Another lunchful day!
This is what i had for lunch in Mizu, Bangsar Village.

☆。Cucumber Sticks + Miso dip
☆。Toro & Spring Onion temaki
☆。Foie Gras Chawan Mushi
☆。Grilled Kobe beef

Mizu has some innovative specialty menu, unlike other Jap restaurants which have the typical boring teppanyaki/tempura/sashimi bento sets. The cucumber starter was absolutely refreshing and healthy. With the savory miso beans, it is almost a perfect match. Not to mention unique too. Thousand island? Blah!

I was expecting alot from the toro and spring onion hand roll. But to my disappointment, it doesnt taste any different from a tuna temaki in any other lousy jap fast food chain. The Foie Gras Chawan Mushi with Shark Fin gravvy might sound very fancy and OTT, but trust me, it’s a complete waste of money. Even the one in Yoshinoya tastes better. Well, maybe not. Okay i changed my mind. It was not that bad, just that it tasted too disappointing compared to its name. RM25 for plain egg custard topped with fishy goose liver paste and starchy gravvy?

The Kobe beef was, of course, Kobelicious. Actually what made it extra yummy was the unidentified sauce dip. If only i know how to make that thingie, i can make frozen Ayamas drumstick as tasty as this. Anywee, it still cant beat the Matsuzaka beef in Ozeki.

Thats not all i had this afternoon. There was another tea session downstairs at Bakerzin.

☆。Half slice of Mango Mousse
☆。Half slice of Sweet Pleasure
☆。A cup of hot chocolate

Mango Mousse was pleasant. Sweet Pleasure, which was made of layers of super thin milk choc, hazelnut cream and a crispy base, tasted uncannily identical to Fererro Roche. It’s like eating an elongated version. But it wasn’t too sweet as it name suggests. The hot chocolate was nicely foamed (which i think they use whipped cream to create the 1-inch thickness and the heart pattern on top. But it didn’t taste as good as it looked.

Anywee. Thats still not all. I tapao-ed one Choco cake (forgot its fancy name) and a tiramisu. Going to enjoy now so see you.