❤ Featured❤

Here are some of the media featured pages of this blog, in reverse chronological order! ^^



Summer fashion trend spread.


RUBY, April 2013

Street fashion magazine


Seventeen May 2013

Cover of Seventeen Magazine



Newtide November 2012

Special feature


iFeel November 2012

Fashion Blogger Column

Cheesie’s Make up spread




ViVi November 2012

Foruchizu’s Pop Up Store


Foruchizu Concept Shoot

Fashion spread



iFeel October 2012

Fashion Blogger column


Home&Interior page


ViVi, October 2012

Hair page



Model report


ISETAN X Foruchizu Japan trip feature


Hello Malaysia, 2013

It is a Japanese annual mook about Malaysian culture and happenings.


iFeel, September 2012

My monthly fashion column in Chinese!


iFeel, September

Cheeserland featured in Chinese magazine.


ViVi, September 2012

ViVi Hair Make page





BLENDA, August 2012

Featured in BLENDA on Girls Paparazzi.


Star Property, July 2012

Front page of Star Homes




ViVi, July 2012

ViVi Model Report page


Elle Girl JAPAN, June 2012

A very very small feature together with Xiaxue, about Japanese culture. So excited to be featured on the same page as GACKT and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu~


ViVi, June 2012 Debut issue


First featured blogger for ViVi Malaysia

ViVi July fashion spread



Star Metro , May 2012

About blog advertising and money making through blogging in Malaysia




Metro Harian, January 2012

About blogging scene in Malaysia.


anan magazine, December 2011

About foreign bloggers who love Japanese culture!


Scawaii Malaysia, December 2011

First time featured in gyaru magazine in Malay!


Nth’ Magazine, December 2011

Cheesie X N’th magazine (Singapore)


CLEO, November 2011

On traveling