I wonder how you are gonna call me, seriously. Or maybe how i’m gonna call you, cuz i am now extremely horrified to have realized how bad my memory is to not even remember a single phone number that might save my life.

I remember mom’s but she is way too far to save me.

I should have memorized your number really. I’m sorry, my bad. Told you i’m bad with numbers.


I just lost my phone, like after losing my wallet not very long ago.

And i lost it on new year’s eve. How typical right. This is prolly happening everywhere else also but still like, fuck, why does it have to be today when i’m supposed to be showered with all my friend’s greetings. Though kinda spammish sometimes.

And DON’T ever ask me how i lost it cuz i so dont want to talk about it. And shut up Arthurus cuz you are not telling anyone.

The moral of the story is: Don’t ever wear a pair of strappy heels on New Year’s Eve.


And don’t ask me what strappy heels have got to do with losing a phone.

Stupid Maxis is not open until tuesday, so i’m like fucking phoneless for 3days. Well not exactly phoneless but simcardless and… call-less and smsless?! So good, lemmi lock myself in my room with my aromatheracheese oil burning and have a peaceful meditation for three days.


*puts on DO NOT DISTURB sign*

What a way to start my new year man.

Happy Phone Losing New Year!

P/S: Santa, i’m starting to suspect if u have some kind of scary premonition? Did you see it coming?! 0_o

To the person who took my phone:

FYI, you are taking away a fucking useless phone i was about to dump anyway. Check out that screwed keypad and missing antenna and you will want to dump it too.

Go steal Xia Xue’s Pink Razr instead! Bastard.