Naily Princess

There’s a particular shop when you are about to step out from it you willingly let the shop owner/cashier fumble about in your wallet/purse/handbag, and let them play around with your cash/card without any loath.

Know where? It’s the Nail Saloon. Everyone walks out becoming a princess.

“Honey pass me the salt please because I just got my nails done.”


Yes I just did my mani and pedi today at a tiny nail saloon in 1U. It’s not even half my room’s width but boy was the business good. The owner had to ask every walk-in customer to go for lunch/tea break/dinner first and come back later because there are not enough manicurists to do the jobs.

After the 2 hours buffing, polishing and blow drying, it is interesting to see how the ladies are taking extremely scrupulous care of their freshly manicured dainty nails. So much they will volunteer their Prada handbags to the manicurist to unzip and uncash them in order to avoid any chance of ruining a scrap of the potentially undried nail polish.

Ah… how princessful is that. Let others do the dirty jobs for you. You just have to sit and talk, or give orders.

And of course, I did the same too! =)
Lucky thing I didn’t hide stinky bleu in my handbag.

BTW check my fresh nails out!