As i grow more mature especially as a mom now, i am finding myself slowly outgrowing street accessories and fast fashion, and more towards quality and items that hold a significance to me. For example a simple T shirt that reminds me of the fun time from a distant resort holiday… or a precious pair of rings for an anniversary. It’s really weird to say so, but i want to treat each of my fashion item with love, and cherish them as long as i can.

agete (pronounced agatto) is one of these brands that gives you that kind of feeling. Most of you may not have heard of agete before, but in Japan, it is one of the most popular fashion jewelry brands, with 80 stores across Japan and 15 overseas.

I came to know agete myself when i was shopping for my wedding rings back in 2012. I stumbled upon their flagship store in Aoyama while strolling around Omotesando.

agete’s jewelry is not only sophisticated and elegant, it also embraces the latest fashion, keeping up with the trends by providing the freshest and most modern jewelry and accessories to people who love fashion.

So i was browsing their website and saw this.

I was in love. Japanese brands always have the best kind of collaborations!! The glass shoe, the little mouse, the pumpkin carriage, the mother’s words on a plate (Have courage, and be kind)… they make a Disney fairy tale so…. classy.

Anyway, that is how i was completely smitten with agete.


And now they have made their debut in KL, Malaysia! Although it is just a pop up store during the month of July, it carries a variety of precious jewelry and accessories that i believe will be a love at first sight for many people.

agete’s concept is that “Accessory itself is a coordinate”. Jewelry and accessory are here not just to complement a look anymore. The accessories complement each others. Coordinating accessories is a whole new trend, and it has become agete’s unique label.

Did you know? The latest trend for wearing accessories in Japan now is “layered jewelry”. In the above picture, i was wearing a total of 3 necklaces, and 5 rings. (and could have go on for more!!)

Some of the rings that i picked to wear. It’s a dangerous game because once i had them on, i couldn’t choose but wanted them ALLLLLL. Check out their mid rings too which is the hottest ring trend now.


agete’s Japanese staff i met were like professional stylists. Based on the customers’ preferences, they are ready to help you pick out the best jewelry that is perfect for you. Sometimes they even give you ideas that you have never thought of yourself.

For example, i was wearing this watch, agete’s Japanese staff helped me pair it with a bracelet which if you look carefully, have tiny gemstones shape just like the face of watch.

And when i changed to another watch (which i totally adore), they chose another bracelet that matches the watch most perfectly too, with clear gemstone that look like tiny versions of the watch itself. I really never thought i could pair them like this.

And yes. Now i complete understand what they mean by “Accessory is coordinate”. To accesorize an accesory. *mind blown*

agete’s jewelry is delicate and dainty, with special traits like the fineness of a bracelet or skininess of a ring. None of them look too over the top nor chunky, so it’s really perfect with layering.

I looooove skinny rings! The skinnier the better! In fact for my wedding rings, i searched so hard to find the skinniest rings for me and the danna. And agete has lots and lots of them!


These are all the items i have tried on. I love every single one of them i’m not even joking T____T.


You must go down to have a look yourself, whether you are looking for a precious gift for a loved one, or as a reward for yourself, or just simply admire them from the glass panels.


agete, ISETAN KLCC, first floor

Pop Up Store ends: 31 July 2015


I honestly hardly come across any jewelry shop in Malaysia that gives me this heart pounding feeling. You have to experience it yourself. ❤︎


PS: The Cinderella collection is only available in Japan, unfortunately T__T. But if you ever visit Tokyo, you can drop by their stores! They have a newly open shop in Ginza.


Tokyo Coordinate 2015 Summer

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Collection of my (and also sometimes Junya’s) coordinates this Japan trip in summer! The weather was mostly quite nice (pleasantly warm, though occasionally could be quite hot) so it was a breeze to dress up!

Other than the few outings we had, it was mostly just a trip to the mall next door or combini downstairs so some of them were really just Combini Coordinate lolol. BUT HEY I AM IN TOKYO. There’s zero forgiveness for fashion laziness.


Coordinate 1

It was a family date at Harajuku for shopping! Since my suitcase was mostly filled up with Junya’s diapers and none of my own clothes, it’s perfect excuse for a new wardrobe.

Matching Adidases.





Coordinate 2

Meeting RinRin and also gatecrashing a Reebok event.

Shirt and pants stolen from my 60+ year old aunty’s wardrobe lololol.

Shirt from UNIQLO.

Watch: Baby G.

I actually changed my sneakers later on because i asked RinRin if it was very KY (kuuki yomenai, literally means “cannot read the air”) to wear Adidas to a Reebok event, she replied erm yes? So yea. But that was the only pair of shoes i had so it was another perfect excuse to have new additions to my shoe cabinet.

Obaachan hairmake.



Coordinate 3

Just down the neighborhood mall for family lunch!

Hat: Yeaaaaars ago from H&M

Denim: Used from WEGO


Tote bag: Free gift from magazines 😀

JunJun was shaking a box of mint.


Coordinate 4

A rather chilly and rainy day kind of outfit. Went to Daikanyama for Baby Shop shopping.

Top: EMODA X Champion

Sneakers: My new Reebok



Coordinate 5

Lunch at the Totoro Cream Puff cafe!

Shirt: Vintage from my aunty

Glasses: Ray Beams

Hair pins: WEGO

JunJun eating my new phone case.


Coordinate 6

Outing with Number76 staff from Malaysia!

Matching overalls and sneakers❤︎

JunJun’s overall: Vintage by OshKosh from Santa Monica (used shop)



Coordinate 7

Home party with mama friends at Aoyama!

New sandals: BEAMS

Pants: EMODA. Wrong move. Wrooooong move. Never ever wear white to a party with babies. Ever.



Coordinate 8

Erm just down the combini to get onigiris.


Coordinate 9

Dinner date with Omatsu san and Nanaco!

Hair bandana & Top: Beams Boy


Coordinate 10

Way too casual for a work meeting. :X

Hat: Danna’s

Dress: LBC




Coordinate 11

Lunch date with RinRin!

Denim dress: Used Shop

JunJun wouldn’t sit still for picture!!! XD

Hairmake. Haven’t put on color lenses in aggggggggges. Was very uncomfortable lol.


Coordinate 12

More shopping at Harajuku 😛

Cap: WC

Shirt dress: Beams Boy

Sandals: From some random subway clothing store

Bagpack: Stolen from danna

JunJun was eating his brand new slipper sek tor hai omg :X

The little Number76 pins are all specially made and the origami ribbon pin is also handmade from paper (!!!!) by Gomi san from NALU for every single Number76 staff from Malaysia (all 60 of them!!!!!)! I heard she didn’t sleep the night before T____T.  Japanese Omotenashi Spirit maximum.

Thank you sooo much <3


Coordinate 13

Down to the city hall to make JunJun’s passport for our trip to Hawaii! Already in resort holiday mood lolol.

Hat: Oshman’s

Top: Moncler (stolen from danna)

JunJun in matching marine theme.

😀 :)



Coordinate 14

Lunch date with RinRin & Misha at baby cafe. (Junya was our entrance ticket lolol)

This time JunJun was chewing on a can of energy drink.

Kumamon’s T shirt!



Coordinate 15

Off to Ayumi Hamasaki’s concert!!! Was so nervous about how challenging it was so i was trying to dress as comfy as possible.

Cap: Stolen from danna

Sweatpants: UNIQLO (actually is my pajama pants lolol)

JunJun one shoe missing XD

Junya was trying to open a bottle of yogurt drink.



Coordinate 16

Disney debut with JunJun!!

Denim: stolen from danna

Tank Top: from baby shop at Daikanyama. Junya has a matching one 😀



Coordinate 17

JunJun’s birthday today!!! Off to Mother Farm!

Shirt: College Kitsune

Origami Ribbon: Handmade by Gomi san from NALU.



That’s all! These are actually just half of the coordinates. I couldn’t take any more mirror ootd after the last one because…. i was so exhausted after coming back from the farm, i just threw my overall into the washing machine… without realizing that my camera was inside the pocket.


I know. T_T.



I always thought that i would be confined mostly at home once i start a family, but recently our family have been traveling quite a lot, especially now that Junya is older and he started to enjoy seeing new things.

We have been in Hawaii for a family resort vacation for a few days now and we are loving it! For the past few weeks, we have truly enjoyed our family life together in Tokyo, going to new places and taking on new adventures… I wanted to eternalize all these precious moments (you know how babies grow up so fast!!), so i am trying to take as many pictures as i could. Recently i have also started recording snippets of our life on videos!

First stroll on the beach with papa…

And mama…

First sand play…

First birthday celebration…

(All taken with Lumix GH4)

This is the camera!

I didn’t bother with the quality much before this, everything was recorded with my iPhone since it is so convenient. But not after i have discovered 4K. Only a one second glance and i was sold.

What is 4K? How is it different?

4K Resolution, also called 4K, refers to a display device or content having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels. It is becoming more and more popular and widely available as Youtube as also adopted and supports 4K video uploads.

You can shoot with a 4K device such as the Lumix GH4, and then view it on a 4K display such as the Panasonic Viera 4K TV. When the danna and i moved into our new apartment, we bought a Panasonic Viera Smart TV, but now i totally want to upgrade it to a 4K TV!!!

A 4K Ultra HD TV delivers 4 times the picture resolution of a full HD TV. Have you seen the amazing colors and almost surreal sense of depth?

The latest Viera CX600 and CX700 4K TV series have a unique Panasonic technology called the HEXA Chroma Drive. It uses 6-colour instead of 3 to reproduce stunning picture quality and faithful colours.


This is 4K (on the right) compared to the usual full HD TV:

Extra vivid and realistic!

One more important point is how clear the visuals will become. When watching English movies, the danna always needs the subtitles and he forever needs to squint his eyes trying to decode the blurry subs, but he will not miss the storyline with a 4K TV now!

I quite regretted not taking more high quality videos before, because i thought it won’t make much difference anyway since i almost always view the videos on my iPhone. But after seeing a 4K TV in the store, i want to shoot everything in 4K!!!



Not convinced yet? You may be already happy with your full HD, but the Panasonic Viera 4K TV comes with a high performance image-processing engine, so even though you are only watching a your blu-ray or DVD full HD video content, it can be upscaled to 4K-equivalent resolution with this powerful technology!!

I have requested to loan a unit of Lumix GH4 camera prior coming to Japan so that i could record all our travel adventures in 4K, and to be viewed on Panasonic Viera 4K TV (when we upgrade it in the future XD) whenever we want to reminisce the sweet moments. Months later, or even years later, when Junya grows up (really?? I tried to eat a sea shell by the beach when i was a baby???). It would be priceless memories.

Here’s a collaborated video taken by me with the help of my friends and the danna in Japan, shot in 4K with Lumix GH4!

There will be more videos of our adventures in Japan and Hawaii (i’m bringing my camera there!) in the weeks to come, so do follow our #PanasonicWanderlust journey on Panasonic’s website at:



I hope you guys will enjoy it! I am having so much fun with the camera and hopefully when we get home we could always view it on Panasonic Viera 4K TV. If you own one, you can watch it online from the TV too :)

For more info on the TV and other 4K related devices, you can go to

12 months

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Junya turns 12 months yesterday! Woohooo!

I waited one whole year for this collage!!! Hahhaha <3

My baby turns one :3

Ooops. He is officially not a baby anymore. But he is unoffically forever my baby <3.

(Also read  first month , second month , third month , fourth month , fifth month , sixth month , seventh month eighth month, ninth month , tenth month and eleventh month here.)


We spent half of the past month in Japan, and i could see that he is becoming a boy. He… knows things. He appreciates good antics, he plays with people, he tries to understand what we tell him. It’s been so much fun.

So here’s what happened in the past month!


For Baby

1. Walk The Talk

I told my son he must learn how to walk before we come to Japan, if not he doesn’t get to go to Disneyland for his birthday. He said ok (or at least i imagined he did).

I guess Disneyland was not something to be missed!!!

Anyway he can walk a short distance now!! Like when he is standing holding the edge of the coffee table, i say “come to mama!” (in the most literal sense HAHAHA omg can’t believe i really said that!!) he would happily walk and just collapse into me laughing. But for long walks of course we will need to hold his hand.

I was looking at this picture, and i just felt that he has grown so much!! (Even though he’s very small in size compared to other babies his age.)


2. Selfie Pro

His favorite past time now is to take selfies. I don’t want to admit that he learnt it from me. Here are some of his first selfies, out of the 937982854752 i deleted.

Hi, me.



3. Hide and Seek/Peekaboo

His second favorite game is to get me to catch him. He doesn’t know how to “hide” yet so he would crawl into the closet (totally exposed) or under the table and grin at me. And when i pretend i found him and say “i’ll catch you!!!” he squeals in delight trying to escape lolol.

Instead of us covering ourselves or his eyes, he now will sendiri ajak play peekaboo (or inai inai… BAA!!! in Japanese), covering his face with blanket and pulls it off to tease us XD


4. On ground 

He will no longer sit still (or even wiggly) on the chair. He demands to go down and examine the creaks on the floor and communicate with ants -_____-.


5. Stepping Up

Sometimes being on the ground doesn’t even satisfy him anymore.

He will climb that extra mile to get what he wants.


6. Floor Potato

He has never ever watched the TV back in Malaysia (not like we don’t let him la, it’s just there really is absolutely nothing to watch back home). Japanese TV programs spoilt the world.


7. Dream Booklet

I suddenly realized that my son could not join us in Hawaii because he was holding a Malaysian passport and he didn’t have a US visa. Right. We’ll either burn the tickets or just leave him home alone with his TV remote in Japan. We frantically applied for him a Japan passport since Japanese don’t need a visa to go to the USA. Neither do Singaporeans. Never mind. One day. Soon. I’ll join the family with my own dream booklet.


8. First Concert!!

I know it’s crazy!!!!!! Yes, but i have loved Hamasaki Ayumi for like… 15 years!!!! That’s much longer than i have loved you, son. Hahhaha. So yea you are coming with me to witness the epicness.


9. Disney Debut!

Birthday present as promised. Didn’t even cost anything cuz kids under 4 no need to pay wan 😀


10. First drive

Ahahhaa no la. He lurrrrrrrves the steering. So. Much.

But he knows the real deal and when you’re trying to fool him -____-.


11. New food!

Since he was almost ONE, and that we are in Japan, i was quite lenient with food and let him take a bite of many adult lunches and dinners… Udon, tofu pudding, mentaiko rice from bento, onigiri…… as long as they are not too salty or oily. Which leads me to the next point.


12. Awesome Appetite

He eats SO MUCH. Back home he shows zero interest in food, i almost had to question my own cooking whether they really taste like chalkboard or not.


He would point at his rice bowl and mumbles non stop. -_-

And he finishes whatever i let him have. ALL.

WHY DE???? Back home i use the same ingredients cook the same style, why he no eat????? It’s the Japanese air or water i swear. Oh yes. And the wagyu. And the milky milk. And the Japanese fresh everything. Now i scared. His tongue has upgraded. I am scared. How will i ever be able to keep up when we get back? T____T.


13. Step Up 2

And then on his birthday we introduced the toddler formula called Step Up (Suteppu Appu) for 1-3 year old! I don’t know why but i felt like it was such an achievement unlocked, really like Tamagochi levelled up liddis lolol.


14. Flirt with the girls!

He’s getting good at it. “Com’on bae. Touch me like you do.”

“Oh yea? That’s my favorite novel too!”

“Your glasses make you look so cute!”

Boys are okay too ^^


15. First birthday!

First birthday celebration in his life!

And of course, Thank you, NALU staff.



For Mama

1. One year old cow

I have also worked as a dairy cow for a year!!! (Although now i’m just moonlighting.) Before i gave birth i thought i would breastfeed for a maximum of 3 months. (PASS ME THE CHAMPAGNE!! NOW!!!) Guess things do get easier and you could even get addicted to these stuff …  Now i want one of those certificates fanatic Breastfeeding Clubs give to mothers and i’m eyeing for the 7 Years Category… OMG LOLOL kidding ok, KIDDING.

2. Cheesiness

I guess i have an excuse since it’s my name (sort of), and i also produce dairy. But i used to think stuff that mothers say are very lame. Who says stuff like “Oh sweety, you will forever be my baby!” to a 30 year old???? Or like, “Your smile is my biggest happiness“?? Right. Mothers. Soon i will also be saying “The police will catch you if you don’t eat your carrot“.

3. Congratulations to me!

For being a one-year-old mother. :)

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1 Year

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Happy birthday to the person i love the most in the universe!!!!

Before Junya was born, the danna and i used to have talks about having a baby, and once, i asked if he would get jealous if i end up loving the baby more than him. He replied that it would be strange if i don’t (and glad if i do). And it is only natural because that is what makes me a mother.

So i guess i have become a mother. And he become a father, of course. I always thought that love is like a quota thing, where you have 100% as full tank and you spare some to certain people and the remaining to others. And you can run low on fuel hahaha. But being a mom makes you generate infinity love. :P. Powered by baby. Hahaha.

Recently we have been really busy (me with my own stuff and also Junya. And Junya is busy with… whatever that keeps me busy lolol… ie repeatedly emptying my make up drawer…), and i don’t really have time to update. I didn’t even remember to do the monthly post on Junya!!! (I will have one, a little later i think.)

But we have been so happy! (I assume he is happy because hmmm… his mother is happy? Haha. I always believe a happy mom makes a happy baby, and vice versa!) I cannot imagine anything happier than this!! Ok i sound like i’m on drugs. It’s probably late night lethargy. Or my baby. Most likely both.

So today, Junya turns one.

ONE!!!! Junya’s first birthday!! In his life!!

And with Junya turning one year old i am turning one  year old too. As a mother.

I have shared this on Facebook before, but i just want to share it again. To every mother who is reading this.

I think a reader showed me this long time ago, and i teared so much at the end of it. Damn all the Japanese commercials lol.

Happy birthday to you mommies too. :)






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Bali with Junya

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Photo post on Bali during our family trip in early May.

Afternoon flight was much harder since Junya wanted to move around and wiggled non stop -_-

Was hoping he slept through most of the 3 hours flight but he woke up after 15 mins -_-.

We stayed at the same resort again in Canggu! Away from all the tourist mess, the danna wanted to have some peace and ALLLL the waves to himself lolol.

Breakfast by the seaside!

Beachfront resort. It’s just foot steps away!

Danna went surfing early in the morning.

JunJun watched papa surf!


Then spent the whole morning lying down.

Junya’s first time on the turf!!




For lunch we went to the famous Hog Wild (used to be Naughty Nuri’s).


Babi Guling

The famous BBQ Pork Ribs!!

And pork bone soup.

JunJun’s lunch.


Napping after lunch. Happy dreams? 😀

In the evening was beach time again! Made him wear socks cuz he was very icky about the pokey grass lol.

Went to the beach to watch sunset :))


He gave me a disgusted face after touching sad for the first time.

LINE Bear papa came back from his sea rides.

JunJun’s first time in the sea! So many first times 😀


And watched the sun set.



The next day was also spent at the pool!

JunJun’s new swimwear. The danna is very serious about his son’s water training XD.

First surfing lesson hahaha.

I’m (a bit) water phobic so i hope he follows papa instead >.<


He was so sleeping after his “swimming lesson” by papa, and fell promptly asleep the moment i wrap him up in a towel. Swaddling a 11m old big baby!


For lunch, we discovered a really awesome place!! It’s called Warung Dandelion, a newly opened Balinese cafe located in Canggu, which is not far from our resort.

Antique wooden decor, open concept with lots of greens and… overlooking a paddy field! There’s also a house bunny in the garden if you like animals.

The staff were extremely welcoming, helpful and meticulous, i felt almost like we were at a fine dining restaurant!

Love the refreshing drinks!

We had whatever was recommended and it didn’t disappoint. Chicken and tuna wrapped in leaves and marinated with fresh herbs, it was light yet flavorful!

My fav Paku Pakis!

Recommended to make a visit there even if you don’t stay in Canggu.


For dinner it was our usual hang out place, Echo Beach.


Always go there for awesome sunset views.

Western BBQ dinner. A little pricey but pretty good food!

Bear papa over order as usual XD

JunJun’s tomato pasta.


And… good night and bye bye Bali. See you again!

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