I’m sure by now you have come across at least a couple of luxurious bag online stores, and iMyBags is one of the leaders in Asia. takes pride in bringing in the latest trends from the world of fashion and luxury, and here you would probably find just about all the brands adored by celebrities and socialites around the globe!

I was quite surprised to find out that in year 2014, iMyBags took it a step further and made itself a one-stop online store for all types of bags, including computer, pet, sports, travel, etc etc!

Here are some of the items sent to me for this review!

The parcel arrived in a big box right at my door step. It is sealed and well protected so you won’t have to worry about damage of the bags during shipping.


1. Prada Medium Shopping Tessuto Saffiano

iMyBags of course sells only authentic and brand new bags, and there will be a money back guarantee if the product is defective.



2. Michael Kors Large Ew Tote Genuine Leather

Love this bag!!


3. Hugger My Hot Momma Diaper Bag

So! IMB sells not only high street branded bags, now you can also shop for every bag you need in your life. Like me i really needed more diaper bags (i only have blue so far haha), and Hugger has a lot of choices for all you hot mamas!

The bag is really spacious, it comes with different compartments and also a changing pad too. What’s better, it also comes with a matching toddler size back pack! How cutttteeee! I can’t wait for Junya to be walking so he can wear that :D


4. Tumi Large Voyageur Macon Laptop Carrier

For the workaholic, you can also find something stylish to put your laptops in wherever you go!


5. Slappa Medium Kampus Backpack – Brown 16″

This is totally not me but hey, why not! Who knows one day i will turn into a mountain-trekking pro XD. It looks useful for the danna though so maybe i would get him one!


6.Herlitz Small Mini Softbag Thunder and Pencil Case

Lastly, there’s even something for Junya! lol. Although he is juuuuust a little too young for it!


So, other than what you have seen, what other bags does IMB carry?

Pet carriers for the furkid-maniacs


School bags for kids like the one Junya features XD

Outdoor bags, gym bags and even something for music lovers!!


Last but not least, don’t forget of course all the most loved branded.


Also, one of the perks of joining as a member is that you actually get to earn extra $ discounts, making your shopping experience even more rewarding.

You will earn iDollar for ever purchase made, and you will also collect Experience Point (XP), there are six levels for you to achieve, and you get to enjoy up to 15% discount and other benefits! Check out their website for more reward details.

Lastly, don’t forget that iMyBags provide free delivery WORLDWIDE for all purchase!


Shop at iMyBags now!

For Singaporean readers, you can also go to

Imybags will also be opening an Office cum Showroom at B1-22/23/24  Tanglin Shopping Centre  from mid October .

For all you mobile junkies, you can view the bags more efficiently if you download their mobile app on ios and android for free!

Lastly, do check out their FB page, and Instagram acc: @imybags.


Also!! For Cheeserland’s reader, you will get a free Slappa Ear Bud if you purchase any bag from IMB!! Just key in the code “CheesieIMB” upon check out, it is valid until 20th Oct! 





EMODA Sep 2014

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It’s autumn!

Autumn clothing is one of my favorite because i think it could be the most sophisticated and stylish, as it unleashes the best creativity of a fashionista. When i look at how fashion people style themselves, i always look forward to what they do in autumn. It’s not too cold that you will only been seen in the thickest jacket 3 weeks in a row, but it’s cool enough for you to play with lots of layering, and i love that.

EMODA’s AW2014 theme is Rockabilly Dolls.


Check out those shoes!!!

Always love Rotation Coordinate and the inspiration it gives.


Some of EMODA’s early autumn pieces.

New arrival on EMODA Global.



My coordinate!

Coordinate 1

Shoulder tie-up top and Side band high-waisted jeggings . Wore the exact coordinate last month, just styled it differently.

Coordinate 2

My pregnant dress bought from EMODA press sales in Tokyo, and the bag that got lots of lots of likes! This Box Pouch Bag still available in EMODA Global, on sales too! Clear sandal heels from EMODA too.


Coordinate 3

In this coordinate:

Heart logo tee : Recently in love with simple T shirts.

Roll-Up Ankle Jeggings : Forever in love with EMODA’s jeggings. I am so addicted to them i want to have every single design and colors!

T-Strap Lady Pumps : I haven’t had a pair of stilettos for the longest time!! So used to wearing flats and wedges since pregnancy, this pair is my new obsession!!!!

Clear Shoulder Bag : Ladies you are in luck. This bag is stillavailable AND on sale.


Coordinate 4

Square Decolette Flare Dress, bag, iphone case and sneakers all from EMODA.

Pregnancy inspired me a lot how i could play with usual clothing that could be worn DURING and AFTER baby bump. And i sort of got used to wearing super comfy now i just keep going back to it. Maybe… the dress could be for future use too…? :P


Coordinate 5

Some of the latest arrival!

Maxi coats were hot since summer time, so comes autumn it gets thicker and naturally Maxi Trench Coats are this season’s essential. Available in Navy and Beige. Leggings and pumps are the same as above!


Coordinate 6

Rockabilly Doll’s signature print: Heart Spot Knit Cardigan. Also available in Red and B&W. Somehow green appealed to me the most and i’m also lacking this hue in my wardrobe to play around with!

Leather skirt, enamel shoulder bag and socks are also from EMODA.



And for more new arrival, read EMODA’s latest magazine!

Don’t forget to follow EMODA on Instagram to see their latest collection! <3

Oui, Ayano Ruban & dinner with Yuria & lost doggies

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(Tokyo Photopost)

This was a few days after my birthday in Tokyo! That time still very happening almost fully booked every day lolol. Must maximize play time before the baby arrives!

Coordinate of the day. The shoes are Cheat One™ because they were quite high and i had a whole day of walking, so changed to flats later on!

Make of the day. Only in Japan i bother to put on colorcon nowadays XD


So i cabbed to Omotesando and visited this super cute little apparel shop called Oui, Ayano Ruban.

Hello Kitty lovers will LOOOOOVE this because they always have collab items with Hello Kitty!

With Ayano, the producer of the brand. And she’s wearing Oui, Ayano Ruban of course!


Here are some of the decor and apparel items in the shop:

Ruban means Ribbon in French, and being a pink and everything-girly lover, Ayano designed everything to be super dreamy and princessy!


As you can see, lots and lots and lots of ribbons!

Kitty Collab items! The Ruban Kitty is wearing a giant pink bow, and the designs are also shapes of ribbon. #Ribbonception


There’s also a pet corner in the shop, where you can find the princessiest accessories for your fur babies.

Bags for pets (i think).


After Ruban, i also went to lilLilly to buy their summer swimsuit. HAHAHA so buay paiseh wan still 7 months pregnant already planning for bikini body lolol.

Todays shopping!

The Holiday In Paris bag is from Liz Lisa and it’s QiuQiu’s bday present for me.



Then night time i had a romantic dinner date with Yuria at Omotesando to celebrate our belated birthdays! <3

She’s also an Aries, and i just loooove hanging out with her because we could talk about everything!! I’m older than her but i always feel that she’s the elder sister cuz she’s just so caring and always looking out for me <333

My fake champagne Yuria ordered for me :D

And her real beer XD

Love this restaurant!! I don’t think i’ve had such dainty meals in Japan cuz i always go for the stuff like Yakiniku and Ramen XD

Even mash and cheese have to look so good.


Romantic dinner indeed!

Yuria also ordered a cake for me!!

And a present!!!!!

It was Tokyo Lalini for baby Junya <3


I couldn’t eat the cake cuz we both were so so full so i brought to NALU and shared it with the staff, and eveveryone said that it’s the best strawberry cake they have ever ad @___@




I went back home to rest, the danna was hungry so we went downstairs to buy some stuff from the combini, and we saw a couple sitting outside with these two fellas.

Two cute Shiba Inu, apparently they are lost, according to the couple. They had been waiting there for over an hour hoping that the owner would find the dogs, but to no avail. They were so so worried they also called the police, and went into the combini tand bought water for the doggies.

I was very touched!!! So the danna and i also decided to stay and see how we could help out. They were so so so obedient! I don’t understand how they could get lost cuz they were so quiet and looks well-trained. I also felt quite sad for the owner, because we just decided to get Champon just weeks ago (he was still at the breeder’s place waiting for vaccination), and i would be devastated it that happened to me.


So the danna said, why don’t you tweet about this and see if anyone knows these dogs. In my heart i thought it was quite impossible la, it is Tokyo! I doubt i have many Japanese followers and that my mere tweet could actually do anything.

But i did it anyway.

I tweeted in Japanese reporting two lost Shiba Inu at Roppongi area, hoping my followers could spread the news.

In just a couple of hours, i got over 2000 retweets.

That was the most retweeted tweet in my entire tweeting history. Ever.


The police came and brought the two doggies back to the station, and we went back up to our apartment.

Just a short while after, i received a tweet mention from a Japanese follower saying that she was surprised to see the two dogs she just met at hanami earlier on the same day, and when she called the police, they told her it’s been found and brought home by the owner.


Incredible, this social media thing. Hope that the doggies are happily united with their owner!








Big Little Me

I received a care package from Big Little Me specially selected for my family! They carry organic products that are family/children focused at affordable prices. The shop owner Justine is so thoughtful she typed a personalized card for every product she sent me and explained what the products do and why she thinks i needed them. <3


Bio+Green Crystals

This baby-safe multi surface & toy cleaner comes in a sachet, you just drop it into the bottle that comes with it and mix it with warm water until it dissolves. It’s completely toxic-free and made up of plant derived ingredients. You can spray it on your baby’s toys/playmats and and it’s perfectly safe for pets too! (I use it to clean Champon’s toys.)


Little Innoscents

I also received a vapour balm and a soothing cream. The vapour balm smells really gentle, and it’s free from petroleum jelly. Totally need this when i bring Junya back Japan in winter! The soothing cream is not just a diaper rash cream, but a solution to sooth insect bites too. It works on babies with sensitive skin/suffering from eczema.


Bio Shield Healthy Feet

Justine sent this actually for the danna (probably because she saw how many dirty pair of shoes he has from my pictures lololol).  It helps protect the feet from bacteria that causes Athlete’s Foot and eliminate odor. Spray it on before putting shoes/socks or after exiting from public wet areas and rub into feet.


Bio Shield Body Protectant

The red one is Kiddie and blue for adults! Those of you who have little ones for sure are very conscious about hygiene. Instead of using sanitizers to clean your hands after touching a dirty objects, why not protect yourself BEFORE you even get exposed to it? Bio Shield contains all natural ingredients (including my favorite natto!), and you can just spray it on to protect yourself or your baby/kids from germs and common cold. Perfect for traveling with kids especial in public area  or enclosed environment like the airplane!

Do check out Big Little Me’s online store, and get a 5% discount on all purchase until 31 Oct 2014 if you quote “cheeserland”! No minimum purchase is required. Also, like their FB page to receive updates and promotions!


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Hanami date with QiuQiu

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(Yes wor, still got hanami.)


I was so excited to write this post because i was waiting for QiuQiu to announce her pregnancy!!!

Now that she did i can also mention here liao! :D Anyway i am SO HAPPY for her because of all my friends she probably wanted a baby the most (and i was one of those people who hated babies ) and is so so sweet to all her friend’s babies including Junya <333

This post happened in April when she came to Tokyo for a short trip and managed to find time to meet me! I was 7 months pregnant and she not yet.

Preggo coordinate.

She said she wanted to be like me when she gets pregnant, super chill and wear Cheat One™ outfits and eat eeeeeeverything. Well, now she can. :D Although i’m starting to think that she’s outdoing my chillness already XD

Hanami make.

First we met at Omotesando and had lunch at 76CAFE. With my danna and her danna Josh. Double lunch date hahaha.

Hi. The danna strategically blocked lolol.

Another one also strategically blocked lolol.

If his wife and son are super selfie-pros, he is the anti-selfie pro. He just somehow manages to siam from every single picture so you can’t blame me XD.


Lunch for the 4 of us! Chicken Karaage set was the yummiest! 76CAFE is also super famous for their Taco Rice among the locals though i have yet to try it!


And theeeeeeeeeen i brought Qiu and Josh to Yoyogi, cuz she was in Tokyo for a few days but haven’t even seen some decent sakuras. I told her the full bloom is kind of over and she’d better be prepared for disappointment cuz it was raining hard and most of the petals are probably fallen.


I have totally forgotten the beauty of fallen sakura. :3


Sakura Carpet.


Qiu was soooo happy cuz it was her first time to see proper sakura in a garden, not just a random sakura tree here and there. She was so excited like she just saw a unicorn lol and i always love seeing people’s first-time reaction to sakura!


So this was how it looked the entire Yoyogi Park! Just a few days ago i was there during full bloom, and a few more days before that before full bloom. I have gone through the whole sakura cycle with Yoyogi park!


Incredible. Pink carpet!!!

We took lots and lots of pictures, here are probably just 5% of them.

Sakura wind-in-our-face pic.

Only tortoises can look grumpy under the sakura. Actually the petals on the shell were our mischief lolol.

This one was actually a puddle. It rained hard the previously and all the sakura fell onto wet ground and created a sakura pool.

I die die wanted to climb into it for a picture. It’s called 水上花美人 LOLOL.


Here are some pix stolen from QiuQiu blog. Credit to Josh for photo and manual sakura petal effects XD

HAHAHA this one 穿包

Success XD

This one can see my baby bump hehe.

Anyway i hope the next time we go back to Japan she we have a role reversal!! She would be the heavily pregnant one and me slim and chio lol. With an extra Junya. :D


After that we went back to a nearby shop to eat dessert since everyone was in a good mood. This is just the icing on the cake lololol.

Or rather, pancake.

Strawbie shortcake.


Qiu’s sakura Mont Blanc.



So Qiu and Josh had to rush somewhere else, and me to Asakusa to meet some other friends from Malaysia. Like i said the whole world was in Tokyo that time, and i was happily playing tour guide running here and there around Tokyo. Not literally run la. Cannot cuz belly big haha.

Asakusa also has sakura!

With Yuki and Horny photobombed (Yes his name is Horny. Not because he is. Explain next time. Anyway something to do with birth certificate registration and idiot officer lolol).

Yeap that’s Horny.

At Asakusa shrine!

After that we took a train to Sky Tree.

Strawbie Domokun!


Then night time went to Ebisu to meet RinRin for dinner.

And then back to Roppongi to rest.

That’s my one day. Quite eventful!!


Continue again next! (I know some of you are sick of hanami already. I think no more liao after this.)






Mewze is an online boutique that is unique because each item is designed by an individual!  Anyone can submit a design and based on popular votes, designs will be exclusively manufactured by Mewze.

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to both submit and vote on designs they love. Mewze believe that clothing design should reflect the person who wears it and collaboration between designers and public is the key to bringing up more indie designers.

Do check out their “Challenge” and “How it Works” page!

Here are some of my coordinate by Mewze!

Little Mermaid designed by Kimberly Demi.


Peplum Me designed by San Shan.

 Their current challenge is casual chic and that designers can win up to usd500! 

Check out their first collection at Mewze’s online store!


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HVV Mood Box

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Do you sometimes wish that someone would just pick a ready-to-wear outfit specially for you every now and then without having to go through the headache of mixing and matching? Or better, receive a surprise present every month?

HVV Mood Box by Her Velvet Vase is a a gift box of surprise that you can subscribe to every month/over several months, base on your mood of the month!

I love the idea! It’s like having a personal stylist to help you shop for a brand new outfit every month!

Before that, a brief intro about Her Velvet Vase!

Her Velvet Vase was established in 2007 and is one of the leading online female fashion stores in Singapore. They have been featured multiple times on the covers of newspapers and publications for their unique fashion concept and style.


At Her Velvet Vase, our vision for the modern multifaceted fashion experience incorporates a refreshing balance between style, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and well-being. We are constantly striving to educate our customers and to offer them an array of contemporary lifestyle alternatives so that they may always make well-informed decisions that will best suit their personalities and style.



First of all you can choose the type of subscription that you want, from S$100 to S$150 worth of products at different subscription fee. Of course, the longer you subscribe, the more worth it it becomes!

For me i picked 3 month subscription of $100 worth of products at S$70 each month.



After that is the fun part!

Every month you get to pick a different mood or style if you like! This month i went for something edgy/street chic. But i always love to just tick the “Surprise Me!” column because i like to challenge my stylist like that hahahha.


You also get a reminder email every month to select from a list of mood options. HVV changes options pretty frequently to keep everything fun and very refreshing! 

You can also include your IG or FB profile, i guess your stylist need to understand you better too rather than blindly picking an outfit for you.

Of course you will need to fill in your sizing and all.

And… that’s all! Then you just have to wait for your surprise parcel.


Mine arrived just a few days ago, and Champon is doing his “routine check”, sniffing around for suspicious item (he could steal) lol.


I was really excited to open it!



On first glance, the content looks the stuff i’d totally wear lol.

Let’s spread them out and see…

I got two tops, a necklace, a pair of sunglasses and denim pants, and a really gorgeous bag! All these for only S$70, i think it’s super worth it!!!

Trying them on.


Here’s the complete outfit picture:

Coordinate 1

(all from HVV Mood Box except the booties).

I love how they already think ahead for me and sent the knit top and a pair of warm jeggings suitable for traveling! Looks like my HVV stylist is preparing me for an autumn trip somewhere lol. Ok hint taken! XD


Of course you can always be creative and mix it up with other items you already have.

Coordinate 2

Top, necklace and bag from HVV Mood Box.




Subscribe your mood box now at Her Velvet Vase! Here’s a discount code you can use:

HVVXCHEESIE10OFF , valid till 30 September!


Also here are some of the lookbook outfits i like:




Happy shopping!

inhale more sharply

September 18, 2014 in Commercial Break 8 Cheesed

I am one of the very lucky ones who didn’t get hit by the dreaded pre/postnatal blues.

Since i got pregnant until Junya is almost 3 months old now, i probably had only stressed over a few things, one is insufficient milk supply in the beginning, secondly clogged milk ducts (one of the most painful things i’ve experienced T___T).

But the thing that stressed me out the most was haze.

A stone-hard boob stuck with milk was so torturous it made me tear lots, but it will pass and you just have to be careful to prevent it from happening again.

But haze. There is nothing you could do about it. Those days i could barely see anything when i look out of the window. It was just grey, grey everywhere.

Haze was the worst in June, and that was when Junya was born. I remember having to carry Junya out of the hospital while wearing a mask. And my heart hurt so so much that my little fragile baby was breathing the same toxic air with no protection whatsoever against it.

I was fuming inside. I felt so helpless, i locked myself at home and cursed the world. At one point i even felt guilty that i brought Junya to this horrible world.

He was just a few days old and barely had just learned to breathe and this is what his lungs had to deal with.


I was so, so depressed.

Yet there was nothing i could do about it. 

I typed furiously on Twitter, ranting.

Yet there was nothing anyone could do about it. I became angry with everything and everyone.

It is true. Nobody could do anything about it except to wait for it to pass.

So i did the best i could. I shut all windows, i refused to step out of my house, i turned on aircon and blasted my air purifier at full force.

I also got myself a newer and stronger air purifier:

Sharp FPE50E Air Purifier

Although i still insisted sealing all windows shut and became anti-social for two whole months, i felt slightly better, knowing that i have done my best.

I have no doubt that all mothers think the same. What wouldn’t you do to provide your baby the safest environment?

I am already a user of Sharp Purifier (read my previous post on it). I have two standing purifiers and one mobile one.

Now that we moved to a bigger apartment, we needed a stronger one.

The new one (left) and my existing one (right). And Champon sniffing new alien object in the house as usual lol.


*sniff sniff sniff*

What is new about this Sharp air purifier?

“Haze Mode”.

Sharp always just knows exactly what i need.

If you have read my previous posts about Sharp appliances, their Plasmacluster technology needs no introduction. Basically it is a technologthacleanthe air bemittinpositivand negativions like thosfounin thnatural world.

This Plasmacluster technologhas been used in many Sharp products, including air purifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machineancoolinfans. 50 million units of Plasmacluster products are sold since 2000.

Other industry that uses Plasmacluster technology:

I have no doubt about its effectiveness and reliability. In fact i wish every pore of my house wall is built with Plasmacluster goodness.

Junya playing and sleeping near our new Sharp FPE50E air purifier.

To be honest, i feel a lot a lot happier these days since the skies are almost always blue and clear, but i still fear the day haze returns (and i know it will) and glooms over the whole city and my heart. But at least i know i did the best i could for my family.

Clean air is worth everything.

For Sharp products, go to  and to know more about Plasmacluster technology, you could read it at this page.

Lastly you can also visit SHARP LOVE.LIFE for all Sharp’s products! If you Love Doraemon you would love this website! ^^