So me and mozzie have finally done our first actual radio show. Oh wait. It’s our first and many. To think that we actually re-recorded it more than 6 times only to come up with one not-too-disastrous recording, is, well, good enough.

We did it today after our regular campus news on saturdays, although not very well prepared, is because some Miss Selfish (aka Ahificator mentioned earlier in my blog) booked the entire week for her own radio show, leaving us no other time slot but today.

Very well then. We started at 1pm, took an hour or so to test-run and fiddle with the equipment. There was only one headset and the amplifier was screwed so Mozzie had to go without being able to listen to her own voice. Then we spent another 3 hours talking non stop until we actually felt our jaws aching. And guess what, we puasa-ed together with the Muslims. We had to bear with extreme hunger just to finish the show.

So this is how it went.

First Trial
We screwed it up. I forgot how, but it was a major blunder so we had to rewind the tape and go all over again.

Second Trial
This time around we managed to sail through the NEMO part, but Mozzie forgot her line and i lost track.

Third Trial
Fine. Rewind and started again. It went fine this time, until we found out that we forgot to press the record button. Cheesus Crust.

Fourth Trial
Great. Let’s do it again. All we have is time. We were being extra careful this time, and finally managed to record the whole thing without either one of us yelling “STOP! I JUST SCREWED IT”. But when we listened to the playback, we found ourselves sounding awkward and too well-planned.

Fifth Trial
So we decided to give it another shout! After all, practice makes, erm, better. This time around everything went magical. The music’s fad-in and fad-out was perfect, we talked more spontaneously, there were more interaction… What a relief. During our break when ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE was played, we cant help but Muahahaha-ed.
“It sounded so much better!”
“Yeah but touch wood man, we dont wanna jinx the whole thing!”
“Of course we don’t… wait a minute…”
And Mozzie gave me this terrified look, with hands covering her mouth.
So. What actually happened was, Mozzie just realized we FORGOT TO MUTE THE MIC. So whatever we said during the song was RECORDED.
Cheesus Crust Crust Crust………

Sixth Trial
Mood very much dampened, also panicked. Because i was afraid we’ll get locked up inside a chicken-poo smelling radio room in a deserted stupid uni 45km away from my home.
I trapped during the first line. Oh well.

Seventh Trial
Finally, something was working. Went well until Spirited Away, and we played the wrong track twice.

It’s 5pm. If we dont get our butts outta the seats, we’ll die of dehydration due to excessive saliva loss. Well, hunger too.

But at least we’ve got something in hand. Cheesallujah.

Please visit Mozzie’s Blog for more goofs that i’ve missed out in my entry.

Btw Chingy, it is actually, “Actually,maybe you can ask your fairy godmother to help. you know, in shrek 2, the fairy godmother actually has a business card, and apparently, happiness is actually only a tear away. do you have any idea how many different kinds of potions there are actually in her potion factory?”