This essay will discuss how studying in self-attested creative university college makes the students creativer and intelligenter than ever.

First of all, for MCM Sem 5 students, they haved this omnipotent lecturer Puan A.L.L (who act more like a primary teacher cum guru discipline cum everything-must-nod-your-head-boss) teached them Law, Policy and Regulation module.

Indeed, she endeavors to imparted her knowledge about all sorts of rules and regulation to them, hoping they will improved their grammar and skill of writed. “If you couldn’t even brushed up your grammar, how are you going to wrote a good academic essay?” (A.L.L., class 8, 10.25am).

She also wanted the students to followed strictly the rule of referencing ala APA style. They are teached how not to insert a full stop before a close bracket.) , as well as how to quoted a source (A.L.L., class 8, 9.34am).

According to A.L.L., using somebody’s idea or words without quoted them is infringed the copy right law and committed plagiarism (class 8, 9.55am).

Further       more       ,       she also       asked       the       students       not       to       be       so       stingy       with       the       space      in       academic       essay       (A.L.L.,      class       8      ,  10.37am).

Secondly, the Sem 5 students are also very luckiful because they have an experienced lecturer, Mr K. J. to teached them Media Law.

It means, yiah, they don’t need to be afraid of , yiah, watcha caldad, the pronounciation of “nuisance” becoming “nu-we-sern”, “defamation” becoming “dee-fa-may-shen” and “specific” becoming spastic, as how the, watcha caldad, previous lecturer Madam H.pronounced, yiah (class 6, 2.05pm). She was the one when we correctly corrected her incorrect grammar, she would go like “huat-ehver lar, different people got different pronaunsiesion” (class 6, 1.56pm).

It means, yiah, now they can have a proper lecture without the improper pronounciation of words, yiah, plus some extra, watcha caldad, yiah, key words, like, yiah, watcha caldad. Therefore, yiah, the students will definitely be more, watcha calldad, focused in class, because of all these useful keywords, yiiaah.

Next up, for CAD 291 advertising module, the student have this Lecturer-so-not-farny-E.L. She tries to teach students how to be more humorous and creative in their ideas and artwork by throwing errr-excuse-me-but-is-that-a-joke kinda jokes to them. Here’s an example.

“……so they go all the way, wasting their time and petrol and parking fee to another supermarket, just to buy that soap that is 5 cents cheaper.”(L.E., tutorial 5, 10.37am).
“…………………”(Students, tutorial 5, 10.38am).
“Okay, it’s a joke.” (L.E. tutorial 5, 10.38am).

You see, they haven’t reached that level to appreciate such so-not-farny jokes. However, given time, they will definitely improve by adopting the lemon-juice, erm, lame-jokes skill, and further apply it on their artwork.

Last but not least, they have this interestingful lecturer for DMI 291 multimedia design. Her students will not only learn how to make animated “wahaha blurdie hiao”, but the lastest SPS (Siew Poh Slang) that the coolest sk8r bois out there are not exposed to.

She tends to cutiefy (Chen, La Manila, 6.22pm) nouns as well as incorporating two or more adjectives to create new ones. For example, a pop-up-window is named a “poppie” (Poh, multimedia lab1, 3.22pm), and a scroll bar is very “fuggly” (funny and ugly) (Poh, multimedia lab1, 3.47pm).

Some students adopt the slang really fast, like, two second after the introduction of fuggliness. “I thought it’s f*cking ugly.” (Lim, multimedia lab1, 3.47pm).

What a good one. Before long, students will be conversing like “Omie (Oh my god)! This supid (super stupid) comie (computer) crashed again! I will have to do my leggy scrowie (lame and ugly scroll bar) awie (all over again)!” Okay, I know we can only cutiefy nouns, but, the students are really improving on their creativablity.

In conclusion, students who comed to this university college to pursued their studies haved maked a wise choice. It means, yiaaah, they will learned and enhanced their, watcha caldad, langie (language) and ryeskie (writing skill), from time to time, yiaah, which is useful for their future fuggly career. Oh, it’s a joke by the way.

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