cheesie X Love, Bonito

Exciting news!

Love, Bonito will be collaborating with Cheesie (hey that’s me!) for their latest collection.


It’s hard to not know Love, Bonito already, with their strong presence everywhere and being well-established for so many years. We worked together since 2011, and early this year they proposed a collaboration between me and the label, of course i agreed and we had been working on it for the past half  a year!

I was assigned to come up with 8 exclusive designs for LB, and i decided that these 8 items have to be something that are comfortably my style, yet suit the image of LB.

Although the brainstorming was early this year, the collection is for AW 2014, so i decided to have a monotone motif that interprets autumn, yet not too heavy to suit Malaysian/Singaporean weather.

This is the motif for the collection, and it is being printed on different materials/fabric for different items.


Sneak peak!

I wanted items that could be mixed and matched in the fun motif, yet it is suitable for both work and play!



Here are my coordinates of Cheesie X Love, Bonito collection:

Coordinate 1

Bold printed pants when you feel bored of your usual work pants. It is simple and comfortable almost for any occasion at all!


Coordinate 2

Since it is an AW collection, i wanted something that brings out that coolness of autumn, so we have a pocketed light trench coat, totally perfect for shopping mall temperature lol. The inner lining is the same feathery motif in satin for the added luxurious touch.

Inside i am wearing a front-tie cut out dress that has a really flattering cutting.

A perfect combination.

Coordinate 3

A top and skirt set-up that is both feminine and elegant. Wear it to an evening party, and don’t forget the stilettos!


Coordinate 4

A motif-printed dungaree for a casual day out!




Love, Bonito Fashion Show

Another good news!

Love, Bonito has finally set-foot in Malaysia! Can’t wait for your shipment to arrive from Singapore? Go over to and experience the actual shopping with Love, Bonito in KL!

On 16th Oct there was also a fashion show in Publika featuring their new collections, including the Cheesie X Love, Bonito line.

Photos from Love, Bonito’s official site.

One of Cheesie X Love, Bonito pieces on the runway.

Was wearing the same trench coat that day!

A short speech on stage.

And many other models and celebrities who attended the event that day!


Here are the photos from my camera:

With the gorgeous founders Rachel and Viola

Models Weena and Loreal

Fashionista Cherrie

And Bell!



Love, Bonito Pop Up Store in Publika, KL

Don’t forget to visit the pop up store!

The store is at Publika Mall, Level G2, Lot 15 ♡


The launch for Cheesie X Love, Bonito will be on 27th October, Monday 2pm. Stay tuned!






New hair with number76!

October 20, 2014 in Hair Cheat One™ 35 Cheesed

So i had been wanting a hair makeover for a long time! Finally mom was here to take care of Junya so i had a few hours to spare for some mane-tenance lol.

This was before!

I have had dark hair mid-way through pregnancy for easy maintenance since i reckoned i wouldn’t have much time after the baby is born. After 4 months i think i’m pretty okay with regular salon visits again, so yesterday i dropped by number76 Starhill Gallery branch for a makeover!


So for the month of October, there’s a Sparkling October promotion!

Basically it focuses on scalp care, as it is the foundation to having healthy hair! Get a scalp microscope analysis, a Tansan hair wash and Micro Carbonated Spa treatment for only RM50 extra!!

After Tansan hair wash!

And Odera san was doing the scalp analysis for me. Just a very small device connected via wifi, and you can see your own scalp magnified thousand times on an ipad screen. It could be pretty unnerving to see what’s going on between those tresses!

I forgot to ask for the analysis before the wash, so Odera san was like “you scalp is really uninteresting” because he couldn’t find anything wrong with it lolol. My scalp is pretty much perfect, thanks to regular Tansan wash and scalp care at number76!!!

Go try it out and compare the before and after picture, it’s quite amazing! (And make sure you haven’t just eaten/aren’t eating while looking at the ipad screen wtf)

Then…. hair cut!!

76 TSUYA Bleach + Highlight bleach without adding any color!

If you haven’t alreadyknown, TSUYA is a 76 specially formulated treatment infused system that applies to all chemical services like bleaching/coloring/perming etc.

Usually all these chemical process will damage your hair, but 76 TSUYA system has added 11 types of treatment ingredients such as collagen powder, amino acids and hyaluronic acid to protect your hair and restore its moisture, and the result is lustrous, glossy tresses! Exclusively available at MB, Bangsar 1, Bangsar 2 and Starhill Gallery branch only.

You know how bleached hair without added color is matte, dull and has that kind of brassy orange??

Mine was bleached and bleach-highlighted with 76 TSUYA system, and i was so so amazed at how nice the color turned out!!! Will include picture later!


Anyway, plenty of chemical process today! I cut my hair medium length, and wanted a little bit of volume to it (you know, those perfectly messy out-of-bed hair effect!!), so i also wanted a perm.

And of course, it’s 76TSUYA cold perm. Process was pretty fast, 20 minutes or so and i was done!



And… the result!! (After a little styling cream)


Love love LOVE!

Initially i wanted to go for fringe cut too but i’ll save that for the next time haha. (Creating excuse to go back again lolol)


Anyway, it turned out exactly how i wanted it to be, and i’m really really grateful for number76 Starhill Gallery team <3


Outside number76 Starhill Gallery branch ♡

Last comparison picture!


Check out number76 branch locations here!

Will play around with new hair styles and update again ♡







Dyson Sucks

October 18, 2014 in Commercial Break 5 Cheesed

For the first time it is actually a compliment. It is true, the tagline for their latest cordless vacuum is “Sucks up as much dust as even a corded vacuum”.

So i never thought i would be blogging about a vacuum.

That’s right, just got myself a Dyson Digital Slim DC62, a cordless vacuum cleaner. Before that, i was already a fan of Dyson vacuum cleaners. There simply aren’t any other choice. Because it is unarguably the best.

I bought a Dyson DC48 when we moved to our new house.

It cost us a fortune but it was so worth it. It is no doubt one of the best investment we have for our house.

Mainly because of this:

The moment we brought Champon home, we were ready to deal with this for the next decade.


I have sinus problem, the tiniest amount of dust can set off a crazy tsunami of nose-blowing T__T. And then we have a small baby. Whose Champon always loves to lie next to.

Naturally our carpets, Junya’s play mats, clothes etc etc are all stuck with Champon’s fur. It is not so much the pet allergy (as many people are concerned) that bothers me but it just looks very unhygienic with everything coated in fur.

And i used to do this:

Every. Single. Day. The sofa alone takes 10 minutes and can use off half a big roll!




And so Dyson DC62 was a godsend.

It may seem redundant to have two vacuum cleaners in the house, but this cordless one really, REALLY makes a whole world of difference!!! It is the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner in the market right now, with its digital motor V6 and 2 Tier Radial cyclones (don’t know all the technical terms, i just needs it to do its job).

I’m sure you all understand how much work it is to drag a heavy machine all over the house, bending down plugging and unplugging. Sometimes i get so lazy i would pretend not to see the dust lolol.




Champon shredded a magazine? No problem!! Sucking it all up right away!!

This is how small it is!!! And so so light–perfect as a handheld!

And comes with a complete set of tools for various purposes.

The picture above this is using a Mini Motorized Tool for sofa/upholstery cleaning.


There’s the standard carbon fiber floor tool. (Although for floor i usually will use my DC48 for heavy cleaning, and DC62 only for spot cleaning.)

Then there’s another tool with soft brush for surface cleaning, PC, desks, and surface with stuff you don’t want to damage.


And then there’s another flat tool that’s perfect for bed/sheet cleaning. Perfect for Junya’s cot.

And the useful long reach wand for clean your ceiling/fan. No more climbing up and down a ladder! :D


Such a time-saver! :D

If you ask me, i’d say it is a necessity in every home if you like the idea of a comfortable, spot-free house.


Find out more at Dyson:

JRunway — International Shipping!

October 16, 2014 in Commercial Break 1 Person Cheesed

Good news, good news!

For those of you who stay outside Singapore (like me!), JRunway will start international shipping this 16th Oct to:

Singapore , Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and Thailand!


And more reason to shop:

With any purchase at all, you get a Biore freebie!! I’ve heard raving reviews about it!



Also, don’t forget to browse JRunway’s latest arrivals. JRunway always bring you the latest and trendiest apparel from Japan!

I love their X-girl collections and all the collabo items :D

Check this ouuuuuuuut:

X-girl X Hello Kitty! How cute <33333


Another one is collabo with Porter!


Porter is most famous for its luggage line and of course top Japanese quality. Their product designs are usually very low key so i’m glad there’s a collaboration so fun and youthful with X-Girl!

By the way Champon’s collar and walking leash is from Porter. And i super love it cuz it is impossibly durable with all his teething and chewing. It’s still like brand new!!!


If you are working lady, check out also their special feature on trendy work wear!

Watch a video on JRunway which gives an overview of what Shop JRunway is operated!


That’s all for now, head over to Jrunway for more shopping!


Follow JRunway’s Social Media for the latest trends from Japan


Autumn Coordinate 2014

October 13, 2014 in Useless fashion 5 Cheesed

Haven’t done coordinate post in a while!

Lately there’s a shift in my coordinate preference, as having a baby does does more change to your lifestyle than you imagine, including your wardrobe. Having to carry him and take care of his needs, i have been opting for the more comfortable, casual outfits. As high heels is almost impossible now, i’m also big on sneakers and loafers these days!

Here are some of my coordinates recently trying to blend into the autumn scene. In Malaysia. XD


Coordinate 1

A more casual MODE using mostly EMODA’s items.


Coordinate 2

Comfy casual accessorized with #Chambomb.


Coordinate 3

Not a big slogan tee/shirt fan (especially with such angst lol), but thank you Jac Vanek for sending the awesome stuff!


Coordinate 4

Have also been secretly wearing a lot of danna’s items lately XD


Coordinate 5

Half the items are are also the danna’s XD





[Sponsored Coordinate]

Tokyo Corner

So! I am so happy to discover Tokyo Corner, an online shopping portal on Japanese fashion/items! They products they carry range from women and men’s clothing to household accessories, and even manga/anime collectibles!!

I placed my order on some items and i am really impressed with their service!! Excellent customer service and quick delivery!

Coordinate 6

Side Mesh Top/Dress is from OMG, a street style brand.

Love how simple casual yet funky their items are. They also have Izu (Izuoka Misaki) as the model! I love her fashion sense <3

Browse more on OMG’s items here.


Coordinate 7

Chillin Tokyo Tee too from OMG. It’s free size so i can also share it with the danna XD


Close up!


Other than that, they also carry many other brands of different themes. Like Galaxxxy:



There’s also Supreme Lala, Kokokim, Fig&Viper, and also Esperenza, one of my fav foot wear brands in Shibuya 109!


The antique book cases are also from Tokyo Corner!

Perfect for space saver and to keep small accessories!

Hop over to Tokyo Corner for some fun shopping!  Or just click on the Tokyo Corner banner on the side bar!

Also what’s worth mentioning is that they also do free shipping worldwide for clothing & apparel!! The site is in English, it requires no proxy companies and has a 28 days return policy. Sounds awesome to me!


Follow them:

Instagram: @tokyocornershop


4 months

October 11, 2014 in Baby 17 Cheesed

Junya turns 4 months today.

What has happened in the past month:

(Also read  first month , second month and third month here.)


For Mama

1. End up still have to sleep like a Chinese zombie after all. -_-

This picture explains it all.

I said i needed a God-size bed. But now that i think of it, even if i get an Infinity bed, i would still end up sleeping like that. Junya will simply roll closer and closer and closer to me. Based on this every day training, i think by next month i could sleep on a tightrope with ease.

Some people commented i shouldn’t co-sleep with my baby on the same bed cuz it will cause SIDS etc. Well, i am not going to delve into the whole co-sleeping debate, but let’s just say that i just simply cannot resist. Other than having the plus side of easy nursing at night, i also LOVE having him next to me. Sniffing him to sleep sort of became a bed-time ritual to me. A bed without him is simply too lonely. Which leads me to the next point.


2. My Little Lover

I never thought i would feel this way.

Before Xiaxue, Audrey, QiuQiu and i all got pregnant, we sometimes discussed among ourselves how we would dress our daughter up. It never even crossed my mind that i would have a boy. In my fantasy i would always have these two beautiful girls with long hair, sweet and docile. Both my mom and the danna also wished for a girl.

When i found out i was having a boy, i almost cried. It was too much of a disappointment. I couldn’t admit it publicly because people would judge and say what an awful mother i am and that i should just be thankful that my baby is healthy. Yes that much is true. But that was also how i honestly felt at that point.

Even right after he was born, i didn’t get this “love at first sight” feeling every other mother sings fondly about. He was this wrinkly, slow-motion being i could only curiously (and quite helplessly) stared at. I doubted myself why i couldn’t feel more lovingly towards him. Then i concluded that i am just a very stoical person wtf (although some of my friends have more polite choice of word: zen). I don’t panic/worry much. On the same level i also don’t love as much?

But 3 months have passed and i have completely changed my feelings.

I couldn’t recall when i started to feel this way, but i was so glad i have a boy. It feels so natural to me, i almost couldn’t imagine myself with a girl (although i would really loved to have a girl next).

I am infatuated with him.

Sort of in a way like how i had a crush on the first boy i liked. I want to get close to him, lie down next to him, hold his tiny hand in mine, and just stare endlessly at him. My heart warms up and melts away. And sometimes i kiss him on the lips (!!! Am i the only one who does this wtf), over and over again (and it gives me a euphoric high wtf. Is that normal?).

He is my little lover.

I don’t have a girl so i cannot imagine if it is the same, but i guess it would be a little different somehow. They say that boys are always closer to moms? I guess i kind of understand it. And strange enough i can now imagine myself with two boys (or even three???) and i’m happy with that (just saying that so don’t get my hopes high next round HAHAHA).



For Baby

1. Took his first passport photo

Actually this one is taken by iPhone lolol and i photoshopped the background away. Ended up the immigration didn’t let us use this -_-.

We would bring him back to Japan (first trip overseas woohoo!!) in December, he would turn 6 months then. There are so many things to worry about (starting solid? Cold winter… having him with me 24/7 and zero help, baby-friendly places, etc etc etc), but at the same time i am also very very excited about it!


2. Turning into a boy

Somehow he loses his babyness each day, and turning more and more like a boy. He smiles more and cries less but also starting to show his temper eagerly lol.

He would sigh dramatically sometimes and grumbles when he is not pleased lolol.


3. His favorite drumstick

At 2 months old he discovered his drumsticks, but now he has mastered the skill of chewing on the bones lol. Instead of the whole fist now he has a favorite finger to chew on (not only just sucking anymore).


4. Grow more cheeks

Same as the month before.

And i love to bury my lips deep deep deeeeeeeep into those cheeks.



5. Sitting up

He can sit up now for a short while against the sofa without toppling over and he demands to be held up-right most of the time. (Cannot cradle him anymore. Anyway cradling looks awkward since he is so big now XD).


6. *Trying* to roll over

With a little help he can now flip from back to tummy.

And also enjoys tummy-time a lot more now that he could hold his head up steadily.

Despite so much of rolling and (struggling to) flipping, Junya still hasn’t had a single leak poo incident thanks to Merries. Really tried and tested awesome!


Merries update:

Other than AEON & AEON BiG outlets, they now have expanded (gaining popularity!!!) to other outlets as well, check out Merries MY’s FB page for new expansion update from time to time!

Other than that, look out for their Loyalty Programs!

You can get more details at Aeon and Aeon Big at Merries corner, do check them out!


Lastly, Merries will be participating in Mom & Baby Expo 2014!

It gets the premium location, which is right in front of the entrance! I was at the previous expo and bought a few cartons XD. They will be running exclusive carton special price offer so that’s your best chance to grab tons and tons!

There will also be other freebies and activities like Merries Lucky draw to win up to RM1880 and other fun stage activities! Follow Merries on FB for their latest update!





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