I actually have so much good stuff to say but i need to let the bad ones out first. Anger and frustration always override all other emotions.

Guys, if you have ear plugs, put it on now. If you don’t, i hope your earwax is thick enough so that you won’t hear me, because I’m gonna swear for a continuous 5 minutes.

Ready. Go.


Ok I’m done. You can listen to me now.

I don’t know how but I just freaking DELETED MY ENTIRE SMS INBOX MESSAGES!!!!Which consist of nearly 200 freaking sms’es. There are were so many precious messages I’d been keeping since two years ago (after I lost my previous handphone). All the birthday greetings, significant messages, mushy mushy messages, and YOUR messages, all GONE!!!

You never know how much they meant to me. Sobzzzzzzz.



Ooops sorry for a vulgarities again. A little too carried away.

But I really have no freaking idea how I (or it?!?) did it. To do so, I actually have to press the same button 8 + (200 x 3) times. My maths really sucks down the manhole but it doesn’t even take a baker boy to find out that is bloody A LOT of times to press a same button consecutively to delete ALL the messages!!!

C.H.E.E.S.E. D.A.M.N. I.T!!!!

I know there is a “delete all” option, but to go to that menu, which takes pressing button A 6 times, then button B 6 times, then button A again two times, is such a tedious process. Any slight error in the calculation will end up in a different result. Then how is it possible!!!

Mom! Let’s buy 6D tonight, I might as well just try my luck and see if it is really so my day. And if we win it we’ll upgrade our Taiwan hotel to 6 stars immediately.

Now I need to go manually make a copy of all my contacts before I accidentally delete them.

Cheese damn it.

P/S: I can’t go online!!! I mean i’m obviously online now but i can only do it in safe mode. Commie is screwed up again. Damn it! Hacker go away!!!