I know all along I’ve been doing reviews on cheese (flavored) snacks, but I’ll make an exception today!


Sorry but no cheese flavored one. Care to sign the “we-want-cheese-chocolate” petition?

Meiji Melty Kiss (Strawberry)

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Bought it from Singpore, a winter special edition Meiji. I felt very guilty cuz I actually bought this for Ichigo**. I buy everything strawberry for her. From chocolate to lipgloss to dress (not flavored la, it was a strawberry-motif cocktail dress). Anycheese, I opened and devoured the choc before it even reached her. Too much a temptation.

*Hypnotized emo*

This has to be the most most most strawberrilicious choccie in the Chocolate Kingdom.

They are strawberry cubes sprinkled with thick dark choco powder.

So authentically strawberrilicious you could even taste the tiny strawberry seed bits.

I would trade Rodrigo Santoro’s kiss for this, seriously.

So I ate, and ate, and ate…


Gommene Ichigo!

(** for Japanese-illiterates, ichigo means Strawberry in jap.)

Meiji Melty Kiss (Green)

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I always love green tea. But I cannot get over the hypnotizing strawberry melty kiss.
So this green tea kiss tasted really plain.
Argh. I’m bound to be haunted by that deadly kiss forever.

Meiji Melty Kiss (Precious cocoa)

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It has a rich dark choco flavor. It’s dusty-powdery cocoa on the outside and soft-creamy choco filling inside. Double dose of choco!

Princess Lyss likes it a lot. She went Parie-ish and said “That’s hot! Thank you doll, I love it so much, like, totally!”

If I hadn’t tried the strawberry one I would prolly give this a seven…… ok point five.

But too bad lor, I’m damn spoiled. =(

I want my strawberry melty kiss!!

I’m so stupid. I saw it in Taipei but didn’t buy because it was slightly more expensive than the one in Singapore. Now Xmas over d. Hmmph!

*stomps feet*
*arms akimbo*

Then I hunted around in PJ but couldn’t find any. There’re lotsa Meiji choccies but nothing comes close to that breathtaking kiss.

Anycheese, at least a little consolation.

Meiji Macadamia Chocolate (Roiyaru Miruku Tii)

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Ok so you ask what the hell is Roiyaru Miruku Tii.

Me suggest you go learn Katakana.

This choccie gave me some lolling. Imagine half way drinking your teh tarik tambah manis and finding yourself chomping chunky macadamia bits.

That’s how it tastes like.

Just they don’t call it teh tarik . It’s called Royal Milk Tea. Repeat after me, Roi-ya-ru Mi-ru-ku-Tiiiii.


Royce Marshmallow Chocolate (Miruku Kohii)

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Miruku Kohii Marshmallow choco.

This time no need translation right. If you still don’t get it, seriously, Katakana lessons, CNY special discount for you. And by the cheese, I charge by hour.

I left this box of choccie at home and happily went shopping.

Then I received an sms from Your Majesty.

“The choco is super delicious can’t stop eating by the way what time are you coming home?”

(She hates pressing they keypad many many times hence the lack of punctuation marks.)

Ok I have to tell you the last time mom texted me was two years ago, before she finally decided sms is a stupid thing to do when you can just press call.

Imagine how nice the choccie is it made mom go cheesiao.

Royce Marshmallow Chocolate (Howaito)

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It says “Howaito”. But howaito what? howaito chocolate?

It doesn’t taste white chocolate. It tastes like a fluffy marshmallow pillow wrapped in a thick layer of Dumex Baby Formula. So so so milky.

Still I prefer to go cheesiao. =D

Cheese those better-than-Rodrigo’s-kiss-choccie out!!