I decided to make February the Month of Narcissism. No, wait. I changed my mind. Let’s make year 2006 the Year of Narcissism.

So from today onwards I’m gonna talk only about me me me me me me and ME.


Mozzie’s new year resolution is to remain single. And I’m gonna join the club.My Valentine’s resolution is to remain single for the rest of the year.

That means, this would be the third continuous year of my singlehood.


I can’t believe it myself too.

So guys (and maybe girls), you can give up already. I’m so taken. By myself.

You have no idea how in love I am with myself. Me is like the only being me loves in the entire galaxy. Of course besides Her Majesty. So stop interfering with my love affair because you can never tear us (me & me) apart.

Ichigo, for the first time after 4 years, celebrates Vday with someone else. She’s been complaining how routine her Vdays always are. So I hope it would be different for her and hope she enjoys it. Just be safe. *winks*

And Mozzie, after N years of celebration with her beloveded (past tense, no?) boy friends, for the first time she is celebrating with a girl. I’m joining you for the… wait, no, you should join me in my singleville! But you promise you won’t fall in love with me. Cuz me promoted me from a heartbreakee to a heartbreaker. Muahaha.

Speaking of Vday pressies, girls really don’t dig flowers, and they DON”T WANT flowers. Get something else.

Read Mozzie’s Vday post for tips.

Because we don’t like to see things die.

Seriously, why do I want something that will eventually be dead?! That’s why I don’t keep pets. It’s sad to see them die. Don’t you think so? Same goes to flowers. Especially when you get it from someone you love. You see it wither day by day. As if your love is dying day by day also. Remember that scene in Beauty and the Beast? Where the beast sighs at every fall of a rose petal. Withering hopes. T_T

Well unless you plant your girl a gardenful of flowers on the rooftop ala Just Like Heaven, with Katie Melua’s playing in the background (Hayley’s will do, too). That’s a different story man.

I once read somewhere that the cheapest way to celebrate Vday is to, well, piss your girl friend off, sulk in a cold war for a whole day, and patch things up the day after.

Even if u have to buy her a make-up-dinner on the 15th , it would be only half the price. Smart, yea?

Happy Valencheese!!