Well if you expect more photos then you will be disappointed. Because i had to wake up 5.30am to catch the flight and celebrate another half of Xmas day in Malaysia.

Ya i know i’m such a concheese. Hehe…

Ok ok don’t sulk. At least i still have something for you. =)

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What you expect la, it’s 5am-ish!

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But mom is as genki as usual, she is so used to waking up before 5am!

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Eh what is this???

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Ah, seems like we can’t catch the hotel breakfast at this time so they prepared breakfast boxes for us instead! How considerate!

Then i zzzzzzzzzed all the way back to Malaysia. Eh no, i actually did a little something. =))


As I am writing this
You might still be deep asleep

I look outside the window
And see a sea of snow

Traveling through the city of clouds
Listening to Hayley sing her heart out

Staring into the deep blue sky
Seeking for the lost paradise

Here be that the angels came
A Christmas celebration amongst the heavenly plane

Farewell Taipei
Just wish a little longer I could stay


Written on China Airline at 9amish

And the first thing i did after landing?

Why! Reply your message! =D

See how good i treat you la. =D