Bringing up beibi

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Junya is almost one and a half years old now and parenting is getting increasingly challenging.

He is tall enough to reach more and more cabinets and he is strong enough to open more drawers and the fridge. His fingers are getting defter in twisting, bending, unlocking and opening every single cans/bottles/jars.

But obviously it is also time he takes “no” for an answer less and less.

It is frustrating. Getting frantic at your toddler who is holding a glass bottle of soy sauce (they will not hesitate to be ruthless and drop it just to see how you react), not knowing to use the hard approach (firmly say no and grab it by force and let him cry) or soft landing (asking nicely for 10 minutes to a vigorously shaking head).

A few times i snapped and yelled or snatched stuff from his hands out of time pressure/urgency. He of course wailed like i just kidnapped his true love.

Then i regretted it. The more i do it the less willing he will give in to me. I mean, there has got to be a better way than saying no 500 times a day and constantly grabbing an unsafe objects from your toddler who is hugging it like their new found treasure. Of course i tried distracting him (oh look what’s Champon doing?) or trading (hey this empty container is much cooler than the nail clipper! Wanna hold it?), but it doesn’t always work.

So i’m really dreading the imminent Terrible Two that everyone has been warning me about. They are all like, “You just wait. Now he’s still at his most adorable stage”. Right. Another half a year of sanity, yay!

So to get myself prepared for it, i read this parenting book written by a full time Japanese housewife + Parenting Blogger. The title is “How to: A Calm Mama and Happy Parenting” (loosely translated). And it made me rethink my own parenting style all over again.

I think i am already quite the lenient parent when it comes to disciplining a toddler, but the author shocked me with her Japanese way of parenting. First few pages through the book and i was almost in disgust.

She gave me the impression that anger does not exist in her life and her love for her kids is so unconditional to the point of godliness and almost obsessive. Basically the level of commitment is pretty much inhumane. It’s like her entire life is dedicated to her children and nothing else. It was the complete opposite of the popular French Parenting style ((Bringing Up Bebe) trending a while ago i have read.

She is the mother everybody praises but secretly hates. Are you kidding me? Such parent exists? Is she sure she’s not writing this book just to paint herself a goddess and boost her own ego? In my heart i thought, this will never work and she is going to end up having ultra spoilt kids.

But as i read further along, a lot of things made sense. A lot of tips gave me the “wake up” moments. Most of the time parenting is hard, not because your toddler is being difficult with their emotions, but it is because we cannot control own own emotions.

And when i think about it again, most of the Japanese mothers i know adopt an ultra gentle approach. I have almost never seen any Japanese mother raise their voice (at least not in public). And one would assume kids under such parenting would be selfish and spoilt. But no. Japanese kids are so far the most shockingly well-mannered kids i’ve ever seen. So most of them must have been doing something right.

I was greatly inspired by the book the moment i flipped over the last page. I concluded that her parenting style (and most Japanese parenting styles) generally breaks down to these three things:

Patience, Gentleness and Effort.

Patience is probably a necessity regardless of any parenting style. Most parents i know are gentle, although some are firmer/sterner than the rest. But effort. Nobody does it like the Japanese mothers. It’s like they have “effort” programmed in their DNA.

This explained why Japanese mothers make kyaraben (character bento). Although nowadays it has become very commercialized and it’s almost in a form of competition (let’s see who is more effort mom!!). But the original intention stems from their creativity to get their children to enjoy meal times, especially for difficult eaters.

There are a few things i learnt from the book and applied to my family, and i thought i would like to share them:


The author encourages giving your toddler the power to choose what they want (from among your approved choices: do you want broccoli or carrot? lolol) so that it satisfies their urge to be in control.

This one is easy!! I started letting Junya pick his choice of clothes, shoes, bath salt scents, cutleries, amount of snacks, etc etc etc ever since he can point and choose. it’s just so wonderful to see his face light up every time i praise his good sense and tell him “Good choice!!” (dark blue shirt over bright blue pants, urgh.)



Everyone knows effort pays but it’s really up to how much we are willing to put in. Junya has his ups and downs when it comes to meal times. During good days he can self feed like a champion but on bad days he can’t even get on the high chair without screaming.

Most of the time i tried 2-3 times over 30 minutes. Let him off, play a while and get back onto his chair again. But if he still refused his food, i thought, ok, suit yourself, i’m tired of trying! He’ll come to me when he is hungry again.

I lamented to the danna, and he said “it’s all about efforts, right?”

But it is true. I tried doing things differently. Instead of just white rice, i tried to wrap them up with seaweed (Junya looooves seaweed) and make mini onigiri yesterday. And from refusing lunch flat out, he finished the whole plate on his own. Sometimes i put extra “toppings” on his food. Sometimes i feed him with chopsticks (novelty!!) instead of spoon. Sometimes i let him feed Champon snacks while i feed him. Of course he gets bored after a while if i repeat the same tricks, but it’s all about getting creative. It is a lot of work, but if i try hard enough, something will work.

In the book, the author’s children prefer snacks to rice. So she wrapped up mini onigiri in cling wraps like a candy and drew smiley faces on them. The kids love them. It’s also about ideas.

But to be honest i also feel that she is overboard with her effort (like, really need to do until liddat meh!!!!), for example, to make her kids to enjoy bath time, she thinks of a new game every single day. Bathing their soft toys, bringing unusual things into the tub like an umbrella to reenact the Totoro scene, pretend to make miso soup with bath water, draw cartoons on kid’s body…..

Imagine the extra work she has to do. And she has no helper. I mean, my effort also has a limit ok lolol.


2. Make everything fun

This is also part of effort. A lot of kids dislike supermarket visits cuz they just get strapped in the stroller feeling bored while mommy spend a good half an hour walking from aisle to aisle.

Junya has not reached the age where he will protest a supermarket visit yet, but i thought, why not make him like grocery shopping before he dislikes it??

Before we go, i’ll tell him we are going to the market, and i ask him what he wants to buy. (His answer is standard. Always Potato, banana and tamago lolol.) I’ll also tell him what i want to buy, and then ask him to find them for me.

Instead of limiting him in the stroller, i started letting him walk and explore (it is a paaaaaaain but it’s good training for my patience lol), and name every item he touches. (Usually he will grab everything he can and put it in the basket and i’ll have to frantically return them to the rack).

In the book, the author also recommends that for slightly older kids, you can also play the “Which is better?” game. Getting your kid to pick the fresher daikon, a prettier tomato, a bigger orange… Instead of telling them to “Stick to mama!” “Don’t run away!” “Don’t touch that!”

Every chore can be fun time if you get creative enough as long as you don’t pose any inconvenience for other shoppers/customers. Well i obviously need more training for that because Junya just bit into a banana skin during the last supermarket visit -_-.


3. Gratitude

This one strikes deep into my heart.

I never thought about being grateful for my child. I mean, i do, but in the sense that i will say silently to myself  “thank you for being my baby”, or “thanks for making my life so fulfilling”, or in the form of manners – “thank you (for returning my necklace, although broken.)”.

But i never, ever thought to thank him for being the way he is. For behaving nicely. When he does, i praise him, but i never thank him. I have completely taken it for granted. I expected him to behave the way i wanted him to. 

In the book, after every super market visit (or errands), the author will make sure she tells her children this:

“Thank you so much for doing the grocery together with mama today. It was really fun! Thanks for being so helpful, it really made mama’s shopping so much easier. Please help mama again next time ok?”

(In Japanese it’s exactly like that cuz you know how insanely polite they are lol. But one can always adapt it sweet and short in their own way.)

Even if it wasn’t exactly a fun day, she still does it the same. “Today’s shopping was a little boring, right? Sorry about that. >.< But you guys behaved really well and waited patiently for mama, that’s why it ended really fast. Thank you so much.”

I was humbled. It was respect. I forgot to respect and be thankful.

I tried it on Junya few days ago. “Junya! The market was really fun, right? Thank you for…” and before i could finished he disappeared to chase Champon. -_-

Oh well. But i’m sure one day he’ll be grateful for a grateful mama. :)


4. Calming down a toddler in tantrum

I have read about soooo many different approaches in regard of this topic. There didn’t seem to be a perfect and fool-proof solution. It really depends on your belief and what you think may work for your family.

Junya’s tantrums so far have not gone to that level where i was tested to try a time-out/ignoring/lecturing.

But it is frustratingggggggg. He wants to open every single thing in the house. No? Cry. He wants to take everything out of every single box/container. No? Whine.

I usually will tell him firmly, “No Junya, you can’t open this because… (reason)”. But when they are throwing a fit they hardly ever hear what you say. Explanation is futile.

I have then learnt to do this.

“Junya, you want to *do the thing he is not allowed*, right? You count to ten, okay? One… two… three… four…”

And miraculously he stopped crying/whining and listened to me. When i finished counting to 10, he is almost all calmed down. Then i will offer him a solution. The first few times i gave in to him so that he knows that mama listens to him and will give him what he wants after he has calmed down. Then slowly i try to outwit him by giving him alternatives (you want to squeeze the cream out of that bottle, right? Okay, i’ll squeeze one drop on your hand. And then we will go let Champon smell it, okay?).

Sometimes, when he is all calmed down, he doesn’t even want to do the thing he previously wanted to do anymore. I could easily distract him to do something else.

Of course it doesn’t 100% work all the time. But so far, so good!!


5. Gentle way to resolve a tantrum

A toddler is throwing a fit mostly because he couldn’t get what he wants. But a lot of time all he wanted was also attention (hence the tantrum), and mommy to really listen to him.

I used to take the easy way out as i have mentioned earlier (“No, Junya, that belongs to mama. You can’t have it.”). I get my things back instantly, but i also get a more cautious and defensive toddler.

One day Junya reached the top shelf of my drawer and fished out one of my prized Gotochi Kitty keychain and attempting to open the wrapper. There’s no way i will let him tear it apart. The moment he saw me approach him, he clenched it tight in his fist and started backing off like a Champon who has accidentally found a tasty chewy bone.

I remembered what the author wrote and i gave it a try. I sat down on the floor next to him, and i said,

“Junya, i see that you are holding mama’s Gotochi Kitty keychain! That’s my favorite. It’s really cute isn’t it? Do you like it?” (with a biiiiiig friendly smile. Unleash the inner actress!!!)

He looked at me suspiciously, but softened.

“Oh *gasps* it says HAWAII and the Kitty chan is actually a musubi!! Can we have a look at it together?” (be very, very in awe!!! Keep the camera rolling!)

While he was staring at it curiously, i scooped him up and have him sit on my lap. And then we inspected the keychain together.

“Look at the black strip, it’s nori (seaweed). Your love nori don’t you? And there is a kitty face is on the rice! What does it say? …. (goes on talking nonsense for about another minute).”

He still held it in his hand, studying it intently.

And then i made the move.

“Now can you give it back to mama?”

With a twist.

“And then we can go smell the new hand cream. Do you like rose?”

And then, like a miracle, he handed the Kitty keychain back to me, willingly. As promised, we then sniffed a lot of rose scented hand cream lol.

All i spared was a couple of minutes to really “listen” to what he wants and share his feelings together, complete with a prompt and clever distraction while the timing is right, and i avoided a potentially disastrous meltdown altogether. It was really a few minutes well spent.

It’s time consuming if you have to keep doing this 500 times a day, but it preserved my sanity. I can’t handle tears very well (sometimes even my own lolol), having a wailing toddler only stresses me out immensely. If i am strong enough maybe i’ll try the ignoring, but i am not T____T so what i do is to avoid it as much as possible. And it made me soooooo much calmer and feeling soooo much more in control.




When the danna came back from work, i proudly told him about my breakthrough today, beaming and waiting for praises.

He laughed and said, “I’m glad it worked out well for you! But if i wake up in the morning and Junya took my Gotochi Kitty and i have 5 breakfasts and 4 bentos to make, i will snatch it from him without saying a word and go to the kitchen and cook the damn food first. It’s about priority isn’t it? Some people simply do not have even a few minutes.”

The danna has a very different parenting style. His is the 100% no-nonsense type of father. No means no and it is non-negotiable. Maybe he was brought up this way and still it made him a fine human, that’s why he believes that “sometimes you just have to suck it up and do things you don’t want to do” is also a great learning process.

I will avoid a crying episode at all cost, but he will let it happen and do nothing. Sometimes i tell him that Junya is going to grow up being scared of him. He said that’s fine, and said “he will also hate me, and that’s fine too, as long as he has you. But when he is my age, he will understand and appreciate it like never before.”

That is, of course, speaking from experience about his own father. And to me, i think that’s another level of sacrifice altogether. Even more the respect i have for this man.

I am so glad that we have never once argue over our vastly different parenting styles (apparently that’s one of the biggest causes for married couple’s fights), because we both know that we only genuinely want the 1000000% best for our own child (children!!!). And i think that makes a very good balance in our family.


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Taste of Mie

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I’m so happy that all the less prominent prefectures in Japan are making their presence known here in Malaysia!

This time around we have the Mie prefecture to launch their special “Taste of Mie” special menu in collaboration with Sasagawa Authentic Japanese Restaurant in Sheraton Imperial Hotel KL.

Sasagawa is always one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in KL, and to be honest i don’t have many favorites. The biggest reason is that they are truly authentic, i could see the effort and zero-compromise when it comes to food quality.

They may not mention it in the menu but most of their ingredients, including vegetables and even garnish are air-flown from Japan! One day i had an eggplant that was so good i asked if it was Japanese-grown egg plant. The answer was of course yes. Apparently all the fresh produce is imported 4 times a week from Japan, this is how committed they are to Japanese authenticity.

Taste of Mie

No effort was spared when it comes to the introduction of Mie, a prefecture situated in the center of Honshu. A Ninja hijacked our dinner and explained that his hometown, Mie, is indeed the original birthplace for the Japanese traditional martial arts, Ninjutsu. It’s also home to the Ninja Museum, so if you are into that kind of thing, don’t miss the chance to dress up as one and have your bucket list checked.

I have been to Mie once and i know it because of Ena Matsumoto (ex EMODA producer). Mie is her hometown and she told me that she often visit Ise Jingu (Ise Shrine), probably one of the most famous power spots in Japan. A Japanese psychic once told me that she felt the strongest spiritual presence in Ise Jingu. I am dying to visit Mie again. I mean, if Hakone Shrine gave me two babies, who knows what kind of wishes the Ise Jingu Gods will granted me????

Back to the food!!

So we were in for a tantalizing treat that day featuring many fresh ingredients from Mie Prefecture.

This the the full course meal.

First up there’s the Setouchi Bitter Tofu with Yuzu dressing, fried greenling fish with Kinshinsai (a really novel vegetable to me that tasted sweet and very pleasant), and autumn eggplant with sesame cream.

Fresh ingredients aside, i truly enjoy the dashi that comes with the dishes and i slurped up the last bit of it.

Second dish was Mie’s clams in clear soup. It looks like your usual Japanese hot pot, but the humble piece of fish that is not named (i later found out that it was called Nodoguro) has wowed me to almost wanted to ask for a second helping. The rich dashi soup was gently warming to the belly.

Fresh sashimi of the day, there was kinmedai, ishidai, ootoro and a juicy big ebi! Look at the beautiful medley of colors!! My eyes enjoyed it just as much as my happy taste buds.

And then there was the simmered Ise Ebi in egg broth. Which is just a teaser to what’s coming up next.

Jeng jeng jeng jeng!!

The nationally famous Ise Ebi (huge like a lobster!!!), flavorful with great texture, served together with Scorpion fish deep fried to a crunchy finish where you can eat even the bones and tail. Super yummy.

No Japanese course meal can end without pearly white rice and a bowl of steaming hot comforting miso soup. Today we have Kamameshi boiled with Mie’s clams, served with Fukusa Miso with sea lettuce, and also Shio Konbu (salted kelp) which is guaranteed an umami bomb to go with your rice.

Lastly there’s the seasonal fruits, the autumn persimmon, Japanese pear and Japanese melon that is truly the perfect end to a great meal.

You can enjoy this special “Taste of Mie” course meal at Sasagawa Authentic Japanese restaurant for RM300 until end of the year!!






Taste of Tohoku

Time for my pledge to support Tohoku!


First all all there’s the Aomori Apple, Ohrin, which is yellowish green in color and somewhat resembles a pear!! It is an aromatic, juicy, honey-flavored with almost no tartness, so it’s perfect for people who likes pure sweetness to their apples.

So flawless and bruise-free! Looks like green apple but crunchy and sweet like a red apple!



Then i bought a very flavorful Tsuyu which is made in Akita. Usually Tsuyu is konbu and katsuo based, but this one is made from Hnai Jidori (Hinai chicken, which is similar to the Malaysian kampung chicken, but Japanese quality).

Hinai Jidori is a protected species as one of the top three locally-bred chicken in Japan, and has been grown mainly in northern Akita through the ages.

Akita Hinai has very flavorful and savory meat, so it is perfect for soups. And this bottle of Tsuyu is like the essence of Hinai chicken, i use it for gravvy and basically every dish that needs that extra boost of flavor.

Since Hinai Jidori is from Akita, it is indispensable for Kiritampo hot pot, one of Akita’s specialties.

I have not try it before, but it is probably Akita’s most representative dish. It is said to have originated from a recipe of Matagi bear hunters living in northern Akita, who pounded remaining rice they’d carried, wrap it around a stick and bake it over a fire. They had kiritampo in a hot pot with vegetables like leek, Maitake mushroom, Gobo and of course… Hinai Chicken.

For more tips on Tohoku culture and food, you can visit Taste of Tohoku!

Tokyo Disneysea with Junya II

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This is Junya’s second time to Tokyo Disneysea!! (Third time, if you count the time when he was inside my tummy XD). You can read the previous blog post here.

I realized i have been to Disneysea 3 times in a row instead of alternating between Disneyland and DisneySea. Well for first timer it could be a very tough decision. I like both the theme parks, but i was at Disneysea again for only one reason: Gelatoni.

It is Junya’s favorite and i wanted to get ALLLLLL the Gelatoni merchandise for him! #Badparenting lol.

Our coordinate!



Oh ya! It was Carolyn’s first time in Japan so of course the Disney trip was for her too!!

While Junya is napping we too the train to Maihama.

Yay!!! It was the Halloween Theme!!

I actually dislike Halloween theme the most because everything is orangey and black and purple and mostly dark and vaguely scary instead of the usual happy romantic spring colors, cheerful marine/nautical summer ambience or the sparkly and fluffy winter feel.

But!! The Halloween this time is actually not that bad!!! I actually liked it quite a lot!

On the Disney train, still sleeping!

One day we still stay here!

Finally woke up when we arrived at the park. So good hor, just fall asleep blissfully and wake up to the happiest place on earth lolol.

But he cried the moment Marie came and said hi to him XD. This boy needs 15-20 minutes to come to from his grogginess.

Ohana means family.

Junya’s first ride of the day was 20000 Leagues Under The Sea!!

Our favorite Mermaid Lagoon! (Haha i love it because all the baby merchandise is in the gift shop here!!)

So colorful!


Pretend mermaid XD.

By this time Junya’s energy finally resumed to full bar lol.

Which also means tough time for mama cuz he’s running off everywhere. XD

Omg this is so yummy!!! Sea salt ice cream, totally fitted to the underwater world theme!

Shaped like a seashell too.

Some of the souvenirs i spotted:

Rather than Halloween, it’s more of a vintage autumn theme, and it’s pastel!!!

Theme is “Autumn Palette”, it features lots of drawings by Gelatoni (since he’s a painter. With… his tail lol), there are note pads, color pens, and other accessories. Soooo love!

Duffy & Friends cookies.

After that it was Arabian Coast for Simbad ride!


Anyone wants to buy my old pots and pans?

Waiting for the Magic Lamp Theatre show!

Haha dunno what’s up his sleeves with that expression XD

Performer’s meet and greet!

And then we ventured to the harbour for shopping time!

The Duffy house.

Toy Story Mania

With my new Gelatoni pouch!!!

JunJun taking his nap again.

By the time he woke up it was sunset.

And it was time for bye bye!!

Lots and lots of souvenirs from that day!!!

Here’s our shopping haul from DisneySea:

A Halloween 2015 Disney Resort Cruiser to add to Junya’s Tomica collection.

A Dream Carry Super Tomica for all the small tomicas!!! (I’m afraid it has turned into mama’s obsession than so much as Junya’s -_-)

Ariel phone case

Minnie phone plug!

The cutest phone strap

T Shirt for Duffy

Duffy & Shelliemay


That’s all for now 😀

Just spent an hour coaxing Junya to sleep -_-. He is adjusting to his new school (today is the 4th day i dropped him off) and his sleep schedule is getting a little unpredictable.

It’s 22:08 now and it’s my sleep time too -_-. Gonna go do some stretches and zzzzz. Good night!


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CiUM: the first kissing lip balm

November 23, 2015 in Commercial Break 4 Cheesed

Just before our trip to Japan, i received two sets of lip balm from CiUM!

CiUM is a born-in-Malaysia lip balm, so you can see that some of their flavors indeed have a local touch!

I gave the danna “Sambal” because he loves Malaysian spicy food!

Junya’s favorite is Meeko, which smells of rich cocoa.

He loves sniffing it!

Champon too!

And my favorite is S’berry, which is of a sweet, sweet Lychee scent.

Brought it along with me to DisneySea!


Anyway, what’s so special about this CiUM lip balm, and why is it called the kissing lip balm?

There’s actually quite a touching story behind it.

That’s the story in short. The true story came from Shaun, the founder of CiUM, also an airline pilot based in Malaysia.

He had a long distance relationship with his girlfriend, who is also a pilot based in Manila. And Shaun usually travels back and forth to see his girlfriend and his lips would get cracked because of the dry air and of course that’s quite a romance spoiler! He would use a lip balm but he thinks that most lip balms are either too oily or bland and do not have a good aftertaste.
So!! He decided to try and develop a kissing lip balm meant for couples. Each partner chooses a flavour and apply on their lips. When they kiss, the flavours mix and produces a sensation that intensifies kissing.


I think that’s quite a genius idea!! A lip balm company that aims to bring people closer and strengthen relationships.

To find out the truth for myself, i decided to try it myself. Unfortunately no kissing pictures will be posted here lolol so here’s how i did it. I mean, the single and available can buy the lip balm too and try the method below:

First you apply the first flavor on your upper lip. I use Ais here.

And then the other flavor on your bottom lip. I use Sambal here.

And then…. smack your lips together!!!

You will feel a burst of flavors that’s a fusion of fragrant spices and also a minty sensation. I tried the other set, “Meeko” and “S’berry”, and i got a fruity chocolate smoothie flavor!!

Other than the clever blend of ingredients, it will also produce a ultra sweet aftertaste that leaves you feeling like you just had a great dessert. Of course, don’t forget all the kissings too.


I’d recommend couples to buy it for their loved ones and bring it together when they travel.

Try kissing under Tokyo Tower (Eiffel Tower or whatever is your romantic spot!)



Chrismas is coming, so it’s time to prepare your glorious mistletoe, and of course a set of CiUM for your sweetheart.


CiUM is selling at only RM29 per set now instead of RM75!!

A brand new classy packaging is coming up and could be a great gift for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. You can pre-order your CiUM with the following flavors:
 a) CiUM Sambal/Ais
 b) CiUM Meeko/S’berry
 c) CiUM Jumbo/Ying
 d) CiUM Zac/Kimmy
at only RM50 per set!  When you buy it nearing Valentines, the price will be much higher so go and order your gift now at:


Happy kissing! 😀



Garfield, our travel guardian.

November 20, 2015 in Commercial Break 5 Cheesed

Junya looooves cat, so naturally he is also a big fan of all feline characters, including Hello Kitty and Garfield.

Hello Kitty is probably a little too feminine for him so i’ll let him have more Garfield stuff…

Baby lunch QiuQiu and i made together for Junya and Meredith.


And then…

Look what came through our door the other day!!!

Jeng jeng jeng…

A Garfield Trolley Luggage bag!!!

Sorry Junya, that cute luggage trolley is for mama!! But…. you are allowed to carry it for mama XD.

One of Junya’s favorite things to do since 10 months old was to push trolleys around in the house. I guess he is set to be a either a high-flyer…… or a bell boy lol.

With such a happy and colorful Garfield print, he was so super excited to push it around! I guess that makes our future vacation a lot more exciting! Mama has her personal little porter! 😀

Oh yes it is, baby :)

Just looking at it makes you wanna go on a holiday already!! And looking at the front print, i realized i have been to alllllll the countries listed, except Mexico!!


But of course i may be biased… just look at the sakura! Okay maybe Japan first. Again. XD

Junya and Champon had so much fun just running around the house pretending they are on vacation already!! 😀


There are more?????

Ok this is gonna be the birthday present for Junya. 5 years later lol. Keep in storage first.

It is too big for him now but it makes a great backpack for field trips and picnics! 😀

Also it’s stylish enough for even older kids and teenagers too!

There are also the travel organizers that help you compartmentalize your travel items. Snacks, clothings, soft toys… It comes in purple and red!


And then…

A really sturdy Garfield school bag!!!

Since he has started going to school, maybe it’s time he needs a school bag. But… this is also a little too big for him.

Hey no worries!!!!


It can be transformed instantly to a trolley school bag!! So yea Junya can do his favorite pushing again XD. (But most likely end up his mama will carry for him la hahah)

Also!! They wheels at the base will actually light up when it moves!

Next up is something really useful for the mama, finally.

A small pouch that almost looks like a passport case.

Once you open it up…

An overnighter!!!!

Just to show you the size of it…

It’s super awesome!!! Goes really well with casual and relaxed outfits. Perfect for a vacation :)


Aren’t you excited yet, to go on a holiday with your family AND Garfield?? 😀

So where can you get these ultra cute Garfield On The Go travel items??


From 19 November 2015 to 29 Feb 2016, just go to Guardian and redeem these items from RM29 while you do your usual shopping!!

You will get a redemption card, and for every RM20 you spend in Guardian, you will get one stamp you can affix on the card. When you have collected 20 stamps, you can redeem your favorite items starting from only RM29!!!


And… there’s even more.

While you spend, you can even stand a chance to win one of the 9 Vespa!!!

That’s really too awesome to miss.


And i am ready for a holiday!

Even if you won’t be able to travel around the world, Guardian has all the products around the world for you. Shop at Guardian now for everything you’ll ever need!


Mc Japan!

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What is better than McDonald’s when you are actually craving for McDonald’s?

Well, McDonald’s that’s everything Japan-themed!!!

Time for a taste of Japan. In McDonald’s.

As you may have known already, McDonald’s is introducing their ever loved legendary Samurai Burger and Shogun Burger, this time alongside the powerful sidekicks…

Seaweed Shaker at RM1, and Taro Pie at RM2.80!

I ordered everythingggggg because i just could not choose lol.

Samurai Burger, Shogun Burger, Sakura McFizz, Seaweed Shaker Fries, and Taro Pie.


Ok la i wasn’t planning to finish everything on the table, although i am indeed eating for two now XD

Coming along with us today is Chanwon who loves Japan almost as much as i do XD. The perfect lunch date!

I love the Seaweed Shaker Fries!!! There’s just so much satisfaction in that one paper bag ❤︎

I think this will be in my craving list for a long time.

The main hero. A warrior returned.

If you love Teriyaki sauce, this is a nice change from your usual Quarter Pounder. Beef Samurai Burger is made from a 100% quarter pound beef patty with no added preservatives! Plus, you get a sunny-side-up for Shogun Burger for extra volume!

Finally, the Taro pie gives a sweet ending to the whole Japanese affair!


And… speaking of the Legendary Samurai, there’s even a 3-episode anime created for McDonald’s!!

The two hero samurais…


and Junya

Wait what??? My son??? (Apparently the name is really inspired by our toddler in the house lol.)

So handsome 😀 😀 😀

The anime is really funny!!! I can’t wait for the next two episodes!

Watch it here:


You can also watch the next episodes on McDonald’s website!! Enjoy the yummy fight!! 😀