EMODA Aug 2014

So i thought my love relationship with EMODA would sooner or later come to an end when i found out that i was gonna be a mommy.

But no! I was wearing EMODA pieces throughout my entire pregnancy (coordinate pictures here), it is amazing how there was a piece that would fit me at any stage of pregnancy, like magic!

And after Junya was born, i kind of had to dress all momsy (ahhhh all the restrictions you didn’t expect!) and say good bye to all the pretty but inconvenient tops (urgh breastfeeding), high heels/short skirts (while carrying a baby?!) and cute little bags (cannot fit milk bottles T__T).

While i was still drooling at those of 6-inches pumps, i actually managed to still shop for the exact fashion pieces i need!! I also noticed that part of EMODA’s collection is getting more casual/practical. Perhaps now that ENA is a mother, she knows exactly what would fit other moms perfectly too (i noticed that she’s been wearing lots of flats, sneakers and comfy pants, yet looks SO GOOD). I’m just so lucky to have her as a fashion inspiration!

Here are some of my EMODA coordinates recently!

Coordinate 1

Top, denim, sandal heels and rucksack all from EMODA.

You can still get Pop Leaf Decollete Top and Double Buttoned Denim Pencil Skirt on the website.


Coordinate 2

Hairband,  top, skirt & sandal heels all from EMODA.

That’s my favorite “breastfeeding top” lol.


Coordinate 3

Skirt and sandal heels from EMODA.

Love the Pop Leaf motif, you can wear the top and skirt as a set, but i always like wearing them separately so you get some fun mix-and-matching!

Get the Pop Leaf Midi Skirt and Wedge Sandals. I needed a pair of slip-on sandals that is super convenient yet has a little bit of height, this is perfect and so comfy!


Coordinate 4

Earrings, top, skirt and heels all from EMODA.

Decollete Line Short top could be worn off shoulder, but the one i got was M size (they ran out of S soooo fast but i really wanted this piece so i got M anyway lol) so it is a little loose.

Up waisted pencil skirt with belt has the perfect length for work! And love the silhouette!




Coordinate 5

Shoulder tie-up top:  an unusually sexy top for EMODA!

Side band high-waisted jeggingsi just LOVE EMODA’s bottoms. (i think i said too many times before). They really have the best and most flattering cutting ever! Even bester, they are also on sales now!!! Half price!!!



Coordinate 6

This is my “mommy outfit”! Top is great for breastfeeding (and the floral motif can conceal milk spit-ups lol), super comfy culottes and flats.


Choose Set Up Top

Wide Belt Culottes

Clear Band Sandal


That is all for now.


You can shop at EMODA GLOBAL WEBSTORE! Most of the items i wore in this post are on sale nowwwwww!! Most of them half-price only!


Some items even below 1000 yen!!!


Also, new AW items from Rockabilly Dolls collection are also up on the webstore!


And and…

More the reason to shop!!


This is my autumn outfit for Malaysian weather. XD

Coordinate 7

Hat and terry-cloth jeggings i bought last year from EMODA (and couldn’t wear cuz couldn’t fit pregnant belly lolol).


Best of all?

Free Shipping Worldwide!!!emp2


From today till 25th Aug!!



Ginvera Marvel White

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I used Ginvera when i was 14!

My highschool best friend and i would go to The Store (the only supermarket in Seremban back then lol) and very excitedly let the sales staff try on the legendary “Ginvera Marvel Gel” on our hands and really marveled at the result: one side is much fairer and smoother than the other. And we were instantly sold. With our very limited pocket money lol.

Sooooo many years after, Ginvera still prides itself with its hero product, this time more advanced and with a twist! I was invited to witness a wedding by Ginvera last week.

A wedding theme!

What could be the occasion? Whose wedding was it?

It was beautifully decorated with mint and white balloons, bridal bouquets and more.

There was also a dart game which i braved myself to play and actually succeeded and won a prize XD.

I am super afraid of balloons, and the game was to hit 4 black balloons (representing the blackheads) with 10 darts.


And… here comes the bride and her groom.

Apparently, it was the marriage of Mr Shiso and Miss Green Tea.

Hahha i think that’s such a cute idea for a product launch!

The new Ginvera Marvel White now marry two unique Japanese ingredient, namely Shiso and Green Tea to create not just fairer but flawless skin.

Green tea, as everybody knows, has great anti-oxidant and whitening benefits, while shiso is a natural active ingredient with excellent anti-inflammatory effect, which provides soothing relief from redness and itchiness, and help to prevent formation of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples by inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

With the beautiful newly wed Miss Green Tea.

And the super handsome Mr Shiso.


So… i brought home the whole range of Ginvera Marvel White products to try out!

The complete Ginvera Marvel White range. Here are the step-by-step demo on using the products:


 Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel

“Zero blackheads in 1 step for fair and flawless skin.”

It’s so gentle you can use it every day without causing any irritation.

Just apply it on problem area (i applied it on my entire face cuz it gives a wonderful yet gentle exfoliation), and massage in circle. Unlike scrubs, this gel is is jelly like without any beads, and it feels silky smooth on skin!

You will then feel the dead skin coming off, then rinse with water.



After that, you can choose to cleanse your face with:

Marvel WHite Complete Cleansing Foam

“Deeply cleanses for flawless, translucent and radiant skin.”

Lather it well, and gentle massage onto face and then rinse off with water.


Marvel White Refining Toner  

“Tone, refine and purify just in one convenient spray.”

So simple! No cotton pad needed, and it can be used as a face mist any time too!


And lastly…

Marvel White Whitening Face Lotion

“Day & night nourishment for flawless, radiant skin.”

Not forgetting the moisturizing step!


Result is instant brighter & smoother complexion!!

And the price for Ginvera Marvel WHite Marvel Gel?


As affordable as ever!


You can  get it from major departmental stores like Aeon, Tesco, Parkson, and leading pharmacies like Watson, Guardian and Caring.

Hanami with NALU

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Tokyo photo post!

It’s amazing half a year later my blog still can haz sakura lol. Anyway Hanami is really one of my favorite things to do in the world!

At 7 months pregnant and running out of flattering clothes to wear, i became a Devoted Zombie to see sakura XD.

Wore the most comfortable outfit available that day!

So it was full bloom finally! :D :D :D

NALU (76 in Omotesando Tokyo) always has an annual hanami gathering each sakura, this time they did it in Yoyogi.

(This was last year’s.)


Recording a timelapse.

RinRin joined us too!

How happy is that!!! Lots of awesome snacks, beer, (not for me), beautiful floral background and great company!!!


Took so many picture of us against the background cuz it’s just too unreal!


With Gomi san.


Can you spot any snacks you like? XD

RinRin bought Sakura edition cocktail but neither of us could drink :(

Could just pose with the cans lol

This was my drink! Apple & White Peach blend.

Inari sushi

Dejima san kena abused lol


And forced drink alco XD

I didn’t join the drinking team so i played with Himari chan instead!

She is soooooooo cute

Love her #ootd too!

Chiji & Himari selfie.


Cannot stop taking pictures of her!!!


Himari’s own selfie haha

AGHHHH i want a daughter too!!!!


So it was mankai (full bloom), RinRin and i of course went on our own little 美人与花 photoshoot lolol.

Nah 美人与花 failed HHAHAHA


SO we were trying to capture the sakura on top of us cuz they were just soooo pretty, and ended up with pictures like this:

Cuz the angle was just way too unflattering we had to cover half our face XD

A not too bad one

One more solo!


We were there until about sun down.

Clean up and go home.

I’m sure you have noticed how clean Japan is but it still amazes me every single time. Thousands of people visit this park every day yet there was no garbage to be seen.

A very tipsy Tsubaki (was forced lots of cocktails by her evil Senpai lol).


With Yukali

And Gomi san. My two favorite girls from NALU. Gomi san has worked there for more than 10 years!!!! If you visit 76 Tokyo you can look for her, she is the sweetestest!!


Sakura at sunset

The end.




Not. Still got more to come hahahaha.

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Hello Confidence!

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10 years ago when i started this blog, i was still in college rambling about assignments and boring lectures.

I would have never imagined that 10 years later i would be the me today. I was bored, pessimistic and perpetually emo and heartbroken. I was afraid unsure about the future and i was totally not looking forward to what’s down the road for me (10 years later? I would be OLD!).

But looking back now and reflecting all that has happened, i think it couldn’t have turned out any better.

I want to travel back 10 years earlier, give the younger me a hug and tell her, “no offence but, 10 years later, you will look so much better than you are now, have a moderately successful career, you will marry a good man, have a cute baby and you will experience all the happiness, so don’t be sad!”, and the 10-year-younger me would roll her eyes and say “yeah right whatever.” lolol.

Some of you may have grown together with this blog and the blog owner, but i also realize that there are many of you here who are young and perhaps bored and emo and heartbroken like i was lol. I’m just here to give you all a virtual hug and to say, just like aged cheese, it only gets better older .

Anyway, so those of you who are still in your glorious late teens and early twenties, perhaps you have just graduated, and are looking for a job that would define your life?

“Hello Confidence” by Shine On is a site created for fresh grads and first jobbers to pick up confidence-boosting tips and tricks, and personal grooming skill that would be useful for your next interview.

there are 5 sections and i will elaborate more!


First of all, coming from someone who loves fashion, i think dressing up right could determine your success! In the site you can find useful fashion tips and even submit your own photos in interview outfit.

I also did a little contribution to the site! I was asked to do a tutorial video on make up & hairdo for your first job interview.

Here’s the video:

You can also watch it on Shine On website along with other blogger’s personal grooming tips!


Secondly, you can never prepare enough for your upcoming interview. Do you get nervous or have a bad memory?

Here’s a checklist that will help you as well as guidance for job interview.


So now you are dressed up gorgeous, have 10 pens and notepad on standby in your briefcase, but are freaking out and have no idea what you should say to your potential employer?

Watch the Body Talk guide to master your body language and perhaps a good choice to memorize a few interview ice breaker to avoid that awkward silence.


Next, learn how to impress in just 15 seconds!

You can upload your pitch, and also like and comment on other user’s entry, likewise other users will give you feedback on your pitch too.


Lastly, if you are ready for something more challenging, you can try out Idea Cube.

You will be given a random business model to practice and also learn from others on how to sell ideas creatively. Who knows you may learn something really useful from each others!

That is all and do go over to Hello confidence! to start preparing for your big interview day now!






New job

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Junya turned 2 months!

Which also means i have assumed the job as a mom for two months now. A job that you can never resign from until the day you die, no matter how the job sucks.

Although my employer doesn’t pay me a single cent, and would spit on me occasionally all the damn time, i find myself quite enjoy this new job.

A lot of people also have been telling me how envious they are that i make motherhood look so effortless. Well, all i can say is that do not trust things you see on Instagram (after all, there is this deception called “filter”).

Most parents of course post only the happiest and most beautiful pictures of their baby and family, and that does not exclude me. Behind all the cute infant smiles and coordinate pictures with impossibly high heels, is a mad woman with shit hair (most of the time) wearing recycled T shirts stained with parmesan-flavored spit-up trying to reclaim a half-eaten soiled diaper from her dog’s mouth.

True story.

Unbelievable right? Instagram is the biggest liar.

Anyway, here are some of my job descriptions for the first few weeks into my new career:

  • 1. Some of the days you will have to have breakfast in bed with your baby. You eat while he eats. With one hand. After that you may or may not have to wash the bed sheet.
  • 2. It is a requirement to learn how to hold chopsticks with your left hand. Of which you fail, you will have to resort to go back to using big spoon. And eat like a baby.
  • 3.  You will have to eat half your dinner at 6pm, and then finish the rest at 10pm.
  • 4. Sometimes you may have to put your baby on the dining table like a dish because that’s the easiest feeding position wtf.
  • 5. You will have to brave the moments when you remove a diaper and your baby’s butt is pointing right at you.
  • 6. You will have to take a quiet bath instead of a shower just so you can hear what’s happening outside your bathroom.
  • 7. And when you decide to take a shower instead, you will have to turn it off at least 20 times mid shower due to suspicion of baby crying. But 99% of the time it’s just your imagination.
  • 8. No job will ever require you to take off your shirt so damn often you may as well be topless all the time.
  • 9. By the end of the month you will unlock the achievement of pumping, breastfeeding AND putting up make up SIMULTANEOUSLY.
  • 10. Suddenly you will learn how to keep your sleeping position as stiff as a Chinese Zombie (if you co-sleep with your baby like i do. On a queen size bed. With your husband.).
  • 11. Your legs are also hands.


Also i some of the 2014 Mom Problems i face:

  • 12. Snap 15 burst-mode pictures, want to keep ALL.
  • 13. Forever running out of memory on iPhone.
  • 14. Not sure if it is your baby crying or it’s your baby crying on his grandma’s iPhone in a recorded video.


Lastly, after being in this job for two months, i also realized that:

  • 15. No matter how reluctant you are, at one point you will succumb to tasting your own breast milk. I once tasted a 3-hour-old room temperature breast milk, gagged instantly and thought “my baby has been happily drinking this shit for two months?!” Now i found new respect for babies. And will stop eating durians.
  • 16. Annoyingly, there’s an On-Off switch for every dad. When it is switched Off (deliberately, every single day), the dad can sleep through the fiercest murderous wail your baby make middle of the night. (Miraculously they actually can switch it back on while you are away.)
  • 17. The exact same thing your baby does is so much less cute at 5am than at 10am.
  • 18. The milk-coma face (i call it the Oppai-High), is nature’s way of making this nightmare called breastfeeding all bearable and worth it.
  • 19. You have many more funny things to say but and you can’t recall a single thing because your post-pregnancy brian fails you. (Is that how you spell brian?)


That’s all for now.

Are you in the same job? How is it like?

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Did you know?

When your baby turns 1 year old, he would have used about 3,000 diapers!

From birth till now, Junya has tried almost all the diaper brands in the market, (complementary from the hospital, gift from friends, etc) and as his mom who hashad the experience of changing something like 500 diapers now, i can say without any hesitation that the best diaper in the market now, is


Merries is Japan’s No.1 selling diaper, trusted locally and around the world. I have been reading a lot of Japanese parenting magazines, and you know how Japanese always have ranking for everything? Merries is almost always ranked no.1 in Japan.

A lot of my friends know that Merries is indeed the best diaper you can ever pamper your baby with, but they always say “but it is so expensive!

It is true, Merries, compared to other diaper brands in the market is priced one of the highest (about RM25 for a 24 piece pack), but here’s why it is all worth it:

1. Of all the Merries diapers i have used, there wasn’t a single leakage up till today. The diaper contour fits the baby’s anatomy perfectly.

2. It is the softest diaper i’ve ever touched! The rest of the diapers from other brand always feel so uncomfortable on my hand, let alone on Junya’s delicate little bum.

3. Merries’ speciality is its “airiness”. Even when super full, there’s no moisture on my hand when i touch it!! Junya has never gotten diaper rash (touch wood) until today.

4. And this is the most important: a Merries diaper last very, VERY long. a could put Junya in a new diaper and put him to sleep. It lasts through the whole night!! (I found this out accidentally because i was just waaay too sleepy for midnight diaper change lol) When i change it the next morning, the diaper is round and full but never a leakage.

For other brands, they almost never fail me: leakage every damn time. It exploded on my bed, on his cot, on sofa, on my clothes, on his clothes, everywhere!!!! i had to spend so much time and effort to clean up the mess. Sure, i can change his diaper more often, but when you think about it now, for a diaper that last much, much longer, minus the extra cost you spend on laundry and replacing soiled clothing, Merries is actually more worth it in every aspect.

Junya is graduating from newborn size, so i had to use up all the diapers from other brands that’s left in the house, and the usual explosion happened. i got so angry i tweeted:


Sorry for the dirty language, literally.

But yea. I LOVE MERRIES! Did i mention that it is also the only Made in Japan diaper in the market? That makes it twice more awesome! ♡


Is your baby’s bottom worth it? If yes, then you don’t have to think but go for Merries ^^

You can check out

Merries brand site at www.kao.com/my/merries or Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MYMERRIES.  

Happy baby, happy mommy.