I own a bath tub for more than a year but today is the first, ever day i actually sat and soaked in a looooong, aromatic bubble bath.

I know I know, why have a bath tub when you dont use it right? The problem is, i was sooo lazy to get the bath tub hole a plug so the water just wont stay. It took me one whole blurdie year to get that blurdie plug so that i can have a bath tub full of water with 10 drops of camomile essntial oil added inside and pink rose petals floating blissfully…

Ok fine. Drop the petals.

Wow it feels like paradise! And the aroma of camomile essential oil is sooo soothing. Next time im gonna try sakura. LOL.

Ahem i know what u are gonna ask. My answer is NO i Don’t want a bath filled with scotland imported Seriously-Strong-Cheddar flavored essential oil topped with melted tiramisu.

Thank you very much. I’m not that cheesesane/cheeseen yet.