3 Weeks Coordinate: Tokyo Winter 2014

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Here are 3 weeks worth of coordinates for my Tokyo trip in December 2014, all 21 of them! This time without the baby XD

Brought only 1 pair of shoes, 2 maternity bags, two knit tops, one down jacket and 2 pairs of pants for 3 weeks. The rest are new shopping items  (*´艸`)


Coordinate 1

Fur hat: UNIQLO


Skirt: Santa Monica (used)

Glasses: WEGO

Bag: Ungrid

My first shopping item, the color was love at first sight!! Turned out to be one of the best purchases because it matches almost everything in my wardrobe <3



Coordinate 2


Cardi: Ungrid

Pants: EMODA

Shoes: Koolaburra

Beret: EMODA

Glasses: EMODA




Coordinate 3

Knit top: Rosebullet

Tulle dress: Rosebullet



Coordinate 4

Jacket: EMODA

Knit Top: Rakuten Japan

Skirt: Olive des Olive


Coordinate 5

Beret: CA4LA


Scarf: Vintage

Pants: Santa Monica (used)

Belt: Santa Monica (used)


Hair clip: WEGO

Glasses: WEGO

Earrings: Santa Monica (used)


Coordinate 6

Dress: Vivienne Westwood

Riders: Stolen from the danna

Bag: Kipling


Coordinate 7

Beret: CA4LA



Coordinate 8

Beret: WEGO

Top: HM X Margiela

Overall: Ray Beams

Pouch: Novelty from some magazine

Glasses: Stolen from danna



Coordinate 9

Beret: Jornal Standard


Pants: Gyda

Shoes: EVRIS

Pouch: Novelty from some magazine

Earrings: EMODA

Necklace: EVRIS


Coordinate 10

Top: Beams Boy

Glasses: BEAMS

Tote: Novelty from some magazine


Coordinate 11

Hat: Random store from Harajuku

Knit top: Rosebullet

Salopette: EMODA

Shoes: Random store from Harajuku



Coordinate 12

Hairband: WEGO

Cardi: Ungrid


Skirt & Belt: Santa Monica (used)


Coordinate 13

Beret: CA4LA

Knit top: Rosebullet

Tulle Dress: Rosebullet

Earrings: Handmade (present from Gomi san)

Necklace: Santa Monica


Coordinate 14

Knit top: Gyda

Pants: Gyda

Tote bag: Novelty from some magazine

Glasses: EMODA


Coordinate 15


Skirt: Olive des Olive

Tote: Deicy (Novelty)



Coordinate 16


Skirt: EVRIS

Pouch: Novelty

Glasses: BEAMS

Beret: Journal Standard


Shoes: EVRIS



Coordinate 17

Top: Ameri

Pants & Belt: Santa Monica (used)

Hair band: WEGO

Necklace: Santa Monica




Coordinate 18


Overall: Ray Beams

Hair band: BEAMS


Coordinate 19

Knit Top: As know as PINKY (yea, it’s a real fashion brand)

Checked top: EMODA

Shoes: Random store from Harajuku


Coordinate 20

Sweater: Stolen from danna

Denim: EMODA


Coordinate 21

Knit Top: As know as PINKY

Overall: Ray Beams


Beret: WEGO

Glasses: Stolen from danna



That’s all! Which is/are your fav? (*´艸`)



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The other day i was wondering how i had survived those days without GPS and Waze. I used to do some part time event jobs during collage days, and i always had to drive to the most remote place for interviews and stuff. I am not a KL local (from Seremban!!), i was young, timid and new in town. Now that i think of it, that was quite some achievement to venture alone and drive to places totally strange to me!

And now, if my mobile signal goes off when driving on Waze, (“establishing a connection…”), i am dead. I can pass through the same roads over and over and over again and somehow managed to memorize it none of it.

How frustrating and panicky it is if your GPS suddenly goes offline and there’s a big junction in front of you? XD (Admit it, nobody looks at signboards anymore! And if they are even reliable to begin with!) Happened a few times to me and i was always late for appointments T__T. (“Recalculating….”)

To have a strong and stable mobile connection and data coverage is super important if you are on the road all the time, especially for those of you who drive long trips and are always on the phone. How many times do you drive through areas of poor coverage and your call drops?

And that’s where weBoost come in.

Just as its name suggests, weBoost is a cellular signal booster designed and tested in the USA to bring reliable and seamless connectivity to Malaysians.

I was there at weBoost’s launch!

With blogger Huai Bin whom i have not seen since our last media trip to Australia!

For a gadget launch, i think they made it very interesting and engaging for the guests with live Sand Animation projected to the big screen.

I wish i had taken a video, i was so amazed by the artist’s performance! He was basically telling us a story (the frustration of weak mobile signal) through the works of his finger on a box placed with sand.



With weBoost, i am happy working. Chatting. Dating,. Bonding with family….” -translated by me. Lolol.





Anyway, i got my own weBoost Drive 3G-S device and tried it out myself!

The device installation is incredible simple! It basically consists of a cradle (shaped just like a mobile phone holder, with adjustable brackets that suit all types of phone sizes) , an antenna and a couple of cables. You place the antenna outside your car, connect the cradle to power supply.

Once your phone is placed into the cradle, your cellular signals will be automatically boosted. No paring, no password, no manual configuration whatsoever.

I tried it in an indoor car park, where cellular signals are the weakest.


No more fearing for dropped calls and crappy data coverage on the road!

And i like that it also doubles up as a mobile phone holder. Easy for Wazing!

And… ready to go!


And if you are wondering if using the device would drain your battery (i did!), you will be happy to know that it actually preserve your battery life because it feeds your device with signals, so your mobile now can rest peacefully while being spoon fed with consistent, strong signal, without having to frantically use up all its energy in search for stronger signals.


In summary, the benefits of using weBoost booster are

1. Increase cellular coverage signal.
2. Fewer dropped calls and lost connections.
3. Clearer voice quality.
4. Faster data download speeds.
5. Increase battery life for cellular devices.


Other than the Drive 3G-S that i have shown above, there’s also Connect 3G, another booster designed for those who depend on reliable connectivity indoors, for home/office use, etc. Same concept, it works by capturing the outside, usable signal, amplifying it and redistributing the boosted signal throughout an entire home or office.

Drive 3G-S is sold at RM389 and Connect 3G at RM1145. For more information, visit: www.weboost.com/my


This product will soon hit the shelves in Malaysia and if you want to be one of the first few Malaysians to own it, good news!

weBoost is giving out 1X Drive 3G-S mobile booster for you all!!

Simply tell me: why do you need a mobile booster in your daily life?

Winner will be selected on 31st Jan, and do provide your email address so that i can contact you!! :))





Number76 Mid Valley

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Number76‘s newly expanded and renovated Mid Valley branch!!!

Have any of you been there before? It was the oldest Number76 branch, so i used to go there before all other branches were opened. It is so so so different now! It has fully transformed into a more spacious, newer salon, with a whole new concept even!

Number76 at Mid Valley, Northpoint. The entrance has also changed, i went to the old entrance and almost ran into the glass, so paiseh!


Anyway, i have blogged about each and every branch before!

If Number76 Bangsar 1 is a cozy retro beach house, Number76 Bangsar 2 is a rustic, old-time street cafe, and Number76 Starhill Gallery is a luxurious pampering parlour, then Number76 Mid Valley is a basement secret society lolol. #CutClub lolol. If this is your first time at #CutClub, you have to cut lolol. And you DO NOT talk about it lolol.

It’s located at a hidden, quiet corner, and instead of the signature 76 warm tones and wooden fittings, the new salon is cemented hard and cold. And quite bad ass. XD

As you can see, so much angst until somebody punched the wall down lolol.

I was so surprised to see how spacious it has become!! (Come, the cult needs to gather!) So far the most spacious of all branches. The waiting area has also expanded, so if you wanna do your hair and bring your yee ma gu che sook pak heng dai, ji mui and maid with you, maybe you can visit Number76 Mid Valley. XD

I actually really love the interior! It exhibits this underground simplicity, yet brings you into the matrix sophistication lolol.

Also i have noticed that it becomes so much brighter, because of the all-see-through windows and glass panels. Enjoy some greenery, perhaps?

Nice hor?

Not to mention, their VIP PRIVATE ROOM.

So generously sized! (That’s Leon the assistant practicing styling on a wig. He’s not cutting a ghost’s hair don’t worry.) (On second thought, ghosts make such great hair cut models. I mean, they never run out of hair, ever, do they?)

Actually it is not for VIPs one la. (Unless you would like to pretend to be one lolol.) Muslimahs who want some privacy can request for this private room. At no additional charge of course!



Ok enough about the salon. Time for Cheesie.


Cheesie’s 76 Hair Makeover Menu of the Day:

1. Tansan Sparkling Scalp Wash

2. Hair Cut

3. 76 TSUYA Color

4. Ultrasonic Premium


1. Tansan Sparkling Scalp Wash

Guess this famed hair wash is no stranger! Basically after you wash right, it can last for 4 days hehehe. How did i know ah? Erm…. well, i just.. i just know la, ok? Shhh.


And sometimes they insist to let you see what came out of your scalp XD (I always very very paiseh so i would wash the night before just to reduce the puke-effect. XD)


Also! My bb Junya was with me! I always go first thing in the morning so the salon is not too crowded and i get to relax.Junya is quite ok as long as there’s something to chew on. Be it salon’s cookies… (on the wrapper la)

His chewy banana…

His drunksticks…

Also i think the salon is the best place for outing for bb because the cutting/color cloth is the best nursing cape lolol. #onlymomsunderstand

Wa wa wa what is this lucky draw thing! Explain later ok.


2. Hair Cut

By the danna hehehhe


3.  76TSUYA Color

What is this 76 TSUYA color??

It’s an upgraded coloring system that makes your hair color extra beautiful and super glossy. I did a very humble ash brown color :)


4. Ultrasonic Premium

Premium wor!!

What’s the difference? It’s already a magic treatment, so basically now it’s Super Magic treatment. With added secret magic ingredients, now it gives your hair mega nourishment, ultra softness and healthier hair!

Also, twice the magic, the Ultrasonic Iron is also used twice in this treatment, hence a little longer treatment time (60minutes).



I love la. <333

Anyway lately i’ve been going for messy looks so i hardly get to have a silky smooth picture taken. But can really feel the difference from the normal Ultrasonic! Softttttttt …..

And then we’ll mess it all up.

Whoa just a little fluff and all the difference it makes! Not to ownself praise la but it’s the danna de god hands lolol.


More cut more short these days XD


It’s probably my favorite color so far!! Unassuming, yet such gloriously rich color!

Thank you thank you thank you.




So some followers asked when Number76 will start to increase price.

Huh, still got salons do that nowadays?

Not only do they have no CNY price increase, they are also running super awesome promotions!!

First of all the Ultrasonic Premium i did is now RM280 instead of RM350.


And then the 76 Lucky Draw.

RM60,000 LEH!

Here are the prizes breakdown:


  • Travel Cash Voucher RM3000 x 1
  • Number76 Gift Card RM500 x 10
  • Number76 Gift Card RM300 x 30
  • Number76 Gift Card RM100 x 50
  • Number76 Gift Card RM50 x 100
  • Shiseido Zen Parfum x 1
  • Cabin-sized trolley bag x 5
  • Black tote bag x 6
  • Cosmetic pouch x 16
  • Kerastase hair care travel set x 44


For all 4 branches! (Bangsar 1, Bangsar 2, Starhill Gallery and Mid Valley)

How it works?

1. Spend a total of RM1000 and above –  Draw 1 time
2. Spend a total of RM1500 and above –  Draw 2 times


Ok la granted, it’s not easy to spend RM1000, even with my whole menu today, it is still very far from RM1000!!!

What should you do?

Don’t worry! You can share the bill with your friends and family! If 5 people go, one person just needs to spend RM200! Now RM1000 isn’t that hard isn’t it :D


Promotion ends 18 Feb, CNY eve! So go book your CNY hair fix now!


They have also moved their website to:


And new

Number 76 Facebook Page


Number76 Mid Valley

Add: A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point, Mid Valley City, No.1 Medan Syed Putra Utara 59200 K.L

Tel: +603 2287 0661 / 0662

Email: contact@number76.com

Shop hours: 10:00 – 22:00 (They now open 10am to 10pm daily!!)


Don’t forget to check out other branches nearer to you too!




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Dieting and better skin!

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Beauty post!

For those of you who want better skin, a healthier body, today i’m introducing two products from Japan, and they are Fine Green Smoothie, and Fine Premium Hyaluron & Collagen + Uniquinol.

First let’s talk about Fine Green Morning Smoothie.

Anyone of you are having dilemma on dieting? Somebody in my house is. The danna gained 5kg since he stopped exercising (too busy with work) and has been bugging me to cook him healthy meals and bento.

I now make him a glass of smoothie every morning, and a light bento for him to bring to work. Instead of messing up your kitchen by chopping fruits and veggies and go through the whole blender trouble (anyone here likes cleaning up a blender?), now all you need is just a glass and water. Maybe some ice cubes if you like.

4 steps only!

1. Get a glass.

2. Use the measuring spoon provided in the pack and add the smoothie in powder form into glass.

3. Add water (about 100-200ml).

4. Add in ice cubes for best flavor and stir!


There are two ways to consume the smoothie!

1. As a DIET MEAL: Add 2 spoons and 200ml.

2. As a NUTRITIOUS DRINK: Add 1 spoon and 100ml water.

Now what’s so great about this smoothie that is ranked No.1 in Rakuten?

The main benefit is the 219 kinds of food enyzyme. (Did i see it wrong?! Two hundred and nineteen!?)

It contains 9,500mg of dietary fiber, one glass is about 50% of one recommended daily intake.

Also, two of the highlighted fibers are psyllium husk and glucomannan, which gives you the feeling of fullness, yet a glass has only 55kcal, a perfect meal replacement.


This is a chart you could follow if you wish to use it for dieting, either to replace a meal in the morning or during dinner time.

For me, i take it every morning as a health supplement (1 spoon) with my usual breakfast, and the danna takes it as his breakfast (2 spoons).

How’s the taste??

I have tried various smoothies and shakes, usually i’d have to pinch my nose and take a few quick and big gulp and finish it up in a hurry.

This smoothie tastes amazing! The texture is similar to fresh smoothie sold outside, i am so impressed that tastes almost like freshly blended mixed juice! Albeit the rather turn-offish color, it has none of those raw grassiness (think wheatgrass!) but refreshingly mild and sweet!






The next product i’m introducing is Premium Fine Hyaluron & collagen + Ubiquinol. I have actually blogged about it 3 years before, but now this is a newly improved version!

I’m sure you all have heard and are quite familiar with hyaluron and collagen now.

This latest improved and upgraded version contains Kaneka Q10 (Ubiquinol), which is a coenzyme that stimulates the cell to produce energy and to promote rapid rejuvenation of cells. Its antioxidant effect can also help boost body immune function.

So basically Q10 is a “booster” that further enhance the effectiveness of other ingredients, which means that the latest version is twice more effective! It also has 90mg additional Hyaluronic Acid so its moisture retaining ability is even higher now!

Some of the benefits of Premium FINE include reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, and to restore skin elasticity, it can also promote fairer and brighter skin and at the same time speed up wound healing and cell regeneration. Other goodness are strong nails and hair, and even healthy joints and eyes!

How to take Premium FINE:

1. I usually mix it with milk, you can also replace milk with soy milk, plain water, yogurt coffee, or even add it into pancake or blend it with fruits if you like.

2. I usually pour about half a box of milk (Meiji Hokkaido Milk is the besssssst)

3. Add a spoon of Premium FINE. The one i have is a refill pack. If you buy the canned one, it comes with a measuring spoon too!

4. Stir well!

Now you have super collagen milk XD


It’s super yummy!!!! It tastes like creamer, so when you add it into milk, you have super kao cream-like milk! I guess if you use local milk it will end up tasting like Hokkaido milk lolol.


Lastly, you can also mix Premium FINE into FINE green smoothie to have a fruity milkshake. I haven’t tried it yet, if you do let me know how it is like! :P

You can get both products from SASA Malaysia, and if there’s no SASA nearby, you can also purchase it from:


Whats more, promotion now!!

FINE Green smoothie 200g: Best buy RM88.00 (Usual price RM118)

Premium FINE Hyaluron & Collagen + Q10 Buy 2 at RM368 (Usual price RM238 for one)


Mama & BB Coordinate Tokyo

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Here’s a collection of oyako coordinate from Japan!

We tried our best to mix and match with limited winter clothing we have. Junya only has one down jacket for the entire 3 weeks XD.


Coordinate 1

One of the earlier days for shopping and lunch at a cafe!

Both went for light colors!


Coordinate 2

Road trip to Hakone, so dress warm and comfy!



Coordinate 3

For a whole day out on a rainy day T__T. Junya is also dressed up for his first date :P

Right: the complete coordinate!

It is quite challenging to dress up in winter T__T. There are your baby’s layering outfits, your baby’s down jacket, your own layering outfit, your own coat/jacket, the diaper bag, the baby carrier, the stroller, plus an umnrella during rainy days….



Coordinate 4

Lunch date with mama. Junya is wearing the same coordinate in rotation XD.

But with extra swag lolol.





Coordinate 5

A little darker today! A happening date with papa, aunty Qiu and her baby in the belly!



Coordinate 6

Shopping at Harajuku today! All in a happy playful mood!





Coordinate 7

Earthy tone for lunch date with mama! Beige and brown base for mama, mohair fur pants and an oversized 50% off knit (18-24m) for bb from BabyGap.






Coordinate 8

Dinner date with papa. JunJun was gonna sleep in the carrier so may as well just wear his onesie PJ :P


Coordinate 9

Knit cap for both mama & bb!




Coordinate 10

Lunch date with mama and friend! A day of navy and grey.

Full coordinate.


Coordinate 11

A lazy, relaxed day for casual dinner at a family mall nearby!


Coordinate 12

Shopping at Omotesando. And a very very warm day so only light jacket! <3

Complete coordinate.






Coordinate 13

Lunch date with mama. Edgy chic today!

(not so) *behind the scene* lolol.




Coordinate 14

Lunch date with mama & friends. Navy + Brown theme.

Complete coordinate.





Coordinate 15

Casual family day out! Minimalism day <3




Coordinate 16

Shopping at Harajuku and Bounenkai (year end party!) Color theme: Khaki & beige.




Coordinate 17

Family casual lunch date. <3


Coordinate 18

Lunch date with mama& friends. Tartan and Xmassy coordinate <3



Coordinate 19

Only one photo for this because JunJun was sleeping. This is the just-woke-up face XD


Coordinate 20

Last mama&bb coordinate lolol.



That’s all! Hope you like em coordinates <3. Which is your favorite? :)

Do ask me if you have any questions on winter coordinates, and do share if you have tips too! :D


EMODA Jan 2015

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EMODA Update!

So happy! Finally get to wear all the winter items i ordered from EMODA!

Even though i have gone very casual lately, EMODA’s apparels still suit me perfectly, with just a little mixing and matching. Instead of EMODA from top to toe, i have also learnt to throw in pieces from other brands so complete the casual look (yes, even with sneakers!). So i would say that EMODA is really versatile to suit almost any kind of style.

Here are some of the coordinates of my Japan trip in December.

Coordinate 1

Cable Boy’s Knit Top from EMODA


Coordinate 2

Volume Fur Collar Military Coat from EMODA



Coordinate 3

Flannel Check Over Shirt from EMODA

Slim Chino Pants from EMODA

Summer Beret in Navy from EMODA

Thurmon Epo Glasses from EMODA


Coordinate 4

Classical Tartan Check Salopette from EMODA

Shell Drop Earrings from EMODA


Coordinate 5

Multi-Line Check Knit from EMODA



Here are some of the new arrival from EMODA!


Not forgetting, there’s a BIG SALE going on for selected items!


And the EMODA Magazine for this month:


Don’t miss out on this month’s novelty item:

For all you selfie-loving fashionistas!





Don’t forget to follow EMODA on Instagram to see their latest collection! <3