Jacob’s Bites (Cheezy Cheddar)

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Manufacturer: Jacob’s
Product’s Name: Jacob’s bite Cheezy Cheddar
Availablity: Local supermarket. I got it from Shell Petrol Kiosk
Price: RM1

It tasted like normal mini crackers sprinkled with Parmesan (not cheddar) powder.
The size is just nice to ease a sudden hunger pang often occurs when you are feeling completely clueless during your website design class. 😛


Ski D’lite Caremel Cheesecake Yogurt

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Manufacturer: Dairy Farmers
Product’s Name: D’lite Caremel Cheesecake
Availablity: Local supermarket.
Price: RM4.90

Finally. If ice cream can have cheesecake flavors, why can’t yougurt? They are kith and kin for cheese’s cake.
Anyway. I bought two flavors. They are caramel cheesecake and Vanilla Boysenberry (Cheez, sounds like poison berry.)
The caramel cheesecake flavor? Whoa, it’s like eating caramelized cream cheese! But it can be abit dull to gulp down the whole 200g because there’s no “chewable” bits in the yougurt unlike its fruit counterpart. It would be better if it contains some cracker/cookie crumbs. But the best bit? It’s 99% fat free!


Dorito’s Nacho Cheesier!(Cheezy Cheddar)

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Manufacturer: Fritolay’s
Product’s Name: Dorito’s Nacho Cheesier
Availablity: Cold Storage
Price: RM6+

Look carefully, it is Nacho Cheesier, not Nacho Cheesy.
This nacho corn chip for sure lives up to its title. But Ruffle beats it for both texture and aroma.
This Nacho reminds me of “Love Actually” and “A lot Like Love”. Why? Cuz they are all corny and cheesy! Maybe they shall make it their official movie snack.


Epicure Assorted Mini Cheese Puffs

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Manufacturer: Epicure
Product’s Name: Assorted Mini Cheese Puffs
Availablity: Jaya Jusco
Price: RM11+

These mini pastries are made with edam and gouda cheeses.
First of all the packaging is flawed. Although the word “assorted”, every different kind of pastries should be seprately packed, because the assortment kind of messes your taste buds up. Every pastry has its individual flavor such as poppy-seed and herbs (of course everything is paired with cheese too). When mixed together, all lost its own unique taste.
However, i give extra points to the crispiness.

Snyder’s of Hanover

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Manufacturer: Snyder’s of Hanover
Product’s Name: Snyder’s of Hanover Cheddar Cheese Pieces (Pretzel)
Availablity: Cold Storage, Starbucks
Price: RM4.90(in Starbucks, the price is about RM3 higher. Ask your barista why.)

The snack is hardened pretzels crushed into smaller pieces. This makes you less likely to choke on it, i guess. Bush you hear me? LOL.

The golden orangey color of the pretzel pieces is extremely strong. So strong it almost glow in the dark. Also it leaves golden residue all over your fingers, just like Cheezels Rings.

Mind you. the cheese flavor is so strong you can get drunk on it. Therefore, an overconsumption might leave you a massive hangover the next hour. The only thing is that u might get a jaw ache due to vigorous crushing of those pretzel pieces.

So this is like a snack with 80% cheese alcohol? But seriously. Me and Mozzie came to an agreement that this is the best non-chip cheese snack so far.