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Well. I do keep waaaaay too much stuff in my home.

Some of the items are too precious to throw away yet they are not really of any use to me anymore. Sometimes i just simply have too many of the similar items. Sometimes i accidentally bought two of the same things lolol.

It’s too much a hassle to sell them at flea markets or bazaar. But recently there has been many online shopping apps that makes our lives so much easier, and my latest interest is in Shopee MY.


You can download the app by searching “Shopee MY“.

Shopee is a mobile marketplace designed for both buyers and sellers to enjoy fast, smooth and safe transactions.

If you are a hoarder like me, you can easily turn your clutter into cash! You can even start a small home business by selling not only stuff that you don’t want anymore but stuff that you make.

I know a lot of people probably are using Instagram as a buy and sell platforms, because I have tons of Instagram accounts spamming me to buy their stuff every, single day.

But what are the benefits of selling & buying on Shopee vs Instagram?

1.Privacy matters

With ‘Chat’ function, conversation is kept within the app and personal between seller and buyer. It does not require the seller to expose personal contact details to buyers. You also don’t have to spam on people’s comment anymore. Annoying! >.<

2.Easy payment

Buyers can make payment for all items via credit card and online banking. No hassle of having to text back and forth regarding payment. No more scary COD. 

3. Shopee at your service

If you encounter any problem, Shopee customer service is always a call away to provide support for all matters  from payment, to delivery status right up to product quality.

4. Expand your horizons

Since this is a shopping app, as a seller you will be able to widen your customer base as you may be featured and viewed by many of the users.

5. Social media

Ok so this is how Instagram and your other social media platforms come into place. You can share your favourite items or your own store with your friends and family on social media.

Last but not least?


Shopee does not charge in anyway, it is a platform for sellers to explore without having the concerns of payment.

So of course, i have created my own Shopee account and i am slowly adding some stuff to sell. I briefly thought about buying all the awesome stuff from Japan and selling them on Shopee. Since i always shop for myself anyway, i may as well buy extra for people who want it. What do you think?

Here’s my account!

Anyway, of course you get a discount!! If you wanna shop at Shopee now, you can key in the code “CHEESERLAND”, which value is RM20, and you can use it to shop storewide at Shopee marketplace.


RM 20 off for any purchase with a minimum spend of RM50 is required.

Valid for one-time use only and applicable to all items in the Shopee marketplace.

Promo code must be entered at the Checkout page.

Applicable to payments involving Shopee Guarantee (credit card, online banking & bank transfers only)

You can download the app “Shopee” here!

Official Facebook:

Official Instagram:

Happy Shoppeing!!

Tokyo Life (Autumn 2015)

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Family trip to Tokyo again!!!


This time around we have a special guest staying with us for the first week!

Actually special guest means my new baby sitter + personal hair stylist lolol.

No la. Amy came to Tokyo for Number76’s study holiday. She’s gonna come back with new hair witchcraft that’s gonna create a bang lololol bad pun sorry.

My favorite Japan Airlines as usual. And first experience for Amy! Learn the JAL’s omotenashi service for her salon!

Junya almost cannot fit the bassinet this time. He has grown so long he has to sleep with his knees curved. And i must bring him on more more more trips next year because once he is 2 years old we will have to pay for child air fare liao lolol kiasu much.



Our kickass apartment!!!!

Omg it’s soooo huge i feel like it’s too much of a luxury. (We booked a two-room apartment because there will be a few guests coming to stay with us.) Plenty of room for Junya to run around!! (The last time in Japan he juuuuust only started toddling.)

And a kickass kitchen with double stove!!!! Ok now that’s luxury in Japan lol.

And a kickass view in day time.

AND night time.


Also i heard from my friends in Malaysia and Singapore that the haze situation is so bad now that they had to even wear masks in the house. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy!!! I feel so bad and so lucky at the same time cuz you know how we take fresh air for granted until you start to breathe shit air?

I am so so thankful to be here, every breath i take is a blessing. Not only that, some breaths i take is blessing dipped in magic soft boiled to a crystalized happiness that is peace flavored.

Because it is osmanthus season.

This is how osmanthus look!

You may have eaten osmanthus jelly in Chinese restaurant before. And this scent, is the favorite scent of mine and the danna’s (other than the scent of newborn Junya). And every late Sep/Oct, Japan will smell like it. A whiff of joy and peacefulness here and there.



When Amy is free i request her to give me some quick styling hahhaha. In return i sponsor her onigiri LOLOL.


Look alike ma? XD



It’s so so so much easier this trip as Junya is slowly introduced to adult food so i can just share a combini onigiri or sandwich with him without having to prepare separate meals for him.

Street lunch for Junya lol.


His appetite shot up again so confirm is Japanese magic.

Seriously i’m not kidding. My kitchen is so bare that the only cooking essentials i have is cooking oil, a bottle of Ajinomoto salt, shoyu and a bottle of spicy dressing. That’s all. But even with the worst cooking skill the food still came out quite yummy. I am impressed.

A typical quick breakfast. If i had cooked this in Malaysia it would have tasted really yucky lol. I don’t even eat raw cucumber or tomato!

Even the natto of the same brand tastes better here than in the one i bought in KL!!! Am i crazy??

(After that the danna explained to me that it is because the natto here is fresh and not frozen like the one sold in Malaysia.)



I loooooove splurging on expensive food stuff in Japan. It’s like buying a new life experience.

Rich and thick yogurt from various brands (they are soooo goood), fruit tomatoes that cost a bomb but really is the best, and avocado (not even from Japan but imported from Mexico) was so good one!!!!!!

This King Avocado is about 280 yen (SGD3. Sorry i refuse to use MYR because my heart breaks when i see the conversion), but it is sooooooo soft and creamy and rich T____T.

Cucumber and tomato with just a sprinkle of salt.

Nasu. Omg how i love the Japanese eggplant. Have you eaten one that is foil-grilled in butter & shoyu. Omg.



I am trying to convince the world that Japan can be very, very cheap. Not everything is expensive. Sometimes, Japan is much cheaper than Malaysia. Definitely Singapore.

Go to Don Quijote and you will find cheap everything.

A block of tofu for SGD0.30. HUH?

A whole huge bag of bean sprout for the same price.

A pack of natto (3 boxes) for SGD0.70. ??!?!? (If i’m not wrong 3 boxes of natto is SGD5 in Singapore.) What is going on?!?!?!

Also please try this milk when you see it in Japan!! (Usually sold in supermarkets and not combini.) Even more kao than the Meiji Hokkaido milk it’s almost like drinking cream.

I love Japan.








Taste of Tohoku

Have you tried the Japanese Persimmon – Kaki?

It’s autumn now so Kaki is everywhere! There are two types of persimmons, Sweet and Astringent.

Sweet persimmons are round and you can eat them raw and it tastes sweet and crispy. Whereas the astringent persimmon are oblong and pointed at the end. They are usually dried to remove the astringency before eating, and you can also eat them raw once it ripens into soft jelly texture.

In Tohoku, there is a tradition where the astringent  kakis are picked, peeled, attached with straw ropes and dried in the sun. And that is called Hoshigaki.

Also, not only is persimmon a popular fruit in Japan, its leaves can be used to make tea, and used as a wrap for sushi, and even the kaki peel from the hoshigaki is also useful!! Kaki can even help hangover apparently. XD You read more about kaki on this website.

For more tips on Tohoku gourmet and delicacies, you can visit Taste of Tohoku!


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ISETAN Kyoto Fair

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I have been on a roll of all Kyoto awesomeness!

Just came back from my Kansai trip a few days ago, and i was invited to ISETAN KLCC for their Kyoto Fair, just in time to share my experience on all the happy, yummy and touching things i experienced in Kyoto.

Junya would be joining be in his Jinbei along with his mama in Yukata.

Hairmake of the day.

This gorgeous hair accessory is from the Kyoto Fair at ISETAN KLCC too!

Here’s the venue! They have seats exactly like the one you have in Kyoto, where you sit down sipping a cup of Uji Matcha while admiring the mesmerizing sakura petals/autumn leaves.

That is emcee Akiyama san and me on stage to share about my travel experience in Kyoto.

I was super nervous because the Kyoto Governor and other VIPs were there too .

I mean, i was giving a speech about what i think about Kyoto in front of the Governor of Kyoto! Although i have been to Kyoto many times but i felt that i must at least stay in Kyoto for like 4 hundred years to be qualified to even opine on this amazing prefecture.

With Fukui san, who is in charged of all the amazing Kyoto products in for the Kyoto Fair at ISETAN KLCC.

With the governor of Kyoto, Keiji Yamada san who at the end played Janken (Rock, Scissors, Paper game in Japanese) with the audience.

And Yutani san, the Managing Director of ISETAN Kuala Lumpur.

It was an absolute honor to be invited to the event. I really really wish to do more of these to introduce more of the traditional side of Japan to Malaysian <3.

With Junya after the event, and it’s time for my own shopping!

With the kids who love Japan too!

Haha i’ll be doing this in like 5 years time, hopefully? XD

With my very own Junya. <3


Anyway, during the event, Akiyama san asked me what i thought about the traditional Kyoto products.

I said that i felt they needed more recognitions, because unlike most merchandise which are mass-produced by machines nowadays, these handicrafts/accessories/utensils and other goods are mostly handmade with love and heart. And that is really hard to come by these days.

A Hinamatsuri (Doll’s Festival) decoration. But it is not just another decoration. It an art of beautiful culture and an appreciation for the gift of nature.

Most of the goods are also an inspiration of the beauty of the season. And sometimes it is a mix of contemporary with the traditional, just like this one that is just in time for Halloween.

A kitty incense burner.

The softest towel/hankie with various cute embroideries.

Little owl ornaments that bring 7 different kinds of luck and fortune.

And other assorted made in Japan, born in Kyoto goodies.

Whether you miss Kyoto and wish to be back right now, or are tempted to give it a visit for the first time, you can enjoy a little appetizer of all Kyoto awesomeness before indulging in the real feast when you come to Kyoto again.

Please share the love for the spirit of traditional Japan!!

Come to:


Date: 18/9/2015 ~ 30/9/2015

Venue: 2nd floor Event Hall, ISETAN KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

Kyoto is awaiting you! <3

For more information, visit:

Japanese beauty products on Rakuten Malaysia

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If you love all the Japanese beauty products, here’s another reason for you to shop at Rakuten Malaysia!

Here’s my introduction post on Rakuten Malaysia. Today, i will be reviewing a skin care product range in Japan and also a series of beauty tools!


Greenbell Paragon of Shining Girls

Whoa whoa whoa that looks daunting.

Apart from the nail clipper, how many of these beauty things you recognize?

None? Great. Let’s do some eye-opening exercises (figuratively).


Tongue Scraper

Why do you need a tongue scraper? Did you know? The major cause of bad breath lies in your tongue. Literally. The tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria in the mouth so if no amount of mouth wash can solve your bad breath problem, try this.

The usual tongue cleaner in the market has only one harsh side, but this comes with a soft brush tip so it doesn’t hurt!


Mimi Sukitto Earpick

Huh? Why can’t i use a cotton bud?

Yes you can, but you may notice that you won’t be able to completely remove some of the tiniest dirt? And you can’t really shake it out by jumping sideway lolol.

Mimi Sukitto comes with a screwhead tip to perfectly catch all the dirt while the sift brush tip will gently bring out the tiny dirt.

Too elaborated? Well what to do. Japanese are perfectionists.


Callus Remover


Ok well, think of your feet like parmesan lolol. This beauty tool smooth your hard skin like cheese grater. It looks a little intimidating but don’t worry, it totally doesn’t hurt at all and is very gentle!


Nail Scissors

Who needs nail scissors?

Babies and people with soft and thin nails. When Junya was a small baby, i used only scissors because his nails were sooo fragile!  If you have very soft nails, a clipper may cause damage, and the curved design edge allows very easy cutting.

Not to mention this product also received a Good Design Award in Japan!!

If you have a baby at home, you can get the baby beauty tools from Rakuten too!

All the Greenbell products are Made in Japan and made of the finest stainless steel.



Silk Fibro

It’s true, in Japan now the beauty trend is about minimalism and multitasking.

There are only 3 Silk Fibro products you’ll need.


Silk Fibro Cleansing & Cream

When i first saw it, i was mistaken. I thought it was a cleansing cream. No. It is a Cleanser AND Cream.


  1. It is a make up remover.
  2. It is a massage cream
  3. It is a moisturizer
  4. It is a make up base.

Huh?? Sorry but i cannot brain. You mean it can be used as a base for your make up AND remove make up at the same tim?

Yes. It’s a all-purpose multitasking magic cream. You can go to Silk Fibro page to find out more!


Silk Fibro Wash

Again, this one is another overachiever.

This revolutionary multipurpose silk paste works as a nourishing face wash, face mask and exfoliator.


Silk Fibro Lotion

Lastly, this is all you need to end your daily skin care routine.

It is a luxurious moisturizing lotion, enriched with silk amino acids, purifies and conditions your skin with long-lasting intense hydration.

Skin Fibro may be a bit on the pricy side, but think about it!!! If you buy a whole set, you end up getting something like 7 products combined in just 3 products. Now that’s worth it lol.

If you don’t wanna spend too much at one go, you can go for the the Silk Fibro Trial Sets, which is their top selling product at only RM50! Super good value!


Rakuten MyCyberSale

So if you are thinking of shopping at Rakuten Malaysia, they will be having MyCyberSale in collaboration with Mdec from 28th Sept – 4th Oct with discounts up to 90% and with more than 1000 products to choose from!

Other than beauty, Rakuten Malaysia actually has a diverse mix of product categories, including fashion apparel and accessories, health and beauty products, consumer electronics, toys and games and home furniture. Shopping is Entertainment!!

Also don’t forget about the Rakuten Super Points reward programme – you will need to sign up first as a Rakuten member at no cost, to claim this reward and to earn further Rakuten Super Points (1 Rakuten Super Points is worth RM1).

Shop at Rakuten Malaysia now!


Casahana Mooncake

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For 3 years in a row now, our family is having Casahana mooncakes in celebration for Mid-Autumn Festival.

If you have gone shopping for mooncakes before, i’m very sure you have come across Casahana, because it is simply the most beautifully packaged mooncake brand ever!

Not only does it look exquisitely classy, it also has different themes every year. And for 2015, the theme is Moonlight Waltz.

Sounds too romantic!!

Can you see how artfully designed the boxes are? I love how it’s a harmonious mix of east and west.

The beautiful gift box makes a great choice as gifts for your loved ones. It can fit 4 individually packed mooncakes.

This year, we are trying 4 different mooncakes with two brand new flavors added to the range!


Blue Danube

(I picked a dessert plate that features a classy lady to suit the whole luxurious romance mood XD)

Blue Danube is a blend of sweet blueberries with mungbean cheese paste.

I love the creamy contrast of the cheese filling against silky smooth mungbean paste. You may also bite into real bits of blueberries, which gives a burst of fruity delight!



Nutty Misu

Nutty Misu is the danna’s favorite! He is a coffee lover, and this tiramisu concoction is a perfect dessert for him after his morning coffee,

The skin smells of pleasant coffee aroma, and on the inner layer lies a creamy cheese lotus paste with caramelized nuts for a crunchy texture, zooming into the enter with a mungbean filling that is infused with strong coffee taste.


Crimson Opera

Crimson Opera is love at first sight. Such a beautiful pink with cute little floral petals on the skin.

At Crimson Opera, you are watching an opening bursting beet root, followed by a heart-warming tale of cream cheese with an ending waltz of romantic white chocolate.

It was a great show hahaha.



For this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, you may just win yourself some free mooncakes!

Check out Casahana’s website for the Share & Win campaign to win up to RM10,000 worth of Casahana products!

Other than that, you can also get a Moonlight Waltz Premium Bag when you purchase two boxes of mooncake!

For more information, go to Casahana’s Facebook Page to find out more! ^^





Juice works

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I love juice bars.

Fresh fruits are always the best, but sometimes i just don’t have the patience to cut the fruits (a quick Googling tells me that there are 10 steps to cut a pineapple.), and sometimes i don’t want to keep eating the same fruits everyday (10 apples a pack). So that’s how juice bars come into the picture.

Juice Works is a clear favorite because it’s everywhere, and it has more than 30 flavors to choose from, and is freshly blended on the spot! Whether you are in the mood for a power smoothie, an ice-cold fruit smashes, a cup of healthy detox or even a light savory snack.

I also love how they include the nutrition facts and calorie count for each of their beverages.


Trying out one of their latest addition: Got The Beet! It is made of a healthy juice recipe that includes cucumber, oranges and guava.

In conjunction with World Heart Day that’s happening this month, they’ve launched a new heart-healthy drink that will get your heart in tip-top condition.

I used quite a lot of beet in Junya’s food because of how pretty it makes the food look, but i didn’t know that it is such a powerful vegetable.

It’s a natural coloring that i added in Junya’s food to make silly food art. It didn’t have a strong flavor or taste so it can be added in almost anything – porridge, potato…


Got the Beet is made up of beetroot, orange, cucumber and guava it is packed with vitamins & minerals that your heart needs.

Comes in such pretty pink color! Despite the vivid color, the juice tasted more of mixed orange juice, with a tinge of sourness just as i like it.


The next highlight of the month is the Wheatgrass Shot!

Did you know that wheatgrass has twice the amount of Vitamin A as carrots and is higher in Vitamin C than oranges? 1 Wheatgrass shot at Juice Works is equivalent to 1kg of vegetables & fruits, and great for detoxifying the body too!

Whoaaaaa i’m turning green at the thought of it hahahha.

Well wheatgrass sure does not taste like caramel cotton candy, but if you can down a shot of Tequila, Wheatgrass is nothing. Think of what good it can do to your body!!

Ok here goes… 1 2 3!!

It’s not too bad actually! I thought it would be super bitter, but it tasted raw (like blended vegetable), even a tad sweet.

And then you and bite on the orange given to neutralize your tastebuds.

All the goodness for just RM1.05!!

From now till 31st October, you can add-on a Wheatgrass shot for only RM1.05 with every purchase of the new heart-healthy juice – Got the Beet.

The promotion is available at all Juice Works counters in Malaysia. You can check out the locations here: