I’m sorry peeps for not replying your Xmas messages, because Hotlink’s roaming rate is freaking crazy!! I pre-loaded RM200+ and it was almost gone by the third day. One sms cost a freaking RM2, which means I will have like RM50 deducted from my credit if I reply all of you.

That’s the reason why you got my late reply, which saves me RM47.50. But it was still Xmas, wasn’t it? =)

Anywee, Taipei is grrrrrrrreat! Before you get dizzy with all the photos I’m gonna post, lemmi summarize my Taipei trip in 10 observations.

1. China Airline played Hayley Westenra’s new album on the plane! Which makes the 4 hours 20 mins flight peacefully pleasant.

2. Taipei’s winter is warm. Surprisingly Xmas eve was the warmest. It was 20°C in the afternoon, and about 16°C at night. I could just wear a tank top and mini seriously. But that would make me look like a lunatic from PJ who got strayed in Taipei. So where’s my furry coat?

3. I saw Jolin Tsai and Chi Ling everywhere! Nah I’m just kidding. But seriously, chun chix are everywhere in Taipei. It’s easier to spot a chun chick with holes in her socks than to spot an Emmentaler cheese with holes on its body.

4. Furthermore, they really know how to make themselves look best, with hair extensions, eye lash extensions, and impeccable make up.

5. Speaking of make up, I just lurrrrrrrve winter. I could do my make up 9am in the morning and come back 10pm with the make up intact. Even the mascara won’t smear a bit! No more looking like China’s most precious animal after a whole day shopping spree.

6. Girls in Taiwan speak so manja manjaly. The pretty flight attendant would say “不好意思哦, 番茄汁没有了耶~~” with a loooong drag on the “耶”; and the shop assistants will all say “要进来看哦, 买要快哦~~” Actually, not only girls, all the obaasans also speak the same manja manja way! LOL.

7. Taipei peeps are so disciplined. When you see anyone standing on the left side (speed lane) of the escalator, you know he/she is a Malaysian. During rush hours, you even have to queue to get onto the escalator! And also, when we walked in Shi Lin night market, everybody was looking at us strangely, because there’s such thing as “walking on the wrong side at the pasar malam” in Taipei! When you walk “into” the market, you walk on the left. And on the way out, you walk on the right. Something to learn, Petaling Street!

8. You see a lot of young couples pushing a buggy car on the street. No, Taipei folks don’t get married and have babies extra young. Just that, doggies in Taipei are so damn spoilt! All the doggies wear fancy winter clothing, get their hair dyed, sit in a buggy…. Even stray dogs get to wear something. *imitates Taipei chix* 台北的狗狗真的好幸福哦~~~

9. Think KL is the heaven of food? Think again! Even the food in convenient stores (which can be found 10 steps away from wherever you stand) is extra delicious!

10. Service in Taipei is also extra good. Sales assistant won’t look as if you just spilled stinkacheese ink on her face when you walked away from the shop without buying anything after she explained to you in great details for 20 minutes. Cab drivers are professional. They chat with you non-stop and fill you with all kinds of information (provided you speak decent mandarin) till he gets you to your destination. And, no gov tax or service charge in restaurants!

Now, just wait for the soon-to-come photos!! =D