Kusatsu Onsen

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Last post from my Japan trip in spring. I’m going again early December for work, back, then go again middle of Dec with family, and bringing Junya for the first time! ♡

So it was my last few days in Japan, and Genie danna has granted me one last wish. I didn’t know where to go so i asked him to just bring me anywhere!! He knows i love onsen, so we (read: he) drove 3 hours to Gunma prefecture to head to one of the Top 3 Hot Spring in Japan: Kusatsu.

Today’s coordinate.

It was nearing middle of April, and that was the hottest day i’ve experienced in that trip!

Today’s make.


We rented a car for road trip again!!

Road trip snacks!!!

What did i say about my luck with sakura?? In Tokyo you couldn’t see it anywhere anymore. The petals are gone and new leaves sprouted out. It was almost a scene of early summer.

But on our way up to Gunma, sakura welcomed and beckoned us the entire route. It was like they didn’t want to leave me. #hamaforevermi

Snapped these picture from our car window!

And we saw one giant sakura tree, i couldn’t resist asking the danna for a little detour and admired the beautiful yet short-lived sakura one last time.


See you again, next year. (Which is like in 4 months time. How time flies!! No, really, how time really flies!)



We have arrived Kusatsu!!!

Japan just never fails to amaze me. When i think i’ve seen everything, there are always more new things that make me sigh in admiration. The scenery pictures are taken with HDR effect so it’s a little exaggerated, but yea the first thought was that i have really just walked into Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.

It was otherworldly.

The unusual green pool here is called Yubatake, located right at the center of the small town.

The onsen water gushes out from the ground and flows like a waterfall.


Not only is Kusatsu ranked the top onsen because of its stunning scenery, it is also said to be the best onsen in terms of therapeutic effect. of Of all Japanese hot springs, the waters of Kusatsu are said to be one of the most powerful to cure every ailment except lovesickness. We were really excited to try it out and expect to come out from the onsen reborn as superhumans lolol.


Did you know?

Some of the 7-11 combini in Japan are not allowed to have their signature green/orange colors but a boring monotone brown to preserve the traditional feel of a Japanese village. Kusatsu is one of those towns. If you have been to Kyoto before, you may have already noticed! Of course it’s not just 7-11, but every single shop like Starbucks and stuff.

Also, Spirited Away is also said to be inspired by the bathhouses in Kusatsu. Apparently the crew also came here to record real sounds of onsen to be used in the animation. Just look at this building! Familiar? :D


The weather wasn’t in our favor though. It started drizzling the moment we arrived, and the locals told us that it was the coldest day of the month. AND THEN IT STARTED SNOWING WTF.

I came totally unprepared, obviously dressed for the hottest day in Tokyo.

From this:


To this:

The danna sacrificed himself and let me wear this sweater (more to protect his unborn son in my belly) YET i was trembling non stop!

Our first mission was to find the nearest bath house and take a goooood looooooong dip.

There was a free public bath right in front of us so we went in without hesitation. Apparently hot springs are so abundant here they are so generous they let people use the onsen for free!

It looked like this:

Left for gentlemen and right for ladies.

It was old and small, and there wasn’t towel provided (we brought our own), but hey it’s free so nobody is complaining!!


Anyway, for those of you who are concerned about onsen during pregnancy, yes in Japan pregnant ladies were not encouraged to go to an onsen during the first and last trimester. But soooooo coincidentally, starting 24th March 2014, the Ministry of Environment in Japan has revised its guideline in 32 years, and removed “pregnancy” from the Onsen caution list. (Other people who are not advised to use the onsen are people with severe heart problems, etc).

Basically it says that pregnant women can now also enjoy the benefits of the onsen!! It’s just that when you are pregnant your body gets tired easily, especially if you have low blood pressure like me, you may get dizzy easily, so it’s really best not to spend too long in the hot spring. (i did a 5 minutes soak, get up, rest, then 5 minutes again, for about half an hour.)


After the first dip i felt soooooooo much better!

After that we went inside a small udon shop to warm the belly up!



And very yummy yakitori!!

Hi from me and danna.

A bit too gloomy and serious?


Now ok?


Love the negi chopstick rest!!!! XD

Our mission was too TRY ALL THE ONSEN!!!!! XD

The danna found one of the famous one (paid bathhouse), i think it is called Sai No Kawara, which is a loooooong cold and hard walk away.


The danna was frozen stiff lolololol. (I turned him into Kaonashi to match that Spirited Away theme).

And the walk was so worth it.

This is the only picture i have of it because obviously you are not allowed to take photos inside.


But i stole a picture from the internet for your reference!

It is super mega huge you can swim in it XD



After that we strolled along the traditional streets…

Doesn’t this look like the place Chihiro’s parents had a feast and turn into pigs?


And lastly came back to rest at the main bathhouse.

The interior of rest area.

It was just the two of us!

Milk after onsen. ♡


Kusatsu at night time.

Haha abit creepy hor.

There was also a mysterious tunnel. Maybe it’s just me i was suddenly relating everything to Spirited Away!

And that’s all!!!


Cleared all my debts on spring trip hehehe.


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Erabelle Prestige

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I’m sure Erabelle is no stranger to people who are interested in beauty services in Singapore. It was established in 2004 and is now a well-loved and reputable premium instant beauty service provider, with their most popular service being their brow service, Erabrowlogy.


Erabelle has opened its first boutique spa in Malaysia, Erabelle Prestige at level 4 of  The Gardens Mall, and i had the honor to visit and try out their services with my friend Eve!


I had a tour at Erabelle Prestige prior to this visit, and I was so impressed with the whole concept and philosophy behind it. First of all what touches my heart is that the founder is also a big fan of Japanese culture, and she had a deep commitment to deliver the highest level of Japanese quality service. Their philosophy is to let their guest “experience beauty from the heart”.

And it totally won me over.

Every element in Erabelle was created to fulfill the guest’s five senses. Erabelle takes inspiration from the quality of Japanese culture and emulates Japanese style service of warm hospitality, dedication and commitment. To begin with, they have service staff neatly dressed in a kimono to represent this concept.

The boutique is also modeled like a hotel with different rooms of an entirely different setting, from the color, the scent used, and even the music played (which you get to select on an ipad) is distinctively unique from each other.

For example, this is room Noir, very contemporary French-chic. I also love that each room has different inspiring quotes.

I could go on and on about how impressed I was, (i felt like i was in a wonderland with so many interesting little things to explore!) but it is something that you have to go experience first hand!

Anyway, Eve and I were doing different services on that day.

II was trying out their spa packages whereas Eve was deeply intrigued by their much raved about Erabrowlogy, their eyebrow embroidery service, so she decided to follow me and try it out for herself.

Eve having a consultation with Cecilia on Erabrowlogy. More on that later!


While I leave her with the expert, I was escorted to have foot bath before the spa began.

It was a little difficult to snap pictures that justify the whole pleasant experience because the light was dimmed for relaxation and comfort purposes.  You guys can always visit Erabelle’s FB Page for more proper photos if you are curious about the interior/services.

After that my therapist led me to my room, which is, of course…

The Kimono Room. :D

I marveled at the amount of effort they put into the tiniest details to mimic the most authentic Japanese ambience.

Erabelle’s strict hygiene policy is also worth mentioning, with their fresh linen sets, UV anti-bacteria shoe cabinet (I’ve never seen this in Malaysia!!), etc. I also loooooove their comforter that made me fall at sleep during the spa. It’s just like staying in a hotel room really! XD

Anyway, I was doing Erabelle’s signature services on that day:


1. Genmai-Bijin Polisher Plus (Unpolished Rice Bran Scrub)

Rice bran is a classic remedy in Japan for flawless-looking skin. It’s an exquisite blend of premium exfoliant and warm milk that will gently scrub away dead skin and discharge toxin in skin. The scrub is done with gentle massaging movements that helps to relax the body and improve blood circulation.

I didn’t have any picture taken for the services because… I fell asleep and I guess they didn’t want to disturb my sweet dreams lol.

Anyway, the result is soft and newly polished skin!

Skin stayed smooth and silky days after treatment! :D



2. Japanese Sake Facial

Yes. Using real sake.

When I heard about it I was like “but that’s such a waste!!!!! Can i also drink it?” (My favorite alco is sake.)

But apparently sake is known to be an elixir that geishas use to keep their skin smooth. This facial is a deluxe treatment using this age-old Japanese organic ingredient for a purified, radiant and bright complexion.

There are many steps for this treatment, including first cleanse, deep cleanse and Anti-Aging Sake Kasu Paste Mask. After that it’s the Lifting Sake Compress (above) sheet mask soaked with sake solution will be placed on your face. While it’s working its magic, you get to enjoy a relaxing scalp massage.

After that, your therapist will apply a second customized French Clay Mask with sake infusion according to the special needs of your skin, and then give you a relaxing shoulder massage while the mask takes effect. This is the second mask treatment and the third massage in all! Talk about pampering!!!

Wait, there’s more! It’s followed by a face massage with essential oil blend, then the sake hot compress, and lastly skin care for total skin protection and hydration.

No wonder the whole pampering session take 90 minutes.

And done!!!

Very soft skin with a visibly brighter skin tone!


While I was indulging in the spa, Eve was having her brows done.

She actually has done eyebrow embroidery before, 7 years ago at X aesthetic center. But… 7 years down the road, she realized that her brows had turned red, making it very unnatural. What she needed was an Erabrow Redesign! (But for those of you who have “virgin brows”, you will be getting the signature Erabrowlogy package.)

To summarize:

1. Erabrow Design by the  brow artist according to her faceshape.

2. A Patch Test to make sure you arent allergic to the certified color pigment used.

3. Numbing cream to be applied. The procedure is gentle and most people experienced only minimal discomfort. According to Eve she said there was no pain at all!

4. Application of color. The brow artist has neutralized the red tone in her brow, and re-designed her brows to a perfect shape.


Before and after:

She was super in love with her new brows (her exact words)!!! She will need to go through 5 colour sessions in all to get progressively better shape & color. I will be updating her progress so stay tuned!

You can also see the progress of Eve’s Erabrowlogy redesign on Erabelle’s Facebook page!


After seeing it I was very tempted to have my brows done as well. But I am still breastfeeding so maybe I’ll wait till I wean!! Here was the brow design I received at Erabelle’s roadshow earlier:

Nice hor!!!!!


Anyway…. Not finished yet!! Lolol.

This is Cafe De Beaute, where the guests get to enjoy some refreshments after long sessions of pampering (you need to be pampered after being much pampered!!! Lolol basically this is the concept of Erabelle, in short.)


When our “light meal” was served, the both of us squealed in delight XD

(The sushi meal is a service for VIPs, all customers will be served tea and snacks during their treatments and facial customers get desserts after their treatments too!)

How can this be!!!!!

Eating sushi in…. a spa??? I really never expected this. The whole experience was full of surprises!


And the dessert??? Bunny grapes??? OMG can they make any more effort than this????

We were almost in tears!

Two very very happy (and a little prettier lol) girls.

Thank you Erabelle!!!

I give them 200% for hospitality and sincerity!! Whenever I miss Japan i think i’ll go to Erabelle. XD


I hope you guys can try out their services too!!


Prices of the services in this post:

 1. Genmai Bijin Polisher Plus 90min RM350

 2. Japanese Sake Facial 90min RM800

 3. Erabrowlogy 90min RM3500 (4 color services)

 4. Erabrowlogy Redesign & Intensive Change 90min RM4500 (5 color services)



Quote Cheesie for 30% off first trial for Genmai-Bijin Polisher Plus,  a 1+1 Japanese Sake facial deal, aaaaand 15% off Erabrowlogy packages. Sweet deals, right??? :D

Offer ends 31st Dec 2014!

Lastly, you can visit Erabelle for for info!



Address: FF-227 Fourth Floor, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City,  Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 K.L.

Tel: 03 2282 8889

Opening hours: 10.30am – 9.30pm




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If you love music, you will be happy to know about Jaben, the most complete headphone specialist in Malaysia.

Jaben spent years to develop a full range of products suitable for each country, providing th emost unique and exclusives pieces in the market.

I had to honor to try out one of their signature headphone: Aedele VK~1.

Unboxing the package.

The headphone is hand-assembled in France and it comes in a luxurious pouch that keeps it safe and scratch-free.

This is the VK-1 Classic edition, i love how minimalistic and refined the design is! The metal card is printed with your limited edition number on it.

Of course it is of top notch quality with titanium drivers, genuine lambskin leather, Aramid Fiber cable and T6066 Aircraft grade Aluminum.

But the ear pieces are soft and ergonomically comfy!

And of course brings you the most surreal music experience. It’s grainlessly clear without being boomy (the bassy toom toom toom when listening to loud music).

My favorite playlist is of course everything by Nakata Yasutaka, (Lots of Capsule!!) and if i want some more relaxing time i’ll put on Joe Hisaishi. ♡♡♡♡♡

Not only it is a great music accessory, it can also be an awesome fashion accessory with how stylish it looks. Here are a couple of coordinates with Aedle headphone:


Of course a 5 star headphone like this does not come cheap.

Order now with Jaben to enjoy the special deal!


Jaben now is available at its physical store in SS15, Subang Jaya, Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang, One Jaya Lifestyle Mall, Kuching, and the latest new outlet at NU Sentral, KL.

Check out the exact location on their website.

This is how it looks like! A vibrant, bright little store with a myriad of headphone, speaker selections and other music accessories.

Premium earphones from Final Audio Design.


Give your music more life, by visiting Jaben!


Jaben on FB: www.facebook.com/JabenMY

Jaben on Instagram: @jabenmy


Bloom & Grow 10th Anniversary

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Bloom & Grow celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Bloom & Grow is one of Asia’s largest maternity and baby product distributors with many brands under them! I blogged about how B&G helped me set up my baby room!

I was at their launch party with B&G’s celebrities and friends!

Other mommy bloggers are there and we had so much in common to talk about! I usually am the super socially awkward one, but it’s so surprising to know that becoming a mom actually made me more sociable!! (With people who can relate la ^^)


There are also many new product launching on that day! Including:

Grohush, a baby calming device that safely delivers soothing white noise directly to your baby. It looks like a powder puff, super convenient for travel to comfort your newborn baby!


There are also new items from Oxo, including an On-The-Go Potty.

Next comes one of the most important new brand, Orbit Baby! Orbit Baby is a premium stroller brand B&G has recently brought in. It’s also Junya’s first stroller he’s ever slept/sat in, will talk about it more later!

You can check out Orbit Baby for more of their travel system, i personally think that it is revolutional. This is a stroller seat cum car seat for infants i really wish i have gotten (they haven’t launched then, and i had already purchased brand B, which turned out to be a headache).

You can just take it out and attach it in your car, and the installation is nothing i’ve ever seen before. (The danna and i spent nearly and hour to install the brand B child seat -______-)

You only need 19 seconds to install the base!!!!!! And then you can move the infant seat from the stroller to the car seat base.

At the end of the event, there was also a fashion show. With the cutest models ever!!!

Little models on the runway with SkipHop’s new apparel and accessories!

Here’s me, a fake baby and a borrowed toddler lolol. I didn’t bring Junya along because i’ve got back-to-back event that day. And as you can see, next time Junya can just stroll along on the Sidekick Stroller Board when i push my newborn daughter (very optimistic HAHAHHA).


Also modelled new mommy bag by SkipHop.

That’s it for the anniversary launch!



Now i’ll share some of the baby products i’ve gotten from B&G’s brands. In fact, 90% of the baby stuff in the house is supplied by B&G XD

This area used to be Champon’s house, but now that Junya has start to become mobile (rolling in the deeeep), i have kicked Champon out and barricaded Junya in instead XD

And every single day he would just wait on the other side hoping we would let him in to play.

Sometimes they do get to play together. The alphabet play mat is from SkipHop!

Then sometimes they go for walks together! In Orbit Baby! Really love this stroller!

It may not be super lightweight (8KG) but it’s a perfect first car, as it is super sturdy and stable, Junya sleeps through the whole outing sometimes when he was younger XD

Sometimes it was also his bed at home hahaha (when he was smaller!)

Also used to swaddle Junya with Bamboo Bubble Wrap, now it has become his comfy blanket to sleep ♡

And then there’s GroBag for safe sleeping. Junya was 1 month old back then! He could barely fit in it now!!

Of course then there’s the ever popular ErgoBaby carrier! AHHHHH i miss Junya being so little and so niap!!!

He was just a few weeks old and i was using an infant insert in it. Now he likes to be carried forward-facing!

B&G also has many other awesome products that help make a mommy’s life a bit more convenient! Like the CuddleDry bath towel, and HippyChick hip seat.

Just got this today.

Hug&Hide Monkey from Skip Hop. And a very very whiney Champon emo1


That’s all!! You can buy all these items at major baby stores in Malaysia :))


Dannaben Cheat One™

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Some of you have asked for recipe sharing after the last dannaben blog post, but i say don’t need to waste your mouse/phone battery to ask me la because 1. even if i do there will only be the 3 of you who are interested and 2. they are actually not that yummy HAHAHHA.

I know because everyday i ask the danna “how’s the bento today?” and he’ll reply “very good!” and i’ll ask “are you just being polite?” and he’ll say “yes.”. With a very serious face.

So. All these Japanese people are too polite it’s rude.

Aaanywaaay. I am still very thankful that i have such a 吃得苦 (can eat bitter) de danna lolol. (Literally because sometimes things that i cook are really inexplicable bitter.) He comes home every day with an empty bento box without any complaint at all. So i assume he ate everything lo. Unless i go check on the garbage bin at his work place. But dowan la later spoil my Charisma Wife dream lolol.

So here are some other dannabens he has endured this week, and they are kind of Cheat One™ because i also added digital ingredients lolol.

i am SO HAPPY that Line camera finally has Gudetama stickers!! I love Gudetama to the max because it is so hilarious. (Did you know that Gudetama is a new Sanrio character?) Here are some Gudetama-enhanced dannabens.

Bento 1

Ajitama (flavored egg), Tofu miso yaki and also 3 kinds of mini onigiri (mentaiko, natto furikake and salmon).


Bento 2

Mini hamburg with sandwich, The sandwich looks boring so i topped it up with Cheat One™ Gudetama bacon lolol.


Bento 3

Onigiri with salmon flakes and spicy takana topping, 1X ajitama, and siu mai with mustard & yuzukosho.


Bento 4


Grilled tofu with ikan bilis and grilled shishitou (Japanese peppers) with bonito flakes. And also takana onigiri!


Bento 5


Yakitori Ben! Grilled negi and mushroom with yuzukosho. And yes the bento box is from EMODA lolol. Lunch box also so fashionable hor XD



And next are some of the low-carb bentos…

Bento 6


(All these Gudetama stamps are so dispiriting lol. Like eat bento also very depressing liddat haha)

Fried Noodle Cheat One™ Curry flavored. It is fish cake, moyashi (bean sprout), piman (capsicum), stirred fried with curry powder. And to replace the noodle i used salted pressed tofu and cut it in thin and long shreds. But still not thin/long enough so doesn’t look like noodle at all lolol.

Bento 7

Tofu steak with minced meat, ebi broccoli and pumpkin. And two distressed half eggs.

Bento 8

Renkon (lotus root) Kinpira with a failed egg mash that was supposed to be like an egg quiche. I covered half of it with Gudetama out of embarrassment.


Bento 9

A little western today! Buta Piman Maki (Sliced pork capsicum roll), steamed veggies and the usual wiener, pimply-faced egg, salami & cheese.


Bento 10

We bought a really yummy pack of Chili Tacos flavored chips so i was inspired to make some tacos! Taco rice (tacos rice) is a very popular Okinawan dish, basically it’s just rice topped with chili tacos. So i gave it a makeover and made Cheat One™ Taco rice without rice lolol. So the whole rice thing is actually kind of pointless XD. I was just making it sound to the danna like i actually put some deep thoughts and effort into making his diet work HAHAHA.

I quite like this one so i took a picture of the ingredients!

Actually it is just minced beef with onion (sauce: ketchup, worcester sauce and chili powder), and fresh ingredients are diced tomato (get the expensive momotaro, it will be worth it!!), avocado and sliced lettuce. Topping: cheese, mayonnaise.


For mine i also added olives and chili tacos flavored chips, in case it is not tacosful enough. This one is a Super Cheat! XD #tacosception


That’s all for this week!







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Introducing another new fashion shopping site!

Chiq Fliq is actually owned by one of my personal friends Careen!

Founder Careen is a blogger too and one of the sweetest girls i know so no worries if you’re skeptical about shopping online or if you not satisfied with the service/products, you can always let Careen know and she will get back to you personally. The products are personally handpicked from all over the world by Careen, who is very particular about her own style and also the ones that she chooses to sell on Chiq Fliq,  and her philosophy is that she wouldn’t sell what she wouldn’t personally wear.

The website layout is clean and elegant, and i like how the photo thumbnails are large and it’s easy to spot anything that interest me at one glance.

The second thing i like is warm, friendly and swift customer service response, which i believe is just as important as the product when it comes to online shopping!
Here are some of my ChiqFliq coordinates:

Juliette sequined dress in Turquoise


Bella Off Shoulder Top in Black, Heidi Double Mesh Panel Midi Skirt in Mint.


Tanesha Toga Short Dress in White


Happy shopping!

Moving forward, Chiq Fliq is looking at manufacturing their own designs, so stay tuned for it!
For Cheeserland’s readers, there will be a special discount! Just enter “CHEESIE10″ to enjoy a 10% discount, valid for the whole month of Nov!
Website: www.chiqfliq.com,
Instagram: @chiqfliq #chiqfliq
Facebook: facebook.com/chiqfliq






5 months

November 11, 2014 in Baby 7 Cheesed

Junya turns 5 months today!

It is so crazy!

It feels like i’ve juuuust written his 4th month blog post two weeks ago.

(Also read  first month , second month , third month and fourth month here.)

What has happened in the past month:


For Mama

1. Nianness

So we did not get a God-size bed. And not only do i still sleep like a Chinese Zombie, i am sleeping like a Chinese Zombie with a human baby on top.

We have tried to transition him to a cot adjacent to our bed, and he generally sleeps quite well in it. It’s just on the occasional midnights when he wakes , he goes full on complain-mode.

Nursing, nope. Mama hugs, nope. Papa hugs, nope. Mama rocks and bounces, nope. Papa rocks and bounces, nope.

The only way to put him back to sleep is this:

He just wants to sleep on a zombie. And nian the zombie.


And then we will wake up like this:

And i now know why zombies limp and walk so awkward like their body parts are falling off. That is because THEY CAN’T FEEL THEIR ARMS/TORSO.


(Hahhaha no, you are right. I am secretly happy about this wtf.)




2. Dating with mama

At 4 months it’s quite easy to bring him out! (Less frequent nursing, less diaper change…)

He is also more interactive and generally enjoys looking at things (without the ability to destroy anything yet).

So it’s quite fun!



For Baby

1. Discovers favorite sleeping position

So at nap time, he only loves to sleep sideway, with a mini bolster kiap between his legs lolol

Like this.


2. Discovers the baby in the mirror

And smiles every time. He likes what he sees. Good good good. lolol.


3. Discovers drumsticks are more than just drumsticks

While he still loves chewing on his drumsticks, he has also figured out that he could work those little fingers to bring himself other things to chew.


Like… chocolates.

(Which then was stolen and eaten by Champon. He must be the first dog who ate so much chocolate and didn’t die wtf.)


4. Discovers ice cream

Was testing if he’s ready to accept a spoon, so i fed him… breastmilk ice cream.

Apparently he wasn’t very pleased with it XD. (What’s this weird feeling in my mouth!?!?!) His reaction posted on Instagram earlier!


5. Flip Master

He’s an expert in flipping over now, but… only one side. And only from back to tummy. When he gets tired he just screams because he doesn’t know how to lie back down lolol.


6. CheatOne™ Costume

And… Junjun’s first Halloween. With a digital pumpkin hat lolol.


That’s all for this month! ^^







Happikiddo is a chain of stores that offers one-of-a-kind, imported products for babies, kids and mums!

I’ve been to the one in Publika, but this time i went to their flagship store at Citta Mall at Ara Damansara, it is huge!

My first impression of the store is that it is so spacious, stylish and neat! Baby stores usually are very loud in colors and cluttered (you just wanna grab the things you need and leave), but it’s so comfy in here i felt that i could just relax and take my time to slowly do some real shopping!

As you can see, their products are super fashionable and so unique i haven’t seen them anywhere else! Honestly i was quite impressed because i thought baby stores are pretty much all the same. Anyway, i was also a bit ashamed to say that i usually buy my baby stuff from Rakuten Japan because i simply assumed that i couldn’t get them in Malaysia.


For example the Swimava neck float (1) Junya uses for his puka puka bath time which many of you asked about, i imported it all the way from Japan only to find out it is available here at HappiKiddo! It is the most popular brand in Japan, all the moms are using this! They also have a giant inflatable tub (2)!

And and and!!! The danna asked me to buy swimming diapers for his son but it was really nowhere to be found! I was just about to give up until i spotted it here (3)!! :D

As for 4, well….. next baby lol.


I also love that they have such awesome product display that gives lots of inspiration to decorating your own baby room. <3 The products they carry range from food, toys, baby and maternity apparel to furniture!


They also have really friendly and knowledgeable staff (very important!!!) who would help you with products demo/try on/explanations. There’s a baby store within walking distance from where i stay but i never go there, unless i really really need to (run out of milk storage bags!!!), then reluctantly. simply because the staff there knows nothing about their own products. And also quite rude.

Anyway, i really recommend you to visit Happikiddo at Citta Mall!!

If you don’t live nearby, you can also shop online at Happikiddo Online store!

Specially for Cheeserland’s readers, you will get 15% discount storewide, except for formula milk powder, baby food and disposable diapers. It is applicable in all Happikiddo stores from 11 – 25 November 2014.

Just quote “HKCHE15″!

The discount is valid for in-store purchases only. For outstation customers, you may order by contacting Happikiddo through FB private message.

Happy shopping!



Check out also:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/happikiddo
Twitter: @happikiddo
Instagram: @thehappikiddo


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