Toshiba: Torneo Vacuum Cleaner

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Since i am mostly domesticated nowadays, i need to be an expert in many household related knowledge, such as mold prevention, durability of non-stick pans, the challenge of sustainable gardening, and … if a vacuum cleaner really sucks.

The latest addition in the house: Toshiba Torneo with a Dual Tornado System.

Yes, many of you are now aware that cyclone type vacuum cleaners are one of the most powerful. While some of you may 忍痛 and invest a few thousand Ringgit in a cyclone vacuum machine, this Toshiba Torneo is maybe 1/3 or even 1/4 the price.

So let’s see how Toshiba Torneo’s performs for me:


1. Lightweight

A lightweight vacuum cleaner is a MUST because you don’t want to tire yourself dragging the machine everywhere before you even start the real work lol.

Toshiba Torneo’s body weight is only 2.8KG with hidden wheels at the body, so you can carry it around everywhere, and it’s perfect for the elders and heavy users.


2. Accessories

The Torneo comes with different brushes that are inter-exchangeable. Will elaborate on this.


3. Futon Brush

One of them is the futon brush. This is a godsend. WHY NOBODY INVENT THIS EARLIER???

How many of you have never vacuumed the bed before because it just… doesn’t seem right? I feel like after all the dirt-sucking from the floor, you are just going to add more disgusting stuff on to your bed if you roll your vacuum cleaner over. Yucks.

But nooooo. The Japanese’s futon (bed/mattress) are too precious that all these ultra-hygienic Japanese people designed a Futon Brush specially just for bed cleaning.


You know how much fur this fella is shedding everyday? T___T. He is blowing his coat now (twice a year, summer and winter, regardless of the country he is in lol) and our bedroom is hellllllll (he sleeps with us in the same room).

This is all the crap from my bed. Can you believe it??? I change the bedsheet twice a week yet there is so much dust you don’t see!!!!!

Other than fur, i’m also constantly worried about dust mites, because i used to suffer very serious sinus problem (every. single. day.) almost my whole life, until i moved house and made sure i keep it very, VERY clean.

So it is very very important you regular vacuum your bed!! The Futon Brush helps to remove dust mites and particles to reduce dust allergy on bedding, sofa, cushion, etc.

It is scientifically proven to reduce exposure to allergens as certified by The British Allergy Foundation!

So yes, a must have if you have young ones at home!


4.  Handgrip

You know for most vacuum cleaners, the on off button is at the body and every time you will need to bend down and press? -___- (Ok la you can use your toes but very unglam ok.)

This one is right at the handle.


You can also adjust the suction power by just one touch. Super convenient!!



5. Revolving Brush

Did you know that the brush will automatically stop spinning when it is being lifted off the floor? So that it is safe for kids and pets at home. As Champon is forever curious whenever i vacuum, i don’t want him to go bald, you know what i mean.



6. Crevice Nozzle/Round Brush

The other tools are super useful too!

The crevice nozzle is great for corners and places that are hard to reach.

The danna is quite a clean freak lol so everywhere must be taken care of!

While the round brush will help surface cleaning.

PC, desks, and surface with stuff you don’t want to damage.



7. Power

Ok, so the most important question right? Is it as powerful as other cyclone type vacuum cleaners in the market?

To be honest i already have two vacuum cleaners at home that cost 3 times the price of this. I find Torneo doing the job just as perfectly.

Torneo’s Dual Tornado System that provides sustainable and consistent suction power. Suction power is sustained over 99.9%*. The vacuum cleaner sucks air and collects dust into a special “dust cup”, which is super easy to clean. (Cotton bags are yesterday!!)

Yes there are some vacuum cleaners with input power between 1600W to 2400W, and it sounds ZOMG powerful. But did you know that higher input power also means higher electric bills? As a housewife i need to balance things like this lolol. Effectiveness VS Cost Performance. Torneo is 1100w and thus provide better energy efficiency.


Lastly, the retail price inclusive of GST:

VC-GC33BSA – RM 889

VC-GC32BSA – RM 667


Huh. Sure or not.

Yes wor.


Models and color available:



Lastly, watch my quick video review on it!!!


Go get it at:


Papa’s birthday party and hair dates

I love June and July because many of my favorite people’s birthdays are on these two months!

There’s JunJun in June (yea that’s partly why i gave him the name lol) and the danna in July. This year the only present i had for him is his lunchbox.

Getting more and more cheapskate every year lolol.

But this is the most serious kyaraben i’ve made ok!! Got sketch wan! Hahaha.

The food picks are from Tokyo DisneySea!


Anyway, i did have a small party for the danna and Junya, since You & Co, a wedding/party planner was sooo nice to help me arrange it!

All i had to do was send Yumi the planner a few pictures and tell her what theme i wanted.

The theme was Happy Surfers at the Beach!!!


Nice ma? It turned out to be very Hawaiian also! With the colorful lei (leis?) and other beachy decor. The location was at number76 Publika branch!


I included Junya in the party also but he was already asleep so he didn’t get to celebrate at all lol.

The cake is made by D’Sabroso! I love how they made the sand with cookie crumble, looks so real and edible too! XD

Yes that’s how the danna looks. You are welcome.

Cupcakes with macaron!

The starfish texture is sooooo real!! How they do it!!

Yumi also arranged some personalized chocolate for the guests. Simple and nice hor!

Hawaiian haha.

Yoshi’s birthday was one day after the danna’s (he is still single!!!!!!! And he is a Cancerian!!! The most loyal and best star sign of all 12!!! First come first served!!! lolol) and that shirt is my present for him XD. Apparently he said it’s the best present he ever received lolol.

Thank you Yumi who arranged everything for me. She made it happen despite of my very last minute request, and i didn’t even have to lift a finger to do anything. Got la to hold spoon and eat only lolol.

If you are interested, here are the details!

Planner & Decorator: You & Co.
For Cheesie’s readers and followers, You & Co. is giving out RM100 discount (until 31st Dec 2015) with discount code “CHEESIE100” with minimum spending of RM2,000 on decoration services (wedding, birthday & events).






Number76 Publika 

at Number76 Publika for hair maintenance!!

First it’s bleach highlight for just a very subtle effect.

And then whole head color!!

I went for a darker ash grey!

Catching up with Hikky! Don’t know how she keeps her hair forever blonde but still so soft wan!

Family date hahah. My baby looks like me or his papa? XD



Number76 Bangsar 2

And few days ago i went to Bangsar 2 for treatment because my mama friend Eve wanted to claim her birthday treatment!

With my hot date JunJun.

Love how spacious the chair is can fit the both of us!!

Did Tansan hair wash and Ultrasonic Premium treatment!! I saw that recently many other salons also came up with different variations of Ultrasonic treatments. That’s how popular Number76’s original Ultrasonic treatment from NALU Omotesando is! It’s a little confusing because they could go by many names but you never know what ingredients they use omg.

If you have tried them from other salons you will know the difference. 

Yes. Welcome back to Number76. 

And styling by Amy!




Amy ❤︎ She is based at Bangsar 2 branch!!


Hair arrange 1:

Love this hair length! Though i’m thinking of growing it out for another style i’ve been wanting to do for a long time!!


Hair arrange 2:



Thank you Number76 always for taking good care of my hair!

Number76 only has 6 branches (including NALU Omotesando, Tokyo).

If you haven’t visited any of them yet, feel free to make appointment online for the branch nearest to you!

These are the outlets!

If you ever visit Tokyo and want to visit NALU for hair services, you can make a booking via email:!






maNara, a touching story about cosmetic

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Today i want to introduce a new cosmetic/skin care brand that i come to love very much recently.

But before that i want to share some stories!

So during my family trip in Japan, Tokyo Luxey insisted i meet up with this brand called maNara because they think i will like the products. So i did, and we set a meet up at Loft, Yurakucho near Ginza, because maNara is sold at the Loft.

I thought i was just meeting the marketing people or the brand representative, but…

The founder and president of maNara, Iwasaki Yumiko san herself took some time off her super busy schedule just to meet this foreign blogger in Japan!! T___T

Despite being someone who is of such esteemed position, she greeted me with warmth and lots of smile, and treated me like her friend. That’s her explaining how popular the product is hahaha. And i can really sense how proud and confident she is about her products!

maNara’s award winning product! It’s so popular that more than 4 million tubes are sold! More about that later!

We were having a casual lunch (rumored the best sukiyaki beef restaurant in Ginza!!) while they introduce the company and products to me.

One thing i noticed about the other maNara’s employees is that everybody seemed to really respect and admire Yumiko san, the way they talk to her and speak so fondly of her.

Later then, i found out that Yumiko’s dream is to create company that provides happiness for all women, including their own employees. The company consists of mostly women, some married and some are mothers. The company’s policy is to make sure their employees maintain a balanced work and family life: to have a good career but at the same time not sacrificing the importance of their family (which is too rare in Japan!!). Yumiko san makes everybody go home at 5pm sharp, and the company also provides supports for mothers who need to take care of their children. There’s even a Mama Lunch gathering every month!!

If i ever move to Japan, i want to work for maNara lolol.

Anyway, i am really glad that i had this meeting. Sometimes it takes more than trying a product to like it. Knowing how Yumiko san runs her company, i am already in love with their products.

Even more so after i read this:

“The touching story of how maNara was born”.

Lolol maNara has their own Manga!!!!  I really must give it to the Japanese for their creativity.

Anyway, the story is the life of Yumiko san herself, how she quit her 15 years long advertising job (hence the creativity!!) in pursue of creating her very own “ideal skin care” from scratch. Despite being rejected over and over again, she persisted in making a product that is safe and effective for all woman, and one that she would love and use herself, of course.

Honestly i was almost teary when i flipped to the last page hahaha.

Anyway, it’s time to introduce the “magic products”!!!



Actually, i am a user of maNara myself before i even met Yumiko san. A Japanese friend gave a tube of maNara hot cleansing gel to me and i really loved it, but i was using it very very carefully cuz i was worried if i finish it then had no idea where to buy it!! (They used to only sell it online and it was nowhere to be found in stores).

I am glad i crossed path with it again.

Three of the golden treasures of maNara: Hot Cleansing Gel, Wash Gel and Liquid BB Bar.


One more thing i love about maNara: they are so attentive to details.

You know the sticker/tape used to seal a box? Usually you will need to pry it off hard at the risk of spoiling your nails (and the box), or find a cutter to cut it through right?? But maNara’s one come with a grey end that is non-adheasive so you can just peel it off effortlessly. And of course i appreciate too the instruction printed on the inside for paper saving!


maNara Wash Gel

The latest beauty trends is to “not over cleanse your face”, otherwise it will lose moisture, right? Some girls choose to not use foam cleanser or even not wash their face in the morning now, but then you will notice that you will never be able to remove the “dullness”!

maNara Wash gel is so gentle that the texture is exactly like that of a moisturizer! You apply it on your face as you would a face cream, massage and just rinse off, or even just wipe it off with a cotton pad. There’s no worries because it is made of 97.5% moisturizing beauty ingredient!

It is a really strange feeling. I feel like i am moisturizing my face when i apply it, but when i rinse it off, my face feels so clean and refreshed!! What sorcery is this??!? And yes i do see the instant brightness of the complexion!


maNara Liquid BB Bar

Although this is a sponsored post, i must say this is the best BB thingie i’ve ever come across. I have never really bought this whole BB craze because they are always too thick and appear too white -_-.

maNara’s BB bar is cleverly formed into a stick, and you just glide it over your face, then smoothen it even with a maNara sponge.

You know how sometimes liquid foundation can be too creamy, and powder foundation will cake after a few hours? This is a perfect balance between liquid and powder omg, i don’t know how they can make something so easy to use!! The texture looks quite heavy but when you spread it with a sponge, it just melts into your skin and blend so naturally!!!

The BB cream was invented by a mom who is also an employee of maNara, who just got back to work from giving birth and realized that there is no time to be spent on makeup in the mornings and wanted to find a better solution for everyone.  And she did a video tutorial where she applied her foundation using this in just 30 seconds. I could too! Haha.

After light make up!



maNara Hot Cleansing Gel

Now the legendary product! It has won the Monde Selection Gold Award for 10 consecutive years!

New packaging on the left! And on the right is the one i have been using long time ago!

I use it at the end of the day just before i sleep.

Hot Cleansing Gel, like its name suggests, is a gel type cleanser + make up remover that looks orangy and smells like citrus (i love the scent!).

You spread it on your hand and apply it on the face and massage in circular motion for 30 seconds – 1 minute, until you start to feel a warm sensation and your make up starts to melt away. Then you stroke your face with damp hands till the gel emulsifies. Then rinse off. There’s no need to double cleanse!


I love all the three products!! Other than practicality, i actually really love how genuine the people are behind this brand. I guess you really do win in business if you have sincerity.

Also, maNara’s biggest benefits are how natural all the ingredients are. maNara’s policy is the 7 No’s:

1. No Synthetic perfumes
2. No colorings
3. No mineral oils
4. No petroleum surfactant agents
6. No ethanol
7. No paraben
8. No ultraviolet absorbers

therefore you trust that it would be 100% gentle for your skin.



Anyway… the sad news is that, it is not available in Malaysia yet. I knoooow T__T. But they really want to bring it to Malaysia soon!!

BUUUUUT if you ever come to Japan (nah nah nah one more reason to buy your tickets!!!) or have friends who are in Japan now, please go and grab maNara products in the following stores!

Idaryogokudo retail stores
At Cosme store

Do check out maNara’s new English Facebook page for for info!


The meaning of Itadakimasu

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Many of us love Japanese food.

If you are a little familiar with Japanese culture, you may have noticed that Japanese people say “Itadakimasu” before they start eating at the table.

You put both your hands together and with a slight bow, you say Itadakimasu, and then pick up the chopsticks and start eating. We practice this at our home every day as the danna is really strict with table manners. Junya will have to do it too lol.

Anyway, people usually translate Itadakimasu as “Bon Appetit” or “Let’s eat” (Or in Hokkien “lai lai lai jiak jiak jiak!!!” lolol), which is correct, but it doesn’t reflect its true meaning.

I do say Itadakimasu out of habit, but i didn’t really wonder about the real meaning or origin of it, until one day the danna explained it to me, and i was like… goosebumps all over. :O

Itadakimasu is the polite form of “itadaku“, which is the humble form of “morau” , which means “i receive”. Lolol confused yet?

Which means, itadakimasu = “i receive with humility”.

But receive what? From who? Even if you cook for yourself to eat and you are alone, you say Itadakimasu, because it means “i receive with humility the lives that have sacrifice for me“.

It does sound a little morbid if you think about it this way, but the fact is that we human eat other living things, (yes, even if you are a vegan, plants are living things too) and they sacrifice so that we can continue to live.

So saying Itadakimasu , you are saying “With all humility, i receive this meal. I thank and all farmers and hunters’ hardwork for providing this meal to me, and i thank the mother nature for its sacrifice for me.

All the love and sincerity, the heart of appreciation, in just one word.

I was so overwhelmed i was almost in tears.

Every time when i say Itadakimasu, i am saying, “thank you delicious cow, for the sacrifice!!! Thank you farmers!! Thank you chef!!! Thank you universe, for this amazing amazing meal. I will enjoy it with all my heart.”

It is such a great word. We easily take things for granted, but a simple word as such connects our thoughts and prayers back to the nature, and remind us to be always grateful. No wonder Japan is such a beautiful place. Because the people give thanks to the nature at least three times a day hahaha.

Try saying your own version of Itadakimasu the next time you have a meal. Maybe it will really taste yummier!


Taste of Tohoku

So yes, talking about food, would you like some gourmet cherries?

Small red and delicious beads kissed by the summer sun. Did you know that 70% of cherry production in Japan comes from Tohoku, Yamagata Prefecture?

Junya’s snack bowl: blueberries and Yamagata cherries.

I’m sure you have heard of Strawberry Picking in Japan, one of the favorite activities to do in winter/spring. But do you know that there’s Cherry Picking (not the fallacy thing) too?

I want to do this one day with Junya!!

During the months of May-July, you can go to cherry farms to pick cherries and eat them fresh off the cherry trees! It costs usually around 1500 yen to 3000 yen, depending on the grade of the cherries. And usually you get to eat all the cherries to your heart’s content within 30 minutes. Worth it!!!!

Speaking of grade, Japan probably produces the most expensive cherries in the world (along with many other fruits like melon, strawberries, grapes, apples, just to name a few)!

Almost RM10 per cherry.

One of the most expensive cherries is called Charmy-Cherry (Sato-Nishiki type), produced in Akita prefecture. You can find it in most high-end departmental stores or luxurious fruit store like Senbikiya. Apparently it can go up to 25000 yen (RM700+) a box!!


These beautiful cherries are flawless. They are carefully selected and sometimes put in a box individually like this.


Why are Japanese fruits so expensive?

They are not always expensive. I usually buy my Yamagata cherries for like 500 yen (RM15) a box. But yes, the top grade fruits can be insanely expensive. And why is it so?

Gift giving is an essential part of the Japanese culture, and fruits happen to be one of the most popular gifts for friends, business associates, etc. The more high end it is the more unique a gift it will be as so to impress the person you are giving to. That is what makes the farmers go to extremes to push the limits of the quality of their fruits, the taste, the color, the presentation and even the shape (heart shape melon!!!). If you watch the documentaries on Japanese fruit farmers, you can see how much love they have for these fruits.

So yes, next time you are in Japan, make sure you splurge on one of these love-filled beautiful fruits.

For more tips on Tohoku gourmet and delicacies, you can visit Taste of Tohoku!


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Eat Tokyo with Baby (Part 3)

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Part 2 here.  Part 1 here.

So so so!! It’s Tokyo time!!! This was our trip to Japan in May/June 2015. Junya was about to turn 1 so it was his last few weeks as a baby hehe. Here are some of the restaurants we have been!


1. Malaychan

Actually we didn’t try this, but i thought it would be useful for Malaysian readers especially Muslims travelers!

It’s a Halal Malaysian restaurant at Ikebukuro! It’s supposed to be a pun for “Belacan” i think lol.

If ever you miss home and some comfort food (almost never happen for me XD), do drop by Malaychan and let me know if it is good!



2. (Forgot the name of this restaurant)

It’s an Izakaya with really spacious individual rooms! With Sunada san and Gomi san from NALU ❤️

Bagna Cauda

Tamagoyaki with super generous mentaiko mayo topping!

That’s papa and me trying to upload an IG picture i think lol. By the way the pocket wifi on the table is from Samurai Wifi!  It’s so so fast and stable, i’ve used it for 3 trips to Japan and i have never encountered any problems at all!


3. Isomaru Suisan

A Japanese seafood BBQ chain restaurant, which is mediocre at best but it’s open 24 hours!!!!! You know where to go if you are craving for some sashimi at 4am.


4. Dotonbori Okonomiyaki

We only went there because of its collaboration with Gudetama (which has ended by now).

You get to make your own Gudetama mentaiko yakiudon


Or Gudetama Okonomiyaki!


5. Tsukada Noujo 塚田農場

The first time i tried this restaurant was actually in Singapore! They had the Bijin Nabe which was super good so i was craving for it when i was back to Japan.

Our usual favorite drink in any Izakaya: Nama (fresh) Lemon Sour with alcohol for the danna, and  without alcohol for me.

Their signature charcoal grilled chicken and chicken tatami (seared chicken sashimi).

Collagen gyoza nabe, The jello-like stuff in the middle? Collagen!

Once it’s heated up it melts into a rich creamy broth that is said to be super good for your skin!

Omake dessert plate. The danna wondered if they ever recycles the plates lolol.


6. Marugame Seimen Sanuki Udon

It’s one of our favorite Udon chain shops. Cheap and consistently yummy no matter where you go! We were actually somewhere in Chiba after the visit to Mother Farm on Junya’s first birthday.

Our usual. Me with Mentaiko Bukkake (with super extra free negi topping lol), the danna just plain udon and we share the deep fried side dishes.

They have wide floor seats so it’s really great for children! See the prong thing on the table?

They provide it for easy noodle cutting for young children. So thoughtful hor!

JunJun looooooooves udon. It’s definitely one of his top 3 favorite!


7. (a random Gyutan speicalty shop in Seibu, Ikebukuro)

Danna’s request as usual XD

Such simple and satisfying meal <3


8. Edomae Bikkuri Sushi, Roppongi

Bikkuri means surprised or shocked in Japanese. We walked from Daikanyama to Ebisu to Roppongi hoping to find a restaurant that is Junya-friendly lol. Honestly it was quite a challenge as Ebisu was an area full of fancy bars/lounges and Roppongi is just… dodgy.

In the end we walked into a restaurant-ish sushi shop. Then JunJun woke up -___-.

Ordered avocado ebi roll for Junya.

Anago Shiroyaki. The long thing curvy thing is the anago (river eel)’s bone deep fried till crispy. It was so yummy!! :O

5 types of Maguro.

Vegetable tempura.

This is cream cheese with ika shiokara (marinated squid guts) AND IT WAS SO GOOD!

The bill came up to 9000 over yen omg. Bikkuri much indeed. -___-



9. Japanese Ice Ouca

The danna is an ice cream person. ( I am not)

We walked past a fancy ice cream parlor after Shocking Sushi and the danna walked straight in.

The ice cream menu was full of things i don’t understand!!!!!!

In the end we picked a combo of 3 flavors. He picked two and i was allowed to choose the last one. He had Karinto (a traditional Japanese snack), Sakura Azuki and i went for Yomogi, apparently a kind of spring wood in Aomori, because it just sounded so… unimaginable lol.

The flavors are all traditional Japanese food ingredients like matcha, kinako, persimmon. Apparently it’s reaaaally popular too so do give it a try! I loved how subtle and delicate the flavors are, but the danna said i am not deep enough to appreciate its Japanese nuances -_-.



10. Eggs’ n Things

Okay. The legendary pancake shop from Hawaii. Who has been here before? How long did you line up for?

When i first went to Harajuku few years ago, i remembered the line was so long it overflowed to the main street of Omotesando. And apparently the line was just to take a number to come back at a later time. I have heard about people queueing up in the morning and get a number just to come back almost in the evening omg.

But no. We didn’t even plan on going there in the first place.

Our original plan was to go shopping in Harajuku!

In the densha.


So when we walked past Eggs’ n Things, there was no queue!! Like, ZERO!


I thought it was closed for a private event lolol. I told the danna omgomgomg LET’S GO IN!!! I even asked the waitstaff just to double confirm if we really don’t need to line up to go in. She said she could immediately get us a table.

The danna said he doesn’t mind if he didn’t have to line up. But warned me that i may be disappointed (he tried it in Hawaii). I was like NO WAY. Hahhaha.

We got our table at the terrace.

We ordered the signature scrambled egg (with tuna steak) and of course, everyone’s favorite pancake with strawberry and macadamia.

Check. Out. That. Cream.

Junya was really happy exploring the place. We got a corner table so he had plenty of space to toddle around. XD

He didn’t care about the pancake though hahah.

Hmmm. Even we were sharing we couldn’t finish the mountain of fresh cream.

When we left the restaurant, a small line has started to form outside.

So yea, if you ask me, i don’t think it would be worth the queue (better spend your precious time for shopping in Harajuku!!). Even if there’s no queue it was still not worth it lol.


11. 76CAFE, Omotesando

Did you know? 76Cafe Omotesando is not only baby-friendly, it is also pet-friendly! If you have small lap pets you are welcome to bring them to dine together with you.

Mama date with Junna and her 5m old baby!

Chicken Pepperonci pasta!! One of my fav places to eat pasta in Tokyo <3


12. Shiokaze, Kinmedai Shabu Shabu

Date with my favorite couple Omatsu san and Nanaco!!

Came from an event in Nakameguro, and we went to Shiokaze, a rather famous fish restaurant which owner has been on the TV many times!  It’s just that the location is quite difficult to find for a usual tourist so it’s not that super popular.

But i’m so glad we came here, the food was soooo good! (But pricey)

Love the Koshitsu (individual room)

A giant Gyotaku (Japanese fish press print) behind.

Junya in super good mood.

I think he just likes cute Japanese girls la hhahaa


The appetizer was Hijiki with wasabi mayo.

Hijiki is a type of seaweed and is used in many traditional Japanese dishes. I don’t particularly like it but i eat a lot of it when i got pregnant because it is a great source of iron and calcium!

Buuuuuuut this Hijiki was amazing. It was ultra fresh and a tad crunchy. It may have been the yummiest hijiki i’ve ever eaten.

Assorted sashimi. The uni was top grade T_______T. It was so good i had to let Junya try it. He did and he loved!!!

The star of the day: Kinmedai shabu shabu.

As i have said earlier kinmedai has just become my favorite fish. Sashimi, simmered or shabu-shabu, gimme ALL!!!!


And… half way during the meal an earthquake happened. T______T.

It was the shakiest and longest so far for me, i could feel the photo frames behind swing and the building wobble T______T.

Really scared die me. But it was only me who panicked. The Japanese (Omatsu san and Nanaco) were so calm they quickly went online and searched for more information. The restaurant staff came and helped us switch off the stove immediately. It actually wasn’t a very big one, it just lasted long enough for me to panic.

Everything went back to normal after a few seconds, but several train lines had stopped and we had big trouble going back home.

Shibuya train station looked like this. T____T.

Anyway, after some canned sardin squeezing and some kind seat-giving to me and Junya, everyone got home safely. I have experienced 3 earthquakes during my 3 weeks stay in Tokyo this time. But each time i was incredibly amazed by how calm, rational, thoughtful and considerate these people are. It made me feel really safe even at an earth-shattering moment.


13. Discounted sushi lunch box

My half price sushi dinner from Tobu departmental store for a stay-in day.


14. Ootoya

I think Thailand and Singapore have Ootoya! But i’m not sure about their quality since i’ve never tried one outside Japan. But i loooooove Ootoya so much.

I think i’ve posted this maybe 3-4 times on this blog already lol. Black vinegar fried chicken with vegetable sauce. My absolute fav.

The danna had gyutan (again!! lol) set meal.

And a bowl of matcha shaved ice for dessert!


15. Seigetsudou, Tobu Ikebukuro

Kyoto-style traditional Japanese food.

I had the signature lunch and the danna had sakura ebi kamameshi set.

Not a super big fan of Kyoto style cuisine because it’s too zen for my taste lolol and i don’t really like my dishes served cold. But it is light and really healthy so i won’t mind once a while!


16. Nagasaki Food Fair, Tobu Ikebukuro

Usually the food fairs i went to are Hokkaido or Okinawa food fairs, it’s the first time i came across one on Nagasaki so i was really excited!

Our Supreme Champon (yes that’s how our pet got its name)

And Supreme Sara Udon



17. Eifukuchou Taishouken Shoyu Ramen

If you have been to Japan before, you probably have tried Ichiran ramen and it’s also probably your favorite. (100% of my Malaysian friends said it’s their favorite ramen!)

The danna said usually only torusists will like Ichiran (what?! i do!!!) and he decided to bring me to his favorite ramen place. I was so excited to find out which ramen impressed his god tongue so much lolol.

The shop is located near Eifukucho station, and it looks like this:

Yes it is really popular. It’s very different the ramen shops i’ve been to in the city. It has run by the family for maybe more than 50 years? True traditional Japanese ramen shop. And to my surprise it’s very child-friendly!

There are a few things that make the ramen special.

1. Size. There are two portions of noodle in one giant bowl, and is served with a giant spoon. And there’s only one size available. It will take a really, really, really hungry body builder to finish the whole bowl and no, you are not allowed to share the noodles (each customer has to order an individual bowl).

2. Soup. The main reason why the danna loves this so much is because he cannot accept nurui (lukewarm) ramen. If there isn’t any hot steam flowing up and the temperature is not tongue-burning hot, it is considered lukewarm to him. His tongue has a god level of tolerance to hotness omg i suspect is all the supreme gyutan he ate lolol.

And this soup, mysteriously stays hot foreverrrrrrrrrr. By the time you finish eating it is still like fresh off the stove.

3. Menma. The ramen is pretty down to earth. No fancy ingredients nor lavish toppings. Just a few slices of cha-shu, kamaboko, scattering negi and really delicious niboshi-based hot broth. But the menma (bamboo shoot), is. so. delicious. It may not be for everyone though cuz i know some ramen shops in Malaysia removed the menma and replace it with other things cuz it’s not very well accepted by local Malaysians. But i loooooove menma omg. Especially the slightly smelly one lolol.

You can actually buy the pre-packed soup, noodle and also menma home, and i really regretted not buying any because i am missing it so much now T__T.

Anyway, it was indeed one of the best ramen i’ve ever had, but unfortuantelt i couldn’t finish it. My hero husband finished mine (no wastage!) which means he ate about 3 servings of noodles @.@.


18. Daigomi Cheese Specialty Restaurant

This restaurant is meant for me lolol. I wanted to go there since a long time ago cuz i saw it on TV once and i almost licked the screen.

Everything is cheesy. So much that this this blog pales in comparison lolol.

Probably the most famous dish in the restaurant: Carbonara. Fat holey pasta swimming in rich liquid cheese topped with more cheese!! Yumsssss

Cheese risotto.

Cheesecake of the day. Love!!


That’s all! Many many more posts on Japan to come!

Taste of Tohoku

July 21, 2015 in Japan 19 Cheesed

I know a lot of you who read this blog love Japan too, since nowadays most of my entries are mostly Japan related. Fashion, food, travel…

My bucket list is scribbled with the names of all 47 prefectures in Japan. My life mission is to visit every single one of them. So far i have done 22.

(Hold on, let’s count… Aichi, Chiba, Fukuoka, Fukushima, Gunma, Hokkaido, Hyogo, Ibaraki, Kagoshima, Kanagawa, Kumamoto, Kyoto, Mie, Miyagi, Nagano, Nagasaki, Nara, Okinawa, Osaka, Shizuoka, Tochigi, Tokyo)


And i have also found my calling, which is, as exaggerated and ridiculous as it may sound to some people, to promote Japan to the world until it becomes the most loved country in the world lolol.

Simply because, there are too much, just too much undiscovered beauty about Japan that many people have yet to realize. Even for people who are not interested in Japanese cultures, it takes only one airplane ticket to fall in love with Japan.

So i will continue to spread all the love for Japan on this blog, because nothing else can motivate me more than this.

Anyway, i would like to start with Tohoku, because i have just taken on this project called Taste of Tohoku, which is a tourism effort to promote the Northern Eastern part of Japan to the world.

Where is Tohoku?

Tohoku (東北) is the North-East region which includes 6 prefectures shown above. Many people do not know much about Tohoku because it’s not as popular a tourist destination as other places like Tokyo, Kyoto or Hokkaido.

But surely you have heard of Aomori Apple, Akita dogs (yes, the famous Hachiko!), Yamagata Cherries? And of course Fukushima, the sadly-known district which was affected by the 2011 earthquake.

People from Japan are still trying to raise fund for the affected regions in Tohoku, as you can see “Support Tohoku!” or “Tohoku, Ganbarou!” posters all over Japan.

My heart aches so so much for them and honestly, if i have a chance the next time i go to Japan, i must visit Tohoku.

I have actually visited Sendai (the capital city of Miyagi Prefecture, which was affected by the earthquake) on my birthday two years ago, just few months before i got pregnant with Junya.

It was Sakura season, and it was so filled with love.

I was so so touched that Tohoku is such a beautiful place again in just short two years after the disaster. Japanese people are amazing. The effort they put into bringing more smiles after a tragedy happens. I just wanted to give them all my love. TAKE IT, TAKE IT ALL!!

We passed by Fukushima too, just so i could buy alllll the souvenirs in hope of just contributing even very very tiny support to the people in Fukushima.

(After that the danna scolded me because he said i was conned by the label lolol. For example the Fukushima Gotochi Kitty is obviously not made in Fukushima, so i’m just helping Sanrio to make more money, not Fukushima hahaha. He said if i really want to help, i have to buy the local produce, like fruits and other yummy food! Ok next time i will do so!!!!)


Anyway, i have so much love i can’t wait to show it to Tohoku again. If you guys love Japan too, please find some time to visit Tohoku the next time you fly to Japan to show your support.

I will regularly update information on Tohoku, in terms of history, yummy food, beautiful places, also as a reference for myself on the places i want to go next!

Lastly, please visit Taste of Tohoku Facebook page, it is in both Italian and English (the main page is in Italian but you can click “photos” for duplicated posts written in English!) for more information on the less discovered beautiful part of Japan.






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