Mozzie told me she stripped herself nude at the nude beach in Sydney.

Told you not to play truth or dare with her.

The max I could go is bikinis. No not even bikinis until I lose 5 more pounds. So stop drooling.

Anycheese. When I expressed my jardroppingness to her generosity of displaying her anatomy uncovered and open-aired, she (electronically) shrugged and replied, “well everyone is nude. If you don’t strip they will look at you like one kind”.

Which is true I understand, just like how people will look at you like one kind when you wear a french maid dress with angel wings to Steven’s Corner.

I really salute Mozzie for doing what the Romans…, no, the wallabies do when in Sydney.


Wallabies are nude, no?

Having said that

I have something to confess.

I actually too stripped myself in front of a stranger two days ago.

NUDE! In front of a complete stranger!!!


That was the first time I ever, erm… strip myself down to nothing, in front of someone I’ve just met 3 minutes ago.

I also didn’t want to, but boh bian, I must comply. Sobzzz. Then I was told to lie down on a bed, waiting to be……

*plays Dracula music*

*plays thunder storm*

*plays evil laughs*




Well, it happened in Thalgo Marine Spa, Mandarin Oriental, anyway.

The full body treatment I did required me to be totally naked. Feeling damn paiseh man, like I’m being visually molested. Cuz normally when we do massage we do wear at least something right, like a kimono or the very least a disposable panty, kan. But…*blushes*

Anycheese. The therapist scrubbed me top to toe, I went shower, after that she applied this super fishy cod-liver smellalike liquid on my body, then I was told to lie down again.

She then painted a muddy-green algae stuff (which smells exactly like Japanese seaweed sheets) all over me, and wrapped me with a plastic cover and a warm blanket.

I suddenly have this hallucination that I’m a gigantic California roll.


This is the treatment I did—

Image hosting by Photobucket
Micronised Marine Algae Body Wrap which claims to supply the body with vitamins and minerals while firming, toning, and eliminating toxins.

After 20 mins, I showered again, and proceeded to another room for a full body massage.

Erm. That’s how spa’s like la.

I was a little disappointed cuz Thalgo Marine Spa is one of the biggest and most lux spa centers in town. But apparently it only looks nice in the mags. Or have I not discovered the hidden door to Eden? But the treatment no doubt was quite effective.

Finally, I walked out from Thalgo feeling cheesed-up, semangated, skin silky-smooth,

And what’s more

smelling like a gigantic California roll.