Orbit Baby!

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Junya didn’t have a stroller until he was almost 2 months old. His mom simply could not handle the information overload when it comes to baby stroller shopping. I do salute parents who can make up their mind after being handed 300 brochures from different brands and 500 different opinion from friends.

(When i was 7 months pregnant. Leaving the stroller decision to the very confused danna lol)

Some say, you will never go wrong with a sturdy one with large wheels! Some other say, get the lightest one or you will regret that thousands of bucks spent! Some say, just get a in-between so it’s a balance of both! Some say, just get two lah!!!



In the end i just decided Junya was to live without a stroller until he can walk lolol. Anyway, my Ergobaby works really perfectly with short outings and stuff.

Until… Orbit Baby sent me one. Air flown from Hong Kong. And i was probably the first ever person in Malaysia to get it. Lucky you, baby Junya!!


I have never used any other stroller since i got my Orbit Baby G3, so i cannot really do a comparison and say that it is the best stroller i have ever used. But what i do know is, i started using when he was about 2 months old, it’s been 4 months and to me, it is indeed the best stroller i have ever used lolol.

I have never heard of Orbit Baby before, mainly because it wasn’t available in Malaysia yet.

Orbit Baby is designed in California, and it is one of the few stroller and car seat companies that still custom design every single one of their products, always change and adapt to keep up with today’s family needs.

There are so many innovative features of an Orbit Baby, but the best thing is that it is customizable with mixable G3 products.

You choose your base, then seat, and lastly style (color and accessories), and it becomes a unique Orbit baby for you and your little one.


This one for Junya is a stroller combo. When he was younger it was his day bed. I love how state-of-art solid and stable it is, it’s like first class flat-bed lolol. Fully reclinable for long hour nap. XD

We just cushioned it and let him sleep in it. and it’s super convenient because i could just push and stroll him if i go to study room/kitchen/bed room so that he could always be next to me.


Champon also can always nap underneath XD


Junya’s first outing at the park.

First restaurant outing. The G3 UV sunshade provides nearly 100% UVA and UVB protection, and also keeps the lights away so your baby can get a good nap.

The Orbit Baby G3 is also the first stroller in the world that allows your baby to go from facing you to facing the world, 360 degree in one effortless motion.

Just like this!


See! You can actually rotate the seat 90 degree so that your baby is facing you while keeping the chassis out of the way. It is SO AWESOME! I was at number76 Starhill Gallery fixing my hair, and Junya was next to me all the time.

It doesn’t take up much space this way so you own’t end up annoying the customer next to you. Although the customer is actually my mom and would very much liked to be annoyed by her grandson lolol.


There are many more awesome features and other different travel systems from Orbit Baby, including bassinets and infant car seat. Do go over to Orbit Baby to have a look! You can get it at Mothercare, Bebe Totz and Bebehaus

Also, do chek out SmartMumAsia’s FB page for more parenting tips!



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Hello Kitty Cafe Restaurant: Yokohama

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This is a bonus post from the #CheesieInKanagawa blog posts.

[You can read also Ep1: Yokohama,  Ep2: Miura, Ep3: Kamakura &Fujisawa, and Ep4: Hakone]

This Hello Kitty Cafe Restaurant is part of Yokohama’s experience, but it’s so awesome it deserves a separate blog post!

HKCR can be found in Motomachi, Yokohama.

I didn’t have a better and brighter photo because it was about 7pm when we visited the cafe. Before we came here, my local guide Iwate san told how it would be quite different from all the other Hello Kitty Cafes i’ve been to. I was so excited as this was the last stop before heading back to Haneda airport. And i am so so glad i made it there.

This cafe is pretty near China Town in Yokohama, (exact address at the end of this post) and may be a little hidden as it doesn’t sport the usual in-your-face loud, pop pink facade that nobody would be able to miss.

In fact, that’s pretty much the whole concept of it. It’s a little like finding the “Hidden Mickey” in Disneyland, the pleasure is in opening your eyes and heart and paying attention to the details and to explore, discover and appreciate.

Just like this little entrance leading to the cafe upstairs, it looks just like any other gate you wouldn’t look twice at, but one more glance and you will discover the camouflaged surprise.


The middle part of the bow is actually a cherry (small apple?) if you look closely!


The unexpected interior took me by surprise!

I was prepared to be blown away by all things so quintessentially kawaii it would make you feel embarrassed by not being 15 years younger. But no, the setting was classy, elegant, everything is just so fine, oh so fine.

The concept of the cafe restaurant is “Kitty’s Home”. It looks just like a house, with a spacious living space, a bookshelf or two, even a TV screen and a little yard.

It reminds me of a little English cottage in winter (subtle Christmas deco are up, i’m not sure if it’s for the festive seasons or there all year long), it even has a fireplace to make you feel warm and cozy.

The kitchen bar.

The exquisitely refined furniture and tableware is nothing i’ve seen of Hello Kitty before. It’s a refreshing change of mood, and made me look at Hello Kitty from a whole new perspective.

I was told that this cafe restaurant is made for the Otona, something both adult male and female could appreciate. It’s just that not a lot of people know about this, and so the mature and macho shy away due to their impression of the overly kawaii character.

But yes, do visit, no matter your age or gender, to come and spend some time over a cuppa and discover all the sophisticated subtleties.

The cafe is kids friendly too, seeing they have Kitty Bow printed highchairs.

Everything with just a little hint of Kitty cuteness!

Some pieces are more distinctively Kitty, like this checkerboard table. Wooden you love to dine here?


There are also larger tables to accommodate a bigger crowd. Christmas dinners, anyone?

And… free Kitty WiFi, of course.


And sometimes, you just have to look all the way through the bottom of my heart glass.


Tea time!

Daniel and Kitty latte art.


One thing though, if you come here expecting popular page worthy kitty-face-adorned frilly shortcakes, this themed cafe may disappoint you.

Apart from Daniel and Kitty latte, the menu here is modest, unembellished, but deliciously satisfying.

Still aiming for a pop-page photo (it was), i ordered this Mini Scone Brochette specially.  ♡

Overwhelmed with the selections of sweets in the menu, we asked for the most ninki (popular) dessert in the menu. The shop staff recommended Apple Pie, a favorite of Hello Kitty herself. We didn’t go wrong with that. Simple and no-frills (other than the additional apple chips and cocoa Kitty logo), it was easily one of the best apple pies i’ve had.


Just playing guest at Hello Kitty’s haos.

Before we gobbled them all up.


I was told to check out the bathroom as well.

(Now i’m pretty sure that it’s a mini apple and not cherry)

And unusual mirror right outside the bathroom.

And… here’s how it looks…

I mean!??!?

It’s so roomy and too pretty it feels weird that a toilet is sitting there, completely out of place.

The make up desk

And changing station omg?


Even the toilet paper?!

Can they be any more detailed?! Mind you, it is not a printed motif as there’s only one logo on the entire roll, meaning you use the first sheet and it’s just an ordinary toilet paper roll. Which means somebody will have to stencil stamp it every so often to keep it forever freshly stamped with Kitty logo.

That dedication.


Lastly, with the lovely shop staff in their uniform (which is thought was a little cutesy).


Make this a compulsory stop if you ever visit Yokohama (and if you are not anti-Hello Kitty)!



Open 10am-8:30pm daily, except 1st and 2nd January.
Address: Naka-ku, Yokohama, Motomachi 1-50, Motomachi Paseo 2F.
You can check out their official website here!
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Kanagawa Ep4: Hakone

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[You can read also Ep1: Yokohama,  Ep2: Miura and Ep3: Kamakura &Fujisawa]

This post is on How to Get to Hakone! Did you know? (although i have already told you) Hakone is part of Kanagawa Prefecture, and is its best-known tourist destination.


Today’s coordinate. Accessories changed as it get a little colder, much colder, super freaking cold, etc.


This guide would be useful even for myself as i have never gone to Hakone by train before. The danna usually rents a car and he would drive up to the shrine, make our prayers and come back down. We stayed over in a ryokan once and lately i requested to go to Owakudani (the place with black egg!!), and it has never occurred me that there are so many other places to visit in Hakone.

So to get to Hakone, you can travel on Odakyu Railway, either depart from Shinjuku or Odawara/Gotemba.

And it’s recommended you get a Hakone Freepass!

A Hakone Freepass allows you to travel unlimited times on all these transportation:

1. Hakone Tozan Line (the picture below)

2. Hakone Tozan Cable Car

3. Hakone Ropeway

4. Hakone Sightseeing Cruise (The Pirate Cruise)

5. Hakone Tozan bus

6.Odakyu Highway Bus

We took a train from Fujisawa to Odawara, and started with the Hakone Tozan Line.


Hakone Freepass

You can get this value-priced excursion ticket al all Odakyu Line stations.

From Shinjuku, it costs 5,140 yen for a 2 Day Pass and 5,640 yen for a 3 Day Pass. From Odawara/Gotemba, it costs 4,000 yen for a 2 Day Pass and 4,500 Yen for a 3 Day Pass.

It may look rather pricey at first glance, but it actually saves you quite a bit compared to paying for each mode of transport separately (usually cost more than 6,500 yen).

First you go a ticket machine and press “Free Pass”. (This time all in English :D) Then select “Hakone”.

Next you can choose to purchase a 2 Day Pass or 3 Day Pass.

And then you select “Limited Express” to purchase it by cash.

Done!!! Mine is a 2 Day Pass, although it was a day trip for me T___T.

I strongly recommend every one to spend a night in Hakone. It somehow just seem not right to go to Hakone and not stay over in a ryokan. Hakone = Ryokan = Unlimited Onsen = Relax = Happy. That’s my Hakone equation hahaha.

Anyway next week i’ll be going to Hakone again with the danna and Junya, AND staying over! :D :D :D :D

This is the Hakone Tozan train.

If you come from Shinjuku, Tokyo, you actually have the option to travel on Romancar (for 890 yen extra), a limited express connecting Shinjukyu and Hakone directly.It’s a very comfortable express train where you can buy lunch boxes and souvenir. It takes only about 85 mins. Whereas the normal Odakyu Line + Hakone Tozan Line from Shijuku takes about 115 minutes.

The Hakone Tozan Line will bring you to Hakone Yumoto, and from here, you can either choose to take the Hakone Tozan Bus, or change train.

Spotted a poster for Ofuro (Japanese Bath) with a Japanese pun lolol. It says “Thank-Yu”. Yu means bath in Japanese. They have a Sake Bath, Wine Bath, Tea Bath and… wait what?!

Yakult Bath emp2emp2emp2


So our first stop is the Chokoku No Mori Hakone Open-Air Museum. You stop at Chokoku-no-Mori Station and take a 2-minute walk.

The museum is the first outdoor art museum that gives visitors the opportunity to encounter great sculptures in a natural setting. It has 120 masterpieces as permanent display  by famous modern and contemporary sculptors.

The first thing that greeted us was a mini rock fountain with flowing hot spring water. Just perfect to warm our hands on a super cold and windy day!

Other than admiring art sculptures, it was also a very good chace to take a leisurely stroll and just bask in the soul-nurturing nature.

Such a beautiful, sunny day!

Some of its popular art displays.

We also came across a couple of museum staff carefully wiping and polishing this man all over as if giving it a loving bath lolol.

Put your butt on a sunny-side-up, anyone?

The Woods of Net. An art display + playground for children.

One of the highlights of the museum is the Picasso Pavilion, with its rotational displays from the more than 300 Picasso pieces in this world-class collection.

No photos are allowed in the Museum, so here’s how it looks from the outside.

Spotted a persimmon tree!

There are soooooooo many of them in such mini sizes!


The Symphonic Sculpture.


We walked back to the train station, and got on the Hakone Tozan Cable Car.

Splashes of autumn hue all over, it may have been one of the most scenic train rides i’ve ever taken!


We got down at Sounzan Station, and moved forward to Owakudani with the Hakone Ropeway. Remember to keep the Hakone Freepass with you! You will need to show it anytime at the station checkpoint.

It was starting to get colder as we went higher.

Inside cable car.

Can’t believe there are houses buried deep in the mountains!

And…. guess what we saw next???

Mt Fuji!! So so up close (although doesn’t really show in the picture), I have never seen it so perfectly white before!

Just a selfie with Mt Fuji.

And more. ♡


It’s getting nearer to the destination, and you can see the onsen steam bforming clouds on the ground.

Lunch at the canteen. Pretty romantic like this! :D

Our curry rice!

With the real onsen tamago!!!!!

That’s the only picture i had at Owakudani. It was way too cold and windy to explore any further and since i’ve already been there once, i just braced myself against the chill and dashed over to the souvenir shop and bought my black eggs.

At my most unglam self a reader still manage to recognized me. Thank you Yumi (i hope i remember correctly!)

And that’s all!

Soon after we took the ropeway back down, then the cable car, and train back to Yokohama.

I really wished we had stay the night, but we had to rush back to meet my flight at night. Maybe next time!



Also, if you are interested, you can also read my previous posts on Hakone:

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Kanagawa Ep3: Kamakura & Fujisawa

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[You can read also Ep1: Yokohama, and Ep2: Miura]


After Misaki Maguro Day Trip in the morning, we took a train to Kamakura.

I have actually been to Kamakura two years ago in the summer, and also stopped by Zushi beach for Hanabi Taikai (Fireworks Festival). It’s really nice to come back again in a different season!

Kamakura is a traditional little town, many call it the Kyoto in Kanto area (Eastern Japan). So if you want to get a feel of olden Japan without traveling all the way to Kansai, you would love this lovely small city.

There are lots and lots of temples and shrines in the area, and the first one i saw happened to be a Safe Pregnancy/Childbirth shrine.  The shrine is called Onmesama Daigyoji. I made a request to go in.

I mean… I could always pray in advance for the second baby in the future? Haha. Plus does it just say 产女灵神!?!??!?!


From Kamakura station, you will walk along Dankazura, pedestrian path of Wakamiya Oji street. The center is closed for road works now, but the path is flanked with cherry blossom trees, so if you go during Sakura season, it would be quite a sight!


Walking along the streets in Kamakura, you can see shops like these, selling traditional Japanese snacks, souvenirs, etc.

Little stalls are decorated with a dash of autumn colors!

Kamakura is said to be forever crowded. The guide told me it was a rather mellow day when you don’t need to brush shoulders with other people and line up for food.


Tenugui (hand towels) and handkerchiefs.


Dried fruit shop. I bought a pack of dried yuzu peel. It’s so yummy!!


This is every tourist’s kiasu must-buy in Kamakura. It’s a dove-shaped cookie called Hato Sabure. The guide was a tad surprised that i haven’t had one, because it’s so famous there’s probably not a Japanese person who doesn’t know about it. And it’s the standard souvenir among Japanese people, just like how all your friends will buy you Tokyo Banana. XD

Tasted pretty delicious! :D

We made our way to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, which is 10 minutes away from Kamakura station. There were lots of red and orangey hues.

Before going to Japan, i was quite sad that i was slightly behind the Koyo (autumn leaves) season, but now i am all satisfied.

Here are some of the koyo photos!


Happy now. :D


This is Tsurugaoka Hachimangu.

Recommend you to take a walk up (whether or not to make a prayer).

Because the view on top of the shrine is amazing!


Coming back down, we walk through the back streets, and spotted this Donguri Kyouwakoku. Ghibli fans will love this.

You won’t miss the big Totoro standing outside!

Was so so happy i discovered it!

Every single thing is Ghibli themed, of course.

Neko bus and Jiji!!!

And lots and lots and lots of Totoro merchandise!!!


And a figurine hamper ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

AHHHHHHH demon fire Calcifer (from Howl’s Moving Castle) HAHHAHA I WANT!!!

Don’t mind me, i just cannot resist anything Ghibli!

T_________T #TakeAllMyMoney

I bought a few souvenirs for friends, and also these totoro chopstick rests for my house.


You can also find other cute little shops like Fujiya’s sweetshop.


At about evening time we headed towards Fujisawa by train.

Coastline view from the train. The little island you see across the sea is Enoshima, a small season town great for surfing.


We stayed the night at Fijisawa, a stop-over for our journey to Hakone the next day.

The boutique hotel i checked in was called 8 Hotel.

It’s a hipster-ish, California style hotel and cafe. Quite a lot of non-hotel-guest came to the Italian restaurant and cafe for dining so i assume it’s a pretty popular spot among the locals too.

The room was very basic and equipped with everything i needed, and very spacious too!

Love all the creative details!

The bathroom.

Dinner time, we went down to the Italian restaurant at second floor.


Shirasu pasta

Baniku steak.

Very very good dinner! However it was a little too early to call a night (9pm), so we went out to a local sake bar and had second round.

Japanese oysters are just soooo creamy!

And yes time to indulge in a glass or two again! #PumpAndDump


View from the hotel at sunrise.


Breakfast at the cozy cafe.

The burger set


Believe it or not this set is called EGGSLUT lolol. I was too embarrassed to take a picture of the menu, but it was really good. I gobbled up the whore plate. lololol.

That’s all for now!

Next up would be Hakone!

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6 months

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Junya turns 6 months today!

(Also read  first month , second month , third month and fourth month and fifth month here.)

The so called half-birthday.

A lot of families in Japan celebrate their baby’s half birthday, i didn’t know there’s such a thing, until someone told me it’s very likely created by photo studios and other similar companies to make more money out of the gimmick-gullible Japanese parents. Good move. XD


So here’s what happened in the past month!

For Mama

1. Exclusively breastfed for 6 months

To be honest i’m not so much of a die hard breastfeeding advocate. Just like pregnancy, i felt that the best for both mama and baby is to let things be. If breastfeeding doesn’t work for me then i feel that there’s no reason for me to forcefully do it. But luckily, i happened to quite enjoy it, and it happened to last till today without much struggle. So yea a glass of champagne for myself to celebrate this tiny achievement!! Oh wait.

Anyway initially i sort of told myself to set a target for 6 months if i can (if cannot then nvm also haha), then stop being a cow and break freeeeeeee!!! No more of this pumping nonsense!!!! But now that i got used to it, i was just thinking it would be quite a waste to not do it while i could. Junya has not fallen sick (touch wood) yet so i guess it’s part of the goodness of breastfeeding?  Plus….. i really appreciate the cup-size upgrade and insatiable appetite (without weight gain) and not really willing to give them up just yet… shy



I mean… just milk it while you can… right?


2. Being away for the first time

It was the first ever time i spent a good few days away from Junya. I was quite curious and wanted to see for myself how that would turn out for me since i have heard how inseparable one would be with her baby when she turns a mother. So i was invited to #itstheship 5D4N cruise, the danna and i both had never been on a cruise before, so we jumped at the chance (I mean… It’s free!!!) not knowing the full details of it. The danna thought there would be violins, ballroom dances and other relaxing entertainment.

Turned out it was hardcore all-night dance parties for four whole nights that involve a sea of booze and lots of fancy swimwears. On a cruise.shy

All my friends were shocked as i was the last person they expected to be invited to such a blowout. I was the dumb, unhappening goat among all the wild horses lolol.

Not only that. I was probably also the only person on the entire ship,  amidst a crazy rave party filled with frenzied, bikini-clad and topless crowd dancing their intoxicated heads off, who, HAS TO GO BACK TO HER CABIN TO PUMP MILK. (It gives boob-squeezing a whole new definition judging the theme of the cruise.)


Talk about unglamness. You young girls, yes you. *points* The one laughing. Just wait. This is your future.


3. Pump and dump

On the bright side, HEY LOOK I CAN HAVE A DRINK.

For the first time in over a year.

Strangely, i am not even a drinker before pregnancy. But like a rebellious child, the more you are forbidden to do something, the more you are obsessed with it. So yea since i am away from my baby and wasting my milk away anyway, I MAY AS WELL GET WASTED.

The danna said, “go ahead, today you can drink until you pass out”.

It was the best sparkling i’ve ever had.


Anyway, the cruise was really amazing otherwise. We joined the parties for a little while, there are some other chilling stuff to do. We had a great time, we also had FaceTime for the first time. :D

Internet was so impossible out in the sea, and when we approached the coasts of Langkawi and got the phone signals, we FaceTime Junya and book a flight straight back home from Langkawi. shy


For Baby

1. First bottle of formula

Before i was away for the trip, i let him try Meiji Hohoemi Raku Raku Cube formula, just to be sure he was ok with it in case the frozen breastmilk supply runs out. He gulped down the whole bottle.


2. Play

I fished out all the gifts and toys given by friends because somebody finally learns how to “play”!

Other than his own drumsticks, you can now just hover a toy over him and that should keep him occupied for about the length of time to write 1/4 blog post.


3. Teething ..?

Chew chew chew chew chew.

Chew chew chew. Chew chew.

Chew chew chew chew chew.




4. 6 month’s vaccination

Keeping up to date with all his scheduled jabs. And every time just as heart wrenching. One moment he is innocently smiling at you as if saying mama, i like this! New place, interesting faces, oooh i get extra cuddles and toys. And the next moment the new person stick a needle into his thigh. But why, mama why???

How do you moms ever get used to this????


5. Wiggle wriggle squiggle

Earthworm Junya wtf.

Now that he can flip over both sides, it means infinity. It was like he has just discovered a whole new world of acrobatic power with his body and he is maxing it all out rolling and twisting himself like a contortionist.

Which means the bed is no longer safe for him. If he happens to nap on the bed we had to barricade him with stacked pillows or build a nest with the moon pillow. (And yes even that is not safe now.)


6. Human clock

That’s how he sleeps nowadays. Like a clock. Moving bit by bit by bit, tick tocking his way into my space.

I would put him down on the bed in the middle, parallel to me and his papa, like “III“. But 5 minutes later, on the bed we would form a “H“. And later on the alphabet may morph into a “T” because one of the strokes, aka his mom, has just fallen off the bed -_-.



7. Sitting up!

So the biggest milestone this month is that he is now able to sit up unsupported for a short while!



That’s all for this month!


Next week we would be going back to Japan and this is the first time we are bringing Junya (although he has been before a couple of times, in my belly). It’s all gonna be really exciting :D :D :D :D

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KANAGAWA EP2: Misaki Maguro Day Trip

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On the second day of my Kanagawa trip, we went to Miura and Kamakura.

This post is a guide to Misaki Maguro Kippu. It literally means, the Misaki Tuna Ticket. Huh? Now what’s that about? Whatever it is, sounds delicious. :P

Let’s see.

But first let me take a selfie :P

(In the purest sense of the words lolol)

Coordinate of the day.

A ticket denim jacket because it’s gonna be a windy day!




Ok we can continue now.


Did you know? The train companies in Japan offer a lot of super value discount packages for day trips, and a lot of tourist may not know as they don’t usually advertise it in English.

That’s why you read this blog hehehhe. If you are tired of the overwhelming crowd in Tokyo, sick of being squeezed around in a sardine-packed train and want to break free just for a day, you may want to try Tuna, this time around.

Misaki is a small port area in Miura, which falls along the coastline, so there is sea, and more sea. And Tuna is a specialty in Misaki (well, Miura in general). If you want a mini get-away to a relaxing quiet little town not too far away from Tokyo, and happen to love sushi and seafood (particularly Tuna), bookmark this page for your future reference!

So yea, Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket is offered exclusively by Keikyu Line, which is the same train i blogged about in my Yokohama post.

Just go to any Keikyu Line station (except Sengakuji and Misakiguchi), you will see pamphlets of the said day trip. Sometimes they have the English version, but just look for the pamphlet with massive chunks of Maguro on the cover :P

So here’s how you can purchase the ticket!

You select English, and it falls under “Special Ticket” category. It’s regrettable that after all the promotional effort, the last step wasn’t translated into English lol. Anyway, the Kanagawa tourism board said that they would fix this! And if you have any doubt, the staff in train station will always help you out. But i’m sure you know that already :)

Anyway, we bought the ticket from Yokohama, so it costs 2,960 yen, which is about RM85. If you come from Shinagawa, Tokyo it is just like 100 yen (RM3) extra. What does it include?

1. Keikyu Train round trip ticket

2. Keikyu Express Bus Unlimited rides

3. Maguro Meal Coupon (the highlight of the trip!)

4. Activity/Entertainment Ticket

You will get 3 tickets, one for transport, one for your lunch/dinner, and one for the trip activity. Keep them safe and don’t lose them!

This is the Keikyu red train!


Yeap, that’s me, getting really excited to visit the countryside hahaha :D

See how different it is from Tokyo subways????

Such a nice change of mood! I really really love trains if it wasn’t breathlessly packed and i wasn’t pregnant :P

This is not related to the post but i noticed that the whole train was full of this poster ad. Curious, i studied it, and it turned out to be an advertisement for the Keikyu train itself. It says, “Speed Up!!! From Haneda to city center (and vice versa) via Keikyu”.

By 1 minute.

You may be like yeah that’s how long i take to Instagram a selfie/take a dump. Big deal. But big deal it is. Maybe i have already gone mad, but i actually felt very touched when i saw this poster. I mean, these people, they are forever churning their brains to come up with better and better improvements to their already amazing services/products (mainly because if they don’t, somebody else will). Even a train that is 1 minute faster. Is a big big deal for many of its passengers. I mean, after all, you now get to take one extra dump.

Which is why this place is only getting forever awesomererererer. And it’s just one of the littlest things i appreciate about this country.


Ok back to main topic.

Where was i? Oh right, i love trains.

Yea, i mean, A FIELD FULL OF DAIKON?!?  (Daikon is another specialty of Miura. There are white radish farms everywhere, apparently.)

Can you even begin to imagine the sheer magnitude of awesomeness?? Just try to picture the soft, richly dashi-infused chunk of juicy, translucent daikon swimming blissfully in hot Oden stock (alongside its sidekicks Ikaten, Konnyaku and Tsukune)….. And now multiple it by tens of thousands. That’s… roughly how awesome it is lolol. I want to unearth all of them now.

So with the Misaki Maguro ticket, we reached Miura Kaigan, and then a transfer to Misakiguchi.

After that you will have to take a bus to the sea port. Taking bus may be a little challenging for foreigners (even for the locals sometimes!), there’s a tourist guide in English, and it all else fails, you just have to ask to bus driver. :D

Misaki port!!!!

It was a windy day no doubt!

But a  sunny day!

This is Miuratsunanosuke lolol. Bet you can’t pronounce that XD. It is the mascot for Miura, and it is, of course, a Tuna.


So getting back to the second ticket of Misaki Maguro Ticket, it is an entertainment/acitivity coupon, you can choose your favorite from:

1. Rainbow Glass Boat, a boat with glass glass panels inside so you can see the fishes swimming beneath you!

2. Kirari Glass Craft and Art

3. Hot Spa at Keikyu Hotel

I think there are a few more amusement parks and hotsprings, you can find out more from the brochures!


I really wanted to go on the glass boat but they stopped the boat due to strong wind T____T

So we went for Kirari Glass Art instead!

Iwate san and i going to decorate our little glass art!

It’s actually very very simple, you get to choose a couple of glass ornaments, and your choice of colored sand to decorate your own glass.


I picked a doggy and a seashell. Obviously for my Shiba Inu :P


Pour the colored sand (you can make patterns with it too, but i’m not too good!), and place the ornaments the way you like, and done!

She shop staff would then pour hot jelly into the glass, and it takes 15 minutes to cool off, so you can wait there (while shopping!), or go for your lunch first.

Our glass art, done! :D

They also have super amazing glass desserts that could be used as jewelry boxes <3


After that, it was lunch time!

Haha no this wasn’t our lunch.


There are many many restaurants you could choose from the brochure, and all of them are of course, Tuna dishes. Be it tuna steak or sashimi,  it’s all Maguro!!!

We picked one that is located just by the port.

Our tuna set meals!

Iwate san has the Maguro Steak set

And for me the Maguro Don.

I haven’t been back in Japan in a while, wanted to cry at how fresh it was T____T

And i finished the last grain in my bowl. Being away for so long made me appreciate it all the more T__T.

At the end of the meal, you can just pay with the Misaki Maguro coupon!

The meal itself costs about 1,500 yen without the coupon, so it’s a big saver!


There are actually a lot more to see and do in Miura and Misaki, but we had to head to Kamakura in the afternoon, so that’s all for now!

If you have been to Miura/Misaki before, do let me know if you have any other tips! :)


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