I am a green cheese monster. A fluorescent one.

The other day went for cheese fondue with Annie and her sister. Her sis Alice is a real sweetie. She’s not just friendly and fun, she even offered to buy me a mini frangelico. But when i saw the way Annie and Alice talked to each other, i felt envious. I know its crazy. They talk about things only sisters talk about. Such as how their grandma thought thier mom was sot-soted when she moved like an octopus along Gwen Stefanie’s new song while she was driving. And how thier mom describe herself as a druggie after sixty odd pokes on her stomach and thighs for slimming purpose. And how their grandma cheesingly reacted to the best chee cheong fun they bought for her in Cheras.

Annie has a dozen of siblings, almost quite literally. She has a very complicated family background. Biological sisters, step sisters, step step sisters, LOL. I never really asked her anything bout these. And previously i was also envious of her relationship with Josephine, her sis from the dad’s site. She treated her like real sis, or maybe more than that. She bought her stuff and brought her for holiday, flew first class, etc.

When I saw Alice kiss her hair like a mom would do to her baby daughter, i really wished i had a sis too. Annie is a lucky girl. She’s damn hot, damn funny and live a damn happy life with damn lotsa sisters. It’s absolutely nice to hang out with her but everytime she makes me think alot about my own life. No matter how close you and your best bud is, and you may call yourselves chee-muis (siters) you will never behave the way real sisters do. You never talk bout things real sisters do. You don’t share the same family and discuss about your same mom. Just, you don’t need a sister-like friend. Friends are friends. Friends and sisters are just different.

The green cheese almost turned sour. Well, when cheese turns sour people often think it’s spoilt. Yes i am very much spoilt. I get jealous super easily and im envious of almost everything. Im envious of Parie’s 21st birthday bash. Im envious of Mozzie’s blog cuz she can blog just whatever she likes while i have to refrain from certain “unspeakable”. Im super jealous of a 6-year-old boy whom i fight over for attention. Im also jealous over Laura Linney and Rodrigo Santoro. LOL!!

So who wants to donate me a sis? Oh wait… Wait. Ok, i dont want a sis who says “You stupid moron who stinks like limburger and whose pores look bigger than emmentaler’s holes” everytime we argue. I also don’t want a sis who makes me look like a fugly cheesling compared to her. That way i’ll just be more jealous than ever. Hey i also don’t want a sis whom mom will give more pocket money to, or cook her macaroni with more cheese. Damn. I don’t want a sis who tells my crush “Tell you what, Cheesie never cleans her room”. And I definitely dont want a sis who keeps voodoo dolls with my names written on them.

Heck. Now im glad i dont have a sis.