Dear Tim, I’m here to inform that you won the bet.

Bah, some kind folks actually bothered to ask me out. So, come claim your Ramli Burger.

But I decided to stay home. Going out is against my religion (btw new Ringoistic rule. Shut up, you are not the ruler).

I was having a BIG date with MSN. No crowd, no queue, no jam (see why I’m pro-cheese now?!) , no phone/wallet/camera losing. What an easy cheesy perfect date. =)

And I was doing an experiment about how I could answer some typical questions people were gonna ask me on MSN without typing the actual answer.

Well, using a nick that reads “Nope. Becasue i’m so in love with MSN”.

Because, it is so tiring to have to repeat the same answer over and over and over again.


Some people think it was funny.

Some people think it was *smug* smart. =D

Some people think it was boring. =D

Some people think i was so desperate i will even date the security guard outside my condo.

Obviously Ichigo also kena harrassed and complained to me

Heck!! Some people even think i was C.R.A.Z.Y!!!! Grrr…

Yes i am, else i won’t do something so ridiculously ridiculous no?

Anycheese. Somecheese is still great to say something nice.;)