Cheese Ups
• I finished MOST of my assignments.

• I actually completed the 3 ad campaign ALL BY MYSELF.

• That’s unbelievable!

• Craig Linder’s piano dreamer is ever so soothing.

• The way Mozzie talks never fails to make me smile.

She was so conceptless with her interactive cd assignment, she decided to see Siew Poh for consultation.

Mozzie: Yay, I am no longer conceptless!
Siew Poh: Yes, I conceptualized you.
Mozzie: NO! You unconceptlessified me!

• Finally I brought mommy to the college and enlightened her about how dressfully fashionable our fellow students here are.

• It’s proven (though not clinically) I am not schizophrenic! Mommy said those REALLY ARE bird carcasses.
Wait… Could she be schizophrenic too???

• Have u ever encounter this–>
You are driving when it is raining elephants and dolphins.
You are reaching home.
You hesitate whether to take a quick rain shower or get the umbrella out (which you, okay, I, am always lazy to).
Then the rain miraculously stops. Completely.
It happens to me, like, (not even almost) EVERYTIME. Call it lucky?

•And i finally got my Degree! Yay!

The University of Cheeserland 

Presents to

An Honorary
Bachelor of

Majoring in

Dr. Diary Products

Cheese Downs
• Plan A (Nara homestay) was cancelled.

• Plan B (conducted tour to Japan) was cancelled too.

• Parmie’s radio is cheeses. I was forced to listen to the only cassette available over and over again. And that girl called Soveign Sandnes was super boring. Sigh.. someone please salvage her sadness so that she can sing better songs.

• One of my friendster accounts mystically disappeared. And I DID NOT delete it. Yet.

• There is a Mozzie clone who blogs online using her name but appear as Cheesillicious. WTC?

My cheesepology to Mozzie, I didn’t know it was someone else. Forgive my insensitiveness. No matter what, it’s not gonna affect our cheesability anyways. Because cheesy minds think alike. 😉

Super Cheese Up
Check this out. I’ve never seen cuter gif file than this!!!

By courtesy of IamShy.