People have been asking who i am going Langkawi with, since i’ve got two air tix (prize from Miss Fasio Contest). Damn i really wished i got the first prize. It makes such a big difference.

Well people, i think i’m gonna disappoint everyone cuz i really have no other person in my mind about the trip, except this one person. I can still go travelling with you all 30 years later, if you dont mind, but i might not be able to do so with this person.

Mom said, “Go ahead and have fun with your frens, i dont really care about all these travelling things.”

You think she means it? I dont think so. She prolly is just afraid that she might bore me in the entire journey and assume that i would enjoy better with my cheesy frens.

Sure i might just pack my bikinis and have fun with other girls though i’m not as beachy as they are. But look, i might also only regret 30 years later that i havent had a chance to bring mommy to ever go to a beach. Although she is also not a beachy mom.

Well you are still very welcome to tag along so that we will have a mobile map from time to time. You are offered to stay in the balcony but pay your own air tix k!

Oh btw, we are flying MAS. 😀