Eat Tokyo Spring 2014

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Food post again :P

The usual, you know la, don’t read while hungry and all that. After pasting all these photos i also felt hungry myself lol.

Here are the noms we had in Japan. Yakiniku and sushi took 90% of my tummy space lol.


Fav burger at 76 CAFE Omotesando. As always. ♡



Tsukemen (Dipping ramen) near my apartment. Where can i find eggs liddis in Malaysia T_____T



Healthy lunch with Izu at Omotesando.



First sashimi in Tokyo.



This was just, like, appetizers. After that there was another 6 courses or so :X



Eggs Benedict at Eggcelent Roppongi.



Berry pancakes



Grapefruit juice as fresh as you can get. Straight from the… erm.. grapefruit.



Yessssssssss sushi yesssss.



1. Liver tataki 2. Gyutan sashimi 3. Grilled Gyutan 4. Giant ginko nuts.

Probably was danna’s favorite gyutan so far.



Xiaxue’s favorite ramen shop in Shibuya.



So…. where can i get eggs liddis in Malaysia T___T.



Freshly baked cheesy Calbee potato crisp from Harajuku.



Fancy Yakiniku place called Yoroniku with Nanaco and Omatsu san. The last Houjicha shaved ice was sooooo goooood.

Yakiniku was a tastebud explosion. But wallet also explode lol.



Arhgggggggggg. I literally just made that sound lol.



Overflowing sushi with Xiaxue late at night!



One day later, Yakiniku again 

With my best Yakiniku buddy Omatsu san.






Yukke, Horumonyaki and fatty beef with daikon oroshi.




Chef also entertaining maximus. Got sing wasabi song summore lolol.



The next day ate clean food because i really ate way way waaaaaay too much yakiniku.



Quick snack at home.






Half-price Ichigo shortcake from combini lol.



Sushi. Again.



Burger again at 76CAFE. They always run out of Avocado Burger but i finally had it!!!



Danna’s favorite Yakitori place. If any foreigner goes to this place sure get a major shock and maybe will sue the restaurant because the chicken is half-grilled (still raw inside wtf). But it is supposed to be that way. And famous for it.


Yakitori Don


Takoyaki standing bar for supper.




Anyway i had visitors none stop from Malaysia (hahahah really say until it’s like my country liddat) so i had to bring them around in Tokyo, and naturally we go for sushi and beef. That’s all i ate for one whole month. And no complaints whatsoever lol.



Birthday dinner with QiuQiu and her hubby and danna at our fav Okinawa restaurant. I hope they liked it!!!



76CAFE again with Qiu and Josh the next day. I had number 1 but danna’s karaage set (no.2) was the yummiest.



Omuraisu and Carbonara at Milk Cafe.



Takoyaki again.



Danna’s Shirase Oba pasta. Surprisingly very very good.


My Uni Cream pasta topped with baked salt-crusted (?!) egg!



I freaking love Yoshinoya Gyudon!

Buy happiness for just RM15!!!



Giant Katsusan (Tonkatsu sandoichi lol) while doing hair at number76 Omotesando.



Before coming back to Malaysia, danna brought me to try this famous Hamburg shop in Shibuya.

BEST. HAMBURG. EVER. My god i was so so so thankful he brought me there. A complete gastronomical end to my journey.



After the whole no-preggo-on-flight drama at Haneda airport, i bought these for dinner. Save money dowan order shitty Airasia food lolol.

Haih. And that’s the end.







Hungry yet? :P

I know. You can’t have these food unless you buy a flight to Japan now. BUT there are also many many good restaurants in Malaysia la. And the best ones are always full hor. Such a bummer if you visit your favorite restaurant just to get turned down because it is full.

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Pregnant Mom Get-together!

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Preggo mamas need friends! I’m inviting those of you who are pregnant too to come for a sharing session with me!

Okay, more on that later.

Anyway, i realized i haven’t updated much on baby news! I have never been busier after coming back from Japan. There’s a whole month worth of work to catch up with, i gotta start preparing for the big day when the baby arrives, and most of all i’m busy with moving to a more spacious house!!!

All these happening at the same time is really making me fully occupied everyday that i don’t even have time to worry or whine about any pregnancy woes (huh, what stretch marks? Deal with that later!).

I am happy to report that i am now in my 31st week and everything is going fine! And … exactly two more months to go!

Just months ago, baby was the size of a cherry. And now he is the weight of a pumpkin!

Pregnancy has been rather kind on me, as i encountered very few pregnancy textbook problems. The only major troubles i had were:

1. A UTI infection during week 16.

It was horrible. One day i was just in so much pain (the entire abdomen) i couldn’t walk, and i thought something terrible was happening. Totally freaked out and couldn’t stop my mind running wild. The danna rushed back to send me to emergency, and the doctor suspected it was either appendicitis (which will involve a surgery!!!!) or UTI infection. I was so so glad that it was just my bladder messing up and i was sent home with just medications, and it got better a few days later.

2. A major drama at Haneda airport.

We always fly Japan Airlines, but this trip i had to extend my stay for a week due to work and JAL was all fully booked T__T. I die die must rush back for the neogal party so in the end i had to buy a new flight from Air Asia. Usually JAL lets you fly up to 36 weeks (any later than that you will need a letter from your doctor or have your obgyn with you on the flight). But i carelessly forgot to check AA’s airline policy. And they did not let me board the plane because i was over 28 weeks. It freaked me out sooooo much, having sweaty palms and almost a panic attack because if i couldn’t make it, i won’t be able to attend the important event (client will kill me T___T) and i would be stranded in Japan, alone. Homeless. T____T After 2 hours of  anxious waiting and lots of expensive international phone calls, i finally made it. So moral of the story is, always, always remember to check your airline’s policy. T____T.

3. Constipation.

This was the worst. I don’t want to go into detail but it was bothering me so much i am having trauma just thinking about daily toilet affair (if only it was daily T___T). It scared me shitless. (HA. HA. HA.) It got worse and worse as the pregnancy progresses despite all the fiber and vegetable intake. I went to my doctor for help, and she recommended probiotics. So of course the first thing in my mind was Yakult, which i then ordered cartons lolol. And to my great relief, it helped the situation.

Anyway! You all know i am a big fan of Yakult! And for cultured milk drink i take nothing but Yakult in Malaysia, because it is just the best. Some other people prefer X brand because it is “more worth it” (ie: bigger bottle, hence more value), but to me it’s the live cultures in the bottle that counts! And Yakult has the most live cultures compared to any other brands.

And why is Yakult so tiny?? Because for one bottle, even though it is just a few gulps, you get extra kao-kao good cultures (which is the whole point of drinking cultured beverages in the first place!) for your tummy AND save on the calories and sugar (especially Yakult Light). That, my friends, is the smartest choice. Because you don’t want to be drinking diluted cultured drink laden with sugar and colors and artificial flavors. Understand? :D

And…… i was a little desperate for a stronger measure. So i also took this Yakult probiotics in powder form, which was a life saver!!!! It’s so effective yet gentle (even baby of 3 months old can consume it!!!) it seriously saved my pregnant life man. Unfortunately it was only available in Japan. So i stocked it up before i left Japan. When i went to the drugstore, the pharmacist gave me a very sympathetic look and immediately recommended i also take the latest Yakult probiotics in pill forms which is strawberry flavored!

Apparently constipation is a super common problem among pregnant women! So make sure you stock up your Yakult drinks once your pee stick turns two lines.


Anyway, i’m sure pregnancy works differently for everyone, and it’s only i experienced it for the first time myself, i realized how important it is to have experienced friends or experts to help you out when you have doubts or questions about your precious baby in your belly and your own health.

So! I am inviting those of you young woman who are in the same situation as me (having a wonderful miracle in your belly!) to come for the event:

Healthy & Happy Pregnancy organized by Yakult Malaysia

Date: 3rd May 2014

Venue: Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya

Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm


During the event, there will be some activities, including:

1. Free health check

2. Diet tips for pregnant moms (most frequently asked question on my blog!! So now you can ask the experts yourself!)

3. Lactation consultation

4. Pregnancy care & labour

5. Maternity fashion tips (by me hahahhaha. I can only talk about CheatOne™ fashion tips wtf)


To join the event, you just need to send in your “Most Burning Questions” related to pregnancy that you want answered by the experts. You can send your questions to:

before 25th April 2014. And remember to include your name and contact number!

As this is an event for pregnant moms, so naturally it is only open for pregnant ladies, and 20 participants with best questions will be chosen to the event. And of course you can also bring your spouse.

I will be there too, so hope to see you guys there!! And yes you can see my baby bump for real this time. Don’t get a shock lolol. :D


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Sakura and all things pink III

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Sakura year 2012

Sakura Year 2013

And…. this year’s version. Just got back from Japan, finally settled down a little (with house still full of unpacked luggages omg), and i’m here to annoy you right away.


Needless to say, April is my absolute favorite month to visit Japan, not only i get to have an excuse to buy myself a birthday present (air tickets to japan), the whole country is also in-your-face-pink. Even people who hate pink, too bad, you just have to accept your fate, there’s no escape lolol.

And the reason for all the pinkness: sakura.

So of course there’s the white (more like pink) strawberries! I’m not sure if it is seasonal, but i only seem to see it during spring!

Indulgence every year!

Pink candy-cherry earring.

Snidel pink pop corn!


Cheat One™ Full bloom at Shibuya station!!!


Pink Lolita shop


Pink ice-cream from Haagan Dazs


And limited edition Sakura and Rose flavored Haagen Dazs.

Tasted surprisingly good!

Even SKII is not losing out.


And of course McDonald’s has to be all sakura-themed.


Sakura macaron from Q Pot cafe


Pregnancy application also all pink XD


All pink YSL party!


My absolute favorite dish washer JOY is also now pink!


Even vending machines are sakura-themed!


Night sakura


Sakura Mont Blanc


Pink Hello Kitty goods


Pink Hello Kitty iPhone sticker


Tsubaki. The most perfect flower i’ve seen ♡


Sakura Jelly with a whole sakura in it!

Pink sakura jelly and mochi set

Pink party by Qoo!


White strawberry upgrade —> Shiroi Ichigo tart


Pink hello kitty toilet paper


Sakura donuts


Sakura jam


Sakura marshmallow


Sakura sparkling wine! (Keeping it for later haha)


Ok that’s all! Which was your favorite pink/sakura item? (Cannot say “ALL”!)









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Today i am going introduce yet another Japanese fashion website that delivers worldwide!

I’m sure one of the biggest woes for Japanese fashion lover overseas is the trouble of buying and shipping from online stores. The procedure is long and usually you end up paying a lot extra for all the shipping/concierge services.

KIEI TOKYO is not your usual mass fashion market. It is a new webstore that features various up and coming Japanese designers with their creative pieces.


There are several categories you can choose from, depending on your style of fashion, and once you order your items, they will ship it directly to you, and you pay the same retail price as in Japan,(during promotion, they even offer free worldwide shipping!!) Shopping for Japanese fashion has never been more worth it! XD

Of course the prices are higher than regular fast fashion brands, because these are created by creative individual local designers in Japan, which also mean that the items in the store are really one of a kind and you will probably not get it anywhere else!

Here are some of the brands under different categories that caught my attention:


Synaps and ARTY GRACE.



Guri, and APOLIA.

It is just sooooo Japanese <3

Some of the items available in store.





And so during my trip in Tokyo i had a chance to visit their office/press room for a tour, and tried on some of the items personally!


Coordinate 1

Top: Bodysong

Brooch: Hi-Me TOKYO

Close up of the ring. Black version and silver version available.

The brooch is from Hi-Me TOKYO, and they have all sort of funky accessories! On the image is the designer herself.

That’s a brooch and i pin it on the girl in my shirt hahaha. You can view it here.


Coordinate 2

Dress: Amie by Miely flare sleeve one piece in indigo.

Pearl ear cuff:

Rings: Hi-Me TOKYO

The pearl ear cuffs are super gorgeous!

And the trump card rings have reflective surface you can double up as a mini mirror. Super convenient for checking/touching up your make up XD

(Club ring and Heart Ring)


Coordinate 3

Set-up suit by ARTY Grace

Summer wool flat collar jacket 

Summer wool flare skirt


Coordinate 4

T shirt from q58

T shirt from q58

Cap from THUNDERBOX (coming soon!)


Coordinate 5

FUCK top from NuGgETEE


Coordinate 6

Unhappy Is Over maxi dress i bought from Kiei!! It’s super comfy!


T shirts: XXX


That’s all that i tried on!

With the person behind KIEI TOKYO, Ryo san. Thank you so much for the fashion visit!


to browse for more products!

 In conjunction of their grand opening, they are also offering at 10% discount coupon for everyone!!! :D

Remember they ship directly worldwide, and you pay the exact same retail price as in Japan. Happy shopping!


Preggo Coordinate Cheat One™

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Here’s a photo collection of all the coordinates during my trip in Tokyo so far! It’s a month’s worth so it’s really the biggest collection ever (wa talk until like big fashion show like that lol). It’s quite amazing how when you come to Japan, you won’t even think about slacking for even one day and just go no-make with anyhow-outfit. Cuz the fashionable people on the streets won’t allow you to even think about doing so lol.

Also i’m getting larger by day (sometimes really overnight) some of the clothes i brought here in the beginning don’t even fit anymore lol. Perfect excuse to shop for even more clothes!

Is it just me?? But I really don’t think a big belly is sexy in any way like everyone seems to think. And especially not those naked pregnancy pictures!!! (No. JUST NO.) So most of the time i just try to angle it in such a way to make it not so obvious XD. Having said that my bump is really quite big now and if you see me in real life you will actually get a shock hahahaha. I’m still not sure if it is the baby or all the birthday cakes.

So these are the Cheat One™ Coordinate (i haven’t done Cheat One™s in such a long time! XD) in chronological order by my pregnancy week and day:


Coordinate 1 (26w3d)

Top: lilLilly

Shoes: Converse

Bag: Jouetie


Coordinate 2 (26w4d)



Coordinate 3 (26w5d)

Dress & shoes: EMODA


Coordinate 4 (26w6d)

I know you want to ask!!! Caged heels are from lilLilly Tokyo.


Coordinate 5 (27w0d)

Tinkerbell top: LDS


Coordinate 6 (27w1d)




Coordinate 7 (27w2d)

Top says “I’ll take care of you!!” Maybe is mother instinct finally come out liao AHHAHAHA. Hardly ever wear so Harajuku!


Coordinate 8 (27w3d)

Leather jacket bought in H&M in Germany, in kid size lolol.


Coordinate 9 (27w4d)



Coordinate 10 (27w5d)

Navy set up: MeJane


Coordinate 11 (27w6d)

Shoes: MURUA


Coordinate 12 (28w0d)

Dress: Select shop

Jacket: Jouetie


Coordinate 13 (28w1d)



Coordinate 14 (28w2d)

Cherry earrings: lilLilly Tokyo

Denim: Vintage shop in Harajuku


Coordinate 15 (28w3d)

Shoes: Smir Nasli


Coordinate 16 (28w4d)



Coordinate 17 (28w5d)

Cardigan: MURUA


Coordinate 18 (28w6d)



Coordinate 19 (29w0d)

Lemon print top: EMODA


Coordinate 20 (29w1d)



Coordinate 21 (29w2d)



Coordinate 22 (29w2d)



Coordinate 23 (29w3d)

Knit top: EMODA


Coordinate 24 (29w4d)


Skirt: LDS

Clutch: Liz Lisa


Coordinate 25 (29w5d)

Jacket: EMODA


Coordinate 26 (29w6d)

Pink gingham jacket & dress: EMODA



Coordinate 27 (30w0d)

Trainer set-up: EMODA

And that was today!!! Which i turned 30 week along, which is 8 month and a half in Japanese pregnancy calendar! 10 more weeks to go!!!

I know ah. In this post you were also just scrolling to stare at my belly only ok now i feel shy. Hide baby, hide!!!

Anyway i’m quite amazed that in these whole 8 months i bought zero maternity clothing and managed to somehow fit into the usual clothes which i can still wear after delivery! Although i did get a belly band just last week cuz my back start to hurt like mad with all the crazy walking in Tokyo. But yea don’t let anyone fool you into buying expensive unflattering maternity pieces lol.

That’s all! Hope you all feel cheated.

Tell me your favorite preggo  Cheat One™!!! ^^




Herbal Essences Winners:

Anyway i’ve also picked 8 winners from the Herbal Essences entries, and they are:

1. Eri

2. Gina Ling

3. JacJacKhoo

4. Joey

5. Christy

6. Daphne

7. Jane

8. Marianna

Please email with your full name to claim your party tickets! ^^






Hanami Birthday 2014

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Every year my birthday wish is to be able to spend the day in Japan under the sakura with the people i ♡. It came true 3 years in a row.

2012′s birthday

2013′s birthday

3 years i get to see sakura in full bloom too! So… hint for you!!! If you wanna see sakura, come to Tokyo on my birthday lolol.

This year is extra awesome, because since many people took the hint, the entire KL and Singapore is in Tokyo during my birthday! Haih so busy i need to clone myself liao lolol.

So this year it’s pretty much the same. Danna took a day off for our date! In 2012 it was to Okinawa where i sort of, kind of, not really got proposed wtf. Last year was to Sendai as a married couple.

This year’s birthday is the best yet. We stayed in Tokyo and went for hanami in full bloom.

It was a birthday date with baby and baby’s papa under many many many sakura trees (with occasional sakura petal shower).

Reading back my blog entry in 2012, i was freaked out by how shitlessly happy life could actually be. And it continued for 2 years. Except i’m quite literally shitlessly happy now (thanks to pregnancy constipation).

Sakura is still as beautiful as ever. Except that this year i got a camera upgrade so it’s even more awesome! :D

Isn’t this crazy? I see it once a year, year after year and it still never ceases to amaze me.

Picnic under sakura trees.

Sakura dango.

Totally in an all-pink mood. For birthdays.


After hanami, we went to Akachan Honpo which is a huge baby shop! I never even thought about baby shopping (somehow the reality/maternal instinct whatever just never sets in!!) but i guess it is time to do something about it lol.

AHHHHHH we almost went crazy with the choices of just the stroller alone. Any recommendations?

One day.


In the evening RinRin came to Roppongi to celebrate my birthday!

She is really the sweetest. Reserved a cake, picked it up and carried all the way with her to come see me!!! And it’s the best cake ever!!!


Anyway the tragic thing was, 3 seconds after i took this picture, the cake slipped off the chair (we didn’t have a table so we put it on a curved chair) and totally smacked its face flat on the ground T_____T.

Liddis T___T


Floor cake. With mouse burying his face into cheese mash (冇眼睇).

But it was still the best cake ever.

Thank you so much.


At night still got 3rd round!!!

Qiu and her hubby were in town so we had a double date! Brought her to my favorite Okinawan restaurant in Shibuya.

Really very very happy all my fav people are in Tokyo as if they came all the way to celebrate with me hahhahaha no la it was mainly for the sakura but still!!! :D :D :D

Dinner! Sooooo much eggs cuz we all know how Qiu is crazy for eggs. Eat ALLLLL the Japanese eggs before going home!

After that went back to their hotel lobby to eat cakes. They bought me 4 cakes. So i ate 5 cakes on my birthday wtf.

Danna kept snapping pictures and this was me saying “ok liao gimme back camera” lolol.


That’s all for the birthday celebration!! It was super happy and awesome. In fact every single day in Japan feels like a birthday celebration because everything here is a gift.

Hope i can do the same next year! :D