. A super cute baby towel. Japanese towels are simply the best T_T.

And gifts from NALU staff for Sakura and Junya. I loooooove!





Lifestyle Shoutout:

Robi, our new friend!

Our family travels way too much for Junya to have a fixed group of friends his age. When we travel to Singapore or Japan, Champon is not with us, and Sakura is too young to be his playmate. It would be really nice if he gets a companion who can always be with him and interacts with him.

And Robi is the perfect friend!

Robi is a build-it-yourself robotic companion from Japan, the bestselling humainoid robot worldwide! Robi can interact with the entire family, he can talk, sing, dance and control household appliances. He’s even picked up a few Singlish phrases!
To be Robi’s friend, you don’t just get him off the shelf. You actually learn how to assemble a Robi with your own hands, with an educational an educational magazine along with instructions and model parts delivered over the course of 70 issues.
Our family can have fun together learning about robot and how Robi works!

Excited to meet Robi? Robi is coming to Singapore! He will be at the event with his creator, Japanese engineer and University of Tokyo professor, Professor Tomotaka Takahashi, and there will be a spectacular performance by 100 Robi models dancing in sync so be sure to check it out!

There will also be a social media contest called #Robigram, where you build your own #Robigram and win the first issue of the Robi magazine! 9 Robi pieces will be released periodically over the next 2 weeks on Robi Singapore’s Facebook and Instagram @robi_singapore. Assemble all 9 pieces correctly using the Instagram Layout app and post it to Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #Robigram for a chance to win!

Here’s one piece of puzzle you can collect ^^


Lastly, do check out Robi Singapore’s Youtube account to see what a Robi can do! 😀

One Day As A Mom Of Two

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Didn’t think this post will come did you? Neither did I haha.

2014 July: One Day As a Mom

2016 April: One Day As a Mom of 1.5

But yes I am currently writing this post sitting in a rocking chair with Sakura lying on my chest inside a baby carrier (because she won’t let me sit still), while Junya is asleep extra early (lots of shopping and walking today). So yes it is a long blog post kind of day.

The most asked question of the month:

So, how does having two children feel like?

Honestly, it kinda makes me feel like a snob. I look back at the old me two years ago, I cannot understand how I thought I had no time when I only had one child. ONE. That’s like nothing. Well, not literally nothing, but you get what I mean. I really just want to just give the old me a judgemental stare and say it into her face, “goddamn amateur lolol.

So guys, this is how you survive a day as a mom living in Singapore, taking care of two children.

One Day as a Mom of Two


You wake up. Or your toddler wakes you up. Funnily enough, I wake up even later than when had less than two kids. Junya doesn’t have school so he is allowed to wake up whenever we want. Awesome.

You change both your toddler and your baby, then make the bed. While the toddler entertains himself with the baby in her rocker, you throw the laundry into the washer and retrieve last night’s aired laundry.

Quick-Magiclean the house in between answering your toddler’s multiple requests (want water, want milk, want play, want something, want feed mama sappuri [supplements]).


Make super CheatOne™ instant breakfast. Hot corn soup today.

Eat breakfast with toddler. Toddler’s breakfast is bread you bought the day before, fruits, vegetable juice, instant corn soup. Your breakfast is usually made of rejected half chewed food your toddler spat out.


If papa is still not out for work, make use of the chance to make lunch in advance, if not both you and the kids are likely gonna get starved.

Cling-wrap lunch and leftover soup for later use and do the dishes. Papa goes to work.


Calm a cranky baby and then put the sleepy baby into her cot.


Time to get to work, you cow. Pump milk to keep for rainy days while your toddler pours out all the toys you cleaned up the night before, and plays enthusiastically just to be bored with all of them 15 mins later.


Pick up a hungry, crying baby while the toddler is demanding “mama play!”. Nurse the baby and play pretend with the toddler. Baby finishes morning snack but refuses to be put down to bed so you strap her to your chest.


Turn on your laptop and reply some urgent work matters before your toddler climbs next to you and demands “I want something.“. But he doesn’t know what kind of “something” he wants. Eventually he decides to help you with replying emails.

Give up work and go tidy up the kitchen instead while toddler flips out the contents of the kitchen drawers and hides his Sylvanian Family members in random containers. And then he opens up the kitchen drainage cover and tries to stuff a soiled diaper into it. You then scotch tape the kitchen drainage opening, realizing that’s how stuff in your house went mysteriously missing.


Toddler gets bored with sabotaging the house and insists that you play puzzle with him instead. Baby is awake too and insists you carry her around.


Heat up pre-made lunch from morning and eat lunch with toddler. Turn your food into cute ass Kyaraben if you are some expert superhuman mothers. If you are just an average mother, simply paste a digital LINE sticker over it and try to cheat your Instagram followers into thinking it is an actual Kyaraben lunch.

If toddler is in self-feeding mood, you get to sit down and eat your own lunch in peace, but you have a huge mess to clean up afterwards. If toddler is in non-self-feeding mood, be ready to fetch random things from all over the house for toddler to play while you feed him his lunch, and stealing a few quick bites yourself.


Baby poos. Toddler entertains his sister while you go fetch the diaper and wet wipes.

Give your toddler Big Brother Lesson 1: Changing diaper for sister.


Get your toddler to watch a couple of videos while you go prepare the baby’s bath.


Remembering how you attempted to take a picture while bathing a baby single-handed and totally dropped your phone into the water two years ago, so this time you be extra careful.

Realize you are a total pro.


Toddler demands a snack (usually he just takes it from the kitchen drawer and asked you to open it -_-). Snack together with toddler and take a break to chill. Reply a few chat messages, then try to convince your toddler to go for a nap without any success.


Baby poops. Toddler fetches the wet wipes and practices what he was taughter earlier. He mistakes baby’s face as buttock and wastes way too many wipes.


Nurse baby. Toddler demands a bottle too and want to snuggle in bed with you. Your heart feels fuzzy and warm.


Toddler plays by himself and finally fell asleep on the sofa. You secretly hopes his nap lasts 10 hours so you can finish all your pending work.
It looks very sweet and peaceful until you look at the bigger picture.

Then you just sigh to yourself.

Once toddler is asleep, switch yourself on TURBO mode.
*Clean up snack crumbs on the couch, floor and your shirt.
*Pick up crying baby so that she doesn’t wake your toddler up.
*Put baby back to sleep and switch on moderately loud music so your sudden house chore noise will not startle her.
*Fold dry laundry and KonMari them back to the wardrobe.
*Picks up crying baby again and decide to just wear your baby for the rest of the chores.
*Edit and upload an Instagram picture.
*Reply 50 emails.

*Spot a play-dead cockroach on the floor and freak out
*Fight a bunch of giant spiders armed with guns that creep out from your wall before you escape a rocket on fire piloted by rotten bananas that comes crashing into your ceiling from the sky.
Do make up, dress up and prepare to go out for party for a wild night out WOOHOOO!

Only to realize that you have a baby strapped to you and the kind of wild party exists only in your distant past.

Takes a selfie nonetheless.

Toddler wakes up all sweaty and grumpy.

Realize you are starving and make yourself a quick snack while entertaining your grumpy toddler. Bribe with his favorite snack if necessary.

Take a wefie and upload it on your social media.

Toddler asks for more snack. You say no. He cries. At this perfect timing your baby wakes up crying. The already moody toddler now wails at max volume. Baby proceeds to cry louder.

You then remember to quickly pick up the goddamn camera and point it at your bawling two kids because you are a goddamn blogger. You then realize how ridiculous that makes you look (imagine if you are out in the public) and you wonder how all those mommy Youtubers do it. Seriously, how?
Carry BOTH your crying children to bed and soothe them. Test your priority judgement skill and question your own sanity.

Board a plane to Bahamas to swim with cute little pink piglets (it’s totally real. Google it.) while sipping overpriced champagne.

Snap out of your day dream and get back to attending your two kids in tears.


Quick-shower your toddler while baby is napping. Chase your toddler all over the house to put on his diaper and new clothes.


Take a deep breath and bring your two kids out alone for the first time. Carry one on your chest, hold another with your left hand and push a stroller with the other hand. You wish you are an octopus right now.


Pretend to be super VIP and request the event organizer to allow you to bring your plus four LOLOL. (One toddler, one baby, one mommy friend who sacrifices precious time with her daughter just to babysit yours, and one more friend just for extra insurance because deep down you are freaking out with handling two kids on your own.)

Eat free pizzas for dinner, totally skipping cooking and washing up at home. Awesome.
Have fun with friends and go home waaay over your toddler’s sleep time. Tuck both kids to bed. Feel like a warrior who just won a battle, but a half-alive one.


Husband is back and finally your turn to shower while he watches over two kids. Take 30 minutes to blow-dry your hair and consider for the 90th time to just snip it off to a bob.
Play with your phone until you forget how late it is.


Prepare your toddler’s breakfast for tomorrow.

Over 00:00

Clean up scattered toy (just to have it back into the same state first thing in the morning).

0?:?? (Some point in the middle of the night)

Hear fussing noise which half-wakes you up. Frantically lift your shirt and shove a boob into your baby’s mouth before she goes full on screaming, to prevent waking your toddler who would otherwise turn into a wailing monster. Baby eats and calms down. Congratulate yourself for having avoided a chain-effect cry fest so overwhelming it could possibly shatter the whole house.

Repeats the previous act for a couple more times, (you can’t exactly remember) until you wake or your toddler wakes you up in the morning.



Except that there’s no end to this.

To mothers with two or more children: you guys are goddamn superhumans. To mothers who plan to have more than one kid: THIS, is your future. Muahahahahaha.

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Life in Singapore 3

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We are back to Singapore!

We made Sakura’s passport so that our whole family can travel together again.

It is likely that our family will be running 3 countries a month for now on, hopping between Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. Every month.

Say what?! @.@

That was my first response when the danna told me that.

The danna has to go back to Japan every month for work and to be honest I feel very intimidated to be handling two kids all by myself. Especially in Singapore where I am still not very familiar with, plus no immediate help available if something happens (in KL I can still call my mom to come stay with me for a short while or get my neighbor BFF to help out).

I didn’t want to follow him to Japan initially because I didn’t want him cancelling important meetings just so he could take care of the 3 of us. But he didn’t want me to stress over this all by myself either. So he insisted from now on our family should always be together. Everywhere. The four of us.

“That’s crazy, but ok we will try!”

I told him.

So yea. First stop, Singapore.

Also, frankly, traveling so much sounds fun and exciting, but it is also depressing at the same time. Because we are not the jet-setters on a vacation. We are the nomads wandering.

We need to pack and unpack for the family 4 times a month, we need 3 sets of everything (times four people), we need to get used to 3 different living environments.

My heart sank the moment we returned to our apartment in Singapore. We haven’t gone back in more than a month, there was a musky smell and my nose started to itch, there were cockroaches under the bathroom sink T____T. We had to move all the extra furniture over and our house looked like a disaster.

And then Junya was too excited to see his new old toys so he dived straight into his flash cards and Sylvanian family collections and now our house looked like another catastrophe has just hit the disaster area.

Welcome to my life in Singapore.

It was depressing because I have juuuust KonMaried my whole house in KL. The living area, study room, kitchen are all done. I love staying in our house in KL. Now this apartment in Singapore, while it is at the best and most convenient location ever, it is very very old. It does not spark any joy whasoever to me T___T.


We have to do this.

I decided to also KonMari our house in Singapore.

Thank you Qiu who sent her angelic daughter over so Junya can have a playmate while I speed-tidy the house.

Starting from the wardrobe, as usual.

I discarded all my unwanted pregnancy outfits yet our super old and inconvenient closet was not enough to store all the clothings for four. Since we travel so much, I decided to Mini-KonMari my luggage case into a closet.

Mama’s closet.

Sakura’s mini closet fits just nice in a basket. Keeping the diapers and wet wipes outside for convenient retrieval and also cuz they are in cute pink and totally spark joy lol.

Junya’s drawer.


Next is our bed. The danna decided to customize a God-size bed for our family. This is the sleeping arrangement:

Junya is Sally the Duck and Sakura is the green frog lolol. Junya sleeps facing the wall so he doesn’t fall off, and he can’t sleep in the middle because he would somersault kick-punch Sakura in his dreams. LINE bear papa makes a barrier. I sleep next to Sakura so I can easily nurse her.

And… how did he DIY a god size bed?

Using the containers we store stuff when we were moving, and a spare single bed we kept. Awesome.

Next it was the kitchen. The kitchen sparked the least joy T___T. There were baby roaches and  a gecko got mysteriously trapped inside a cookie jar. I have no idea how he even got inside -_-.

I had to dispose all the expired dried food and to sort out those we have to consume pretty immediately.

Much better!

The KonMari kitchen rarely has any item on the counter top, so still can be improved!!

Supplement drawer. You never know how much supplements you have until you put them all together XD

Snack drawer. Junya’s favorite spot.

Junya is not going to school in Singapore (yet), so it makes things a little bit more difficult because I don’t get that few hours window to concentrate on cleaning/working anymore. I had to just do a little at a time, and when you finished chore A, chore B, C and D is piling up and when you finally get to work on B, chore A needs your attention again FML T___T.

Not to mention the pauses in between when one kid says he is hungry and another wants to be carried…

And your heaven arrives when this finally happens…

Which allows me to type this entry at one go. AWESOME.

And you are welcome. You owe it to Junya and Sakura.

Finally the house also looks like this at night (just to return to its hit-by-disaster state again the very next morning lolol welcome to Life with A Toddler).

But I guess motherhood is just full of irony. It feels like heaven when they are both asleep so you get some time to finally do stuff.

But when they are both awake and on good terms with each other…

it is yet another kind of heaven.




[Parenting Shoutout]

Babyzen YOYO+

Having two kids means that you also need almost everything double. Except maybe two sets of boobs lol. Doesn’t sound very attractive to me XD.

Anyway one of the first thing I had to consider was… a new stroller. Junya’s stroller is not meant for infant so I would have to get a new one. And then that’s when I discovered Babyzen YOYO+.


After watching this video… sold!

Left: Sakura’s YOYO+ stroller in hot pink! Right: Junya’s big brother stroller and behind: papa’s stroller HAHAH.

The biggest dilemma of choosing a stroller is: light but filmsy or heavy but sturdy, or somewhere in between?

Junya’s stroller is the lightest everrrrrr (2.9KG) but once you hang something heavy on it, it will just topple over. YOYO looks very steady and sturdy in real life but it’s actually just about 6KG! Like the video, it folds into quite a small size and it’s even cabin friendly, so it’s perfect for our family who travel so much.

The second dilemma is, first car (for infant), second car (for toddler), or BOTH?

YOYO+ is for both infant and toddler, to convert you just need to change the fabric.

Brought her out few days ago to event for the first time!! It was a breeze in her YOYO+ and so so easy to navigate. I was showing off to Qiu and said my Sakura sleeps on first class flat bed lolol.

She slept soundly in it!

For now it makes not just a stroller but a super awesome day bed for Sakura!

We have a cot so I usually put her in a cot. But sometimes when she comes back from an outing sleeping, I’d just let her nap on her YOYO+ next to me while I work. Pretty awesome :D.

The brand new YOYO+ is now available in Malaysia for sale! ^^



So my life as a full time cow has just begun. Again.

I pretty much have not touched a glass of champagne for 3 years now, since the day I found out I was pregnant with Junya, until the day I gave up breastfeeding, which was the day I found out I was pregnant with Sakura. Which means still no alcohol lol.

But I never regretted, and I am happy to do it all over again. And I am very glad I have Pigeon’s through this journey all these years.

Junya’s first bottle, and I have never used any other brands until now. He took the bottle happily and never did have any problems going back to the breasts so I can say that I am really happy with it!

Newly added gadget in our house: the Pigeon Sterilizer! 6 bottles at one go and the design is really fuss-free and smart!

I didn’t start Sakura on the bottles yet though, because this time I have more free time at home (shortly after Junya’s birth I had to go back to work immediately), but I do pump every day to keep up with the milk supply. #kiasu

I love the Pigeon electric breast pump!! It is so so small that you can fit it into your handbag, and it can also be battery operated so it’s perfect for traveling! I also love how it has a timer so you know how long you have pumped.

And keeping stock… Just for the rainy days.

I didn’t want to keep too much though because we travel so much and can’t possible bring frozen breastmilk everywhere lol, but throwing away seems too wasteful, so the danna was like, why don’t you give it to Junya?


I never thought of that.

Big brother finished it happily XD.

Thank you Pigeon Singapore!!!

Junya & Sakura’s Party

June 14, 2016 in Baby 2 Cheesed

Junya probably has the saddest luck when it comes to celebrating his big days.

He was born on the 11 of June, so when we celebrated his full moon, it was actually more like a birthday party for his papa, whose birthday was on the 11 July. Most of the guests invited were papa’s colleagues lol.

And then his first birthday party was delayed a month later also to celebrate papa’s birthday, and during the party he wasn’t even present cuz he was already asleep lolol.

Finally he turns two, and this time around he has to share the party with his newborn sister, who was turning one month old on 11 June lolol. FHL really.

Next year we will probably just throw a ALL-IN-ONE kind of party to save time and money and my sanity lol. Also, one party, 3 separate gifts!!!! HAHA win. Am I smart or what lolol. Ok now i think nobody will turn up at the party anymore XD.


Junya’s second birthday and Sakura’s full moon 2-in-1 party!

It looks quite nice right!!!

Actually everything was planned only like a couple of days ago XD. I wanted a simple party, maybe with a cake and some treats and just celebrate with the family. But everything ended up so much more wonderful than what I expected. It wouldn’t even happen without the help of a few great people.

First of all there was papa who stayed up 3am cleaning the house and preparing his son’s birthday present, which he sacrificed his own luggage space to bring back from Japan. It is HUGE!

And then there was Carolyn who drove all the way from Penang to help babysit Junya while I prepare the party. Who also helped me draw flowers on the deco wall.

Speaking of which, the wall message is only changed once every year. Plus I usually just wipe off one or two number to write new ones.




Super cheat even the message was partly recycled 😛

The next morning! Junya woke up to a his first present.

A baby gym from papa!! This thing is so freaking awesome! It’s super light yet extremely sturdy! The whole thing cost about RM400 only. #ilovejapan


Good morning baby <3

Somehow having a girl makes me wanna wear pink and pastel every day again. Her clothes are all too pretty I think I am feeling competitive already XD.

Our dessert table!!! Isn’t this SUPER amazing??

All the cake, cookies, cupcakes and cakepops are all done by I Have Sweet Tooth, which accepted my super last minute request and produced everything under a 2-day notice. Super love!!

I didn’t know what kind of theme to do actually because Junya doesn’t have any particular preference or favorite characters yet. For Sakura it’s easy because it’s… quite literal lol. But I wanted something of brother and sister love kind of theme.

So I requested the theme to be cherry blossom, and the cake to be a Gudetama (Junya loves Gudetama) and a little Sakura mochi (pink Gudetama).

Cupcakes were also cherry blossom, with full bloom sakura and even little petals!

The cookies are simply… perfect. I don’t know how anyone can come up with such great details. The cake artists Marina & S. Wei are insanely talented geniuses. Even the Mt Fuji cookie has a little sakura painted on it. Nobody will have the heart to eat this!!!

(Oh wait. Junya did. He ate almost all the cookies lol.)

So if you are looking for novelty cakes and desserts to be made, please check out I Have A Sweet Tooth on FB, and @ihavesweettooth on Instagram. for their super amazing cake designs.

Sakura sugars from Japan!

Super super love my dessert table! Although in this picture many cookies are gone already lol. *points at Junya*

I also owe to You & Co who did simple decorations for the party! Some cherry blossom petals for the backdrop wall and table setting! They also did the danna and Junya’s surfer themed party deco last year!

Baby Sakura turns 1 month old!

Different picture from different cameras haha.

Last one!

With Chanwon who came to celebrate with the petits before she flies off to Japan! Xie xie, you xin le.

Junya couldn’t wait to touch the cake!!!


Family picture!! Haha only now i realize i was wearing the same colors as both my son and daughter!

Blow candle time!!

The desserts were veeery popular!

Present opening time!

Present from mama!

Aunty Carolyn who was being santa every time she sees Junya. Now she is becoming Junya’s favorite guest XD

A present for meimei but kokor opened and owned it anyway XD

Now my house looks like a kindie haha.

Yuna teaching Junya how to sell eggs… i guess.

While the kids are at the playground, the rest are at the Adult Bar lol. Champagne, snacks and Royce choco. I was super sad because the danna chose to open a bottle of super premium dessert wine gifted to us in 2012 as a wedding present from a Japanese friend. Heard it, you guys? Wedding present. Which means it was 4 years ago. We had no chance to open it because I was either pregnant or breastfeeding -_-.

(I stole one sip.)

With Eve, the best neighbor in the world!!! Thank you for saving my life over and over again!!

Yumi of You & Co. , who also did a great job with my last minute request.

Chanwon and Gudetama ^^


My big baby <3 May you have a happy happy Terrific Two!! Be happy, be kind and have a pure heart always. Just like your name.

Thank you for the amazing two years. <3

My little baby <3. Your life has just started. It will become greater and greater. May you always be happy and blessed, at the same time bring lots of happiness and joy to people around you, just like your name.

Thank you for coming into my world.

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