Cream of Sighs

“One of the things that make me happy is the sight of so many different colours, heights and shapes screaming, clapping, and shouting.

“What a happy lot they are. To me, it is an indication that they are happy here,” said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Badawi in Limkokwing University College Technology in Cyberjaya Monday.

(Quoted from Star Education, 17 October, 2004.)

Yeah right, dear PM. We screamed becaused we needed to do something that would prevent us from getting bored to death.

We clapped because the school decided to give us 5 bonus marks for each module if we show our “support” to you and the divine college. And boy, 5 marks is a whole lot! And is completely worth the 1km walk from the deserted parking lot, the risk of starving Parmie to death and get stuck in the middle of Cyberjaya out of petrolessness, the experience of participating in a half-day famine bacause there were no food we can grab and bite (unless we were allowed to eat each other) in the entire campus, as well as the 6-hour-waiting-and-frantically-searching-for-A.L.L-for-attendance-yet-get-rejected-everytime process.

And we shouted because they was no other way to show our protest (of dying hunger and exhaustion and boredom).

And we really were a happy lot. We cheered and applaused and even wanted to chase your black Proton Perdana. Because we were so happy that you finally were LEAVING, so we can get out of Cyberjaya and get ourselves food, Cheesalujah!!