Dot Free

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Today i’m introducing another skincare product series from Japan!

You may have seen these in the beauty stores in Japan, i remember them because the spokes person for the product is a super cute baby hehe.

The name is called “Dot Free”. I guess it’s quite direct lah, meaning for you to achieve baby-like flawless skin where not even a dot can be spotted.

My latest addition in the bathroom!


There are two Dot Free series. The first one is Dot free White.

Collagen as a beauty ingredient has been the hype for many years now, and often you can find many skin care products and even beauty supplement with collagen in it.

But Live Collagen? I heard it the first time.

What’s the difference?

Other than that, there’s also a triple whitening formula, which are Vitamin C, Saxifrage and Arbutin. It will prevent blemishes and freckles and help promote light, transparent skin!



What’s better? There are only two steps.

I realized that over the years modern beauty regime is getting simpler and simpler! It’s great because i mean… who has the time to put on 7 different kinds of beauty products every single day and night?

With Dot Free, there are only 2 steps!

1. Cleanse

Dot Free White Face Wash is a pasty cleanser that removes impurities from pores, at the same time protects your skin from roughness with its live collagens and beauty essences.


2. Apply

Dot Free White All In One Essence is a high performance essence that has soft pellets of concentrated collagen beads! It moisturizes and brightens up your complexion. It has a gel-like texture that i love the most.



The second range is Dot Free Collagen.

This series specializes in giving you firmer and more resilient skin with 3 types of collagens.

There’s Live Collagen to reyain moisture, Permeable Collagen to further hydrate deeply, and Succinated Antelocollagen to firm up your skin.

Other than that, it also contains 17 types of natural botanical extracts to restore cells and resynthesizes healthy DNA damaged by UV rays.

Similarly, it also has only two steps.


1. Cleanse

Dot Free Collagen Face Wash has a more watery texture. It contains 1000mg of pure collagen and its rich foam cleanses deeply buried sebum from pores!


2. Apply

Dot Free Collagen All In One Essence contains 23 luxurious beauty ingredients that replenishes and seals in moisture!


For me, i want to be fairer AND also have firmer skin so i use both alternatively :D


And… believe it or not, it’s unbelievably affordable. The products ranges from RM22.90 to RM37.90! And now they even have a 10% off introductory promotion!

All Dot Free products have no fragrance, no coloring and paraben free, and of course, made in Japan so safety and quality assured! ❤︎

For more information, you can visit Dot Free’s official website (in English!!).

You can get in from SASA Malaysia or!


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Nagasaki with Junya (I)

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This was back on 1st January 2015, when Junya was 6 month old.

The first of January marks the first day of Oshougatsu (Japanese new year), and this year we decided to spend our new year with family in Nagasaki. ❤︎


Haneda airport!

Whose baby is that???

Entertaining the baby.


Rainbow crane photo frame!

Our first meal of the year at a soba shop. Usually people eat soba on new year eve, but we only had instant soba the night before lolol so today was revenge day XD

This white thing is Sasakama, a type of kamaboko (fish cake).


Danna’s zaru soba.

My Tempura soba with Sansai topping (still going on and on and on about eating vegetables in Japan whenever i could XD).


And.. flight time!

So cute wan! Junya’s flight ticket has a milk bottle on it! :D

Again, Mama’s privilege, i get a paper cup with lid and straw :D

Working papa and wefie’ing mama&bb

After surviving a 7 hour flight KLIA -> Narita, i was much much less stressed about flying. The horror of the much feared ear pressure discomfort didn’t really happen thankfully, and he was all smiles :D

I could say that flying with a 6 month old was a really happy experience. But i don’t dare to say the same now -___-.

We are bringing Junya back to Japan in May and he is going to turn 1 soon. He can’t even sit still on a high chair right now much less strapped to me on an airplane seat. -_- I guess there’s new horror to meet soon lol. We’ll see. We’ll see.

Already miss the 6-month-old him. T_T

Why JAL so awesome!! All the kids get free gifts to entertain themselves on the plane. Maybe that’s why Japanese kids are quieter on the plane.

His first chor dai dee HAHAHAH

And finally falling asleep :’)


Peeking out the window i saw snow mountains with fluffy cloud toppings stretched beyond he horizon.

Zooming in, i could even see snow fields!!!

So amazing T__T.



So it was Junya’s first ever visit to his papa’s hometown, Nagasaki. After checking in to hotel, we headed straight to Jiji’s (grandpa) place.

It was also Junya and Jiji’s first meet up. Soon enough the house was filled with neighbors who worked together (they are all like family, can’t even differentiate anymore) coming to see the legendary grandson hahaha.

Japan’s suburbs are so lacking in young children that when they see one it’s like they see a precious baby panda. T___T

He gets alllllll the love. ALLLLLLLLLLL.


It made me want to produce few dozen of babies just to re-populate Japan lolol. Kidding. No i’m serious.

Jiji and uncle’s homemade Osechi ryori (traditional Japanese new year dish).

They made all of them T__T.

The neighbor who runs a fish stall also brought along the freshest sashimi of the day.

Nagasaki is famous for its yummy seafood. And they are always served in the freshest way possible. Which explained why i had to eat a crying squid. T__T

Kamaboko eggs <3

After being passed around and drown in loving coos and awwwws , the little one finally fell asleep.


We talked a little more, and went back to our hotel to rest and watched variety shows till midnight.

I took this picture just to remind myself to empty the rack when i ever see this again. “Pepper Bacon” flavor  T___T

Total knock-out XD

Good night baby. Otsukaresama.



I am just so thankful we made it. Nagasaki is not a place you could go everyday. At least not from Malaysia. It’s a good two hours flight from Tokyo and the tickets are steeeeeeep. But we know that we want to go back as often as we could afford. I love the city to bits. And to see a person as silent as Jiji beaming non stop just looking at his grandson, it was all worth it.



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10 months

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Junya turns 10 months today!

(Also read  first month , second month , third month , fourth month , fifth month , sixth month , seventh month eight month and ninth month here.)

Honestly i almost forgot about it! The picture was also taken right before i wrote this blog post haha. Contrary to the 8th month, this past month has been full of new surprises! There are more cognitive developments rather than motor skill advancements, almost everyday i find him understand something new, which is really amazing! Here’s what happened in the past month:


For Baby

1. New milestones

Before this, my baby is just a baby in his babiest sense. He eats, poops, sleeps, and occasionally throws his spoon over his shoulders. But this month, i realized that Junya actually understands some of the things i said, and i mostly discovered them accidentally.

He understands the question “Where is…“.

I always bring him to our photo wall in the house and show him his and Champon’s Instaprints. One day i randomly asked him “Where’s Champon’s picture?” and he looked right at them.

He also understands that “Champon’s picture” is different from “Champon“. When i ask “Where’s Champon?” he would look to find the Shiba Inu (most often under the bed lolol). Other questions he could answer by looking at said object in question are “Where’s the ceiling fan?” “Where’s Yakult (the plushies)?” “Where are the lights?“, but when i asked “Where’s Papa?” he just looked at me blankly HAHAHAHA.

Other things he could do now:

1. Point at things
2. A bye-bye wave back that looks like he’s trying to dribble a basketball lol
3. Dance to music. Actually dance to anything .___. He even dances when he’s nursing -_-. I would lay him down in my arms but he would struggle to half stand up and just bounces up and down. WHILE NURSING. -___- Imagine the awkwardness -____-
4. Pinch people. REAL HARD. Actually this one started when he was 8 months old but now it’s so painful i had to tell him off sternly. And then he laughs -___-


2. Getting along

Sato san with JunJun.

The good news is that now papa can carry him for more than 3 seconds without him screaming murder! Other than family members, he is also quite okay with strangers now, muuuuuch to my relief. I was so worried about his clinginess so i started bringing him to play with the neighbour’s kids almost everyday and now he seemed much much better :D


3. First swim

At a real pool :D

It’s confirmed!! We would be bringing JunJun to Hawaii this coming June so the papa has started training his son to be a pro surfer at the age of 9 months XD. And today he was pointing a pouring shower head right into his son’s face -______-, and then said, “Good, Junya, strong boy!” -_-


4. First trip to Singapore!

Also the second trip overseas!

Junya received a picture of Meredith Tan the day she was born, so he requested his parents, ie me and the danna to bring 礼金 to Singapore to 提亲. And we did.

Junya and his future wife.

NO LA HAHAH. Meredith please hor you still have to compete with Junya’s destiny lover Anna from Japan. Please tell your parents Qiu and Josh ok. You better learn how to make kyaraben when you turn 2 ok lolol.

Family trip in Singapore!

He had lots of fun!! Thank you Singapore!


5. First play class!

We were invited to try out play classes at Brillkids so i brought him there for his first ever class! Looks like he totally enjoyed it. He was beaming at his teachers during the whole baby gym session XD. Yesterday we just went for our second class and we’ll see how it goes! Will do a blog post on it when we have attended more classes!



 6. Antics

Nowadays there are so many funny things he does unexpectedly that really made us LOL.

Firstly his favorite hobby now is to fake coughs. He would strain himself and let out a cough so forceful and jialat just to get our attention. But when we are not amused he whines -____-.

And then sometimes he laughs at the most random things. Most of the time they are things that Champon does. Like once we blew bubbles for him and Champon hopped around trying to nom all the bubbles. he was giggling like it was the greatest comedy lol. He laughs also when Champon’s under the bed sticking his head out. Or when we scold Champon wtf. Omg so young already schadenfreude.

But anyway it made us realize that it was a really good decision to have a pet in the house. I got Champon when i was pregnant and everyone thought i went nuts or something. But it was worth it. At least next time i have someone else to clean up the poops in the park wahhaha.

And sometimes he pretends to be Champon.


6. Self-feeding

I started to let him self-feed at about 7 months, but most of the food ended up in Champon’s stomach -_-. Then i stopped because it was just not worth it. I quit BLW. But recently he started to understand (only sometimes) that the food he grabs is supposed to go into his mouth, not the floor (although he loves giving it to Champon, who is waiting for his accidental rewards patiently under the dining table). When he is hungry, he could eat a whole plate of mini onigiri by himself while i could eat my own food. So it really saves a lot of time!


7. Weight gain

However. The milk feeding isn’t going as well as i liked it.

(This picture he has pink cheeks very cute hor? Actually is he slammed his face into a chair -__-)

I have weaned him off the day and only nurse him at night (because that’s the only thing that could calm him down during night wakings. See point below later). I assume he is nursing well (you can never tell how much they are drinking, right?), but for formula, he won’t take anything more than 120ml. I have seen the guideline on the formula sheet and it says babies his age are supposed to drink 200ml each time T____T. And his weight is forever stuck around 7.5KG. T___T.

I’m feeding him extra yogurt, avocado and increasing meat intake to fatten him up to no avail T___T. I guess i shouldn’t worry too much but you know la… Moms!!! If you guys have any advise please comment!


7. Sleeping through the night…. not. .___.

Junya turns 10 months old today, but he has never ever slept through the night in his life before. Ever. Sleeping through the night sounds so much like a fairy tale to me that when some mommy friends tell me that their babies sleep through the night since 2 months old, in my heart i think, you liar. Hahahah.

Since last month things got worse. Some say it is due to teething, but during the first couple of hours of his night sleep, he generally wakes up 2-3 times, sitting up, screaming -___-. And then a few more times middle of the night when we are all sleeping together.

Nothing can calm him except boobs. Nothing. As weird as it sounds, even by touching it, he calms down. So it happens like this: after i put him to sleep, i go to my study room to do some work, leaving the door open and keep watchful ears. Champon is my baby monitor (lolol at least he’s worth something). Before i could hear anything, he could already sense the tiniest voice/noise, and would turn to stare at me alertly. And i would dash in with max speed (he sleeps on our bed and there’s a chance he would climb and fall off even though we barricade him with pillows and stuff) and lift my shirt then lie down next to him and let him find me. Every single time. Countless times a night.

At first it didn’t bother me much because i got so used to it, and all i did was lift my shirt -_-. But then recently it has been happening more often and he’s inconsolable without boobs and i started to worry what if i am not around at night? How could he calm down? Things are gonna get real weird if he turns 5 and has to touch my boobs to calm down @.@

I read up a little and it sounded to me like night terror. Where a baby/kid wakes up suddenly, screaming, push you away if you try to console.

So two days ago both the danna and i decided to try the CIO (cry it out) method. I have never believed in it, mostly because i didn’t think i was capable of leaving my baby cry till he drifts back to sleep because he has no more energy to cry anymore. But i too cringe at the thought of a school-age boy who demands verbally for his mama’s boobies @.@

So the first night, he cried for 30 minutes. The second day 30 minutes, and woke up again to play by himself then falls back asleep O.o. Last night it was only 2-3 minutes. I hope tonight would be a cry-free night. *prays*




 For Mama

1.  Sleeping through the night…. not. .___.

So as long as he does not sleep through the night, it means that i too, won’t.

And every single morning i wake up feeling like an amputee because this happens:

I. can’t. feel. my. arms.


2. Mommy’s choice

The horror begins when you realize that every single thing you do and every single path you choose directly affects your child’s life, and that you have to brace yourself to face whatever consequences that come your way as a result of actions you took.

Keep to a schedule or go with the flow? When to wean? What time is bed time? Ipad or no ipad? And later on there are even bigger things to decide like, which school to go to? And all the small things like, which sun block to use? What temperature to set the bath? When to start eating mango??

That’s some pretty heavy responsibilities right there.

The other day i added raw Yamaimo (Japanese sticky yam which he has eaten before in Okonomiyaki i made earlier) into his food, and after the meal he started fussing a lot and rubbed his face frantically and wore a fearful expression i’ve never seen before. I panicked so much i almost cried.

What happened, JunJun? Tell mama what happened?? Itchy?? Painful??” i demanded. But he only looked at me, terrified. Helpless.

I thought he had an allergy. What do i do??? Is there any anti-allergy pills for baby??? I flipped him around checking his cheeks, neck, face for rashes, and briefly considered rushing to the hospital. But luckily he was fine after drinking some water. Turned out that it’s quite common that raw yamaimo causes itchiness around the mouth even in adults.

But if he really developed an allergy because of a dumb mistake i made (to not have look it up on Google before adding every damn ingredient), i would have to hate myself for that for the rest of my life. Just like when i took a chicken to the knee.

And i guess that’s what it takes to be a mom. It’s not just about making healthy, yummy food for your baby, spending time with him and making him happy. It’s also about being able to come to terms with living with certain guilt and regrets in life, and to forgive yourself and move on.

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Number76 Publika

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A new addition to Number76‘s family!

This time around, it is at the much requested popular retail destination, Publika.


If Number76 Bangsar 1 is a cozy retro beach house, Number76 Bangsar 2 is a rustic, old-time street cafe, Number76 Starhill Gallery is a luxurious pampering parlour, and Number76 Mid Valley is a basement secret society, then now we have a little secret garden library.

It’s just so fun to see each branch living a different concept sending out different vibes. If i visit Number76 Starhill Gallery i make sure i don’t dress up too shabbily. I’ll probably get a fabulous hair up-do and then go for a Tai-Tai hi-tea. :D If i come to Number76 Publika, i want to feel super refreshed. Maybe i’ll go for organic color and Sparkling hair wash then off to Ben’s B.I.G to buy Japanese ichigo lolol.



This branch opening was a hectic one so just days before the grand opening, the staff were still in their overalls hacking the walls getting choked on dust and getting poked by cacti lolol.

A week before opening!!! Everybody worked overnight to rush for the deadline. Don’t keep us waiting!!!!! :D

Hikky arranging the thorny fellas.

I was kepoh so i helped out with some of the gardening. The last time i did that was in Kemahiran Hidup class -_-. Also i could never ever keep a plant alive for more than 1 week T___T. I have the death fingers T___T.

JunJun was there having his afternoon nap.

Odera san watering the plants.

And…. Sato san was my babysitter for the day lolol. He loves children so much!

I love Number76 because everyone really treats each other like family and with respect, helping out whenever needed, and really 没有计计较较 everything. The working culture is so amazing i’m forever inspired. I’m just so lucky and grateful to be included and be part of all these. <3

And finally, a groufie with the two director stylists who will be based in Publika branch, Sato-san and Hikky san!



 Grand Opening

And… on 4th April it was the grand opening of Number76 Publika!

Paying a visit with JunJun  ❤︎

Publika’s layout is super confusing as usual T__T. The salon though, is not too hard to find, it’s on the same floor as Rakuzen and same row as Mee Jawa, once you have been there the first time it’s not a problem at all!

Outside the shop

The display window. Sandwiched between the products are real books including mangas and my favorite Ghibli story books

First peek inside the salon! Clean and serene. I especially love how you can look through the window and enjoy some bright sunlights.

The waiting area.

Wait… now it looks like an art gallery!

Little live hanging plants gives the interior a breath of fresh air… literally.

It reminds me of all the oshare (fashionable) cafes i’ve been to in Tokyo.

They are just too cute

A mirror selfie by the window side. It’s amazing how a little bit of green sets a totally different mood!


By the color waiting area.


I like even the toilet 

Tadaaa i helped with this spiky piece of art lolol. Try to spot it in the salon when you are there!


And… they are about to start their first day of business!!

Boss Hikky giving morning briefing.

And soon enough the salon was filled with excited customers.

Will come back soon for hair service! :D



Visit Number76’s newly revamped website for more info and also online booking!

In April, they are having one of the biggest promotions!!

This applies to ALL branches.

As for Publika branch, there’s a grand opening promotion, which is a further 20% off all chemical services, and that includes color, perm and that includes rebonding/relaxing!

Book your appointment now!


Number76 Publika

Operation Hours
10.00AM – 7.00PM
Last appointment at 6.00PM
Closed on Mondays

Number76 Publika
A1-G2-2, Solaris Dutamas,
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,


Here’s map for your easy understanding!

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SK-II Change Destiny

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One of the biggest mysteries in my life is that i think that my skin now is most definitely much, much better than 5 years ago. Dare i even say that it is better than my teenage years.

True enough, these days we have camera on beauty mode, endless filter apps, etc. But when i woke up and look into the mirror, i actually like what i see and i want this to be the start of a happy day ahead.

How come??

I guess 90% is because i have gotten so much more relaxed and so much less stressed out. The change of mentality. The other 10% is lifestyle change and taking proper care. I sleep earlier, put on lighter make up, home-cook more, and of course keeping a skin care routine every day.

These are all my SK-II products!

Some of them are sponsored, some i bought some time ago with my own money. But SK-II has always been a favorite. So much that i triple checked i packed my SK-II masks to Santorini before my wedding photoshoot day. So much i bought duty-free SK-II Men for the danna as a present.

There are so many different products i own but today i want to focus on two hero products!


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Aka the famous “Miracle Water” that is known to most women in the world.

Every bottle of SK-II contains more than 90% Pitera, the magic ingredient that is derived from a unique yeast’s fermantation that unlocks the secret to beautiful skin.

Some of SK-II Pitera’s kown benefits include replenishing skin’s moisture, smoothening skin’s surface texture, helping to make skin look translucent and crystal clear, helping give the skin an even tone, and giving the skin a natural healthy glow. 

How to use:

It’s a very simple step! First, soak a cotton with Facial Treatment Essence.

And gently pat into face and neck. The skin will absorb the Essence quickly.

It can also be used around the eye area!


Speaking of eyes, here’s another product that is specially created for your eyes!

SK-II Stempower Eye Cream

This new generation of eye care features first-in-the-world magnetic eye care technology, with its new Magnetic Eye Wand.


How to use:

Take a pearl-sized amount of eye cream and dot it around the eyes using the applicator.

Then there’s when magnetic wand does its magic. With its tri-magnetic technology, the Magnetic Eye Wand when moved over the face, induces a micro-electromagnetic field that further enhances the absorption of skincare ingredients. It delivers 3X more Niacinamide, a key ingredient into skin compared to applying using only fingers.

Use the Magnetic Wand to gently glide from inner corner of the eye to the outer corner for boosted penetration.

SK-II Stempower Eye Cream works to smoothen the appearance of wrinkles and even out the texture around the entire eye area, giving you more beautiful and brighter eyes!

So these are two of my favorite products from SK-II (among many many other favorites), and i really like its latest slogan, “Change Destiny”. Because i truly believe if you want to improve your life’s destiny, you actually can! For me, i did it with just a change of mindset and attitude, and SK-II is part of what help me go on this journey to better skin.

Find out more from SK-II Malaysia’s Facebook page!



SK-II is lauching two new products in Malaysia!

The launch event will be from the 28th April to 2 May 2015, at One Utama Shopping Center (Old Wing Concourse). There will exciting things going in this brand new Red Carpet edition of the Change Destiny Museum so be sure to visit!


Moe Moe Spa Treatment

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We often want to pamper ourselves to body massages or spa once in a while when we feel tired, but have you thought about giving your head a well-deserved pampering spa session too?


I was invited by MoltoBene (company who producted Bene Premium Bluria & Rougeria hair care series i blogged about earlier) to try out Moe Moe Spa Treatment at their office salon.

Unlike the usual hair treatments that focus on repairing the hair, Moe Moe focuses on a relaxing experience as a whole. It sounds very Japanese (as it comes from japan, of course), but it is actually Hawaiian themed (knowing how much Japanese people love Hawaii!), and the word Moe Moe means “to rest” and “to relax” in Hawaiian.

Speaking of Hawaii, this year we may have a family trip together with Junya to Hawaii

And i am so excited!!

Back to Moe Moe!

The packaging is also super sweet and pretty!


That’s the Moe Moe Spa Treatment product series. If you look carefully, there’s a sequence to it, from fresh green leaves to blooming flowers, i guess it represents the unfolding of a woman’s beauty!


MoltoBene’s products are always very wholesome! Moe Moe is silicone and ethonol free, and contains certified organic ingredients of Neroli, Petitgrain, Ylang Ylang essential oil, blend with the scent of Jasmine flower. Sounds just like a Hawaiian vacation!

The features for Moe Moe are:

  • special care for root volumization
  • special care for scalp odor
  • special care for colored and permed hair


Other than that, one of the most important routine for the spa treatment is the specially customised massages.


So many steps!!


So that day i get to experienced first hand this brand new Moe Moe Spa Treatment, serviced by MoltoBene’s very own educator from Japan, Suzuki san. Here are the steps of Moe Moe Spa Treatment:


1. Spume Soda

The first step is soda cleansing for the scalp.

A rich bubble foam is sprayed onto your scalp (you get to choose non-minty or minty. I chose the minty one because i love the cooling effect it has on scalp!), and even the hair, to give it thorough cleansing with gentle massage, at the same time giving nutrition and balancing pH to hair and scalp.


2. Volumy Gel

After that there’s the Volumy Gel, which is a cleansing gel with fine vitamin A & E beads inside to cleanse dirt and also to volumize roots of hair as its name suggests!

It is done with massage motions again by the deft fingers of Suzuki san. It feels super good!!!

The massage in this step is very important to promote metabolism.


3. Care Keeper + Care Serum

Triple cleansing?? This was the first ever time i’ve done any hair spa that has 3 cleansing step! Usually when you wash your hair too much, your scalp feels a little tingling and sensitive, but i’m surprised that after so many different types of cleansing, it is so gentle that it feels completely comfortable. (In fact i wish the massage can go on foreverrrrr T_T)

After that a hair treatment is applied to make your hair soft and moisturized.



4. Vita Drop

Now that your scalp is completely clean, you can give it a little boost with multivitamins to help moisturize scalp.

It could also reduce unpleasant smell of scalp, especially in a hot country like Malaysia.


And the treatment part is done!

Next is blow drying.

After that Suzuki san then help me check the condition of my scalp.

Can you see that??? Sparkling clean!!!

And lastly, styling.

With Suzuki san and Moe Moe products. Although they are mainly for professional salon use, there are several products you can bring home too for daily usage!

Very light and fluffy hair, and i indeed see the volumized effect 



Also, the good news is, although it is a professional range, Moe Moe is not only available in salons, there are also bring-home products you can purchase for home care!


Moe Moe Shampoo & Daily Serum

Moe Moe shampoo washes hair thoroughly for a lighter texture and prevent hair discoloration and curl keeping at the same time, perfect for colored and permed hair!

The Daily Serum is a daily hair treatment for continuous soft and volumized hair even after you come home from salon treatments.


Moe Moe Repair Aid

This is a leave-in treatment with watery milky texture to keep hair even softer and moisturized! I apply a pump or two to towel-dried hair after shower.


Moe Moe Fragrance Lei

Lastly, as you can see on a bottle a beautiful floral Lei, it is a hair fragrance spray with a sweet sweet scent reminiscent from the earth of Hawaii.

This is not just a hair fragrance, it also comes with UV protection, and serves as a protection for your hair against unpleasant smell like tobacco or smoke. So if your working environment has a lot of smoker, or it’s a clubbing night out or a BBQ party, do have a quick spray before you head out!


For more info, do visit MoltoBene Malaysia’s Facebook page and Instagram account: @moltobenemalaysia