How Instagram Story Helps Me Lie

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I never quite got people who are addicted to Snapchat because I thought it was quite a rubbish app (either it really is or I’m getting too old for social media lol). First of all it is impossible to navigate and secondly, it is all made of snippets that’s not qualified to make it to an actual Instagram video. PLUS it gets deleted the very next day so what exactly is the point of it ah?

People who are popular on SC are probably super celebs, or really have a life so interesting that everyone doesn’t want to miss a single second following it. Unfortunately for me I’m stuck in between. My life is neither entertaining enough to be broadcasted every minute live to the whole world, nor boring enough for me to want to waste it away watching other people’s snaps. (To spend 2 minutes watching how an acquaintance turns into a dog and lick the screen from various different angles? No thanks. I rather change 15 diapers instead HAHAHA).

And then Instagram Story came. I was quite excited because finally I get to try this whole snappy chatty thing out without surrendering myself to downloading yet another social media app to get me busier.

And then I failed miserably. And here’s why:

1. There’s no way I can do one of those pretty selfie snaps BECAUSE YOU NEED TO KEEP PRESSING THE RECORD BUTTON. While holding phone vertically. All with one hand.

And both my hands are full. Almost always.

Just a very extreme example lol.

2. I need more time. Not a nice snap? Go over and record again until you get the perfect snap. Erm… Also, Junya may drop into the pool while I draw something cute or input some text after snapping him. (Not literally.)

3. My Instagram Story is for people who want to feel better about themselves. Cleaning up spilled juice again? Yeap. At least I get to visit the park to catch Goldeens.

So, I was reading a Japanese parenting book on how to be an “Anyhow Mother” (by the way their “anyhow” is totally not anyhow at all -_-. Expectation too different haha), and the author mentioned that one of the best things you can do for yourself in order not to stress about parenthood is not to compare your parenting life with those you follow on social media. Because social media is all for boasting. Friend posting family photo taken at Disneyland over the weekend while all you did was wiping spit-ups. Mommy friend cooked a great feast and you fed your toddler canned tuna. Other friends had fun dressed up at a party and you are stuck home wiping spit-ups… again.

But how true is that. Every single thing someone posts on social media is mostly for boasting their meaningful and happy life. You don’t really post about spilled juice do you? Let me scroll through my feed now. Ah. Coffee with coffee art at hipster cafe (I’m cool.). Bikini #ootd at the beach (check out my workout efforts and praise me now). Romantic dinner (my BF is better than yours). Just made a donation! (tell me what a great person I am). Selfie (I have a face).

Yeap. I have my own fair share of showing off too. Let me do some extra boasting today, with screenshots of my Instagram Story, in case you missed out watching my awesome and exciting life.

My Instagram Story

(What a lovely morning.)

(I woke up looking like this. Huh, what make up? Why would I put on make up when I stay home the whole day?)

(I cook great meals for my kids everyday with great nutritional balance. They love it. You will never see me when I secretly feed them canned tuna.)

(Just showing what a great cook I am. It’s never unhygienic or dangerous to chop with one hand and press your phone with another hand.)


(I care about my kids health, except when they ask me for french fries. And Kit Kat. And beer. Ah just kidding.)

(I just absolutely love to sound as if I know what I’m talking about.)

(I am an amazing cook. 1 out of 68 times.)

(I can cook rice.)

(I multitask like a champion.)

(My house is even neater and cleaner than yours. Oh wait. Do you even have kids?)

(I’m as good as your maid.)

(I am simply a multitask champ and I love to say it more than once.)

(My toddler’s meal totally looks this good. EVERY TIME.)

(During my free time I read intellectually stimulating books with my kids. I will never shove them an iPad while I catch my own Pokemons.)

(We are fun.)

(Even when there’s nothing else to do I hold meaningful conversations with my kids.)

(Erm this just… never happened. Ok I gotta delete this snap. It was supposed to show how smart my kid was, not how he spilled his juice.)

(Ok but if it ever happens, the first thing my son fetches is the sanitizer. We teach about hygiene at home.)

(Overall he did a great job helping me clean up by placing various things such as a post card on the wet patch. Thank you baby. Why waste money hiring maids? Also, my house doesn’t look like that. The mess is just your own imagination.)


(Cooked my husband’s dinner. I am a good wife as long as he never finds out that the hamburg is actually store-bought frozen and the Gudetama is a digital stamp.)

Yeap that’s my Instagram Story. How about yours?

Now praise me.





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I blogged about Goodsania last year, a shopping site selling Japanese household items that make home living more convenient and enjoyable!

This time I did more shopping on the site, since my whole life is pretty much about cleaning/cooking/laundry now.

Here are some of the items I got!

Hahaha super aunty.

But actually a lot of the items do spark joy for me and the home other than being useful!

Also, when you have no time to even get out of your house (to buy groceries and catch some pokemons on the way), Goodsania is a godsend when you only need a few clicks and everything can be ordered and delivered!


ASVEL Airtight Rice Container

I wanted to get this for a long time! To keep our precious rice fresh, it is best to store it in airtight containers, along with a rice bug repellent (usually made of wasabi or chilli pepper).

The special slanted design of the base makes rice from the back of the container flow towards the front, so it is easy to scoop out the rice. Very often, rice is just stuck at the back of the container and you have stretch your hand inside to scoop but this user-friendly design solves this problem!

The measurement lines is also useful to know how much rice I have left and how much to buy.

Punched-hole Triangle Corner Rack

I have been trying to find the perfect triangle corner for the kitchen sink. I couldn’t find it in KL because I think most people dispose their food waste into a plastic bag? But how do you dispose of wet/liquidy food waste such as porridge??

You can get plastic ones for much cheaper but remember you are dealing with food waste that rot easily, so better get a good quality stainless steel such as this one!

There’s also corner rack plastic bags so that rubbish disposal is easy and more hygienic! 

Eco Food Bag

Did you know that vitamins and minerals in vegetables and fruits are easily lost even though they are kept in the fridge? An easy way to keep food fresh while locking-in important nutrients is to store them with P-Plus Eco Bags.

This is no ordinary plastic bag. It is a freshness ziplock bag that is made with special breathable plastic film that is developed by Japanese innovation and technology. The micro-holes control the breathing of the fresh foods and maintains freshness.

It’s good for both whole and cut foods! Easy for me to prepare food for quick cooking and also packet food to take along on outings!

P-Plus Eco Bag for vegetable/fresh food can be used repeated and locks in the freshness of fresh foods. Tests show that when fruits/vegetables were placed in the fridge without P-Plus Eco Bag used, they lost 49% of Vitamin C in 7 days! But when P-Plus Eco Bag was used, only 24% of Vitamin C was lost in the same period of time.

These Eco Bags come in handy L, M, S sizes.

Zoo Drying Agent

It is difficult to keep biscuits, dried goods like sesame seeds dry in this hot and humid weather. Things get soggy so quick especially when Junya likes to repeatedly open and close container lids -_-.

I also worry about the safety of some packet drying agents and those silica beads. Junya always plays with them and asks me what it is. Those packets could also burst and Champon the eat-everything-monster probably would devour them in a second.

This Zoo series drying agent is made in Japan from special silica gel and pulp with no loose silica beads so it’s safe and hygienic. Of course it is also reusable – value for money! Each piece is suitable for keeping a capacity of about 1.8L container dry for a month. It can be easily restored to top condition by simply heating it in the microwave.

It comes in cute bear, hippo and camel shape! 


Hello Kitty Onigiri Wrapper and Hello Kitty Food Picks

Well. Simply because Hello Kitty. Haha.

The Riceball wrapper makes a simple homemade onigiri instantly cuter, and Hello Kitty food picks can be used to skewer fruits or sausages on a platter, or just for decoration in a cute bento box. <3

Minnie Mouse Baby Tableware Set

Can’t wait to start using this for baby Sakura!

It’s meal set in Minnie Mouse design and has everything a growing baby needs for dining –from plates to bowl, fork, spoon and cup. It also comes in Mickey Mouse design and it is great as a gift for the next baby shower for friends!

Minnie Mouse Wet Tissue Lid

This is super useful to keep baby wipes and wet tissue dry all the time.

Simply stick it onto the wet tissue package opening! The special adhesive design makes it reusable so no more hassle fiddling with the opening sticker that always gets misplaced.

The flip-open lid makes it super easy when you only have one hand to function (which happens all the time when you have a baby to cared for XD).

It comes in a few colors and also available in Mickey Mouse design!

Tanita Digital Cooking Scale

I don’t bake but the danna sometimes likes to make hotcakes for Junya, and him being fastidious with measurements, he requested a good quality kitchen scale.

Tanita is a reliable and well-known weighing scale brand from Japan. This model comes in various colors too and since I’m the one getting in, the danna just have to deal with the cute pink color XD.

Mini Retangular Pinch Clip Laundry Hanger

Since we travel a lot and stay in 3 different homes, I needed something small size to bring along, especially airing baby clothes.

This hanger is super slim and foldable, totally space-saving, and suitable for indoor airing!

Richell Rilakkuma Fridge Safety Lock

Absolutely must for every house with a toddler. Or else all your snacks will be gone. Junya broke and outsmarted a few locks before so hopefully this one is complicated enough for him haha.

So! Some of these items may be available locally, but if you compare the prices Goodsania is actually much cheaper!

There’s a currency converter on the website for your convenience at exchange rate. Although JPY is higher now, I still found some of the items cheaper than retail stores here in Singapore, even after discount!

For example this cute food pick:

Goodsania’s normal price is approx. $4.50, with discount code it is only $4.05, while I saw it on a popular retail stores the other day selling at $11.90!! That’s like 60% cheaper.

There are many other items that are definitely cheaper than retails store, so it’s really worth it to buy it from Goodsania. But… how about shipping cost? What if you stay in Europe or USA???

Don’t worry. Worldwide free shipping is provided for any order more than JPY8000. Huh, I really don’t know how they do it. I received my order from Japan within 3 days, and they even sell large and heavy items like stools and storage boxes. How do they cover the shipping costs?!

I have no idea, but it’s all good news for us #Pokemoms who want to go for quality value buys! Extra Discounts, Free Shipping, Fast Delivery to your doorstep… perfect!

Shop at:

They have revamped their website recently and it’s even better and more user friendly!

There’s also a limited offer for Cheeserland’s readers: Use this code GDS2CH10 at check out and get 10% OFF. Valid only until 30 Sept 2016!

There are also on-going Extra Discounts with various credit cards from major banks such as UOB, DBS, Citibank etc, click on this link for more info. Save More Money on Goodsania!

Check out Goodsania Blog & Facebook for more lifestyle tips and promotions!

Ringer Hut – Nagasaki Champon

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(This is about the noodle from Kyushu, not the Shiba in our house.)

I rarely do restaurant reviews but today I want to introduce a fast-food chain called Ringer Hut in Japan, which specializes in Nagasaki Champon.

The danna would crave for Ringer Hut every now and then when we are back to Japan. I have had Ringer Hut many times before, while I think it is quite delicious, it never struck me as life-changing, as how Ichiran Ramen does for some foreign tourists.

But then I understood that it was because Champon is the danna’s soul food since he grew up eating it in Nagasaki. He said it is just like fried beehoon for me. Yeah that makes sense. My whole childhood was pretty much all about fried beehoon lolol. The school canteen sold it, birthday parties or any sort of gathering/party would for sure have it, my mom cooks it (until today).

Which is why we ended up naming our first pet Champon. If we ever have a second one in the future maybe I’ll consider Beehoon.

Anyway, back to Ringer Hut. It is one of the healthier fast-food options you can get in Japan.

It is pretty similar to ramen, yet so different. Ringer Hut especially focuses on healthy eating. Their slogan for this summer is, “Eat Japanese Vegetables”.

You get to consume at least 7 different types of vegetables in just one bowl of Champon (cabbage, carrot, bean sprouts, green peas, green onion, sweet corn and onion). Sometimes they go all overboard and keep adding on new seasonal vegetables. Once they had 10 types of vegetables and I thought that’s a little too much haha.

I really do love how beautifully colorful it is, green brown yellow orange, with Kamaboko adding even some pink tones to it. Such a happy bowl of yummy goodness.

This summer the theme is “Kikurage” – black fungus.

As if 10 types of vegetables doesn’t sound healthy enough, they also offer a “Yasai Tappuri” (Vegetable Abundant) menu.

You can go for extra vegetables, which is a whopping 367gm!!! For Champon, it can go up to 480gm!!!? That doesn’t even include the noodles. If the noodles are 300gm, and the soup is 200gm, the whole bowl is almost… 1KG?! Hahaha.

Other than Champon, they have another popular dish called Sara Udon. It is nothing like udon, though, more like very thin yee mee (crispy noodle), with the same thicken vegetable gravvy topping.

I ordered the Yasai Tappuri version (367gm). Honestly it’s a little too much for me but I ganbatte and finished the whole plate.

You will also be given dressings for your Sara Udon. I had Yuzu dressing and Ginger dressing. But I think it already tastes great without additional flavoring!

It is very much like our Cantonese Fried Noodle (Kung Fu Yee Mee)!!

Ringer Hut also serves the danna’s favorite Gyoza.And we love to eat it with Yuzu Pepper (the green stuff on the plate) instead of the usual Chili Layu.

Ringer Hut strives to have a wholesome menu so there are also the less-salt version. The Champon has 30% less salt and Sara Udon 25%. (It is not discount hor don’t so happily order this when you flip to this page of the menu and see 30% OFF lol.)

For weight watchers, there are also the zero-calorie seaweed noodle in soy milk Champon. And due to popular request from customer they also has “Noodle-less” Champon. I guess is for those who want to go light on carbs. So basically you are eating a whole bowl of just vegetables haha.

Their latest shoutouts:

1.FOC additional noodle!
2. All vegetables are locally grown (from within Japan)!
3.Using zero-cholesterol cooking oil!
4.Noodle flour are all made in Japan!

Maybe we foreigners won’t really understand what’s the big deal this but Japanese really has this obsession over everything “made/grown in Japan” (so do I, admittedly lolol), it gives them the peace of mind especially when it comes to something that goes into your body. You’ll never know, with all the horror stories about fake milk powder and stuff from another country haha.

Ringer Hut too, has now made the effort to use 100% local ingredients in order to support farmers. I find it amazing that a lot of restaurant chains (like Ootoya, Mos Burger, etc) have a notice on the ingredient’s origin pasted on the restaurant wall. “Today’s Carrot is from Aomori. Cabbage from Gunma, Sweet Corn from Hokkaido…” etc.

They are so serious about this that they even have information and feature stories about the sources of their ingredient origins.

(Carrot harvested from “Maple Farm”.)

While most people don’t care which part of the earth the vegetables they ingest sprouted out from, it is sure nice to know that they take things so seriously, and at least we are not eating fake onions. Made of recycled cat hairballs. XD.

Ringer Hut’s TV commercial:

Ringer Hut is from Nagasaki but you can find it in every city. Shibuya has two outlets if you are keen to try! 🙂

Number76 Expansions

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Number76 Publika Renewal Open

I visited the newly re-opened Number76 Publika Branch when we were back to KL.

After renovation it is now expanded to twice the original size. I love how it looks like a florist from outside haha.

It’s not easy to keep so many plants alive! I once had a Christmas tree, some cactus, and other assorted air plants, they are all dead. -_-. I think I just have black fingers uhuhuhu.

Little green space outside the salon.

Spacious interior that is double the size before.

Expanded chilling space so bring your bf, gf, aunty, maids…

Babies… lol

“Whaddat? Whaddat??”

Lots of huge mirrors in the salon!

The wash stations used to be back to back and it was quite narrow. Now it is comfy with newly installed auto-recline first class seats haha.

Also! One of the new features worth mentioning is the upgraded private room!

An ultra spacious private room that comes with its wash station, all for yourself!

Get ultimate privacy from start till the end, perfect for muslimah customers too.

There’s even a mini cutting table and high chair for children. Junya immediately took a liking to it XD.

“Papa cut JunJun hair!”

Number76 Hair Salon – Publika
A1-G2-2, No. 1,, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
+603 6201 2776 / 3776
email: [email protected]
 09.00 – 20.00 (Daily)


Number76 Starhill Gallery Renewal Open

I can’t believe it has been 8 months since the renewal opening. I had procrastinated that long.

See the Christmas tree? It was back in December 2015 XD.

Number76 Starhill Gallery is the most spacious of all branches, with a built-up of over 3000 square feet. Part of it is used for Head Quarter Office space.

New interior

Luxurious space for relaxing

Center display

Amy was still based in KL and I was slightly pregnant hahaha.

Number76 Starhill Gallery

S4, Pamper Floor, Starhill Gallery, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

+603 2141 6676 / 7076
[email protected]
 10:00 – 21:00 (Daily)


Number76 Orchard Gateway

Back to Singapore!

This #PokeMOMgo at salon with babies and her PokemonGo app.

There are 3 Pokestops near the salon!!!! And check out my battery life lolol. #pokemongoproblem

Hair pampering session I think is the best way to play Pokemongo since you don’t have to walk or brush shoulders with other players, just sit down, relax, spin your stops and catch ’em all WHILE getting pampered. Life can’t be better than this haha.

Ahhhh Pidgey again.

With Amy again who is now based in Singapore!


Number76 Orchard Gateway

277, Orchard Road, #02-23 Orchard Gateway 238858
+65 63857576 / 6776
[email protected]
 11:00 – 21:00 (Daily)
Book your appointment with Number76 now!!

Number76 Malaysia Online Booking

Number76 Singapore Online Booking

Remember to follow Number76 Facebook Page and @Number_76 Instagram page for more update! Some new exciting promotions are gonna happen soon! ^^


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Shopping for baby in Malaysia

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Most of the baby items in our home are bought from Japan. I usually get it from Akachanhonpo which is like the shopping heaven for every mother. Once I recommended a friend who just became a new dad to visit Akachanhonpo, he said thanks to me his two luggages are all full XD.


Miscellaneous items.

Many of my readers ask me how they can get those items without flying all the way to Japan. Well… I say fly to Japan! Hahaha. But when I am based in KL, usually I get most things I need from Mothercare, the one-stop solution that provides everything you will ever need for basic baby care.

I used to visit Mothercare to look at baby cots, strollers, car seats, etc. But recently I am quite pleasantly enchanted by their selections of baby and kids outfit!

I have been stocking Junya’s clothes from Mothercare, they are really simple and stylish. Love the latest summer collection which are all summer beach holiday theme, everything is about surfing, ocean, etc. The danna sure love hahaha.

Lots of items on sale now!!

Mothercare now also carries Richell, the Japanese brand for useful baby items especially meal and bath time! The food scissors that every mother need to have for young babies now can be found here!

What I got for baby Sakura:

Weaning starter set! Ahhhhh. Have to do this all over again lol.

This makes cooking baby solid food super easy! Squeeze, grate, mash, cut and grind all the food with just this cooking set.

Love the cute teethers and tooth brushes too!

New fashion buy for oniichan:

HAHA really putting all hope on him to be an awesome surfer lol. Now we are nowhere near it since he still shies away from the pool/sea.

For baby Sakura:

Baby Sakura can just stay under the shades with mama eating sandwiches while papa and oniichan is out in the sea with their long boards. XD

For mama:

In support of the breastfeeding week!

Brother and sister, both top to toe dressed in Mothercare outfits.

Love this cute little dress for a one-month-old!

Toddler coordinate.

All the shoes are also from Mothercare! (Yes the floral navy pair is for Junya XD)


Even toys from our house are from Mothercare!

Couldn’t resist buying this pink kitchen set, actually it was meant for Sakura hahaha but I guess Junya would be a better chef.

He is now an expert in slicing vegetables and fruits.

Latest addition – a 2 in 1 Trike + Scooter!

You can go to any Mothercare outlet in Malaysia but I usually visit the ones in Bangsar Shopping Center and KLCC since they are the biggest with the most variety. Find out all the store locations here!

In conjunction with August’s breastfeeding month, they have up to 50% off on breastfeeding items until 21stAugust 2016 so don’t miss it out!

Find out more on Facebook at or Instagram @mothercaremalaysia.


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26 Months VS 3 Months

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Junya turns 2 years 2 month old today, and Sakura is 3 months old now.

Here’s the regular monthly update!

For Junya

(Also read Junya’s  1st month , 2nd month , 3rd month , 4th month , 5th month , 6th month , 7th month 8th month, 9th month , 10th month , 11th month , 12th month , 13th month , 14th month 15th month , 16th month , 17th month , 18th months , 19th month , 20th month ,21st month , 22nd month , 23rd month 24th month and 25th month here.)


Dowan Bae Sakura

JunJun is still like “dowan bae Sakura” all the time, in a whiney voice pulling the edge of my shirt. But say only. Actually he really does like her a lot.

He just doesn’t like me when both my hands are full with just Sakura and zero hand for him haha.

“Mama hug JunJun!!!!”

Sigh. I think every mother should just grow one new arm each time she gives birth. I’m serious.


Blue Adidas Red Stripes

Junya can wear his own shoes!! It amazes me how he has 50% of getting it right (right shoe for the right foot), or left, (I’m not so good with this accidental pun thing anymore), YET he gets it wrong 90% of the time. How?!

After talking to a few mothers, they confirmed with me that children just have this special talent to wear the wrong shoe on the wrong foot. Awesome.

One day I was out with Junya to Saizeriya with a mama friend, and the two girls who sat on the next table were very amused by Junya so they kept each others entertained. One girl pointed to his shoe and asked “what is this?” and he answered “blue adidas shoes.” And the girl gave me a very shocked look and kept saying OMG HE IS SOOOO SMART!? (She thinks that usually a 25 month old would just answer “shoe”) And I was like haha that’s just cuz he memorized it as such.

So just for amusement I tried to get him to say “blue adidas shoes with red stripes”, and no matter how many attempts, he is still saying “blue adidas red stripes” LOLOL forever missing “shoe with”.


I Want Pee Pee

I gave up toilet training long ago. -_- I’m just gonna keep to the logic that no university students wear diapers to school so eventually it will be okay!!!

Buuuut recently I downloaded this Japanese toilet training app (really wan. Got such thing.), and each time a child successfully pee/poop, the anime character cheers dramatically you can give your child a digital stamp.

Junya did it once and he was so fascinated (and proud of himself haha) that now he keep saying “I want pee pee.” ALL. THE. TIME. when he doesn’t really want to. -_-. This mother 真的是自己拿苦来辛 lolol.


JunJun says

Papa happy mama happy baby Sakura happy minna (everybody) happy.

Papa fly in the sky mama fly in the sky JunJun go Japan airline“. (Wa wa wa summore can rhyme leh my son lol.)

I want milk. Just now only cookie just now.

(looking out the car window while we passed by some construction site) “Bye bye excavator. Bye bye another excavator.” *waves*

Member? Member? (remember?) Mimi close, and then cannot drink. Coconut tree the sivi femi.” (?!)

Junya: “Superman!!! Superman!!!”
Mama: “Where?”
Junya: “There! There.”
Mama: “Huh.”

This was what I saw. A construction man at work at the balcony on a very high floor.

This man risks his life to build a beautiful home for some of us. To us adults, he is just a Bangla construction worker. To a child, he is superman. #ThingsIAccidentallyLearnFromMyToddler. Touché, my son, touché. Tonight I repent.


For Sakura

Honestly, I feel really bad. I have so little picture of Sakura compared to what I have of Junya. The wall of our KL home was full of printed pictures of Junya as a baby. Partly because she is having ultra sensitive skin and she almost never has smooth baby skin for a perfect baby selfie. Mostly because I shit also no time.

Separation Anxiety…?

Huh. At two months old?

Nobody else can carry her when she is upset. I thought baby will only 认人 at about 5 months old? Junya only got clingy to me at 6 months. But this Sakura. When she cries, the only way to pacify her is when she is back in my arms. No pacifier. No being carried by papa or anyone else. No nothing.


Nap Monster VS Sleep Angel

She is such a poor napper. T__T She must be rocked to sleep in my (read: MY. No one else.) arms and can only sleep on her tummy. If she sleeps on her back, confirm wakes up crying after 3 mins and I have to repeat the rocking her back to sleep infinite times T__T.

And I don’t even have the time to sleep-train her. Most of the time I just strap her to myself and walk around or just do this until she falls asleep:

But when it comes to proper night time sleep she does sleep like an angel. I don’t know how angels sleep but I couldn’t really say she sleeps like a baby. I mean, babies are the worst sleepers.

So yea, maybe it is because I sleep right next to her, we both sleep peacefully the whole night.


When Sakura was 9 weeks old the danna casually commented that she is less expressive than Junya. The mother in me immediately felt alarmed and some quick googling freaked me out. Indeed when I thought about it, I could hardly recall her smiling. At most I just saw a few fleeting grin-like expressions.

The internet is a scary world. Of course I recalled reading about lack of smile being signs of early autism, etc. Part was me was anxious as hell and part of me just wanted myself to calm the cheese down.

Very rarely, but she does smile these days, and I almost forgot how happy it feels, to see a baby smile.


Few days ago she had an allergy reaction and broke out in hives that comes on and off. We are still finding out the cause. 🙁

Please get well soon so we can have more pretty selfies. <3


For Mama

Two moms four babies

First outing alone with Cheesiepetits in Singapore. With my PokeMom friend Carol who also has two Carolpetits. Her second baby girl is one day younger than Sakura. Two moms, 4 babies. That’s all sort of crazies hahaha.

Dinner with my other PokeMom friend, Qiu and her family. Somehow this picture looks more havoc hahaha.



Yeap. Here we go again. KL-SG-JP-SG-KL….

And then…

PokeMomGo. For real.



I also realized many things in the past month.

1. Dilemma of choosing your priority

Cook breakfast first or air the laundry first? If air the laundry now then Junya may have to wait in hunger if he wakes up early. But if I don’t air the laundry now later the sun might not be out anymore (and I hate hate hate laundry with a stale smell). Do I send Junya to school so I can have some free time to do work or do I turn down work so I can spend more time with him? Should l feed myself first or the kids first? (Oxygen mask theory?)

2. A mother lives with guilt every day. And it is part of motherhood. 

I don’t know about others, but I do. To deal with the guilt after choosing my priority. To struggle to balance my love and attention for both children. To hold one just to have another crying. To leave one screaming just to pacify another. To hug both and procrastinate work.

I realized that Sakura might have not smiled much because I did not spend enough time with her, cooing to her and showing her how to smile. Because when I started to do that, she smiled and cooed back. I felt a pang of heavy guilt that stabbed my like a blunt knife. All these while I just wanted her to hurry up and go to sleep so that I could get some goddamn work done. Time is so precious. But I forgot time to just watch your daughter smile, is even more precious. I accept how I feel, and I forgive myself for feeling that way.

3. Enjoy your cookie while you can.

One day I finally had some time to reward myself with a snack. I broke out a cookie and then I stuffed the whole damn thing in my mouth so that I can have another hand free to do the dishes.

I never knew to appreciate eating a cookie slowly, one small bite by one small bite, until I have two children.

Honestly guys, have some gratitude for single-handed-cookie-eating.

4. You break down. And that’s okay.

And another day I just totally broke down. I was having gastric and diarrhoea. Sakura was crying. Junya was throwing a fit for whatever I didn’t allow him to do at that time. And then I lost my cool with him. And then I hated myself for screaming at him.

But it happens. As much as I try not to let it happen, sometimes it happens. And that’s okay, as long as we end a day pleasantly, with love. That night, I said sorry to Junya and told him that I love him very much. He said, “I love mama.”

So it is okay.

5. I am also only 26 months old. As a mother. As long as I feed, bathe and put my children to bed today and tell them I love them, I have done enough and I will consider myself a good mother and give myself a pat on the shoulder.

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